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  1. Zope's Application

    Neutral on this, you've been around a long time and help here and there, but i'd like to see you really commit to helping people
  2. Fruitslasher's staff applications

    No support from me for now, would love to see you helping more in the future and apply again in a month or 2 if not accepted
  3. D B O W Z Application

    +1, since he has joined this server he has not only helped new players, but he has introduced ALOT of people to our custom skilling scene, and showing them the server is more than just pvm
  4. Oizyzz helper request

    +1, always going out of his way to help people, think you will be an excellent addition to our staff team
  5. Occult's Helper app

    +1, been putting in the hard yards for a while now, and definitely deserves some recognition.
  6. Hours you spend a day on Mage: Depending on the day, anywhere from ~2 hours to 8 hours Total hours spent on Mage(picture with your username): https://prnt.sc/y7qsff Reasons for helping people: The timezone I am in currently has no active staff members throughout the weekdays, so when new people join they get driven out of the game if no one is there to help them, thats where I step in and share my knowledge gathered to help everyone Reasons for playing Mage: I got into the RSPS scene roughly 13 years ago, so I've been around the blocks on alot of servers, and very few servers have enticed me to stay and enjoy the game, and this is one of them. Time zone: GMT+10 (AEST)
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