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  1. Season 4 - Top Donator Event!!!

    tabour is 2nd i am 3rd (apparently)
  2. Setup Pictures

    My Setup IGN - Daviddd
  3. Great Update! Cant Wait! David
  4. Rank Request

  5. Buying Battlepass/Tiers

    Hi All, Every new season I will be buying 1 battlepass at the start for cash and all throughout the season's'' I will buy all your battlepass tiers for 500k each cash! I have 2 GOGETA PETS for sale so if u give me 100 battletpass tiers in bulk (all together) I shall give u a GOGETA PET!! Don't be afraid to pm me in game or ::discord Main- Daviddd Alt- Davidjr
  6. Maxhit Guide

    Very Well Said Sllim Impressed David..
  7. Wonderful Good Job Fella's' David Jr
  8. Rank Request

    Extreme Donator Please! https://gyazo.com/e8fa0c86b402dbd03902ae0b2def4a44
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