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  1. Galand's support app

  2. Calzone's Helper App

  3. Sllim Server Support App

  4. Reaper6911 helper app

    I suggest getting more active in the yell and CC then re-applying in two weeks!
  5. John Beton helper app

  6. Harry Potter's ascension to Helper application

    Not seen you much either declining for now. Re-apply in 2 weeks when you get more active!
  7. LTRevan Application

    Declined spend some more time on your yelling and helping in yell/cc and re-apply!
  8. Purplekush's Helper App

    Personally not seen you in help cc or yell a lot! Maybe others will GOOD LUCK WITH APP!
  9. Highstakes app

  10. Excited to see what is next!
  11. Hype! Enjoy the update guys!
  12. MagePS Price Guide

    Great work team, Stickied and put in knowledge base.
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