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  1. This is a guide to MagePS and my take of how to begin on the server, new players may use this to get a nice good start. (Updated 8/3/20) (subject to changes and updates, zone armors were buffed, I think hellfire armor is still good up until rage armor from Rage Vorago, Vegeta set is still better.) Tips: 1. Higher tier weapons from the Hellfire Lance so on can be upgraded. Upgrade weapons with these magic gems in order for most efficient way to max upgrade. 3 Weak Magic Gems, 4 Strong Magic Gems, 3 Godly Magic Gems. 2. Spellbook has all the teleports you need to get around except for ::skill and ::iced to my knowledge. 3. Always use a Lucky Heaven Stone, can be made by combining Heaven Stone and Lucky Ore. This makes it so the Lucky Heaven Stone doesn't DESTROY your item if you fail the upgrade. 4. 1000 1 bil tokens is 1T, 10000 tokens is 10T, 100000 tokens is 100T, 1000k tokens is 1Q, and so on. 5. There is a "Check Drops" option when right clicking NPCs, you can check what their drops are as well the rates for them. 6. For completing 5 zones you get free $10 Donator rank, this allows you to bank anywhere anytime via ::bank 7. Turtle Stones can be donated towards the server's stack and once it hits 5000, everyone gains 10% drop rate bonus plus a chance for a double drop. 8. Double Strength, Magic, Ranged pots are so important to the style you're using, doubles your damage, vital for killing stuff fast. Important commands: ::home ::zones ::zones2 ::uzone ::skill ::lance ::tut / ::tutc ::vote ::voted ::donate ::donated ::goku ::tower ::npckills ::bank ::gogeta Please read the entire guide before starting at all. If you haven't made an account already, you may do so here. You will login using the username and password, these credentials may also be used to login to the forums. TUTORIAL FIRST. Once you've logged in, you are met with "welcomes!" from the staff, and immediately you won't recognize anything at all, like a fever dream. That's fine, just type ::tutc and be on your merry way, it'll give you the bare baseline of the game as well inform you of some commands to some npcs. EXP is totally exponential you can level anything to 99 pretty quickly, combat stats go to 125, non-combats go to 135. But once you're done with the tutorial you'll still be pretty stumped, no clear goals or idea on what to do. ARMOR/WEAPON EARLY. If you completed the tutorial in it's entirety, you'll have some sort of gear, that being the Dragon Mage gear, and maybe a lance. there are two grinds to choose here. 1st path: normal grind, hope for some rng on these drops. You may continue killing the Training Knights at ::lance and farm points to buy the Hellfire Armor set from the Knight in the regular zone for 300 points a piece for a total of 1800 points, but of course you can get them as a random drop from the Hellfire Bosses in the same area, although they do randomly spawn on death of a Training Knight and it is pretty rare to get a armor piece from them, but they are still a nice bonus. If you did ::tutc, it should have skipped you from the water lance straight to the fire lance, if I remember correctly. From here you can continue killing the Training Knights for more points to buy the armor set and hoping the Training Knights drop the Night Lance, which is the 2nd to last Lance you need, the Light Lance being after the Night Lance. Once you obtain the Light Lance, you can further evolve the lance into a Hellfire Lance using a Lucky Heaven Stone, it's a 50/50 chance to upgrade or to fail it. You can obtain more from doing ::Zones (ex. Pikachu zone since it's easy) and following the task requirements to move on. The Hellfire Lance is significantly stronger than the Light Lance as it has spec and can be further improved by the Upgrade Shop person at ::home, by the Vote shop using Magic gems. (check #1 tip at the top, you can also find the Weapon upgrade guide here.) The Set in it's entirety/no upgrades on lance Upgrade Shop Location 1st path end. 2nd path: slow work (WARNING: this path involves buying gear from other people, you can ask CC if they have the gear/weapon, or you may check the Player Owned Shops, if no one has it at the moment, I highly suggest waiting before making any big purchases and not always someone will readily have these weapons or armor for sale.) Grind out thieving now, you'll probably end up doing it down the line so why not now and be equipped with mid tier gear? Thieving will net you raw cash and items that you can sell in bulk to Torvek. Once you get 99 thieving via actually doing the skill, or by using Mage HUGE EXP Lamps that are occasionally given to you. You can follow this guide for more detailed information like exp per chest. and how the chests look like, here, but I will give a rather brief rundown but before we really go in, there's something you should know. There is 4 chests in every zones, usually found at the 4 corners of the zone (visualize the zone as an square map,) and you can only click on them for a total 250 times, before you must move on and the chest will kill you if you don't, if a chest does kill you, it means it is empty and you need to move whatever chest isn't damaging you, be sure to try all of the chests as one should always be good. The chests are usually labelled with the directions they are on the compass, and will always be these 4 directional locations and I would always do them in this order, rinse and repeat. I absolutely recommend you bring double exp pots if you have them. If not you'll have to wait until you get to Zone 3 for wolf ribs, which drops from the chest and gives double exp for 5 minutes. You can also use an auto clicker on the chest at interval clicks for every 2.5s to 3s, just don't AFK for 5 minutes or you'll get in trouble. Northwest chest Northeast chest Southeast chest Southwest chest Zones 1-4 labelled for thieving. You can get here by using ::Skill Start with Zone 1, you'll be here from 99 thieving to 107 thieving, you'll gain anywhere from 15k to 24k tokens a chest for 20-30 min per chest. Zone 2, you'll be here from 107 to 116, you'll gain anywhere from 20k to 35k tokens a chest for the same amount of time per chest. Zone 3, you'll be here from 116-123 thieving, you'll gain anywhere from 25k to 43k tokens a chest. (same time) Zone 4 is your final area, from 123-135 (max), you'll gain anywhere from 50 to 65k token a chest. (same time) I really suggest using the compass to your advantage. What do you with the money you ask? What are you saving up for? For gear and weapons! I kind of wished I did this in the first place, as the thieving gives you exponential rates in cash when you go through the 4 zones, and you skip killing the Training Knights in favor of better gear and weapon. Gear I'd buy personally is Vegeta set, it is stronger than the Hellfire set and you can typically find the pieces of the armor for about 30T-50T, once you have the full set (Head, body, legs, boots, hands) you'll gain a 10% dmg bonus from having the full set. The weapon I'd be looking for is either a Gem Katana or an Omega Katana. Gem Katana and Omega Katana hits twice like the lance and has a spec bar, although boasting better stats and DPS than the Hellfire Lance, Omega Katana being a couple steps ahead of Gem Katana. (Gem Katana usually sells from 350T to 450T, Omega Katana sells from 550T to 650T.) For the off-hand I'd pick up a Dbone Spirit Shield for getting through bosses that really hurt you in your current state, or DOOM Spirit Shield for more dmg. You can find detailed information on weapons/shields and armor here and here respectively. I picked this particular set up mostly because it should cost you anywhere from 600T-900T which should be good for the time being. Neck slot you can use whatever you have best, and for the time being I'd try to buy a ring of wealth for better drop rates, otherwise wear whatever you have best for those slots until you can get something that is better (raw stats wise.) The setup once you get it (with the Dragon Mage Wings, Omega Katana, and Dbone Spirit Shield) ALL GEARED UP Now that you're properly geared (I hope.) I recommend grinding out ::tower for Horror Points, once you have 12500 points from the tower, you can buy the Donut which is food you can eat forever, and it'll never disappear. It can be further upgraded with Holy Grail 1 and 3, giving prayer restore and overload respectively. You can get here by typing ::tower, it is right next to the mages and the Lance area NPC. I recommend doing endless, and turning on Protect/Deflect from Melee as well Turmoil for more damage. You can stay in there indefinitely provided you've brought a couple super restores with you. With the 1st path, it'll take a bit of time to get through the waves, but with the 2nd path you'll blast through the early waves rather quickly, farming the points a lot faster. You can pretty much AFK in there though it will cost another 50k for the two holy grails to upgrade the donut so expect to spend some time here. The shop. ON WITH THE GAME That is really it! You can continue playing the game by typing ::zones and completing the three set tasks for those zones and getting all of the rewards. You're going to blow through the early zones monsters really fast, most times 1-5 seconds per kill, you'll more than likely complete the Kill Count Task before any other tasks, unless you're picking up every token (Drop Catcher is usually sold from 170T-250T, can send the drops to your inventory or bank, you get one at 25k NPC kills, you can check your KC by typing ::npckills) You can find rewards for completing X amount of zones here for more details. You can see this menu by typing ::Zones HOLD UP IT'S A WORLD BOSS! So now you're probably wondering, who is Goku and Gogeta if you've seen their name in chat. Goku and Gogeta are the world bosses that everyone can participate in. You can get to them by ::goku and ::gogeta respectively. People who are top 10 for most damage will access to the rare drop table now but it doesn't mean you're guaranteed it. If you die at either one, you can return and continue dealing damage. GOKU Goku's spawn location, ::goku to get here. Goku has 100 million HP, he does mixed damage so you can't protect from any styles, recommend turning on Soul Split and maybe Turmoil. Dbone Spirit Shield will make you a decent tank, so you'll be able to dish out damage without dying too fast. Once he hits 20M HP he will spawn two Vegetas', it's unlikely you'll have the zone unlocked for them so you'd be unable to attack them and you won't be able to attack Goku until the two Vegetas' die. Fighting goku. Goku's rare loot table GOGETA PART 2 So by now, you should have some cash, decent early-mid level gear, and a good weapon (Katanas/HFLance.) you're going through zones relatively quickly, you start wondering. How can I get stronger, more power, bigger numbers, etc. This part of the guide will explain some ways you could increase your damage, touching up on pets, and as well astrals. Trophies will be a new addition to Part 2 as of (8/3/20.) ASTRALS I'm still relatively new to Astrals but I'll include it in this guide so everything is in one place, but if you want the finer details about Astrals, you can find the guide here. Astrals are a mid to late game mechanic where you can increase your damage exponentially, become a tank, and etc, if you got the cash for it. You can normally get them from Astral Boxes from the MagePS store, or via the Astral Menu near the minimap. Your quiver is your first Astral slot (You can still use it for arrows.) and you'll unlock another slot when you complete ten zones, and the last slot at completing 20 zones. The slots, the circle is where the third slot will be. There are five tiers of Astrals you could obtain, White - useless, always sell all, it won't sell any colors higher than that Green - 1st tier Astral, the lowest. Blue - 2nd tier Astral, the second lowest. Purple - 3rd tier Astral, good for mid level Yellow - 4th tier Astral, 2nd best. Red - 5th tier Astral, absolute best, very valuable. And there's seven categories Astrals can fall in, Attack. Crit Chance. Damage (ONLY MELEE.) Defense HP Magic (Damage) Ranged (Damage) Click on the icon to open the Astral Menu. If you look at the bottom you will see there are five orbs, but only one of them is highlighted, you can spend 1T for an Astral by clicking on the orbs. You'll have a small chance to advance to the next orb, if you do, you'll have a better chance for a better Astral, usually a tier up. You must sell all white Astrals before you can combine with an Astral in your inventory Combine all your Astrals to the highest tier Astral you have, doing so will give it experience. Once Astrals gain enough experience from combining, your Astral will level up further, becoming stronger. As you combine, sell, and buy more Astrals you'll accumulate a decent amount of magic points. Once you have a hefty amount of points, you can straight up buy a yellow or red Astral which is really nice feature in my opinion if you've been unlucky for quite sometime. All Astrals but the experience orbs in the Shop are 10k and 4k Magic Points respectively. The Red experience orb and yellow experience orb is 3.5k and 4.5k respectively. By clicking the number of magic points you have, you can access the Astral Shop. The shop. If you have the money for it, I think Red Astrals go for about 5q-7q, I'm not entirely sure, but you can buy them from your fellow players' POH or by asking world chat if they would have any to sell. (WARNING: The same exact Astrals will not stack, ex. Yellow Damage Astral in the first and second slot) You can also combine your weaker Astrals in your inventory if you get a upgrade, by using the weaker Astral on the Stronger one. (Ex. Use Yellow Damage Astral ---> Red Damage Astral.) PETS Some pets are actually worse than the Pikachu you pick up early on, either their bonus doesn't work well with you, or the difference is absolutely minimal, I won't go too in depth as there is a very in depth guide about them here, but I'll explain what pets seemed to make a difference to me at least. You can check your unlocked pets here. Common Box pets Not very useful. Not worth a lot. Tormented Demon maybe is worth something but so niche. Rare Box pets I think three out of the five pets of rares are useful. Flambeed is good for bosses you're struggling to stay alive in, heals you. Vorago can double your max hit. Satucre is like a mid tier drop rate pet, 16% They are worth a decent amount 350-600t. Ultra Rare Box pets they're all good a lot of bonus effects (check in depth guide for more detail) Pumpkin is best DR pet. They're worth 900t-3q Pets from drops They're ok Only notables are the Stormtrooper and Darth Vader pet as you need them for a bonus set effect. Goku pet double spec restoration is too small of a difference to notice when there's better pets. Halloween Pets Chucky is good, 10% more damage. IT pet is meh. Michael is a pretty good. Jason does nasty damage. Freddy is godlike for being to pull aggro. DBZ Pets (They have the same effects as Halloween pets.) Cell is Chucky. Frieza is IT. Black Goku is Michael. Jiren is Jason. Gogeta is freddy. If you're wearing the associated set, it'll give 5% more dmg, more info here. TROPHIES Trophies can provide very useful stats and can really help increase your DPS. There is already a in depth guide of course with details and stats on each trophy and you can find it here, but I will be including it in my guide for convenience and my understanding on how they work. You get boss heads by killing bosses, it's a 1/5000 chance, you get it on top of loot too. If you get 3 heads you can combine it, to make a trophy, granting bonus stats in your equipment menu stats. You can find the Boss heads you earn by going into the face tab and scrolling down just a little, you can just click on it. Once clicked on, it'll bring up this menu. What any trophy looks like. You can upgrade the trophy up to level 3, getting it to level 2 doubles the bonuses of the trophy, level 3 triples the bonuses. Saiyan Trophy > Vegeta Hell Queen Trophy - Combine the heads of Kril, Diablo, and Queen Black Dragon. Lucky Trophy > Lucky Knights. Torment Trophy > Tormented Demon. Queen Trophy > Queen Black Dragon. Hell Trophy > Diablo. Demonic Trophy > Kril trophy. Enraged Trophy > Rage Vorago. Satucre Trophy > Satucre Boss. Divine Trophy > Corp beast. Star Wars Trophy > ::Raids (Obiwan, Stormtrooper, Darth Vader.) Any head can be used. And the effects here. Saiyan Trophy 2823 bonus stats in Melee. 2250 in Mage and Ranged. 10% chance to dodge. Hell Queen Trophy 3500 bonus in all stats. 10% damage reduction. 5% chance to double damage on hit. Lucky Trophy 1000 bonus in all stats. 10% drop rate. Torment Trophy 2000 bonus in all stats. Queen Trophy 3000 bonus in all stats. 10% damage reduction. Hell Trophy 2500 bonus in all stats. 5% chance to double damage on hit. Demonic Trophy 2250 bonus in all stats. 1hp on hit. Enraged Trophy 1500 bonus to all stats. 5% chance to double damage on hit. Satucre Trophy 2000 bonus in all stats. 5% damage reduction Divine Trophy 2000 bonus in all stats. Gain a prayer point every 30 seconds. Star Wars Trophy 3500 bonus in all stats. 3% flat damage increase. 10% more damage if fighting a ::raids boss. It becomes pretty clear that the Hell Queen Trophy is the one everyone should aim for. But if you got the cash you can buy what ever is available and just have some stats in the meantime. If you don't want to grind out the heads, you can always buy them from your fellow players to ease the grind. Search "Trophy," and it'll bring up whatever someone has for sale. PART 3
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