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  1. Glave2 staff app

    You do not have to come and attack me in the forum because I have not loaned you items. Fight for yours.
  2. Glave2 staff app

    Hours you spend a day on mage: 8-12 hours Hours you spend a day on Mage: 12 days, 22 hrs and 37 mins Reasons for helping people: when i started playing the mageps, i felt a bit lost inside the game and i looked for help to improve, and with all the help i received today, i come to apply for a helper wave to be able to transmit all the knowledge i received from others players that both helped me, it would be a pleasure to be able to do to others peoples what they have done for me. Reasons for playing Mage: For me it is a pleasure to play mageps, a server that constantly has updates and also has a facility for those who are starting in the game, with many varieties of npcs and ways to make money, and with an always active staff helping those who need it. Time zone: UCT-3 Brazil.
  3. Krillz staff app

    this guy is amazing, it helped me alot like me being a baginner. +rep ever!
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