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  1. Purplekush's Helper App

    never seen this player talk too much in cc or really answer questions
  2. Pet Suggestion

    There's a pet guide...
  3. Highstakes app

    player is just reaching mid game so i can't see a reason to give him staff if he doesn't know the info.
  4. LTRevan Application

    Revan isn't what are mage staff is he says "whale cum" when people join and knows none of the info people ask for not staff material at all
  5. Grinder items

    horrible suggestion no detail
  6. Season 3 - Top Donator Event

    Congratz bois thanks for keeping us alive!!!
  7. Updated Gear Guide

  8. Cell First of the DBZ Boss Update.

    Good guide hope to see more
  9. Great content and bug fixes keep this up we will be at the top!
  10. Woodcutting/Crafting Guide

  11. Love the update to astrals and qol updates can't wait to reach the new bosses
  12. Mining/Runecrafting guide

  13. Season 2 Competition Win $1000s in Prizes

    135 Crafting - Ironman - Billy
  14. Mickey's Application

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