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  1. instancing ursaring-thorse

    Petition to be able to instance the first zones, because anyone with a weapon better than a hellfire lance will guaranteed take over the entire zone instead of leaving monsters for other players less well off to succeed, making the grind an extremely large pain and almost worthless to do.
  2. Group Ironman Event April Addition!

    When will we know the results?
  3. Group Ironman Event! - Over 1.5k in prizes!

    6th isnt bad for 2 players and me being gone for a weeks, congrats all
  4. Weapon Upgrading with Gems

    thank you for writing this, told ya it would be useful
  5. Michael's Intro :~)

    Hi folks! I'm sure some of you have seen me around, but my name's Mike (Michael), and i'm a pretty constant player on this wonderful server. I go by a few names on this server, namely Michael, Group Mike, and Iron Mike. I'm a senior BA candidate at a University in New York pursuing a psychology and sociology degree, hoping to get accepted into a Master's program within the next few months. Some of my passions are music, both listening and playing, gaming obviously, and poetry/ reading in general. I'm always open for a conversation, even if I don't speak in server that much, and look forward to meeting and hearing from you all! Mike
  6. Cruws App

    Support for sure, made the forums account just to support tbh.