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  1. 17/11/2018 - Update log!

    Gj on the updates. Hyped for raidss!!
  2. An Idea to Increase Forum Activity

    Ranks posts is like userbar that you get with the amount of posts like 50posts bronze, 100 iron etc just example also.
  3. An Idea to Increase Forum Activity

    Yeah i agree that the forums are not so active but there is an event going on atm. and if all the players should join the forums it will be even better But i like the ideas! i would love to see rank posts also. Example:
  4. Beginners Guide (video)

    Idk why people always putting there name under some topics but thanks for the vid.
  5. Your Favorite Thing You've Ever Created

    Oh dayum they look sick!! i want one.
  6. become staff

    I think everyone is helping how much they can. not only him lets say a thanks to all the non-staff helpers! And he can always make an staff app.
  7. Skilling points guide

    Great guide id say just make the pics bit bigger cause its hard to see them and post it by skilling guides
  8. Loot from 100 Golden Keys

    aye very lucky on the brutal whips!
  9. We need another discord text channel

    Aha agreed with this one, im not trying to be rude or anything but a meme channel/media would be great.
  10. 100% Real Guide on how to be a cool dude

    You forgot something m8
  11. What else do ya do?

    Mostly im doing these stuff.