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  1. Dallass Helper application

    +1 Active, helpful, knowledgeable. If he's not online in the game, he's active in discord. I think he'd make a wonderful addition to the staff team. Regardless of the outcome, thanks for your help Dallass! You're great to have around.
  2. Its Drew For Helper!

    I spend on average 6-8 hours a day logged on, however some days it will be more like 14. The majority of them, I'm active in CC/helping players. Total time played: 18 Days, 12 Hrs (See Below) I like help people out, for a couple reasons; Reason number one is that I have more free time than the average player, which places me at an advantage. I want to use that advantage to help players enjoy what this server has to offer. Reason number two is simply that I have a helpful personality. If I have more knowledge on a subject, I don't see any reason to not share it with others. Lastly, I feel that MagePS has a lot to offer, and for a new player it can be a handful. I want to be able to help these new players to the best of my ability, so they can experience MagePS to its fullest potential. Being staff would allow me to help players more easily, as well as make it easier for players to seek me out for help. I've been staff on servers before, and it joys me to help players and be involved - I would be honored to experience that here! I play MagePS for FAR too many reason to list, but some of the ones that stand out to me are as follow: The community. Many of the times I log in, it's just to chat with everyone and see what/how they're doing. How involved the Owner gets in Discord/Clan chat. Communication between the community and ownership is important, and the best way to do that is to get involved in the day-to-day stuff going on. The Staff Team. I know, this kind of falls under "community" but I want to shine a light specifically on the staff team. They are all active, helpful, and compose themselves well. From the new SS (congratulations, guys) all the way to the OG Admins, they do a wonderful job of keeping players "in the loop" as well as keeping a chill gaming environment. The progression. You can't just get on the server and buy the best gear and have the highest DPS. You need to work for gear, upgrades, kills and zones. I think its a wonderful way to keep players interested. EST
  3. Season 2 Competition Win $1000s in Prizes

    It was fun boys. First to Tier 100 BP
  4. undertaker apply for helper

    -1 From me as well. He struggles to understand people and gets angry when there's a miscommunication, and it typically results in name-calling or blocking. He's also biased towards higher tier players, demeaning them for spending time at the AFK rock or ::tower AFK combat.
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