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  1. Dallass Helper application

    +1, helps where possible if staff aren't on, friendly dude & ver knowledgeable, good luck bro
  2. Season 2 Full Update Thread

    I Seriously cannot wait! Thank you sat and the rest of the team for all your hard work <3
  3. Application withdrawn due to personal issues. Won't be online as much as i used to be and it wont be fair to be an inactive member of staff. Thank you to everyone who vouched and +1'd me, however i dont think Satucre thinks I'm ready just yet either. Who knows, maybe also in the future I can be of service, but for now I must withdraw. I'm still playing, just not putting myself forward to be a helper as of now. Much love peeps!
  4. MNRITUAL'S Support Application

    I vouch for MnRitual to become Helper. He is online alot of the day and has helped me since i joined back in September of last year. I took a 6 month break and when i came back, he was still active every day and helping as usual! He's a friendly and very genuine player and is one of a very few select people i genuinely feel is a good person on this server. You have my full support bro, best of luck!!
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