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  1. Acidfreaks helper app

    can second the duck, but would be a great addition to the team +1
  2. Burningglory staff application

    I can see potential +1
  3. Dallass Helper application

    +1 really helpful in the chat knowledgeable and very active, would be a great add to the team!
  4. .

    +! I can see potential in this one!
  5. Zira's Helper's Application

    +1 from me zira is always helping someone with a zone or offering new people tips!
  6. hours spent on the game a day: 8-9 hours daily total hours played:38 days reason for helping people: its my goal to help everyone to the best of my ability with anything from little stuff to bigger problems that require some time. I want to make everyones experience the best it can be! reason for playing mage: I mean where do I begin the community is funny and amazing, there's always something to do never bored. I love the staff how helpful they are and how much they inspire me to become a staff and help others. time zone: UTC-5
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