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  1. New weapon suggestion

    I would like to see Nox scythe Nox staff, Nox bow and possibly even ascension crossbow as this would help make range and mage a more viable forum of combat. Also you could make them all look the same just as Double Drop said with different colors. I have a few ideas for the perks that I think would be cool to have and maybe a way to upgrade the final one using gems to add previous perks to it from the prior weapons. The perks i have in mind are the fallowing small healing effect, drop rate boost, boosted attack speed, and bleed. The small heal would heal you the same as monkey bandage ever 1.5 min in combat if combat ends the effect timer restarts. Boosted attack speed would make your attacks 1 tick faster than normal allowing more dps. The bled effect would be randomly activated and cause small amounts of damage over time (with a cap of like 500-1k total or something). Finally the drop rate boost I don't think this should be anything to big maybe a flat 10-15% boost. I do realize this is only 4 perks but I am sure there are more people could come up with without them being way to overpowered.
  2. Another amazing update and another amazing keep up the amazing work hun. <3
  3. Buying Votes

    Hello all My in game name is Belzenlok u can pm me in game on here or in discord i am currently buying vote books 1t cash each.
  4. Iron man btw's drop & progress thread

    Nice job brother keep up the great work and you'll be grinding Diablo for that hell slayer in no time!
  5. Featured Guide of the Month!

    This seems very interesting i might have to start making some of these hopefully I can get some good pictures like Ze did.
  6. The real $ making guide for begginers

    This is probly one of the best money making ways there is when lamps are in high demand for people trying to get that 100 prest.
  7. Vorago's Quest Guide [omen's mine]

    This one amazing and very detailed guide love the pictures to show where the parts are i hope to see many more guides of this quality.
  8. Belzenlok's support app updated

    actually i do play the fact that i sit a home and talk to people and help players out is a good majority of that time. Also if your gonna bring up my 15.5k gold keys opening i bought those off players and auction. Thank for your feed back and i am sorry you feel that way.
  9. Belzenlok's support app updated

    Thank you for the kind words.
  10. Close Tired of toxic kids like billy making multiple accounts to post on an app several times!
  11. Loot from 15,500 gold keys

    The fallow pictures are the keys the loot and the total value after sold.
  12. Prestige Guide

    Nice guide you should also state that the Aggrith Naar pet can be obtained for 3k turtle stones also provided they have the 4k kill count to do them.
  13. Ethics

    I believe morality is immanent in most of the people. I am pretty sure that most of the people in the cave, whether it is inevitable or not, think or feel that killing the man is not a proper decision to make. It is true that people will be terrified on the upcoming disaster and in some part in their heart, they might want to escape as it is also an instinct that cannot be controlled. However, as “love” and “harmony” have always been a core norm in human nature, and as we strive to develop ourselves with “cooperation” throughout history, killing a life to justify the survive of others will not be honored at all. I surely guarantee that even though they survive by murdering the man, they will live rest of their lives in pain and guiltiness. Therefore, even though the scenario say that there is no other way to escape the cave, they should keep figuring out the alternatives that can lead them out of the situation.
  14. Shoshin for Server support

    I haven't seen him to active when i play that could be a timezone thing however i think they play time is way to low i would suggest getting that up. Good luck on your staff application I am staying neutral for now.