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  1. Loot from 15,500 gold keys

    To be honest i bought 10k for like 20t and mined the rest while i slept so was ez pz and i made back my 20T, and additional 40T not bad in my opinion.
  2. Goku still needs work if this is they way it's supposed to work as i have killed it 6 times placing 6th or better and i never get any loot like it says the top 10 do.
  3. Loot from 15,500 gold keys

    ya wait till i post the m box one on my alt gonna save for 10k m boxes
  4. Loot from 4000 Mbox's

    he had 2 at 3,500 tho
  5. Price Guide

    Ok well here are 5 items you can add Corrupt Dragon Helmet, Corrupt Dragon Plate,Corrupt Dragon Legs, Corrupt Dragon Boots,and Corrupt Dragon Gloves. All of these have better attack stats and more strength than hellfire armor they don't have the negitive mage and range attack def stats are identical. They are 20-25t a part.
  6. Price Guide

    Firs mistake is hailstorm dagger max is 150t not 200, torture amulet (or) is 200-250t not 300, dragon bone ss is 450-500t, Pikachu and Raichu are both worthless as buying one does not unlock the ninja as the pikachu must be obtained as a drop also i see people selling them 500m and under. So far these are the only changes that need to be made price wise.
  7. 55x2 Server Support Application

    I haven't seen your around before and as Ze said a higher play time and more knowledge about the server will help your chances also allowing the community to get to know and like u helps a great deal also. I will stay neutral buy good luck.
  8. botl1ke support app

    I have seen u like 3-4 times and have over 40 days play time, just saying. Haven't seen to much in game and play time seems way to low as there are other applications with more time that seem better suited for the job at the time, however good lucky.
  9. Cluck's staff app

    Is a good guy helps people quite often afk's a little but is active and know a great deal bout the server +1 from me for sure!
  10. Smulme's Staff Application

    I have seen u in game but as for how active and helpful you are that i can't comment on as i am unsure. I will remain neutral for now until i can give better feed back good luck.
  11. Morphling's Support App

    I support is active and always helping others +1
  12. Glave2 staff app

    +1 is a good friend of mine is always helping other players. gl m8
  13. Wiki editor

    Tbh i don't even think we have a wiki.
  14. Iron Luthy's Staff application

    Is a good guy i see him active and helping players a lot, he also seems to have a great understand of the server how it works the mechanics and how to navigate it. U support this application as he is one of the most active players i know and i believe he would make a great addition to the staff team.
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