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  1. Zones Information

    Zones Information Finishing one zone - 5% drop rate boost Finishing three zones - 5% damage boost Finishing five zones - 5% damage boost to one handed weapons Finishing seven zones - 10% damage boost to two handed weapons Finishing 10 zones - 10% drop rate, increases double pots potion duration by 15 minutes and a permanent 15 hp boost Finishing 12 zones - 10% damage reduction, 5% drop rate Finishing 15 zones - 10% damage reduction, 15 hp boost again, 10% damage increase Finish 18 Zones - 10% Drop rate boost Finish 20 Zones - Can Claim Attendance now twice a day, so people can finish it in 15 days now instead of 30 Finish 22 Zones - 10% Drop rate boost and 10% damage increase Finish 25 Zones - Get a Care Package everyday with random stuff inside to help you on today's day One zone - lucky heaven stone and one double str pot Three zones - magical mbox and one double str pot Five zones - 2k donation point box plus $10 rank and two double str Seven zones - pet box and two double str 10 zones - $20 rank 4k points so 2x 2k boxes and one magical box free and three double str 12 zones - Get a 100% 10% scroll($60 free) 15 zones - $30 rank and 6k d points and 5 double str and two magical mbox and one pet box free 18 zones - Get a Trophy box for free($40 free) 20 zones - $40 Rank and 8k d points 22 zones - Two 100% 10% scrolls 25 zones - $50 Rank and 10k d points More zones and more rewards coming soon
  2. someone staff team please read my appeal

    You wanted to RWT, this is the worst thing you can do on Mage, if you want to unbanned you would instead have to donate what you wanted to RWT
  3. This isn't meant to be a very big thread, not at all. We have switched to a new system for updating, Every 2-3 weeks will be major updates. In between those major updates we will also add peoples suggestions and bug fixes they may need. This is all to keep Mage functioning at PEAK performance. Bug fixes Problems new players had with summoning pets If you finished 10 zones you will have the extra 15 minutes on a potion Progress bar for gkey will now go up during ::tut We have fixed the hellfire task and you can buy a hellfire piece in shop now to finish it for ::tut Hades is finally fully fixed and very enjoyable to do with your friends! People were able to summon a new ice dragon while one was summoned and its now fixed Pets and Hellfire boss and other spawned things have stopped running away And many more bugs fixed which are not disclosed here Content Updates 4 People during Hades get the loot, and they have to be in the room and to have contributed to killing Hades ::tri has been added to boss point, making it a good beginner boss, we have also made drop rates 4x easier for items You can now get any lance during ::tut to finish the task We have added a new announcement for when people login, and for new players when they join to check out ::thread 11564 and to check out ::tutc Goku Lag has been fixed, and the zone has been reworked to handle the 30-50+ people doing it now a days We have also limited Goku damage to inside his zone and to not kill players outside of it! You can sell Hellfire pieces to the shop now for 300 points, still costs 750 to buy! Diamond donors get 3 extra boss points per kill so 4 total! Charms are now worth 1b each Lots of behind the scenes updates have also been done to improve Mage and our staff team Thank you for playing Mage, we have been hitting 130+ players every single day, we are going to keep working hard so we can keep growing! Thank you for all the support and lets make Mage the best! Keep your suggestions up, keep reporting those bugs in ::discord, and help make Mage the best for you the community!
  4. Astral's Information

    The concept of Astral's is very simple, but yet so complex. The idea of an astral is every level you go up it basically adds its original stats, which makes an astral insane, because its max level is level 10, that means it could go from initial 7 lets say to x 10 = 70!!!! The only Astral's you can level are Purple and above. Experience when you are done with one astral can be used on a better one and they are allowed to be traded! Now lets explain the experience concept Experience and how it works Level 1 - 2 = 100 EXP Level 2 - 3 = 250 EXP Level 3 - 4 = 700 EXP Level 4 - 5 = 2500 EXP Level 5 - 6 = 7500 EXP Level 6 - 7 = 12500 EXP Level 7 - 8 = 20000 EXP Level 8 - 9 = 35000 EXP Level 9 - 10 = 50000 EXP Now you might ask how much experience you get per astral? Green Astral = 2 EXP Blue = 5 EXP Purple = 10 EXP Orange = 25 EXP Red = 100 EXP A Red Experience astral gives 1000 EXP, and Experience astral's that are not Red give double the experience Now you might be wondering whats the point of Astral's what stats do they give? Attack Astral's - Yes they will increase Magic and Range too Increases all attack styles 100 for green Increases all attack styles 250 for blue Increases all attack styles by 500 For Purple Increases all Attack styles by 1000 for Yellow Increases all attack styles by 2500 for Red Crit - Is a chance to do double damage, so if your hit was calculated to be 10k, but you hit the crit chance you will hit 20k for that line Green 1% Blue 2% Purple 4% Yellow 5% Red 7% Red level 10 is 70% chance to do double damage Damage - Wont apply to Range or Mage only melee Boosts damage 1% - Green Boosts damage 2% - Blue Boosts Damage 3% Purple Boosts damage 4% Yellow Boosts damage 5% Red Defense - Useful to becoming a tank Blocks 2% of damage - Green Blocks 3% of damage - Blue Blocks 4% of damage - Purple Blocks 5% of damage - Yellow Blocks 7% of damage - Red Hp - Do want to have 90 extra hp? For future content you might need it Increases Hp by 2 - Green Increases Hp by 4 - Blue Increases Hp by 5 - Purple Increases HP by 7 - Yellow Increases HP by 9 - Red Magic - Increases Magic Damage Boosts damage 1% - Green Boosts damage 2% - Blue Boosts Damage 3% Purple Boosts damage 4% Yellow Boosts damage 5% Red Range - Increases Range Damage Boosts damage 1% - Green Boosts damage 2% - Blue Boosts Damage 3% Purple Boosts damage 4% Yellow Boosts damage 5% Red
  5. Automated gambling

    The problem with automated gambling is the risk of rigging, many other servers have created a bad reputation for automated gambling by having economy cleaners and other forms of foul play. The top servers out right now would never use automated gambling and we won't either
  6. End of Summer Deals!

    End of Summer Deals have started!
  7. Forgot password

    Resolved, if someone else forgets their password message me on our discord do ::discord in-game or find it on our website
  8. Dc Ftw- helper

    Approved for a Helper Trial run
  9. Helper application : Mars

    Approved as we need staff and people who can shine! In training though for 1-2 weeks
  10. This update was long awaited, a lot of things happened in the last month, and I mean a lot. We learned how to be super productive, and we have let go of one of our owners so instead me and Axo can focus on the future of Mage, and by seeing how productive we were this week and how we smashed out this update and fixed all the bugs shows Mage is back in ACTION and here to take over the Custom RSPS scene once and for all. We went from un-organized, and sometimes not even making update threads, to tracking everything and testing everything and we consider this a major achievement to bringing you the people a MUCH BETTER GAME! Now about this update, its been planned for a while and its very important for growing Mage as this greatly benefits Early game and is the start of introducing Range and Mage into all aspects of the game, early, mid and we already have end game for Mage So lets get into it! New Tutorial System This is exciting to announce because all these new players now have a guide on how to play, and they can if they want complete 5 tasks 10 tasks or 15 and continue the game as is, we are not forcing this down players throats and the decision is up to you, but its a new very comfortable playing style and a way to learn the game and be GREATLY rewarded for it $$$Diamond Rank and Zone$$$ Our new rank to come to Mage, this is amazing because its been such a long work in progress working out new benefits and new zone for it, but we believe for the price tag it is now for $600 to upgrade from sponsor and for $1000 to buy from VIP, ITS WELL WORTH IT Blood Hades Scythe We wanted to make a more end end game item which required other end game items, this created the Blood Hades Scythe by combining Blood Staff + Hades Scythe to add better stats to the Hades Scythe and give it life steal effect again its F2P to obtain, but it can be found on our donation store! Cash Box We wanted to introduce a new fun way to get cash in-game to stimulate the trading of more cash and noobs can buy more items for cash, this is the introduction of the cash box. A box which gives 1-10t Cash, 11t-100t and 101t-1q randomly per open for only $4 found on our store Our Tri Bosses! This was an interesting concept I came up with, we wanted to start introducing more early game gear and this is how were going to do it, and build off our range and mage systems. To kill these bosses you need 500 Hell Knight kills and the gear you GET HERE IS INSANE. This will be new players first look at bossing they can do at Mage Every Boss here will drop a 100% Key depending on who you kill, it will either be a Mage Key a Range Key or Melee key You can now loot those keys, or combine them for a tri key and get the best loot and highest chance of a random piece of armor/weapon from any boss, if you don't combine the keys and just want to get Range loot the chance for the Range loot will be lowered by half then if you combine the keys and go for a random loot. Think Barrows Reworking Early Game We have started buffing the drop tables of multiple NPC's and loots of early game, this is just the start and soon you will see much more stuff buffed. You can see better loots for a lot of starter NPC's, but more work will be done be rest assured Chest Rewards! This is a cool new system we added so we can always add prizes people would love to win and donate for. This means if you are tired of the magical box then check out the ::chestr and see if there is something you would like to win that day as every couple of days we add and remove rewards making it better or worse, but that depends on you the players XXX Bugs Fixed XXX Two handed Damage Bugs fixed All bugs related to Astral's been tested multiple times and finally FIXED! Gamble tournament has been relooked at and fixed a bit more Pets like Olm have been fixed and Vorago for the bonuses for our leveling update Fixed Mithril seeds from being used outside of ::gamble area 2 Un-attackable Pikachus have been fixed All Trophies should work with Double strength now, not just Saiyan Trophy Invisible set now gives 1% damage per item equipped and full set 10% damage Hell Queen trophy effect fixed Double soulsplit pot now gets 45 minutes after 10 zones too Rage Set has been relooked at and compared with Vegeta set to see if theres any wonky code with Rage set and been fixed Claiming attendance twice for people who finished 22 zones has been fixed Devotion buff now doesn't give 3x range bonus, only melee bonuses Content Added We have Re-worked the look of Weak, Strong, And Magic Gem to actually give them a look like they will upgrade your weapons! Goku Task if chosen now requires 50 Goku's to be killed for a bounty scroll Having a VIP Rank now gives you a 2nd task to have, Diamond allows 3, but the 3rd one is 100% goku and can't be changed or chosen Vegeta and Cerberus will now announce how many you have killed Combining 15k G keys and 15k C keys will now give a magical box Staff now can't enter ::szone or ::odzone without the rank, and cannot teleport others in there without a rank Can use Cerberus Bounty Scroll now Thank you Thank you for waiting for the update and sticking with Mage, we are in the process of making Mage the best we possibly can and we are listening to all FEEDBACK from everybody. If there is something you don't like or we can do better tell us. We want to make this the best possible custom server for you guys!
  11. What a long time coming for this update won't you say, when we took on this project we thought we would be done 3 weeks ago! In the end it turned out we managed to crank out 2 Big updates with a 2nd one coming very soon after this one. The reason it took so long is because of very hard testing and lots of effort putting into creating something very unique and something no other RSPS would have or be able to do. This is unique with Astrals because there is over 50+ New items we had to add in, levels for the astrals, and then make this level system for pets. The other thing is we decided to work on new content and more new content while not testing the old. This is how we managed to create two big updates, now we have to test the other big update and release it very soon as well. We hope you enjoy this update and re-gain the trust of the Mage team for not delivering content for so long. Other servers will never put in as much effort as we do for updates, and we hope that this update proves that. Astrals One of the biggest and I could say the longest things it ever took to make possible This is an insane system, its insane because you can level it up, trade it, sell experience, and it acts as the games new leading money sink or a way to get rich if your lucky, this is mystery boxes RE-Defined, and all it costs is only 1T Astral's are very powerful to own and have, you can equip up to 3 astral's at once, One no requirements, two 10 zones, and three is 20 zones The max level of an astral is level 10 Every Level basically adds the stats of the item over and over again, like if its 2500 str bonus level 2 would be 5000, and level 10 would be 25k for example Red is the rarest and best stats for these items, we will be making a thread explaining how each astral works fully. Level 1 - 2 = 100 EXP Level 2 - 3 = 250 EXP Level 3 - 4 = 700 EXP Level 4 - 5 = 2500 EXP Level 5 - 6 = 7500 EXP Level 6 - 7 = 12500 EXP Level 7 - 8 = 20000 EXP Level 8 - 9 = 35000 EXP Level 9 - 10 = 50000 EXP This is an example of the experience charts, level 10 is very hard to obtain, but yet possible. Levels 3-4 will be the easiest and most attainable levels and would be the best idea to make all your astral's level 4-5 before putting it all into one amazing astral. You also don't lose experience if you use another astral to build up another astral in your inventory, the experience is transferable to the new Astral, so people never lose experience in Mage for the Astrals they have. Next up is the sell option White Astral will sell back 250b Green is 750b A Blue is 2T A purple is 4T a Orange is 8T and Red is 15T So if you want to make money off this activity, then I recommend to get lucky! Not really though as this was designed to have to spend money in the regard of greens and whites being under 1T of the initial cost to try. Astrals start to get good past blue, so purple is decent, orange will still be very used, and red is the best of the best. You may only use one type of astral for that same color at the same time though, so you can't have 3 red damage astral's. The experience rates for Astral's are as follows Green Astral = 2 EXP Blue = 5 EXP Purple = 10 EXP Orange = 25 EXP Red = 100 EXP Experience Astral's give double the normal amount, and Red Experience astral's give 1000 EXP, in the next update we will have a shop to buy Orange Astral's and Red Astral's for the Mage points you use. This is a small re-cap of what Astral's actually are, this is the most in-depth update we have ever done, and to think we want to do a massive skilling update too soon haha. The UNDERWORLD Now this is another big piece of content we have been working on, to expand Magic, Costumes, and of course Melee! With this update we have released the new BiS amulet/ring for hybrid, Hades Scythe the best 2 handed weapon, Invisible Costume Items which when you equip the whole set will give 10% Damage boost, tons of new bossing content, new maps, two new zones and of course lots of fun! We didn't want to use the OSRS Cerberus because who would, its made by Jagex. This fits more perfectly of what Cerberus would actually look like. He is held by chains, blood in one head, bone skull in another, and a tamed third one with a missing ear. He is the guardian of the Underworld and the gate behind him needs a key to unlock the door. To get the key parts you need to kill Cerberus and combine all 3 key parts to make a key to the underworld. When used you will unlock the doorway to the Underworld to meet Hades the king of the Underworld. To unlock the Cerberus Zone you need to complete 1/3 Diablo as he an underworld keeper of another dimension that is not ours. Yes now meet HADES! To actually damage Hades you will need to kill his minions, but the problem is, you have less then 6 seconds to kill all 4 of his minions at the same time. This is why you are allowed to team up with up to 4 people and all 4 of you will get loot. Each Hades Soul minion will damage 25% of the health of Hades. Making this a fun and unique boss fight, but the hard part is hes using his head to control great darkness, and you must avoid it at all costs to not die! To unlock Hades you will need the Hades key to the underworld from Cerberus, and Unlock 1/3 QBD zone and 1/3 Cerberus zone And of course its 1/3 QBD, because the Queen provides lots of power and energy to Hades. In the end Hades never really dies, he may appear dead, but the Slain Souls of Mage always bring him back to life Pet Leveling Every pet in Mage is now level-able, due to the system we added to Astral's, we can make more and more things unique now in Mage with less effort! Olm for example is a Level 1 pet and for example offers 15% drop rate and the other bonuses, now imagine at level 5 his bonuses all double, and his drop rate is now 30% and the triggers he has. Getting a pet to level 5 will be no easy task though, but the levels are transferable by trades, and makes all pets useful again Level 1-2 takes 2 pets 2-3 takes 3 more pets so 5 total 3-4 takes 4 more pets so 9 total and 4-5 takes 5 more pets so 14 total to get it level 5 and the original pet you have so 15? But now you have a beast of a pet, and can do anything you want with it We might also expand this concept to expand on pets with single uses like flambeed to unlock cool effects at level 3-5? Such as giving it more drop rate, or it attacking for you? So please give us suggestions Pet Tab Can show all the pets you unlocked during your time in Mage New maps and Zones New Tower of Horror Map New ::mbox map and NPC look New Pikachu look = Detective PIKACHU! Found at ::pikachu New ::satucre map and NPC look! The suggestions we added from players We instead made it into a donut, from the Episode in Rick N Morty where they invaded the Simpsons and we called the Intergalactic Donut, and can be obtained from the Tower of Horror now 2 We have expanded zones once again, adding in Hades and Cerberus is more zones, but now more zone rewards. Finish 18 Zones - 10% Drop rate boost Finish 20 Zones - Can Claim Attendance now twice a day, so people can finish it in 15 days now instead of 30 Finish 22 Zones - 10% Drop rate boost and 10% damage increase Finish 25 Zones - Get a Care Package everyday with random stuff inside to help you on todays day 18 zones - Get a Trophy box for free 20 zones - $40 Rank and 8k d points 22 zones - Two 100% 10% scrolls 25 zones - $50 Rank and 10k d points 3 Made upgrading weapons go up to +10, so the new extra % a weapon can be upgraded to is from 27% to 32% 4 Many times Invisible items were suggested and I hope we made it fun and rewarding to obtain and to sell! 5 A big suggestion was to make sure a new benefit for donors would be added to open zones and teleports and other goodies with control + z and control + t on your keyboard We also want to add a TON and I mean a ton more suggestions, I always read them and add them to my list, so next update expect a Suggestion from the community Packed UPDATE! Custom Items requests added for top Donors Farm God OP/Fun Bug Fixes!!! Gamble Tournament has been Fully fixed and ready to be enjoyed Fixed all the Zone perks such as the 15 minute being added for potions Bank searching Toggling has been fixed as well Any last remaining issues with unlocking Zones Bugs with Voting and not getting votes, Runelocus also gives 2 votes now Thank you! Thank you for supporting Mage All the Donors all the players who vote and the players who kept logging in and believed in us everyday. This is the update we made for you, we made it with your support and your belief in us. Mage will rise above the rest and show the custom server scene how advanced an RSPS can get.
  12. Turtle Kings SS Application

    Approved! Welcome Turtle King to the staff team as a helper!
  13. Steffio trying to get helper?...

    Approved! Welcome to the staff team as a helper
  14. We want to show how much your voice matters on Mage. Unlike on other servers your voice means everything here! With the suggestions we added, those are never enough and we will always be looking for more suggestions to add. If your suggestion is not added then it wasn't approved, or it wasn't clear, or it was just plain boring. Suggestions We added/Content We added Goku pet is now 11% Drop rate with other small boosts Zones now announce when you finish a zone to the whole server Boss heads have now been made easier to get with the donor rank you have! Sponsor being from 1/5000 Original rate to 1/3500 Sponsor rate. Other rates will be posted on a separate thread Work has been started on a Diamond Rank Made the gate in the Lucky knight zone go through-able when you have 250 lucky knight kills Overloads now boost range and mage to 157 Each Goku kill now tracks the time and will be announced to the server if they beat the record or not Have removed some spammy items from the Rare drops We have fixed some important issues with our client which sometimes prevented new players from joining Mage in the first place! The cache downloads no problems now. Bugs We Fixed Gamble tournament has been fully fixed All the Zone bugs have been fixed All the Zone rewards and perks have been fixed as well All ::vorago issues have been fixed as having two zones such as ::vorago and rage vorago got things confusing, but now all resolved The Zone interface should now work for all old and new players combined, as it was resetting to default for some people Of course we have done more stuff through-out the week and lots of behind the scenes stuff Another BIG BIG update is brewing and its coming soon. Since this update is fully done and fixed now we can move on! You can expect the new Hades Boss, Astrals, and more Zone rewards up to 25 Thanks for playing and supporting us. Also go make some more suggestions and maybe we will add them! THE MAGE PLAYERS ARE BREATH TAKING
  15. Legend's support app

    Approved, welcome to the staff team