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  1. 🐉DBZ Hype Deals🐉

    Updated and REFILLED the $400/$600 Deals + Added new Deals. Get these deals before they end!
  2. Welcome to the latest Mage Update, we have been working on fixing all the bugs on Mage as that was top priority. Mage will be bug free from now and we will be fixing any and all bugs that appear in a timely fashion now instead of waiting for the next update New World Boss - Gogeta Welcome to the new World Boss! His spawn times is every 12 hours. This will be a highly sought after boss to fight because Goku is giving the same old things, but with Gogeta you can get the brand new Gogeta Equips, Blue/Pink Bikini and other Donor stuff never available in-game before, as always we are making Mage F2P With all our efforts. Again we are the #1 most F2P RSPS with $100s of free donations for doing zones, and all our store items being obtainable in-game for free <3 He Can also be spawned with all 7 World Dragon Balls being obtained from our new DBZ Zones! Gogeta Gear Gogeta gear is upgradable with all the DBZ pieces, but you may only use a certain amount of one type per armor piece, making Gogeta the BiS gear for a long time, but at a HIGH HIGH COST Use Goku Piece on piece of Gogeta and it will go up 500 str bonus - 5 Pieces allowed One Piece of Vegeta will give 25 Str bonus - 10 Pieces allowed One Piece of Cell gives 75 str bonus - 5 Pieces Allowed One piece of Frieza gives 125 str bonus - 5 Pieces Allowed Total 5k Str bonus Boost The Set effect for full set is 2.2x Str Bonus - Super Saiyan Ultimate Buff New Underwater Boss #3 - Poseidon Another expansion to Underwater is here, with the final boss coming in the summer update. Poseidon is a great boss to fight because he will be offering an option to upgrade a blood staff into a crystal staff, a new Mage Weapon, and of course a new Hybrid item which attaches to most sets, the Crown of the Sea's a highly sought after item! You may also upgrade your diver set from the diver set from level 1 to level 2. You need to get Crab drops for the upgrade to level 1 don't forget! Also Oxygen drains here faster, if you run out of it, you will lose your diver piece when you reach 0% as you will float to the surface. Diver Set Level 2 Upgrade Information 150 Atlantis tokens for Diver top 100 Atlantis tokens for Diver helmet 125 for Diver legs and 150 for the Diver tank Poseidon Zone Information Kill 500 Poseidon - 5,000 donation point box Get 250 Atlantis Tokens - 5 cash boxes Get 3 rare drops - Chest Ticket Staff Rework + Crystal Staff F2P We have aimed to making the Crystal staff f2p somehow, and we came up with an amazing solution removing 2 good items to make an even more amazing one, while still not affecting the people who donated for one. Remember a Crystal staff is still $500 and now its F2P to obtain! We have also reworked all the staves and made the Damage easier to understand for all, with more reworks for Mage/Range coming in the Summer update To make Crystal Staff Sea of Trident + Blood Staff + 200 Atlantis Tokens = Crystal Staff Blood staff 0% Damage 50% 2nd Hit Poseidon Trident 5% Damage 60% 2nd Hit Goku Black Staff 10% Damage 70% 2nd Hit Crystal Staff 10% Damage 80% 2nd Hit Gear Rework - All Armor Sets We have reworked all the sets we could find from early game like Crystal keys/Golden keys, to all the starter zones like Lion, and etc. Also great to use those Lesser Magical boxes when you first join as they will have some OP GEAR to push you forward. Everything that is good and bad now is determined by difficulty to obtain, even if its high in a zone, but its easy to obtain will not be as valued as QBD for example which is only 1 NPC to kill and hard to obtain. This is the example of Vegeta being so good compared to the other sets. This is now thankfully fixed and we are now planning on adding more to the mid game and if you guy's have any ideas for new Set Effects let us know on Discord! We Will be reworking more stuff in the next update. These include Shields, Amulets, Rings, Capes, Range and Mage Gear. Weapons and etc. Right now we have doubled the limit of the gear for all str sets and added more potential for a better early, mid, and late game! So if you ever quit Mage this is the best time to come back! Especially if you wanted to be an ironman, because now you will have better/proper progression. Zone Expansion We have expanded zones to include new rewards and goodies Zone 32 Rewards 22,000 donor point box + 5% Double drop rate chance + 10 HP Boost Zone 35 Rewards $70 Rank + Chest Ticket Allows talking to weird NPC, can talk to him daily and choose 2 options. Either Seeds or box Seed option would give 1-3 seeds randomly from all the seed options we have. So it would choose 1-3 seeds from 8 seed types. And then they would get 1-3 seeds with the chance of getting a good type or bad type Box will give a 1/10 chance chance magical box 1/10 cash box and 8/10 chance at lesser magical box If talking to him without doing 35 zones, he would say “BOX BOX SEEDS I GOT BOXES AND SEEDS, DID YOU FINISH 35 ZONES!?!?!?” ::zones2 7 Rewards DBZ Box($50 one) - 5% magic 5% range Damage boost Underwater Zones - ::uzones 2 Zones Finished Rewards - 10% damage underwater for all attack styles, 5% Damage outside of the water for all attack styles 4 Zones Finished Rewards - Allows use of the Red Gyrados outside of underwater, gives 20% Damage underwater for all attack styles and 10% damage outside of the water for all attack styles DBZ Gear Box DBZ Gear Box - Get a chance at a random DBZ Equip Common - Vegeta Equips + Cell Equips Uncommon - Frieza Equips + Goku Equips Ultra Rare - Goku Black Equips + Jiren Equips Godly - Gogeta Equips + Jiren Bow + Goku Black staff Vote Shop Expansion + More Vegetas We have added new items/prices for vote shop items Ice key is now 8 vote points from 11 Blood key is now 11 vote points from 14 Frieza token is now 7 points Inter-dimensional key is 20 points This will be great for people who vote as Frieza tokens will be highly sought after. Plus a lot of people wanted more Vegetas and a reworked Vegeta map and we focused on making that happen! As always we listen to your suggestions and bug reports. Bug Fixes and Content Updates Replaced Ice Dragon/Blood Queen in Power Fixed Power Buffs not doing anything Fixed Power waves not starting at wave 0 Fixed issue with odzone fountain and having the super saiyan buffs Moved over the depth/oxygen bars a little so you can still see buff timers Fixed cell drop table having 2 bodies Fixed maxhit interface not showing, the proper formula for one hand and two hand damage Fixed string issue with super saiyan spelling strength wrong Additional hotfixes from live post update Fixed issues with potential Added POS refresh after you buy an item Added boss collection log and tasks for all new boses Vote books no longer sellable to torzek and now stackable When Battle pass will end with the information on #battle-pass channel in Discord Fixed bug where switching from magic to melee caused bug referencing you need runes to cast this spell Fixed bug where radioactive potion was killing all npcs around you due to diamond cape Fixed bug where astral interface was causing you to active magic spells "due to interface button being the same as astral button" Thanks for sticking with Mage and we hope you love this update and wait till the final Part 4 of Season 2. Which is our Summer update and it shall wrap things up till Season 3. We hope you love Mage as we love making it for you guys, and help us supporting us constantly and voting and telling others about Mage so they can play and discover the wonders of a FULLY F2P and fun server that has been out for one and half years now and going strong.
  3. 🐉DBZ Hype Deals🐉

    New DBZ Deals Boys LETS GET IT Starting TODAY ENDING SOON!!!!
  4. Season 2 - Part 2 - PvM Expansion Part 2 is the start of all our PvM Expansions. This we be marking the first of them, the next being a new World Boss with lots of secret cool stuff So to introduce the theme of this update, its Dragonball Z. We wanted to finish it and make it a big part of Mage. We don't know exactly what compelled us to do this, but its been a work in progress for a long time. Since we had Goku and Vegeta we always wanted to add more, but didn't at the same time, as there is lots of other cool stuff to add. But in the end we decided to make Dragonball Z a huge thing with the competition having 7 bosses in total all related to dragon ball z. Two World bosses, Three Zone bosses, and Two Zones2 Bosses. We might do more crossover content in the future with other popular games, but we are also always trying to create our own twist on content and this will be seen with our huge Summer update coming soon. Cell Welcome to the first boss, which links to every other boss, this is a new system we are trying and it won't be that complicated we promise! Cell will drop key half and Frieza tokens which are used to fight Frieza. The Difficulty of this boss to prevent AFK key farming is Damage reflect If you are not paying attention you will get rekt To disable the Damage reflect you must turn the levers inside the room, one of them will remove the damage reflect, the other lever will heal the boss. Myers Pet effect cannot be used for this boss. Frieza This is the second boss in the group! After you get a Frieza token you can go here and get the second key halves, you can now make a complete key and move onto the raid bosses. The challenge of this boss is dodging basically bombs Frieza places around you, should be fun to solo. Goku Black Goku Black is our first raids expansion in a long long time, ::iced being our last one, we finally have Goku Black <3 and Jiren. Goku Black is Mage boss with Mage drops, it will drop one of the new BIS staves with only Crystal staff competing with it. It will also drop new BIS gear with only Harry Potter upgraded gear beating it! This is a great new boss to farm and do!!! We hope you enjoy our new end game content which can also be done with 1-4 people, people complained ::iced requirements were not enough, but getting to Goku Black will be truly hard since killing Cell requires 1/3 Boney Beast and 1/3 Ice Dragon, but to get to Goku Black you will need 1/3 Cell and 1/3 Frieza The stuff to remember about this boss is that Melee will do 50% more damage to the boss, Range 0% Damage boost, and Magic is a 75% damage reduction This boss also has a max of 200 Damage and lots of cool effects, praying magic will reduce damage by 30%, and we highly recommend the new fish to get your hp past 200 <3 You can spawn the boss by walking to the end of the 4 crossroads and standing there 10 seconds. This includes up to 4 people standing in all 4 crossroads Jiren Jiren is our second raid boss focused on Range and a brand new slapper of a weapon, with this update we had to rework the whole client to support more then 2 lines of damage, and now we support 5 for now <3 This update releases our first two handed range weapon and our first weapon with more then 3 lines of damage. You know for sure Jiren will be the end game boss you will aim to kill. You can spawn Jiren by standing on the outer islands not on the middle one. It will spawn in 10 seconds. There is an amazing 1 HKO mechanic for this boss, and it involves you dodging the 1 hko attack by going on different islands Dragonball Z Pet Box This box is our new donation store item for $50, and it contains 5 new pets! This is a permanent addition to the store unlike the halloween box <3 The amazing part is they scale with the new sets making the pets even better! Cell - Chucky Pet Effect + 5% Melee Damage if wearing full Cell Frieza - It Clown Pet effect + 5% Melee Damage if wearing full Frieza Black Goku - Micheal Myers Pet Effect + 5% Magic Damage if wearing Full Black Goku Jiren - Jason Pet Effect + 5% Range Damage if wearing full Jiren Gogeta - Freddy Pet Effect + 5% Melee Damage if wearing full Gogeta Donation Store Rework We have reduced the prices for all the season 1 stuff. This WAS our most insane addition, we will also be running better deals to match the coronavirus situation and make deals start from $10 to give everyone a chance to donate and help the server! We really know money is tight and we still have our same expenses so we hope with this major price drop people can support the Mage team as well <3 Price reductions Crystal Staff $550>$500 Blue Bikini $450>$400 Chest Ticket $50>$40 Cash Box $4>$3 Magical Box $5>$4 Hades Blood Scythe $500>$400 Hades Scythe $400>$250 Blood Staff $300>$250 Magical Box 10+1 Free $50>$35 Magical box 100+11 Free $500>$300 Pet Box $10>$7 Pet Box 10+1 free $100>$60 Starwar Raid Boxes $8>$7 Star Wars boxes 10+1 free $80>$70 Starwars req box $75>$70 Tyrant Armor $150>$100 Sexy School Girl outfit $225>$150 Pink Bikini Set $300>$200 Goku Set $600>$300 Max hit commands + Max hit dummies :maxhit <-- Melee max hit ::maxhitr <-- Range max hit ::maxhitm <- Mage max hit And the Max hit dummies can be found at home 5 of them! Combine All for Astrals We have made astrals easier to do, but since we made it easier to do, we have also decreased the sell price of white, green and blue astrals. White is worth 200b from 250b, green is worth 500b from 750b, and blue 1000b from 2000b. This should keep astrals still pricey, even with the ease to do them now <3 Attack Style Rework = Melee buffed up to 2-3x from what it is Melee has finally been fixed, and all the formulas for all attack styles are now properly documented and this took A LOT of testing from the whole staff and Mage team. The result created the proper ::maxhit calculations. This believe it or not TOOK A LONG LONG TIME, and will make MAGE even more amazing for years to come. <3 Bugs fixed Quick joining with raids has been fixed Content addition The Easter stuff should now be changed from an Egg to the stuff you obtained during Easter! Auctioneer is removed from ::tut and renamed to player owned shops All potions from Herblore is untradable this is to force people to skill and obtain the best pots in-game! Potions now require a Herblore level to drink them Stormtrooper is now nerfed to 2 lines per tick, this is because 007 is supposed to be the set with 3 lines per tick 007 Boss has been reworked and is now 1-4 NPC's to kill to get a key, and can go upstairs and kill him and repeat the process, this makes getting Bond gear and killing bond in general 3-4x easier and faster Life potion cannot be used on Vorago now
  5. Blood cerberus and vegeta instance able

    There is instance for blood carb at the entrance, and vegeta is in odzone too so can kill in 2 places
  6. Welcome to our Bi-Monthly Update Thank you guys for supporting us, we are growing Mage again and communicating greatly with our community now and improving in all aspects. We want to make Mage better for you and everyday listening to the feedback we receive, the suggestions you guys make, and fixing the bugs you guys report. <3 Space Tools We have added 2 new Anvils, a Dragon Anvil and a Space anvil for the proper tools they will make We have also added a Space Axe and Space Pickaxe to be made via the Space Anvils requiring same amount of bars and double the experience from Dragon basically. To use it on a tree or ore you will need 115 in mining or woodcutting ::proc Proc is a new system to see if your astrals are working and what would be your hit before astrals and if for example your Crit Astral popped off or not Weapon Updates We have updated the following Weapons Blood scythe 3 Lines of damage same tick speed, Healing was reduced to 5 HP per swing More weapons are being updated and tested and added onto Thieving Rework Thieving has been reworked to now support donor ranks, so people who didn't do zones or early gamers now will have to accept the lower gain of thieving income due to not doing zones for free donations or making alts and using level 3s to do thieving and abuse the system for quick monetary gain. So all in all thieving has been nerfed in half, but with addition of the donor rank system into it, will make it more fair for everyone new players and old! $10 Rank - 5% more tokens per token thieve $25 Rank - 10% More tokens per token thieve $50 Rank - 15% More tokens per token Thieve $125 Rank - 20% More tokens per token Thieve $250 - 25% More tokens per token thieve $500 - 30% More tokens per token Thieve Sponsor - 40% Diamond 50% Bug Fixes Getting Double potion 15 minute effect without doing the proper zones for it Getting a Dragonball for 2 Goku kills without 30 zones done Care Package working properly Fixed all the BP task bugs All the Firemaking buff bugs have been fixed Battlepass was only going up to 99, but now goes to 100 Fixed bug with crab leader unlocked spamming Fixed Hellfire tutorial task giving the wrong 300 points was giving slayer points before now its hellfire points as it should be Trophies all start level 1 now, not level 0 Voting stops bringing up the tutorial interface now if you completed it Reflective Shield Buff bugs have been fixed Fixed quick join on raids person at ::raids ::power fixed by leaving and killing other NPC's outside of the ::power zone and still getting buff Death embrace bug has been fixed Jail has been fixed Fixed BP not being assigned to players daily due to multiple accs, or because they were online when we just dropped the update Fixed Scyther zone message showing incorrect health Fixed a bug with all lion pieces not counting toward a full set Fixed withdrawing noted absorption pots Fixed buff with self welcome buff being conned twice Fixed problems with Harry Potter gear and making Harry Potter still the best gear/set now to use Content Updates Alt Key to make everything Use has been added When people first unlock something in the collections log will now say in the chat Death pot has been nerfed to not 1 HKO anything in-game, but up to 2m hp stuff and diamond cape is 500k, so its worth it! Life pot abuse has been fixed and is now only allowed to be using one life pot per uid/ip Player owned shops has now been reworked fully, and all the features should be working perfectly. Creating a in-game price guide and informing people about history of the item and history of any other items that have been sold in-game. Huge code clean up has been done for un-used or old code Removed un-used packets from being sent One handed damage and two handed damage has been made into a max of 100%, plus 10% to be gained from only one boss. Two handed is now Lucky knights, Satucre boss, Kril, Hades, Diablo with more added soon One handed is now Vorago, Tormented Demons, Corporeal beast, Queen black dragon/QBD, Blood Cerberus with more added soon
  7. Season 2 After 7 long months Season 2 is finally here, what started out as an idea became into a full fledged update which has taken lots of time, and effort from a lot of people. We didn't just want to continue going down a PvM route we wanted to change RSPS for the better, introduce skilling we thought was fun, and let a new wave of people join custom servers. Mage is setting the bar high as always and showing people the limitations of what a true Custom Server could be. We will now be focusing on a Part 2 Developers Blog with an update every 1-2 weeks found below We are also running a huge competetion for everyone during Season 2, for Regular modes and Iron man. This will prove to be a grind fest for the ages and I cannot wait to see who comes out at the top. Win $8000+ at our Season 2 Competition thread Below And last, but not least the following below will be the final made thread for Season 2. We hope to start working on a Wiki and much more forum guides in the future to get all this information out to you guys in the best way possible! The thread took 15-20 hours+ to make and I loved making it because I could show off every creation we made piece by piece and in the end its a masterpiece of an update. THE BIGGEST RSPS UPDATE IN HISTORY! We hope you enjoy Season 2 as much as we loved making it. We do things here at Mage with love and care. Trying to create things you will never see anywhere else. Its been a long journey and with this we end off with a new promise on consistent updates and following our developers blog and listening to all your new suggestions and waiting to fix any bugs you find <3
  8. Zira's Helper's Application

    Approved!!! No doubt about I see you in-game everyday and very friendly
  9. THE COMPETITION IS A GO! Season 2 Competition Thread! As you may know we have been working on Season 2 for over 5 months, $10000s has been spent to make it happen, and 1000s of hours from our team. So to reward everyone for their patience we are doing a competition There is many ways to win and a huge main prize! We want to get people excited and hyped about Mage so enjoy our amazing Competition. Our first competition for the release of Season 2 With more to come in the future! Grand Prize - $500+ The Grand Prize winner will receive either a NEW Computer up to a certain amount or a Cash prize of $500, you will also be featured everywhere on Mage and remembered forever! If you do not want either of those prizes you may claim 500m in OSRS Gp OR $1000 In-game Donation To win the Grand Prize you must max out all the skills stated above to 135. Skilling - $5200+ In Prizes Anyone to max first to 135 in any of the skills below will receive $200 of In-game Donations + Rank. We will also offer an option of $100/100m via Bank transfer or OSRS GP. So you can win IRL prizes too. We are also offering another segment for Ironman/Group ironman and Elite modes. All have a chance to win as well. Regular Mode Thieving - First to 135 - Simpulsas Mining - First to 135 - Etic Smithing - First to 135 - None Fishing - First to 135 - Bigdickdan Cooking - First to 135 - Bigdickdan Crafting - First to 135 - Bersekthis Hunter - First to 135 - None Farming - First to 135 - None Herblore - First to 135 - None Runecrafting - First to 135 - Tea Fletching - First to 135 - Tea Woodcutting - First to 135 - Dallass Firemaking - First to 135 - Dallass Ironman Modes Thieving - First to 135 - Plankton Mining - First to 135 - Billy Smithing - First to 135 - None Fishing - First to 135 - None Cooking - First to 135 - None Crafting - First to 135 - None Hunter - First to 135 - None Farming - First to 135 - None Herblore - First to 135 - None Runecrafting - First to 135 - Billy Fletching - First to 135 - None Woodcutting - First to 135 - IronDallass Firemaking - First to 135 - IronDallass This is 13 skills in total, when someone reachs 135 please post it on the forums that you have reached it with your IGN, and post it on our discord #competition channel. First to post their pictures on those two places will win the prize Underwater Competition - $200 in Prizes The prizes for this will be $50 in-game donation per person! First to Full Diver set - Etic/Rim Tempest First to Full crab set - Etic/Rim Tempest First to 1000 Diver Kills - Etic/Rim Tempest First to 1000 Crab Leader kills - Etic/Rim Tempest First To Complete The Battle Pass - $250 First one to get to Tier 100 and claim all prizes will win $250 in-game donation Winner - Its Drew Top Donator of Season 2 - 10 Weeks 1st Place - Custom Armor Set + Weapon OR Custom Map with your own teleport location + Pet of the armor set (Your own stats up to the limit of what we have in-game) 2nd Place - Custom Weapon + Custom Map with your own teleport location 3rd Place - Custom Weapon OR Custom Map with your own Teleport location This is to Thank our Donator's who helped make Season 2 Possible and will help make Season 3 Possible! Thank you! Competition Starts on the day of Season 2 Release
  10. Season 2 Full Update Thread

    Its here, its ACTUALLY HERE. Season 2 the BIGGEST update in RSPS history This journey was started in November in 2019, just the idea and concept. Thanks to the WORK and EFFORT of the WHOLE MAGE TEAM Leviticus, Jesse, Lumplum, Tea, any staff that helped during Beta, all our Donators and our players who never gave up hope! The work it took to get here, was immense, lots and lots and lots of hours. I can say at least 1000 hours+ has been put in to make this happen. And there will be a part 2 as well, so our grind never ends! This Update has over 200 New models which include NPC's, Objects, and Items. All made for Mage, not stolen and if you do see it somewhere else, remember the Mage team are always the OG's and we make everything ourselves! Battle Pass The Battle pass will have over 100 Tiers, you will have 10 tasks a week to do, 2 on the weekend to complete for a total of 10 a week. Season 2 will last 10 weeks and then go onto the next month for the new battle pass and the new season which will be Season 3. In 10 weeks we will try to deliver more amazing updates and a bigger part 2 segment! The battle pass will have in p2p $100s of in rewards and in F2P $10's for simple to do tasks! The exclusive set of this Season is Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows to commemorate on our name MagePS as Harry is a WIZARD. The benefits can be found Below Harry Potter Set + Pet Harry potter has a un-upgraded default set and an option to upgrade. The set below is un-upgraded Set Effect - 5% Magic Damage The pets bonus will grant the user all the power of the Deathly Hallows and increase their Magic Damage by 10% and will grant 1-5 health restoration per cast Harry potter set upgraded. You need a Blood staff or Crystal staff to upgrade the wand into Deadly Hallows Blood or Crystal. You can also make a Deathly Hallows soul book and for all the set pieces it will combined with Ice Set + Blood Gloves/Boots Set Effect - 10% Magic Damage Pet Creation With efforts to make Mage even more F2P as we are already the most F2P RSPS. We have made Pet Creation completely F2P and it now allows people to sink useful items into pets and makes the iron man mode more interesting. This is our first item sink as pets are upgradable! To start this enter the creepy map and start the pet creation process!!!! The Seasonal Pet tab will include some limited time pets we might release in the future which will have a limited F2P creation period for end end end game items to give F2P a chance to get the pet without donating and making the economy healthier! As you know Mage has the best Economy out there out of any RSPS! New Donator Zone - ::dzone All the zones from ::dzone to ::vipzone was changed into one big zone at ::dzone The new benefits of the zone is a Buff Room, a Treasure Room, and 3 NPC rooms for $10/$125/$500 ranks. With a future skilling room for part 2 Chest Room Each chest will give rewards from $10 rank all the way up to Diamond, and you can collect from the first chest to the last chest every single day. The rewards are as following $10 Chest 1 Christmas Cracker $25 Chest 1 Lesser Magic Box $50 Chest 5t in Cash $125 Chest 1 Ice Key + One Cracker $250 Chest 1 Blood Key + Lesser Magical Box $500 Chest 1 Double Str 1 Double Magic 1 Double Range + 5t Sponsor Chest 2 Ice Keys + Lesser Magical Box + One Cracker Diamond Chest 2 Blood Keys + a Dragonball depending on the day, there is 7, if ts a Monday give #1 If its a Tuesday give #2 and etc Buff Room Every Buff in the Buff room has a 1 Hour cooldown and you may only use one fountain, if a fountain is used its a 1 hour cool down, the first 3 fountains will be in ::dzone the rest in ::szone + ::odzone $10 Fountain - YOU JUST DONATED BOYYYYY Gives 2 random buffs for a small amount of time, stacks with vote buffs Gives 10 minutes of Double Str, Double Range and Double Mage Cooldown 1 hour $125 Fountain - Legendary Donator SHIT BOY Gives 3 random buffs for small amount of time, stacks with vote buffs Gives 15 minutes of Double Str, Double Range, and Double Mage $500 Fountain - VIP Shit BOY Gives 5 random buffs for a small amount of time, stacks with vote buffs Gives 20 minutes of Double Str Double Range and Mage Sponsor Fountain Gives 7 random buffs and stacks with vote buffs And Gives 30 minutes of double str range and mage Diamond Fountain Gives 10 random buffs and stacks with vote buffs And Gives 45 minutes of Double str range and Mage NPC Portals There is 3 portals and each one leads to a unique zone with the following npc's $10 Zone NPCS 2 Turtles 2 White walkers $125 NPCs 3 White walkers 4 Turtles $500 NPCs 4 White walkers 2 Rage virago next to each other Chest Ticket 2.0 = Diamond Ticket We have implemented a new chest system which will have a new $100 ticket, with this huge update this is the only donation addition really being added! You may now win a Crystal Staff + Diamond Upgrade chest + Blood Hades scythe with other good rewards from lower tiers! Shiny Red Gyrados - Underwater Pet This new pet will be $100 in the store and can be leveled up to level 5 Provides 1% Oxygen every 100 ticks, and gives a 10% Damage Boost + Magic Boost + Range Boost Underwater 1+2 pets = Level 2 = $300 1% Oxygen every 80 Ticks + 15% Damage Boost for all styles 3+3 pets = level 3 = $600 1% Oxygen every 60 Ticks + 20% Damage Boost for all styles 6+4 pets = level 4 = $1000 1% Oxygen every 50 Ticks + 25% Damage Boost for all styles 10+5 pets = level 5 = $1500 1% Oxygen every 40 Ticks + 30% Damage Boost for all styles No other pet can be used underwater since they cannot breathe underwater. Shiny Gyrados may not be used outside of underwater Underwater Update - Part One This is our first part of the Underwater expansion, we want people to first grind out the first two zones and enjoy the future zones that will come out being Poseidon and Chutulu This is a really cool concept and we hope to do a lot with underwater in the future and possibly try to make our own Atlantis, like RS can keep their Elven cities and we will make our underwater city paradise to work with our skilling content! The First NPC you kill is the Diver, to enter any part of the Underwater you must have a DIVERS SUIT on, this is the difficult part about the underwater zones. It is the handicap you are given meaning you need pure power to get to the bottom and not run out of Oxygen. The boss also drops Oxygen refills and Vials. If you do run out of Oxygen you will lose a piece of the diver set, but this is only when you go underwater with the full suit on. No Oxygen or punishment is given at the Diver boss. Enjoy this AMAZING part of Season 2. And the great part is the Armor is upgradable with stuff you obtain the deeper you go. So you have to keep becoming stronger to keep going deeper. Very fun concept and amazing bosses to fight. The teleport is ::uzones and will have a separate reward system for finishing all 4 zones 3/3 The Next boss is the Crab Leader Boss You will need full diver set to enter and dont take off any pieces or you will be teleported out! Notice the Oxygen starts going down and you receive some depth level! The Crab set is an end game tank gear set for future content and bossing which it will be super useful for! New Client Background for Season 2! We have added a new client background and two new settings, so people on re-sizable does not have an invisible chat box and esc key to exit interfaces Permenant Overload + Unlimited Prayer We have decided to add this amazing concept to Mage as we have a donut and people are sometimes lazy and want to avoid using the donut and its benefits. So for the F2P USE THE DONUT, if you want to spend a bit to forget about Prayer and Overloads this is for you and only for $50 each! New Starter NPC - Mage We thought the early part of the game with the Jeweled crabs was not what Mage is about, and most of early game needs a lot of work. So for the first look into Mage we have decided to make our very own Mage NPC with a custom staff! Lets us introduce people to Mage early on and rep the cool Mage gear! We have also made the tutorial easier by needing to kill only 10 to get to pikachu and finish the tutorial and reduced the HP of these new NPC's to only 5k from 10k!!! New Starwars Raid lobby map! It has quick enter rooms for all 3 starwar bosses! With a portal in the south for the lasergun minigame Prices for 100s of Items has been added to the price guide Some examples are included below and the rest you will see in-game for when Season 2 is launched! The prices are low to control the input of Money into the Economy because as you know Mage has the best economy out of any RSPS for a reason! These prices are to reflect fair grind value and to let this be a minimum price to take the item out of the economy if they choose cash over the item via grinding. 9116 - Blood Staff - 2.5q 22064 - Blood Scythe - 3q 9115 - Crystal Staff - 5q 9163 - Hades Scythe - 1.5q 17461 - Soul Orb - 600t 9165 - Soul Amulet - 500t 9164 - Soul Ring - 500t 9117 - Ice Top - 1q 9118 - Ice Bottom - 1q 9119 - Ice Hat - 1q 9113- Blood Boots - 1.5q 9114 - Blood Gloves - 1.5q Suggestions added to Mage Add 2 more NPCS to each part of ::tri Ice Set bonus is now 5% Fix ::chestr when your inventory is full the item should go to the bank Right click “Stones” option so people can gamble their boxes quicker, so basically this is just making the Gamble>Stones option quicker as they don’t have to go through the dialogue The following items notable, Absorb pots, Double Magic Pots, Double Ranged Pots, Double Experience pots, The following items stackable, Open Hell chests, closed hell chests Cash Box added to ::tower for 400k points and Magical box for 300k points Hot key for escape button to close interfaces like bank and etc Goku will stay in the middle on the same spot Option to client on resizable/full screen to make the chat box like it is on fixed mode Confirmation dialogue when purchasing from player owned shop. “Are you sure you want to buy this item. Double check the price and if its correct. NO REFUNDS” ::rules command which will link to the rules thread Special Attack to Boney Whip(Hellslayer sword Special -10% spec to use) and to upgrade master Make the First option on astrals use, instead of wear Bug Fixed with Astrals making the first astral used on another will give double experience Proper Working Max Hit Dummy will be added to home SlayerH won't have Double Drop rate boost anymore, and all the drops obtained from SlayerH instantly grind into cash for price guide value 60% so a hellslayer sword will be 600t, if the item doesn’t have a price they will get the drop. This is to restore the price and value of items and inject more cash into the game Trophy Leveling has been added but the max is Level 3, the stats will doubled per level, but it will require 2 trophies from level 1>2 and require 3 trophies from 2>3. The Effects of the Trophy do not double, just the stats. A Higher requirement to do ::iced dragon has been added, we are keeping it at 6k NPC kills to to do ::iced, but making it 25k NPC kills and 10 zones finished for the Iced dragon and Blood queen, so when you try to enter the cave with the key it will say the requirements Proper Care Package for 25 zones with the following rewards 1 Ice Key, 1 Blood key, 1 Yellow Exp Astral, 50 Donor points Daily, but you will need to be online 30 minutes to get it in the bank, then it will say you have been active for 30 minutes and received your daily care package Freddy pet is supposed to attract 3 NPC’s max, in multi and solo, the Aggression buff from voting is supposed to be 1 NPC max in multi and solo areas to not devalue the freddy pets purpose Decreased the price of hellfire armor from the shop from 750 to 300 points Changing the Tutorial for Buying Hellfire armor piece to buy any piece and giving 300 points instead Added a ::pos command to teleport in front of the Player Owned Shops Added a right click open option to lesser box and magical box and pet box to skip the box interface Added a absorption pot display next to overload display which you can also right click to close it The New Slayer Armors have been added to the Slayer shop so people can use Slayer points to complete the set or sell pieces of the set to others! 10k points 15k points and 20k points for the 3 tiers obtained from the Dragon and remember combine all 3 to make a amazing hydra set! Added a right click self pull option to Christmas cracker where its a 50% chance you get nothing or get the loot A new item has been made called Invisible ring equipable. It will require 5 Invisible rings to be combined and then add to the new costume slot for it. So when equipped on the costume slot it will be invisible ring(equipable). This will be the only ring costume slot option allowed and of course give 2% damage boost A all in one kill log has been added to Mage to show all the NPC's you have killed Cash boxes does an announcement for when someone hits the jackpot which is 100t-1q cash from the box Donation Tiers has had diamond added to it with the following rewards -10 Magical boxes -5 Pet Boxes -25 Double Str Pots -2 Godly Gems -1x Chest Ticket Shops were simplified and will be simplified more soon as we removed range/mage shops Gamble Machines will now only do notifications inside the ::gamble zone to avoid the server chat, and only gamblers can see what other gamblers doing all their wins and losses! All new players will get loot to inventory for 2 hours and all the other buffs from random buffs for one hour including the agro buff! Tutorial now gives thunderstone instead of another pikachu for pikachu task Fire lance is now given for doing the tutorial task on getting your first lance, this skips most of the lance grind! All useless drops from Pikachu have been removed Right click open all to gkey hell chest opened and crystal key and mbox Pikachu pet is now 100% chance at 50 kills ::power is now active and working like a beauty We have made Jason pet work in singles! Nerfs and Buffs Nerfs will be Red and Buffs will be green Each Buff and Nerf is to make the game better through more rewarding gameplay Nerf the Donut health given per EAT to 50 Nerf Cupcake health given to 60 Food class 1-5 65 Soul Orb is now 10% Magic Damage boost from 50% We have added more Astral's instead of making one AoE Attack astral A Range and Magic Attack Astral has been added and Attack astral is now the Melee Astral and gives Str bonus Crit Astral has been nerfed from Purple 4% to 3% Yellow from 5% to 4% and Red from 7% to 5% Damage Astral has been nerfed from Purple 3% to 2.5% Yellow 4% to 3% and Red 5% to 4% Tri Bow is now 2 tick attack speed with Good bow and all the laser-guns except Red is 2 tick Red Lasergun is 1 tick if full stormtrooper white. And the other Laserguns are 1 tick if full stormtrooper black 007 Gun from bond is now 2 Tick and full set will give 10% range damage and 1 tick attack speed for 007 gun Blood staff is now Untradable, Hades scythe and Soul orb, if you want to trade it combine it via pet creation/item combining Prestiging is now only via combat Melee should be buffed due to crit astral working in singles now for melee and because of an attack astral giving str bonus Skilling Now for the main and longest segment of this update thread. The crazy idea we had to make custom skilling, and let me tell you I don't think any RSPS owner will be crazy enough to attempt this as this is so time consuming and took us 5-6 months to do properly with all the models and redefining what a skill should be. We tried to make every skill work with each other and help you in-game and create a demand for skilling not just be boring like on every RSPS, max out skilling for comp cape!!! EWWWW. On Mage every Skill will have a purpose and Skilling should be more fun! Reminders for Skilling Everyone will be Reset to level 99 Lamps and other skilling methods from 1-99 WILL NOT WORK to gain experience past LEVEL 99. If you think you can steal from the old content stall then you will be massively DISAPPOINTED. As you may only gain experience from the new training methods Double Experience Potions work, Vote Books work, and more experience boosting stuff will be added in part 2 New Experience Tables till 135 99: 13712808 100: 14461795 101: 15288741 102: 16201761 103: 17209815 104: 18322794 105: 19551620 106: 20908352 107: 22406302 108: 24060171 109: 25886188 110: 27902272 111: 30128206 112: 32585834 113: 35299272 114: 38295148 115: 41602861 116: 45254870 117: 49287011 118: 53738854 119: 58654083 120: 64080934 121: 70072660 122: 76688059 123: 83992049 124: 92056304 125: 100959961 126: 110790393 127: 121644066 128: 133627490 129: 146858259 130: 161466210 131: 177594692 132: 195401977 133: 215062810 134: 236770127 135: 260736944 - Maxed Fishing Exp Gained Lets start with the most useful skill? FISHING! You fish and make da food and provide for the FAM! Level 99 Can Fish Octopus - EXP per fish caught 2k - Jungle Map Level 106 Can Fish Piranha - EXP per fish caught 3k - Blood Map Level 114 Murder Fish - EXP per fish caught 4.5k - Blood Map Level 121 Robot Tuna - EXP per fish caught 6k - Space Map Level 127 Aligator Gar - EXP per fish caught 7.5k - Jungle Map Price guide price for raw Octopus - 350b Piranha - 500b Murder Fish - 750b Robot Tuna - 1.2t Aligator - 1.5t Wolf Ribs - 3.75t Raptor Meat - 8t Tools Required Big Fishing Net is required for the following fish Octopus Dragon Fishing Pole + Blood feathers for Piranha Dragon Fishing net + Blood Feathers for Murder fish Dragon fishing net + Space Feathers for Robot Tuna Dragon Fishing Pole + Space Feather for Aligator Gar Cooking YOU CAUGHT THE FISH YOU GOT THE MEAT, AND NOW to eat it you must COOK it!!!! Now we can go feed little jimmy and all the kids. Exp Gained Level 99 Can Cook Octopus - EXP per fish cooked 2k Level 106 Can Cook Piranha - EXP per fish cooked 3k Level 109 Wolf Ribs - EXP per cooked Rib 6k Level 114 Murder Fish - EXP per fish cooked 4.5k Level 117 Raptor Meat - EXP per cooked Meat 10k Level 121 Robot Tuna - EXP per fish cooked 6k Level 127 Aligator Gar - EXP per fish cooked 7.5k Price guide price for cooked Octopus - 750b Piranha - 1.5t Murder Fish - 2.5t Robot Tuna - 3.75t Aligator - 5t Wolf Ribs - 3.5t Raptor Meat - 8t Now you may be wondering whats the POINT of all these new fish, and here it is All Fish/Meat act as a rocktail or anglerfish would in RS where you can go above the hp max Octopus health gained 80 - Extra benefit 1 minute of double str Piranha health gained 90 - Extra benefit 1 minute of double mage Murder Fish - Health gained 100 - Extra benefit 1 minute of double range Robot Tuna - health gained 110 - extra benefit 2 minutes of double str range and mage Aligator - health gained 125 - extra benefit 2 minutes of agro buff Wolf Ribs 125 - Extra benefit 5 minutes of double experience will work for 100+ Raptor meat 200 - Extra benefit 10 minutes of double experience will work for 100+ Hunter But wait HOW DOES LITTLE JIMMY GET TO EAT THAT AMAZING WOLF RIB AND RAPTOR MEAT, well little jimmy had to go on an adventure to hunter some beasts! Exp Gained Blood Stained Crow - 99 Hunter - 8k exp per succesful catch Wolves - 106 Hunter - 14k per catch Space Owl- 110 Hunter - 15k per catch Raptors - 115 Hunter - 20k per catch Aliens - 123 Hunter - 30k per catch Whow are WE MAKING RATES PUBLIC. YES WE ARE When I mean + its either one or the other so 75% chance OR the 25% chance meaning 3/4 chance at it or 1/4 chance so it rolls on a table 1-100 each time Blood Stained Birds will Give 75% chance 10-20 Feathers per capture + 25% chance at Blood Essence and 25 Feathers Wolves will give 75% chance 1 Wolf Ribs + 25% chance at 1 raptor blood and 1 raptor meat - 75% chance 1 Wolf Pelt + 25% Chance at 2 Wolf Pelts Space Birds will give 75% chance 10-20 feathers per capture + 25% chance at Space Essence and 25 Feathers Raptors will give 75% chance 1 Raptor Meat + 25% chance at 1 raptor blood and 1 raptor meat - 75% chance at 1 Raptor Pelt + 25% chance at 2 Raptor Pelts Aliens will give 25% chance at 1-2 space bars + 25% chance at 2-4 space essence + 25% chance at 2-3 Space Logs + 24.8% chance at 1-2 Space Herb and 1-2 Meteor Herb + .2% chance at a blue print basically for aliens its 250/1000 and then 248/1000 and 2/1000 for the random alien tech blue print, Blueprint Auto Miner is the only alien tech for now and more coming in the future(mini cannon) Trap Placement Can place 2 Bird Traps and 1 Cage from 99-119 Hunter 120-135 can place 3 bird traps and 2 cages Trap information Cage Can be used until the animal breaks the cage which could be on the first go or up to 3 times, just depends when the NPC breaks the trap Bird trap can be used until the bird breaks the trap which could be on the first go or up to 3 times, just depends when the NPC breaks the trap Cages are 2x2 Need to poke them animals inside the cage, or how do those big animals get in? Firemaking But little Jimmy asked, how do you cook the FOOD, why are we even hunting for food if I don't know how to cook it, well little Jimmy get you stats to 135 you scrub Each island will have a different color fire to match the theme of the island Even home will have the first fire The Fires Elder Log Fire at home - 99 Firemaking required - 4k Exp per Elder Log Welcome Buff - Gives 20% Exp to everyone at home and extra 1000 str bonus, magic attack, and range bonus. This will help noobs who just came to mage Self Welcome Buff - Give yourself 10% bonus exp to use anywhere + 500 str bonus, magic bonus and range bonus These 2 buffs stack and this is the only way to get them Jungle Island Fire in the middle of the island - 106 Firemaking required - 5k Exp per log - Uses Elder Logs as well Will be known when island layout is done Jungle Buff - Uncover the Secrets of the Jungle, every activity you do will have a chance to give an item 1/100 1x Elder Log OR 1x Green Crystal Seed OR 1x Raw Octopus Activities can be fishing, wcing, picking herbs anything that you gain 1 item from it that could set off the 1/100 Ice Island Fire in the middle of the island - 112 Fire making required - 8k Exp Per log - Metal Logs Ice Ice Baby - You are only allowed to walk on the Island due to the freezing cold of the Fire, in turn granting you bonus experience 5 or 10 or 25% on the next action Add Logs to the Undying Burning furnace - 117 Fire Making required - 12k Per 2 Logs - Metal + Elder Logs Dwarven Buff(self buff) - Gives 25% extra smithing experience for 30 seconds so people would bring their stack of bars, + 4 logs to do a full inv Space Island Fire - 123 Firemaking required - 12k Exp PEr log - Space Logs Outer Space Buff - You feel lighter so items you gain are automatically banked 50% of the time Space Knowledge(self Buff) - Grants the person +2 in all skills so they can do things above their level, buff is given 30 seconds per log added Fire Spirits Doing Firemaking will also summon Elder Spirit Orbs The rate of an Orb is 1/200 and they will only be up for 50 game ticks or 30 seconds so people need to pay attention These Orbs will grant you special powers for a small time being Purple Orb will grant you a Elder Melee Buff for 25% Melee Damage for 5 minutes and give you 1-10t randomly and a double str potion Adding a log to the fire will add 6 seconds to the buff so people can have basically a freeze on it while they train fire making The Green orb will grant you special powers for a small time being as well Green orb is Elder Range Buff it will give 25% range damage for 5 minutes and give you 1-10t randomly and a double range potion Adding a log to the fire will add 6 seconds to the buff so people can have basically a freeze on it while they train fire making Final orb is Blue Orb Blue orb is the Elder Mage Buff and it will give 25% Magic Damage for 5 minutes and give you 1-10t randomly and a double magic potion Adding a log to the fire will add 6 seconds to the buff so people can have basically a freeze on it while they train fire making Mining Little Jimmy needs to make himself a dragon pick and all the other equips, so how does he do this! HE USES A RUNE PICK TO MINE THE DRAGON ORES! Exp Tables Dragon Ore - 99 Mining - 6k Experience - Found in Blood Map Glacial Essense - 100 Mining - 2.5k Experience - Found in Ice Map Blood Essense - 112 Mining - 4k Experience - Found in Blood Map Space Ore - 115 Mining - 12k Experience - Found in Space Map Space Essence - 124 Mining - 6k Experience - Found in Space map Pickaxes Rune Pickaxe - Will provide no benefits Dragon Pickaxe - Will provide -1 tick for minimum and -3 tick for maximum for example 3-15 turns into 2-12 or 3-10 turns into 2-7 Dragon Pickaxe will only have 100 uses, you can charge a dragon pick with other Dragon picks for a lot of charges, this is account bound use one Dragon pick on another for 100 charges Smithing Now Little Jimmy is set on making some bars and then finally can make his cool new tools and other goodies Exp Tables Smelting Dragon Bar - 99 Smithing - 10k Experience Space Bar - 115 Smithing - 20k Experience Smithing Dragon Pickaxe - 100 Smithing - Requires 3 Dragon Bars - 25k Experience Dragon Fishing net - 101 Smithing - Requires 3 Dragon Bars - 28k Experience Dragon Axe - 102 Smithing - Requires 4 Dragon Bars - 36k Experience Dragon Fishing Pole - 103 Smithing - Requires 4 Dragon Bars - 40k Experience More coming soon <3 How to smelt the bars To smith one Dragon Bar you will need 100 Hellpowder + Dragon Ore To smith one Space bar you will need 200 Hellpowder + Space Ore Runecrafting Little Jimmy also mined something called Essence, and now what is the purpose of it! Exp Tables Glacial Rune(e) - 99 Runecrafting - 2k Experience Blood Rune(e) - 112 Runecrafting - 4k Experience Space Rune(e) - 123 Runecrafting 6k Experience Effects of Runes Glacial Rune(e) effect - If used with Mage will also apply a Freeze burn which is 5% extra damage + 2500-9999 after 2 ticks from initial cast Blood rune(e) effect - If used with Mage will apply a Blood suck effect which is 5% extra damage + 2500-9999 damage after 2 ticks from initial cast + heals for 5-25 HP Space rune(e) effect - If used with Mage will apply a shooting star effect over the NPC which is 10% extra damage + 5000-25000 damage after 2 ticks from initial cast Woodcutting Jimmy forgot he needed logs to make the fire and even power up the furnace! At least he has the tools now to cut these amazing new trees Exp Tables Elder Logs - 99 Woodcutting - 5k Wooductting Exp Metal Logs - 112 Woodcutting - 8k Woodcutting Exp Space Logs - 123 Woodcutting - 12.5k Woodcutting Exp Axes Rune axe will provide no benefits Dragon axe will provide -1 tick for minimum and -3 tick for maximum for example 3-15 turns into 2-12 or 3-10 turns into 2-7 Dragon axe will only have 100 uses, you can charge a dragon axe with other Dragon axes for a lot of charges, this is account bound use one Dragon axe on another for 100 charges Fletching Little Jimmy has all these logs now and all these bars, he has to be able to make something with them? Exp Tables Elder Arrow Shafts - 99 Fletching - 2.5k Exp per log - makes 10 shafts Headless Blood Arrows - 99 Fletching - 5k exp per 10 Blood feathers attached to the arrow shafts Blood Tipped arrows - 100 Fletching - 7.5k Exp per 10 arrows made Headless Space Arrows - 112 Fletching - 10k per 10 Space feathers attached to the arrow shafts Space Arrows - 112 Fletching - 15k Exp per 10 arrows made and 10 is made per 10 arrow shafts and 10 arrows heads Effect of Arrows Blood Arrows Blood Arrow +2000 Range Bonus Gives a leech effect by healing 5-10 hp per arrow shot and gives 5000-25000 extra damage on the tick after the arrow is shot so it should show the 2 lines for arrow damage and since its 2 ticks per arrow shot should be damage shown every tick if shot non stop Space Arrows Space Arrow +3000 Range Bonus Gives a Damage effect by adding 10,000 per line of the arrow shot so extra 20k damage per arrow and does 5000-25000 extra damage on the tick after the arrow shot Crafting But wait, Little Jimmy realized he cannot use the arrows because astrals go into that slot!!! So what will Jimmy do. He must craft a weapon to use these new arrows? AND HOW DOES HE MAKE HUNTER STUFF! Exp Tables Bird Trap - 2x Elder Logs - 99 Crafting - 10k Crafting Exp 1x Wolf Pelt + 2x Dragon Bar + 1x Elder Log + 2x Metal Log = Ironwood Bow - 100 Crafting - 50k Crafting EXP Hunter Box - 2x Space Log - 106 Crafting - 20k Crafting Exp 1x Raptor Hide + 2x Space Bar + 1x Raptor Blood + 2x Space Logs = Space Crossbow - 111 Crafting - 100k Crafting EXP How to use and stats Ironwood Bow Ironwood Bow - 2 Tick a shot - Cannot be shot without arrows - Can only be loaded with 250 arrows and when loaded will be Ironwood bow(blood)(f) to mention its a fully loaded bow When one arrow is shot its Ironwood bow(blood)(u) and arrows cannot be taken out and the weapon is untradable and will be destoryed when arrows run out Stats +6500 Range Bonus Defense +2000 def bonuses range and mage +500 melee ones 10 prayer Space Crossbow Space Crossbow - 2 tick a shot - cannot be shot without arrows - Can only be loaded with 250 arrows and when loaded will be a Space Crossbow(blood)(f) to mention its fully loaded same untradable concept as for ironwood bow. (f) is tradable and one without any arrows. Also you must load in 250 arrows to use it cannot just do 11 arrows lol Stats +7750 Range Bonus Defense +2500 range and mage +1000 melee ones 10 prayer Thieving Jimmy discovered some cool stuff in every corner of the island, some are chests some are corpses, and one is a MICROVERSE! WHAT IS THIS JIMMY SAID. And discovered its a great way to get resources. Exp Tables Jungle chest - 2.5k EXP per thieve - 99 Thieving Bloody Corpse - 4k EXP per thieve - 107 Ice Chest - 6.5k EXP per thieve - 116 Microverse - 8k EXP per thieve - 123 Concept of Thieving Chests will have 4 Across the Island North west South west South east and North East Each chest will run out of goodies every 250 thieves for that chest alone, when all chests are cleared, they will refill Looting an empty Chest will deal 50 HP of damage Rewards Jungle Chest - Level 99 Seeds 6/250 3/250 1x Green Crystal Seeds 2/250 1x Glow Seeds 1/250 1x Earth Heart Seeds Jungle Wood 6/250 3/250 1x Elder Wood 2/250 2x Elder Wood 1/250 3x Elder Wood Double Potions 3/250 1/250 1x Double str pot 1/250 1x Double Mage Pot 1/250 1x Double Range pot Fish 5/250 4/250 1x Raw Octopus 1/250 1x Raw Aligator Hunter Supplies 3/250 1x Bird Trap 2/250 1x Hunter Cage Bil Tokens 225/250 155/250 150x Bil tokens 60/250 250x Bil tokens 10/250 350x Bil Tokens Bloody Corpse - Level 107 Seeds 5/250 3/250 1x Blood Seeds 2/250 1x Radioactive seeds Double Potions 3/250 1/250 1x Double str pot 1/250 1x Double Mage Pot 1/250 1x Double Range pot Fish 4/250 2/250 1x Raw Phirana 2/250 1x Raw Murder Fish Ess 3/250 3/250 1x Blood Ess Hunter Supplies 5/250 3/250 1x Bird Trap 2/250 1x Hunter Cage Bil Tokens 225/250 150/250 300x Bil tokens 55/250 400x Bil tokens 20/250 500x Bil Tokens Ice Chest - Level 116 Seeds 3/250 2/250 1x Purple Mist 1/250 1x Ice Seed Double Potions 3/250 1/250 1x Double str pot 1/250 1x Double Mage Pot 1/250 1x Double Range pot Wolf 3/250 2/250 1x Wolf Meat 1/250 1x Wolf Pelt Logs 5/250 5/250 1x Metal Log Ess 4/250 4/250 1x Ice Ess Hunter Supplies 2/250 2/250 1x Hunter Cage Bil Tokens 225/250 150/250 375x Bil tokens 55/250 450x Bil tokens 20/250 550x Bil Tokens Microverse - Level 123 Seeds 5/250 3/250 1x Meteor Seeds 2/250 1x Star Seeds Double Potions 3/250 1/250 1x Double str pot 1/250 1x Double Mage Pot 1/250 1x Double Range pot Fish 3/250 3/250 1x Raw Robot tuna Ess 5/250 5/250 1x Space ess Logs 4/250 4/250 1x Space Logs Hunter Supplies 5/250 3/250 1x Hunter Cage 2/250 1x Bird Trap Bil Tokens 225/250 150/250 425x Bil tokens 50/250 500x Bil tokens 25/250 625x Bil Tokens Farming Little Jimmy sees all these farming patches and wants to plant the seeds he got from thieving and hoping he could get them from Monsters soon(part 2 PvM UPDATE) Exp Tables Crystal Seeds - 99 farming - 2k per herb - Can only grow in Jungle Glow Seeds - 104 farming - 3k Per herb - Grown in Jungle Blood seeds - 107 farming - 3.5k per herb - Grown in Blood Map Meteor Seeds - 110 farming - 4k per herb - Grown in Space Map Star seeds - 114 farming - 5k Exp per herb - grown in Space Map Purple Mist - 118 farming - 6k Exp per herb - Grown in Ice Map Radioactive Seeds - 123 farming - 6.5k exp per herb - Blood Map Earth heart Seeds - 127 farming - 7k Exp per herb - Grown in Jungle Ice Seeds - 130 Farming - 7.5k Exp per herb - Grown in Ice map Farming Patches and how it works Each area has 4 Patches and you can only plant the seeds in the right zone. You will need a Seed Dibber, and a rake and patience. No water needed they are saturated by growing the plants on the right land! Patches take 10 minutes to grow Herblore Little Jimmy has so many herbs now and has to do something with them! He want's to make some potions for him and his friends the MagePS Community!!!!! All Season 2 Potions are Un-tradeable Exp Tables Potion 1 - Rename to Ichor Potion - Level 104 Potion 2 - Rename to Mist Potion - Level 118 Potion 3 - Rename to Radioactive Potion - Level 123 Potion 4 - Rename to Witches Potion - Level 99 Potion 5 - Rename to Space Potion - Level 114 Potion 6 - Rename to Earths Gift Potion - Level 127 Potion 7 - Rename to Death Potion - Level 107 Potion 8 - Rename to Life Potion - Level 130 Potion Recipes Ichor Potion - Purple Glow Herb + Vial of water + 100 Golden Keys Mist Potion - Purple Mist Herb + Vial of water + 150 Hell Powder Radioactive Potion - Radioactive Herb + Vial of Water + 200 Crystal Keys Witches Potion - Green Glow Herb + Vial Of Water + 3 Blood Stained Feathers Space Potion - Star Herb + Vial of Water + 3 Space Feathers Earths Gift Potion - Blueberry Special Herb + Vial of Water + 1 Hard Shell crab piece the one from the boss? the common drop Death Potion - Blood Stained Herb + Vial of water + 100 Hell Powder Life Potion - Ice Herb + Meteor Herb + Vial of Water + Vial of Oxygen Potion Effects Ichor Potion - Gives you the Blood of the Gods and makes you Immortal for 5 minutes(New buff name - Ichor Blood (examine effect of buff - Immortality Is given) ) Mist Potion - When the potion is drunk it will leave a purple mist or any color mist we can get in that spot for 3 minutes, every second a mob is in the mist will do 2500 damage a tick, for drops to count via the mist you must attack the NPC. Only the player who put the mist down can see it Radioactive Potion - Radioactive buff for 5 minutes, any NPC's attacking you will be given the yellow hitsplat, it will deal 10,000 extra damage per time the NPC hits you with a yellow hit splat Witches Potion - You uncover Dark Magic and your magic Damage increases 10% with 5% boost for Range and Melee as well. Witches Buff for 5 minutes Space Potion - This dank potion gives you the knowledge of the Elders and increases all your skills by 10 for 10 minutes meaning people can do content 10 levels above what their level is - Space Knowledge Buff Earths Gift Potion - Poison is now your friend, any attacks made on you will put thorns under the NPC and inflict 2500 Damage + a poison which will deal 25k damage per 15 ticks. Earths Gift Buff lasts 5 minutes Death Potion - Kills the next thing you attack after drinking the potion(we already have a buff like this) Buff name - Deaths Embrace when NPC is killed need to redrink Life Potion - Every NPC you kill around you will spawn an additional 2 NPC's from the dead, the max NPC's attacking you at once with this buff can be 5 - Life Buff 5 minutes
  11. People wanted an Easter Event and we brought back last years event with a twist! We have made the rewards better and the final look of the 2020 Easter rewards you will be getting will be a surprise, on season 2. For now you buy an Egg inside the Easter Egg shop and it will turn into the prize with Season 2s release. Easter Map And Event! Easter Egg #1 = Pet - Flambeed effect, restores 50 hp every 15 game ticks so 9 seconds(Any suggestions to change it let us know) Easter Egg #2 - Headgear - 2000 in all stats + 2000 str bonus + 10 prayer Easter Egg #3 - Weapon - Attacks as fast a Lance, 4250 str bonus. +1500 att bonuses no magic or range bonus Easter Egg #4 - Shield Slot - We are thinking Dragonbone Spirit Shield effect for this item, +1500 in magic bonus/Range Bonus +2000 in melee attack bonuses +2000 in str bonus. Ways to Obtain Eggs - More added every single day Kill Bunnies at ::easter for 1-3 eggs per kill Kill 500 Bunnies and a Easter Bunny Mama will spawn and give everyone whos killing it 50 eggs Kill Goku and get 10 eggs for it Complete a 500 Kill Boss Task and claim your scroll and you will be given 100 eggs for it Also Discord bot has been fully fixed and updated to latest version. Has not been updated since release API wise. And Voting has been fully fixed and updated! So don't forget to vote on Runelocus Happy Easter Guys and stay safe <3
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