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  1. Happy Easter Everyone! This event is for everyone who loves Easter and obtaining Easter items We worked hard to bring an event that is fun and that can be done with all your friends! It will be up for the next 3-4 weeks and we expect everyone to join in on the fun. 1st person to get each of the items will get 5k donor points and $25 total donated 1st person to get all 4 items will get 25k donor points or 20 Magical Mystery Boxes and you will get $125 total donated Easter Map And Event! Brand new items Easter Bunny Pet - Flambeed effect, restores 40 hp every 15 game ticks so 9 seconds Easter 2019 Bunny Ears - Easter 2019 Rubber Chicken - Attacks as fast a Lance, 2500 str bonus. Good weapon to farm before lance grind? Might be buffed if too weak Easter 2019 Basket of Eggs - Acts as a shield slot, and will cover your main hand weapon so you run around with a basket of eggs! Run around with a cool walk animation and get the benefit of having a Dragonbone spirit shield for FREE THIS EASTER! Ways to Obtain Eggs - More added every single day Kill Bunnies at ::easter for 1-3 eggs per kill Kill 500 Bunnies and a Easter Bunny Mama will spawn and give everyone whos killing it 50 eggs Kill Goku and get 10 eggs for it Complete a 500 Kill Boss Task and claim your scroll and you will be given 100 eggs for it Magical Boxes ARE OUT With tons of amazing loot Head to the donator store to snag a box for only $5 Trophy Boxes ARE OUT Randomly Get one Trophy from the Box Head to the donator store to snag a box for only $50 Scroll of Efficency 100% for 10% drop rate is OUT Use it on a ring and get 10% drop rate 100%! With 5 slots you can get 50% max Head to the in-game Donator store and buy one for 12.5k donor points Bug Fixes and Changes Demon hunter crossbow effect removed from game Bikini and School girl set pieces have been boosted +50 str bonus Costume banking for Staking has been fixed Anyone who leaves the Staking ring now will lose and other fail-safes Goku spawn information is now on the player tab Vegeta Drop potential is now 120 kills to get 1% Name Changing has been fixed Lots of junk from donor store has been removed Casket changed into Lesser Magical box Evil claws fix for handing in Adding people on ignore will now prevent ALL messages from getting to you, clan chat, pm, public, ANYTHING Hellfire armor is now un-tradable Infinite supplies for pots has been added to the game, and more infinite supplies if requested will be added to other things Iron man group inviting has been re-looked at and fixed Boss of the day scrolls will now be given even if you log out and stuff Ref system has been re-done and more efficient now Client has changed the symbol and will be matching our new website Thank you for reading guys And once again Happy Easter to all of you from the Mage family!
  2. Gear Guide

    Awesome guide, should include the star wars stuff too
  3. Hello MagePS! and welcome back to another Update Thread! Our developers Kion, Axo and Satucre have been hard at work fixing bugs, making changes and adding a ton of new content for you to enjoy!, without further adieu, lets get into it! Goku World Boss Strongest Boss IN GAME! Sitting at 100 Million HP Spawns Every 4 Hours and Drops best gear in MagePs Accessible to ALL Players But only the top 10 Damage Dealt in the Session get the best loot. Everyone else gets common loot Goku can be reached with ::goku Bring your best Gear! GOKU ARMOR The Goku set not only gives MASSIVE offensive and defensive stats! The 25000 strength is due to the double strength effect from Super Saiyan, Original is 12500 for the set. With each piece being 2500 str bonus individually. Set Effect Super Saiyan Melee Strength Bonus is Doubled When Goku spawns it will be announced to all players, and can be reached by using the command ::goku VEGETA That's right, Gokus best friend, Vegeta has been added as a new boss! To unlock this arduously challenging boss with a whopping 1.7 MILLION hp, you will need to have defeated 1000 Voragos. He will surely give even the most seasoned of pvmers a run for their money, bring plenty of food and a strong will, because he wont go down without a fight! VEGETA ARMOR Set Effect Vegeta's Strength Gives 10% extra damage to all your attacks now Melee Strength Bonus is Doubled Vegeta drops his armor set, with a weaker strength bonus it makes up for it by having the extra 10% damage making it a powerful set to have. Dragon Balls Vegeta drops Dragon balls, collect 8 of them to summon the Goku boss The Player who summons Goku gets a rare drop %100 of the time! Challenge Vegeta today by using the command ::vegeta in game! Vorago A whole new map and Rock destroyer and KATANA'S! Go to ::vorago today and slay these GIANT ROCK BEASTS! Omega Katana - Best Katana in-game Gem Katana - The most stylish Katana in-game The Katana's below are upgradable into those above In order Flaming Katana Extremely Flaming Katana One handed rock destoryer! Matches colors of Vorago Referrals! All referrals will now receive THREE caskets when using a code and if your a new player the fourth one is from claiming attendance $$$STAKING$$$ Tired of Flower Poker? Cant seem to get those Dice to roll what ya need? Try, for the very 1st time ever on MagePS, STAKING!!! Players will be able to bet each other and fight to the death, the winner of the duel will everything from the agreed apon bet. Not only will this prevent scamming, but it will also provide a new way for players to make BANK and have a great time doing it! So head to ::gamble and challenge people now! BUG FIXES! Donor of the month was added and there will be thread made with more info on how to enter and HOW TO WIN! The top 3 donors and anyone in top 10 will all get a prize at the end of the month. BUG FIXES! Satucre has been hard at work polishing up some content in the game, here's a list of everything that has been updated! All pets will now dismiss when used in summoning tab or right click -> pickup A ::vial system has been added and is now effective, and automatically enabled on accounts, do ::vial if you want to disable it, as it will now destroy all vials from potions you drink, but then again who wouldn't want that? Kicking from group ironman mode fixed and a command has been added for owners to kick you now if needed Demonslayer Crossbow no longer works at Goku Pets will no longer show in boss task/ Boss of the day interfaces Teleport times have been reduced Boss collections will now properly display the amount of a certain drop obtained Boss aggro range fixed and pathing for any bosses has been fixed as well Behind the Scenes There has been a lot of behind the scenes stuff as well, lots of bug fixes which were added and lots of stuff which was added to make the staff team or owners life easier. A lot of these updates or bug fixes were not included, but are there and time was spent on it. We want to thank the Mage players for supporting us everyday and helping us grow with your constant playtime and donations. As the Player base grows so will the updates. Your every donation is going into helping us develop new models, advertise in new ways to bring more players to the Mage community, create amazing content you guys suggest, fix bugs you guys find. Thank you EVERYBODY and we hope to keep amazing you with our AMAZING updates <3. From the Mage Team
  4. Dan's Introduction

    Hey buddy nice to meet you, what a unique place to be living at! Id love to talk to you on discord.
  5. The first step is to get the heads, the chance to get the heads is 1/5000 randomly when fighting a boss, this might be lowered with donor ranks in the future if demanded. Lucky Trophy - for Lucky knights Enraged Trophy - Voragos Queen Trophy - Qbd trophy Hell Trophy - Diablo trophy Demonic Trophy - Kril trophy Satucre Trophy - Satucre the boss trophy Divine Trophy - Corp beast Torment Trophy - Tormented demons These are combination trophies below and require 1 head from each boss and most powerful trophies Starwars Trophy - Requires one head of each boss obi stormtrooper and darth Hell Queen Trophy - One Qbd, one Diablo, one Kril head Any trophy gives a 10% damage increase towards that boss if they have their trophy. Lucky trophy gives 10% drop rate and 1000 in each stat Enraged Trophy gives 1500 in each stat and gives a 5% chance to double damage next hit Queen Trophy gives 3000 in each stat and reduces all damage by 10% Hell Trophy gives 2500 in each stat and gives a 5% chance to double damage next hit Demonic Trophy gives 2250 in each stat and heals you 1 hp each time you attack Satucre Trophy gives 2000 in each stat and reduces all damage by 5% Divine Trophy gives 2000 in each stat and adds a prayer point 50 ticks Torment Trophy gives 2000 in each stat Starwars Trophy - 3500 in each stat and increases damage by 3% and gives a 10% damage boost agaisnt any starwars boss Hell Queen Trophy - 3500 in each stat and reduces damage by 10% and has a 5% chance to double damage next hit - no extra damage boosts
  6. Isn't this thread amazing guys? Please more feedback on the update!
  7. Ultimate Starter Guide

    Pinned as one of the best guides in Mage history and one of the best guides in general to help newbs!
  8. Star Wars Raid / Lasergun Minigame

    An awesome guide to show the Star wars raid, with the minigame it offers Stickied
  9. staff promotion :)

    Promoted to moderator. Great job on the hard work Astro!
  10. It took us a Month to make this thread, but this is one of the biggest update threads we will make and will be consistent after this. The problem currently is a majority of our updates is adding in tons of interfaces in to make the game visually pleasing for you and simpler for everything with proper information on everything. This not only gives it a custom and unique feel to the server, but also allows us when we add this right now to not worry about it in the future and just focus only on content in the future which you the players will enjoy. Drop Parties - Fun Community Event First thing added was a Drop party chest, we had a bunch of fun events so far with it, the picture below is the first one we hosted, it was un-expected but you the players really enjoyed it! This is where you can add the items themselves Presets Interface The first custom server to have such a feature, and one of the most useful features you will find aiding you to your Magical JOURNEY! Once a inventory or equipment set is saved you can switch the whole inventory with a click of a button. You can access it by going to ::presets, clicking on one of the inventory slots to save in it, and by clicking one of the equipment slots to edit it as well. You can have up 20 unique equipment presets, and 20 unique inventory sets ups. Staff Tab Staff tab was made to benefit the people by knowing when our staff are on and offline, and all staff will now have their own private interface to use their commands inside the Staff online interface! Teleport Interface This is one of the most important things we added, it can be accessed by doing ::teleports and it will have tons of information for old and new players to enjoy and they can choose their own paths now and have a bit more knowledge, just by going to the teleports. Major Stability Fixes Very important, we spent a couple of days fixing tons of stability issues and any DC issues you guys faced. Hopefully everything now is smooth for everyone! Iron man Store This was a very important addition to iron man and with our future group iron man mode coming out soon. This is a limited stock shop which refills every month. People can now get lots of these much needed items for in-game money. Such as a heart crystal for Hardcore ironman. And the upgrade gems for Suggestions and Updates and Bug Fixes Spam clicking afk mining increasing timer fix Rainbow fish timers adjusted for donors We added a buy X option to the donor store Duel arena teleportation bug fix Raids random npcs fix(Most of you might of never even seen this bug that is how fast we fixed it) Staff tab was further updated, any new staff and demoted staff will be instantly updated Raids drop rate bonuses fixed Obiwan gloves & boots stats have been properly added and the set effect should work now Fixed capitals in clan chat Fixed drop potential wrongly displaying 10000 Fixed clan chat spam timer displaying wrong for the new players Fixed casket banking bug/having to relog (unknown by much of the people since I discovered it myself during testing other content) Clan chat was reworked and made more efficient Sponsor cape was buffed to One hit KO up to 250k HP monsters now More stuff is coming this week, I might of missed some of the stuff we updated, but you can see it all in-game! We are working on a lot of stuff currently and we can't wait to release it all. Thank you the players of Mage!
  11. Baron's Helper application

    Well so far six people want you as a helper, but since you restarted from the start again. I think making some guides which will help the players from when they start will really help the new player's and will help you get staff. You are a top choice for us right now.
  12. I'm Baron

    Welcome Mr Baron, always see you in-game and pming me on discord.
  13. Iron Pog's staff application--Updated

    Interesting Application, I will keep an eye on it! I also like the time zone as its a time zone which staff is needed for. Just prove yourself more and get some people here to vouch for you.
  14. Juat a suggestion

    Sounds really good to re-do the trivia shop into a loyality one, might even add in some extra rewards. Any ideas for pricing?
  15. AFK Pickaxe Buff Guide

    The Pickaxes are bought using Rainbow Fish at afk fishing area Remember these BUFFS CANNOT be stacked with potions like 2x when your getting a 1.5x damage buff The Pickaxes Damage Pickaxe Price = 25k Rainbow Fish Benefits Golden Pickaxe Price = 50k Rainbow Fish Benefits Its a pricey pickaxe for a reason, its a great way to relax and rebuild your bank because every 30 seconds you will get a mystery box and golden key together and other goodies, its a great way to make money Drop-rate Pickaxe Price = 10k Rainbow Fish Benefits This is the first starter pickaxe I recommend for people Health Pickaxe Price = 35k Rainbow Fish Benefits The great benefit of this will help you survive while your getting smacked big hits in ::raids and such Defense Pickaxe Price = 60k Rainbow Fish Benefits The best part about this is it helps dramatically when bossing and reducing your damage means you can do stuff like QBD with ease. Lucky Pickaxe Price = 100k Rainbow Fish Benefits This is the first item in the game which gives you a chance to get two drops from a boss instead of one, this will be expanded and possibly increase the chance of this on the pickaxe, but a 5-10% chance at a double drop is insane, what if you get two red light sabers?