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  3. We hired one of the best developers in the RSPS scene that we could find for Mage! This is going to be a great start to a great new YEAR for Mage! We are very excited for what the future holds which is Season 2. We are close to finishing it and will be done at the end of January. A lot of work has went into it and we can't wait to start testing it. Now for the point of this thread is all the bug fixes we encountered with Mage in the last year, pretty much fixed. Bug fixes We have fixed Deal 1-6 Commands Removed Requirement to attack Pilgrim boss, and only 25 Turkeys to spawn him. 0 Issues now Fixed Lance part in the ::tut All teleports have now been fixed People may ::gamble at the new home now Items sold in the player owned shops and in general the player owned shop has been fixed now and all saves to it Christmas Crackers have been removed from snowmen Christmas crackers have been added to Present Box Evil Santa is now fixed and will be attacked without issues and it costs 1 workshop teleport scroll per kill New players accounts will now be made at the new home not the old one ::tower has been fixed, and also will teleport you to new home after finishing ::power has a new map, and is now a new location, and should work now properly every 24 hours. With only 1x chance to clear it per day Boss counters have been fixed for every group boss we have, raids, ::iced and etc Sorry for the suffering you guys had to endure while we were working on fixing these bugs for you. This is just a small road bump before the Season 2 comes! We hope after this will be 0 issues to face. So lets drink to the bright future ahead
  4. What a fun update thread this will be, Merry Christmas, Happy New Years and just enjoy the Holidays if you celebrate anything else! This Christmas update will be out till Season 2 comes out and we might add more onto it with your guys feedback. We hope you enjoy this very special update as a lot of love and care went into it from the whole team. Chrismas update This special update starts at ::xmas, here you will meet an elf who will describe to you how to save Christmas! If you don't read it in-game then read it here, you get a spade to dig up ornaments if your a noob, or use your weapons to fight snowmen around and they will drop ornaments as well. These ornaments decorate the tree in 4 different stages, and when its fully decorated you get the presents. Inside the present you will find Christmas 2019 Present Box 100% chance at Workshop Teleport Scroll 1/100 Chance at a Snowman Outfit Piece 1/300 Chance at Snowman pet 1/500 chance at Elf Pet 1/700 chance at mini tree pet Santas Workshop Once you get the scroll to teleport to the Workshop you can build Puppets here and make a Voodoo doll, this will summon the Evil Santa that is haunting the workshop and you shall kill him! Here you can get many rewards to keep after the event, such as the puppets, and of course the evil santa gear. We plan on lowering the drop rate more, and getting feedback from you guys! ON What stats this set should have, if it should be a costume, a real set, or something else? New Home Map This new home is here to stay, even after Christmas. We tried to make it more amazing for Season 2 and more memorable, with tons more maps coming out for Season 2 release you won't be able to contain your excitement QoL(quality of life) and Bug fixes We have fully fixed ::power and should work now We have made all lances be picked up automatically in hellfire zone Donations have been automated by ::deal 1-6, and should fully give all the rewards now into bank if inventory is full ::turkey event is still in full swing, the amount of turkeys to kill to spawn the boss has been reduced to 25, and lowered the hp of the boss Fixed the run toggle, if its highlighted you run, if its not you walk, simple stuff, but sometimes broke. ::haunted event is now over! We have fully updated the client to match end of 2019, new announcement for season 2, our deals, and of course fixing any broken links such as support links. Also something we should have done a long time ago Everything has been prepared for Season 2, making it one of the biggest updates to come to Mage. With season 2 release it will mark the end of the Christmas event. We hope this content and QoL will last you guys till our Season 2 release. A lot of work will go into it and a lot of work has already been put into it as we speak. It will be amazing and will speak for itself when released. Thank you guys for being awesome!

    Contact us on Discord
  6. What is Season Two

    Season two is something I have been talking about for a while, and working on it with the team for over a month. Its big, its really big. It is basically a fresh start without a fresh start. We know the problems, we saw the problems with the staff, we saw the problems with suggestions and QoL you guys wanted, we have seen all the problems and you guys wanted solutions. That is what Season 2 is, its not a relaunch of Mage, with a fresh economy and stuff like this. No its much much better, its a whole new way of experiencing Mage. Season 2 is basically everything we wanted to do with Mage in the last year finally finished and its a fresh start. We are adding skilling 99-125, unique islands, unique habitats, unique objects, items to obtain, npc's to see, and this is just the start. Really Skilling will be a big part of Mage, on many drop tables, good value to sell to shops the finished products, Good value to sell to players, and it will be big for our economy. Something a Custom server has never done before, we promised this in the summer, but we got side tracked, that's why season 2 is our redemption arc, we are here. AND WE ARE HERE TO STAY AND BE THE BEST Now that you are hype about skilling, the next part is underwater expansion. Ok there's skilling islands, that's cool, but what about something you have never seen before. Something RS tried to do, something we always wanted. AND THAT IS UNDERWATER EXPANSION, THIS IS AMAZING. With the new update we will be launching a new Diver Boss, and Crab people. These will be the first two depth levels, It gets more complicated by having oxygen and it depends on how deep you go. Underwater will be amazing, also you can collect rare resources only found underwater, but need to choose either resources or bosss, because OXYGEN WILL BE RUNNING OUT. Now if that's not enough to get you excited, then I really don't know what will, except we will be having a Battle Pass. ALL FOR YOU GUYS, with 100 unique rewards to collect, and there is over 100 unique tasks to be done. The content you will have on the daily now will never run out. This is also with F2P in mind and we are also only making the battle pass $40 for the P2Ps. Its not a huge amount, but its not a low amount, we felt it was just right for the amount of rewards we will offer for P2Ps. Now with Season 2 almost upon us, we also made the initiative to rebrand Mage, and be known as the best custom server with the best staff team out there! We knew some people had a problem with some of our staff, and we fixed all that. We let DC Ftw and Steffio go, Dc and Steffio were basically demoted for the same reasons. We have also let go any in-active staff to fill out positions. Also since we were paying admins a lot, we will also be introducing a new staff reward program for Season 2, to make sure being Staff on Mage is rewarding and fun. Season 2 doesn't mean Mage died, no no no we still have 100+ online everyday. Season 2 is basically cementing the fact that Mage will be the best custom server out there for years to come. We have been up for over a year, and this is the changing point for the next year to come. New Year, New goals, Bright Future. We hope for you to join us on this amazing journey and tell all your friends of the Season 2 that's coming. Sneak peaks will be posted on discord when possible. Thank you Mage community for waiting patiently with us.
  7. Guide finder

    So to make the search for information or a thread easier i got the links to the threads in here enjoy! Use CTRL+Leftclick to open in a new browser RULES! Starter guide Zones guide/Rewards Lance Minigame Donator benefits Droprate guide Weapon upgrade guide (Gems) Pet guide Custom Spiritshield info Trophy information Prestige guide Elite ironman guide How to make immortal charm (Amulet) How to make immortal band(Ring) Update thread with blood nex and ice dragon explained in it Armor guide Raids guide Afk buff/Pickaxe guide Magical Boxes Drop Table Hades/blood cerberus Astral guide+info mini ::tri guide Weapons guide Gambling guide Damage increase guide Slayer guide
  8. We had to remake this thread as we lost our forums, this was Novembers biggest and best update! Hope you guys enjoy the info about it being reposted as it takes a lot of work to make a thread! Bone Beast One of the new end game ::zones bosses we added is the Bone Beast. It drops the current end game Melee gear and BiS One handed weapon James Bond This Double o seven agent 007 is finally here. He is one of the games new BiS end game Range Gear and weapon with his pistol. Zones expansion We have added 5 new zones four for ::zones and one for ::zones2 ::Power This is a new way to obtain an OP buff for the day, you can only do it once a day and if you die, you won't be able to re-enter till tomorrow. Its a hard challenge for an amazing buff! ::raffle Every week for voting you get raffles and get bil tokens per raffle, you can also win a main prize at the end of it! And each week the main prize changes 2nd Turtle Event People wanted to use their stones more often, and this is the perfect way, with 10% more drop rate and 10% double drop rate for a 5k turtle stone donation. Also we had multiple bug fixes Thank you for being with Mage, we had to remake this amazing updates thread. We are sorry for that, but here you go all the info that update again!
  9. This was a long time coming, this update, we were supposed to release it over a week ago, but at the end of the day we were preparing for season 2 as we had to do a lot of changes, look at a lot of data we collected over the year, and make some critical decisions and set up important frameworks for Season 2, this is all behind the scenes. What you are seeing is just a small update, but a big one for us and for Mage's future. Thanksgiving Update New home will be remade every seasonal update now, and the seasonal updates will be dope as have finished almost all the seasonal event frameworks so we can make these events each year with minor revisions. Casino + Trusted Dicer Rank Casino is now given for people who want a rank upgrade from Diamond, this really isn't a huge benefit to anyone, but the top donators will be the most trusted for gambling and they will run their own casinos for bil tokens. They can set the rates the casino will have, and its fully player controlled. This gives a lot more power to the players and allows more flow of bil tokens since anyone who has a casino can allow anyone from any rank, iron man, elite, normal to gamble on it. ::afkcheck We have added a afk check command which allows you 5 minutes to solve something with a staff using this command on you. Now if you don't pass it you can't blame staff, this is all on you now and we would just like you to follow our rules Bug Free We have made Mage Bug free and will continue making it bug free for Season 2 Thank you Thank you for being patient with us, these are huge changes we are making for Mage and we are putting in A LOT of work, especially with someone new joining our team.
  10. 🎄Happy Holiday Deals🎄 These are a limited special time Holiday deals Buy One Get One Free On anything, including Chest Tickets OR you can spend $50 for a Halloween Box and Get a Chest ticket Free 🎄The $400+ Deals 🎄 Get Free Sponsor Chest OR Hades Scythe OR Blood Staff Get Free 2 Astral Box OR 4 Halloween Boxes Get 15 Cash Boxes Free 🎄The $600+ Deals🎄 Get Free Diamond Upgrade Chest OR Blood Hades Scythe OR Goku Set OR Crystal Staff Get 3 Free Astral Box OR 6 Halloween Boxes Get 25 Cash Boxes Free To Claim any of these deals Pm Satucre In-game or on Discord/Forums if I am not in-game. You will be given the deal ASAP
  11. Welcome to our Halloween update thread, this includes our long awaited Halloween update which we tried to make extra juicy and includes our VERY important Slayer rework, and even more important a brand new spanking player owned shops system. Halloween is HERE! ::haunted will be your first destination on this Harrowing Halloween Halloween Pet Boxes These cost $50 Each and will be only in-game until the Halloween event ends, the pets have the following bonuses 2019 Chucky pet effect He will stab you granting you a temporary 10% Damage boost for Magic, Range or Melee every 60 seconds for 120 seconds the buff will last 2019 IT Pet Shocks the NPC you are attacking and only 1 NPC at a time and allows you to do 10% damage extra to it without it attacking you 2019 Micheal Myers Undying Effect, every time you are about to die(0-1 hp) you will be healed to full HP and be given a 10% damage boost to all attack styles 2019 Jason Pet Die DIE DIE He will out of nowhere whip out 500k-1 million Damage (5% chance) level 5 pet (10% chance) 2019 Freddy Pet Our first aggressive Pet, since Freddy wants to take everyone on he will make all NPC's aggressive to him, and give 5% damage boost to all magic range and melee For Aggressive effect to stay you have to move every 5 minutes or the effect ends Exclusive Halloween Sets We wanted to add a bit of exclusivity to every tier, as when this event ends all this stuff will now only be traded and obtained through the original people who got it. There will only be 15 sets in total for sale this Halloween. Freddy Has Freddy's Claw which is actually a blood scythe, but already +10, and +2000 str bonus and same special attack making it the best 2 handed weapon in game The armor is the same as goku, with a new set effect renamed into Freddy's Instinct, the pieces of armor are +50 str bonus more as well making it the best armor set in-game This full set is $1200 Jason This armor set will have the same Goku effect as Freddy with same stats But will include a Hellslayer sword reskinned for Jason's Machete, It will be +10 upgrade with 500 str bonus as well making it the best 1 handed weapon in-game This full set is $1000 Michael Myers This set will be a Pink Bikini stats armor set, with the same effect as QBD armor set effect meaning random buffs The weapon will be the same stats as the Jason Weapon, but it will be Michaels Knife. This full set is $600 If you want to hold onto something which will always hold its value and get buffed in the future as well with future updates, then these exclusive 2019 armor sets and weapons are the way to go. Slayer Rework What an important update this is for Mage, its a long time coming to make Slayer viable again and we hope you will love this. This update comes with 3 new zones, 3 Bosses, tons of NPC's to kill, a reason to get gilded helmets, and of course the combination of all the items to make the brand new Hydra Armor set which will be the best slayer set in the game and has amazing stats too. Hydra being our first HYBRID SET! Gilded slayer helmet normal will give 25% damage boost, a specific attachment from the Golden Black Dragon will give it 50% damage to that attachments style inside of the slayer cave, if you get a hydra set, its a hybrid set giving 50% damage to all attack styles and since its a hybrid set it will work best inside and outside the slayer cave, but will take a long time to obtain. The boss to fight is the Golden Black Dragon which can be found in all 3 slayer caves, each zone will only give drops for a specific attack style, Easy being Melee, Medium being Range, and Hard being Mage Player Owned Shops Another long awaited update, to keep making Mage better we always re-work old and out dated content and make it work perfectly for the future to come. Astral Rework We have finally added the magic points shop, and we have changed the way astral boxes work, we removed the red experience astral from the chance table, and added it as a 100% chance to come with every astral box instead. Bug Fixes/Content Updates We have made blood scythe have an additional 5k str bonus Crystal staff is now added to upgrade master The combination key from ::tri is now stackable, the rest are not Fixed the issues with the zones not counting for being on the winning side Quick join option has been fixed for raids We have fixed stacking for Magic and Range double pots with mining, so you can only do double potion or mining not both at once Fixed any new issues with ::iced that have appeared Lasergun drops will now be added to the inventory/bank Fixed people losing their T3 donut Blood staff is now only a 2 Person AoE while crystal staff is 3 and so is hades scythe/blood scythe Fixed the issue with people getting triple drops from Obiwan and other Raids(This happened due to our new double drops system) Only the #1 on the winning side will get a scroll, not everyone from ::evil and ::good Fixed people from being attacked at home And many other bugs have been fixed and quashed We are sorry the update came so late when Halloween is right around the corner, Axo was sick and needed time to recover. The update is finally done and we have a lot of stuff that was supposed to be added to this update, but will now be left for the next HUGE update, so we hope you enjoy this update and give us the feedback on future events. Our Easter one was amazing Halloween is better, and for Christmas/Holidays we plan to out do ourselves. We hope you guys ENJOY!
  12. Thank you for waiting patiently for this amazing update, we have worked very hard to deliver an amazing for you guys here, we focus on quality over quantity. Mage is already content packed, now we just choose the right content to make your gaming experience amazing! Good vs Evil This is a brand new amazing concept we came out with lots of hidden information, its apart of the new ::zones2, if you pray to good each day and get 10 kills you will get 10% range damage and pray to evil you will get 10% magic damage daily, plus a buff server wide for which ever side wins each day as its a constant battle with good and evil. FFA Event Enter Mages bloodiest event ever! Its our first ever PvP event which will be hosted by admins and myself from time to time, the goal is to be the last one standing in a fun FFA event. We hope you guys enjoy and help us fix any bugs with it which may occur and how to make more PvP events for you guys. ::zones expansion Finish 28 zones - Get a chest ticket free Finish 30 Zones - $60 Rank and 12k d points Finish 28 zones - 10% double drop rate chance Finish 30 zones - Get a Daily Random Dragonball added to your bank after you kill goku twice that day ::Zones2 With Mage and Range being introduced more and more, we wanted to break off the regular ::zones as that is its own legacy and its more for melee, ::zones2 on the other hand will be for Mage and Range damage boosts, items to help them, and of course more donation ranks to obtain! Finish One Zone - 5% Drop rate boost Finish Three Zones - 7% Magic Damage Boost Finish Five Zones - 10% Range Damage Boost Finish One zone - One Lucky Heaven stone One double range and one double Magic potion Finish Three zones - One Cash box and One Double Range and One Double Magic pot Finsih five zones - 2k d points $10 rank and two double range and two double mage pots Iron man Zone This was a really cool concept idea we came up with, a huge map and a huge boost to iron man, we have created 3 restocking shops with points to farm from the NPC's inside this zone. This is a great alternative for starting Iron man, instead of using cash at iron man store, and its a great place to just train in general. We want to add more to this and we will be listening as this iron man zone is just at its start! Summers Over Summer is finished so we added blue bikini, the best magic gear set in the game for $450, this compares with the ice set for example, and we added the new best in slot magic weapon, the crystal staff($550) the brother to Blood staff, as a way to expand magic even more because you guys asked for it! Weekend event We have added an amazing new weekend event, everyone now gets 20% drop rate and 10% double drop rate from Friday to Sunday, so get your weekend grind on and save the hardest grinds for the weekend! Upgradable Donut We have made the Donut even more amazing by making it upgradable using the tower of horror shop, the upgrade would give it a prayer restore effect instead of bringing prayer potions and then the second upgrade which will make it level three makes it give an overload effect every time yours runs out. New Donator Benefits Diamond rank will now give 3 blood and 3 ice keys free everyday added to bank and you will now get 10 minutes added to your potion duration as a Diamond Sponsor rank will now give 3 ice keys and 2 blood keys a day added to the bank, and you will now get 5 minutes added to your potion duration as a sponsor so total would be 15 minutes with diamond VIP now gets 2 Ice keys and 1 blood Divine 1 Ice key 1 blood Legendary 1 Ice key We have also expanded ::szone by adding ::szone2 Group Iron man Tournament Automation Every month now whoever has the biggest vault the winners will be chosen at the end of the month automatically and the prizes will be paid out automatically and manually be given additional prizes. This makes the process simpler and better for all instead of manual. SO GET YOUR GRIND ON! Suggestions Gamble tournament is now not automated and was made into a admin/owner hosted event with manual start up Raids needs 250 kills for a bounty scroll instead of 500 as other bosses Polypore staff now requires 1 magic to cast its spell A ::hidedrops option has been added for sponsors and diamonds, so they won't spam up the chat with all their amazing drops! Soul ring is now 25% drop rate from 20% We have added a new vorago zone called ::voragod which is like ::raged so you need to be a donor to enter Bug fixes Pets not teleporting to you when you go too far is now fixed Red lasergun storm trooper task now works properly KC and collections now work properly for ::iced and ::raids ::zones giving star war trophies instead of raid boxes for star war tasks All tutorial bugs fixed All hades bugs fixed Remaining astral bugs fixed Players losing blood chest loot if someone spawns another blood queen before you loot Boss of the day for QBD has been fixed and will now show a KBD instead of the massive QBD Name changing won't be saved on boss collections anymore Thank you for being an amazing community and for supporting us. We have recently had our one year anniversary where Mage was only a concept which we didn't know will work one year ago. Now look how far we came with our amazing updates. We always choose quality over quantity and make sure our community is always happy by having great staff, and updates made with your suggestions and feedback. If you have any ideas or bugs you have found we are waiting for you on ::discord eager to listen! The best way to support Mage is by voting if you cannot donate!
  13. The Group Ironman Event!

    Group Ironman Event! Welcome all to the group Ironman event! This event is going to be MagePS's first major competition and we welcome all to join! A group Ironman contests consist's of 4 people working together in a group to grind and earn as much in game loot as possible and store it in the vault. Grind your heart out an earn riches beyond your imagination and accumulate that wealth. You can solo this however to gain the most advantage out of this game mode it is best to group up! REMEMBER WEALTH IS VAULT and VAULT IS WEALTH TO WIN YOU NEED THE BEST VAULT! Your Ironman group is here to make a name for itself on MagePS, every month your group name will be remembered as the #1 spot, so will the 2nd and 3rd place Prizes The prizes you will be working towards are the following: 1st Place - First place will receive $100 each of in game donations ($400 in total) as well as additional prizes. 2nd Place - 2nd place will receive $50 each of in game donations ($200 in total) as well as additional prizes. 3rd Place - 3rd place will receive $25 each of in game donations ($100 in total) as well as additional prizes. We are in process of automating this event, but if not at the end of the month of September we will hand out the rewards, but I am sure in October there will be fierce competition! Thank you all who compete in this competition and good luck to you all!