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  1. Its been a while and its nice to talk to the Mage community again. Time goes by so fast, and a lot has happened in those 3-4 months. This isn't an update thread with excuses, but just a promise for a better future. The 3rd Anniversary marks the start of something great for Mage and a much needed change you have all been waiting for. This game will be the game you knew and loved, and with all the love put back into it. I am here to make it better, and keep making it better. Thank you for the patience you have shown even though most of you have left at this point, we welcome you back, back for the greatest comeback in RSPS history! Lets goooooo 3 years of Mage and many more years to come!!! This update brings lots of long awaited changes, and content. It also is the start of more updates again. We hope you enjoy this update, and grow to enjoy Mage once more. Knight minigame This is finally our solution to an item sink, and to generate more cash for the economy, with amazing Rare rewards, we also have amazing constant rewards such as cash from every room you clear. This is a great mid-end game activity for you to do. We hope you enjoy this minigame as it is made to shape the future of Mage, with all our future updates as well. As we implement a better balance of all the item sinks, money sinks, and of course making it all fun. Knight Exchange To enter you must give the Knights armory a weapon and he will exchange it for tickets Blood staff - 90 Tickets Crystal staff - 130 Tickets Blood Scythe - 110 Tickets Crystal Scythe - 160 Tickets Evil Goku black staff - 200 Tickets Jiren Final Sniper - 250 Tickets Omega Katana - 4 Tickets Gem Katana 3 Tickets Hell Slayer sword - 6 Tickets Blood Edge sword - 5 Tickets Elder bone Whip - 9 Tickets Evil staff - 1 Ticket Good Ranger Bow - 1 Ticket 007 Pistol - 35 Tickets Blue Lightsaber - 2 Tickets Red Lightsaber - 7 Tickets Red Lasergun - 10 Tickets Rare Rewards Normal Rare Rewards 10 entry tickets 20 entry tickets 50 entry tickets Superior 3rd anniversary box 3rd anniversary box $10 bond meaning gives rank 2,000 d points box 5,000 d point box 10,500 d point box 4x easy task scrolls 3x medium task scrolls 2x hard task scrolls 2x elite task scrolls Lucky Rare Rewards Knight prayer scroll - unlocks double down(132 prayer) Roly poly - model is in-game Mega drill blueprint - object model is in game Holy Sword Holy Shield 100% Rewards per clear 100% Rewards include Cash for clearing each room, so this is a great way to exchange Tickets into cash, especially with daily free entries. Enjoy this amazing Item sink to obtain cash/end game items Each clear also refills your HP/Prayer and gives a Random buff, so if you need to get buffed up. Come here! Fixed Deoxys The long awaited fix for Deoxys is here. The Deoxys boss will now properly show the overheads, and correct formation will only hit a 75 instead of a 150, and wrong formation will hit 150 instead of 1000, making the boss more do-able and balanced to enjoy with your friends finally! Roly Poly This is a great new little reward from the knight minigame. It is basically a set upable cannon, its not a pet, its not a cannon, ITS A ROLY POLY. It is fun to use and will deal tons of damage. To input the ammo needed it will smelt and forge its own ammo when you use a Dragon bar(200 charges) and Space bar on it (300 charges). One cannonball does 10-100k damage Each cannonball is shot every 5 game ticks. The Drill The drill is the solution to a more AFK approach of training mining, with a item to item sink. This would help create the resources you need to in turn create the bars you will need to fuel all the future content, and of course the Roly Poly. Requires 50 Dragon Bars and 50 Space bars to build - 2 Drills can be built The drill is powered by Blood on the dragon ore map, and Space stuff Blood map Each charge = 1 ore - drill can hold up to 1000 ores at a time before it stops working -Blood boots 250x charges -Blood Gloves 250x Charges -Blood Staff 500x Charges -Blood robe top 500x charges -Blood Hat 500x charges -Blood robe bottoms 500x -Blood Key 3x Space Drill -Fused key - 3x Charges -Crystal staff 500x -Ice hat 45x -Ice body 45x -Ice legs 45x -Chtulu wings, ring, amulet 250x -Interdimensional key 15x Charges Holy Sword/Shield + Upgradable Divine Sword/Shield Holy Sword +15k str bonus and accuracy - 2 Lines 1 Tick 35 pray Rains down Thunder from SS special randomly 5% Chance Hits for an extra 1 line. Holy Shield +10k Str bonus and accuracy 25 Pray +15% melee damage Divine Sword - from ::upgrade +17.5k Str Bonus and accuracy - 2 lines 1 tick 40 pray Rains down the thunder from SS special 10% chance hits for 1 extra line Divine Shield - from ::upgrade 12k Str bonus and accuracy 30 pray +20% melee damage Venom And Carnage BP The player voted and they chose the Venom and Carnage BP! We worked hard on making this the coolest aesthetically pleasing BP we would have. Since we are scraping using Anime models, we will now work with more texture based stuff, and create things you will love! Both of these sets are textured! Venom/Carnage Set Effect Venom Set effect - Symbiote - If your HP goes under 50 your next hit does 100% extra Damage due to Venom trying to save you. 15 Second CD Carnage Set effect - Symbiote - If your HP goes under 50 your next hit does 100% extra Damage due to Venom trying to save you. 10 Second CD Showing how Carnage will look if you even upgrade only 4 pieces, and still have 1 Venom Venom/Carnage Stats Venom - +7500 in all melee stat boosts and str bonus +30 prayer a piece Carnage - +8000 in all melee stat boosts and str bonus +35 prayer a piece Venom Pet Effect Mimics your attack if your wearing full venom or carnage - If you do 4 lines will do 8 Lines 10% chance to activate Carnage Upgrade Carnage Head - 250 Chtulu Tents + Necklace + 100T Carnage Body - 250 Chtulu Tents + Wings + 100T Carnage Legs - 500 Chultu Tents + 250T Carnage Boots - 250 Chultu tents + boots + 100T Carnage Gloves - Blood Orb + 1 BluePrint + 250 Space Bars + 50T 3rd Anniversary Boxes This was made by our admin Heavymetal as a solution to all the trash boxes we have, and as a gateway into a GOOD cheap box, and a GOOD mid range box. And as well for our 3rd Anniversary we needed an amazing new box to impress you all <3 3rd Anniversary Box $3 - Gives 30-90T per open and a bunch of amazing starter-end game rewards replacing magical box 3rd Anniversary Box $10 - Gives 100-300T per open and tons of mid-end game rewards making it an AMAZING box to buy! Fixed Server Null issues The server will not stop working randomly like no teleports working and other stuff, we have found a majority of the issues and tried to fix them all. This took A LOT of time and effort, and should lead to a flawless Mage once more. Announcement of Superior Drops Drops made by superiors will now be announced to the whole server Updated ::szone Wow this was a long time coming, we heard your outcries and we made it happen. We revamped ::szone and made it useful for you the players! Corps Tds Content Updates/Bugs Fixed Fixed all Errors on our dedicated server Space buff is now removable Rick Pet(custom pet) is now 4 NPC agro and 10% Damage Fixed Hades Auto retaliating Fixed a bug regarding Woodcutting and opening interfaces such as banks after stopping it would close Mist potion was nerfed to 3x3 area Trident of the seas is same attack speed now as blood staff IBC bow(custom) is now same attack speed as final sniper Crystal Scythe now AoE's 3 NPC's correctly instead of just 2 Should show correct EXP of next level now Evil Lord from ::evil, any bugs relating to him have been fixed now Achievements when finished now go to the bottom of the interface for better sorting Can use hybrid items with Evil set now Fixed combat skills and EXP related to it Fixed Goku Black item names Fixed bug related to Deoxys prayers going to other NPC's and healing them Removed tons of useless items from ::gear interface Fixed Protector Prayer providing correct damage reduction Fixed Underwater Zones Damage % Fixed New donation items we added to stop saying Null
  2. Welcome to a long awaited, a long time coming update. If you remember this happened once with Season 2 where it look a long time to get an update out. Bright news is we are back on track, back on getting the backlog finished, and just in general high hoped and spirited. Mage is still here, Mage will always be here, and we will only get better and better. Thank you for being patient I would also like to welcome our two new developers Alicia who is working on the client and Dread who is working on the server. Keep up the support guys, we have a lot more to show and offer you in the coming months! I AM proud to finally bring you, the PART ONE of the PVM REFRESH. LETS GO!!! Deoxys Three new Bosses are being added as a whole new end game challenge. You will have to fight 3 new CHALLENGING bosses which are random each time upon entry. This update brings 4 new weapons, 4 new boots, 4 new shields all with a super unique design. With the cores serving as future content Deoxys Melee,Range, and Magic Boots - Give 5% Damage to their respective style Deoxys Melee,Range, and Magic Shields - Give 20% Damage to their respective style Deoxys Melee,Range, and Magic Weapons - Give 5% Damage to their respective style - All One handed Sword - 3 Line 1 Tick Staff - 2 Line 1 Tick Bow - 2 Line 1 Tick Morphed Stuff To make a morphed item you need to combine 3 deoxys pieces together such as all the weapons together. You may then operate it during a fight and change to any weapon you need or style. Making it the ultimate hybrid weapon. Or Shield OR BOOTS! Weapon - 10% Damage for all styles - Special attack rises from 250% to 300% Shield - 25% Damage bonus higher def bonus, prayer, and 500 stat boost Boots - 10% Damage bonus + 10k stats for all styles + higher def and prayer bonus. The Boss Fights Whats not allowed Absorbs will be wiped upon entry if drunk before hand and deleted from inventory Opening Bank during boss not allowed Donut if eaten will not work Life pot, ichor pot, earths gift, mist potion all not allowed Protection Prayers Protection prayers during the boss means one of the attackers has to stop attacking, this changes every 18 seconds. If you hit the boss during this, it will heal him, so each team mate needs to stay vigilante Attack Deoxys - Drops Weapons - 1 Billion HP - Hits most frequently and for high damage, but low defense Formation for Attack Deoxys Speed Deoxys - Drops Boots - 1.25 Billion HP - Hits the quickest for low damage, but inaccurate hits, and medium defense Formation for Speed Deoxys - 2 Formations allowed and need rotations Defense Deoxys - Drops Shields - 1.5 Billion Health - Highest defense High damage attacks, Slow and low accuracy Formation for Defense Deoxys Highscore system Thor Battle Pass A whole new battle pass you all been waiting for! A Range Based BP with one of your favorite characters which won our BP poll! Thor set effect Effects 2% chance of activating the special attack for any weapon 4% chance if your using thor Hammer Thor pet Effect 10% Ranged damage and 1 NPC agro for any set If wearing Thor set it makes Thor Weapon 50% Special Thors Hammer - Weapon 2 Lines 1 Tick Thors Hammer special attack Does 4 lines of damage with an additional 1m damage from the lightning god himself! New Teleport Book Our new teleport book actually makes sense and helps you teleport to the places you need to, except raids Broadcast System A lot of people couldn't see the notifications in-game for the bosses, now we added a clear to see yellow text you won't miss! Trusted Dicer Rank Additions/Fixes For a $1500 Rank we had to make this perfect and we did. This rank is MORE AWESOME THEN EVER! Defend the Home is Back! This event was crashing the server, but we had to fix all the issues related to it to make sure it can be on the live game again Updated ::gear guide We removed a lot of redundant items and old items that are irrelevant to you for a new player, like an OLD BP, or old event item. If you find more stuff to remove let us know! Range Buffs/Nerfs We added lots of Range stuff with a nerf in mind, but never added the nerf/buffs like we did for Mage. These nerfs/buffs will help make Range better for all to use Jiren was Nerfed to 7000 Range bonus With more changes coming soon based on feedback from this nerf Afking Changes You will not be able to AFK at Hades, Evil, Good, and Satucre boss anymore unless you have agro on, which of course ends! This is related to auto retaliate only working with agro pet down Damage Reduction Fixes Damage reduction is now nerfed from all items giving 30-40% to 15-20%. This helps us create content with mechanics in mind, not easy mode or abusable mechanics Arrows Above Item drops So new players know where their drops will be when they kill a global boss! New Donation Stuff Of course lots of new donation stuff was added this update as we haven't had a store addition or refresh in AGES, but all the new stuff is related to stuff for the new update Interdimensional Keys $20 for 10 Keys $200 for 110 keys We think this is a fair price due to 10 keys being almost 500-600t atm meaning 6q for a $20 dono + the deals you get. You will make money buying donos, so its better to claim them yourself and sell the keys Raiding Packs Contains 10 of every key - Ice, Blood, Fused, Interdimensional - $25 Contains 110 of every key - Ice, Blood, Fused, Interdimensional - $250 New Starter Packs We have introduced a new Magic and Range starter pack to give more diversity to what play style people want to play, and making the starter packs have juicer rewards the higher the dono you go for! Pathing Rework Pathing was completely reworked and it took a week to make it perfect, it will now be reflected in-game to show the quality Mage will be putting out soon. This is just a small taste of all the reworks coming soon. Bugs/Content Updates Fixed all Zone % Damage Fixed when you can or cant gamble, and its 1 hour after gogeta on sunday when you can QoL for woodcutting that it can be cut from any side Announcements for when someone hits a 135 skill PoS now lists items from lowest to highest price Dragonballs are now named properly without the #1-7 and just 1-7 and now searchable in PoS Satucre Set and Axe Working properly 2 lines 1 tick and 2 AoE if full set with weapon Prestiged combat skills now work properly with overloads and give the proper damage boosts Combat skills now wont count for 135 Level completion for Achievements Mini Gogeta now works as intended Drops now last one minute Frieza pet is now properly working Lance achievement and starter can now be completed when you equip a light lance, you will still get a light lance 100% at 500 KC We have added a ::chestg refill when you loot all the fragments using ::chestgrefill Made Lets Max Fast Relic Work properly and the passive 5% skilling exp buff Let me choose Relic has been fixed and works properly, it doesn't reset tasks now. The passive effect is working as well Doubles tripes and etc has been removed from the Let me choose relic, so you get unique choices every time without duplicates Mist potion has been reworked and works properly now without the diamond cape effecting it Mini Pepe and Mini Gogeta drop their loots on the ground now Fixed rewards related to Zone 30 and Zone 35 completion Removed spam from when doing a Slayer task and it spams your chat box Pet summoning and Pet Tab stuff was improved Fixed Chest disappearing or de-spawning at Joe Exotic Raids Have Fixed combat skills or any skills going past 500m and into negative. 500m is the cap now Fixed a bug related to Logs/Fish disappearing if someone else is using the same fire Added a new Donation Tier + Chest for Trusted Dicer rank Donation Rank is now automatically updated upon given the rank/donating Bonus EXP weekend now stacking with skill of the day is now working properly Fixed Overload timer Fixed Jungle Fire to only work in the ::jungle Outer Space Fire Buff fixes Mist and Radioactive potions only work on the map your on and stop working when you teleport Task scroll fixed regarding the burn x elder logs task Fixed the last part of tutorial so no one gets stuck Tutorial was fully retested and any small bugs or issues fixed Dragon rocks at tutorial were also fixed due to pathing A ::wiki command has been added such as ::wiki guides More updates done to the collection log from PoS and has 0 issues with removing history Added more information regarding the Goku Black and Michael Myer pet Bounty scroll task Cerberus has re-appeared Sexy female set and staff cape now properly give the % damage boost for costume Fixed and added price reductions for sponsor to trusted rank for ::raids Elder Obsidian set effect is working properly now Dragonballs renamed from # to normally 1-7 DBZ trophy is levelable now Use 1 prestige lamp bp task now works All bugs or issues due to account creation is now fixed and we won't lose players due to this now A hide buff option was added in the settings tab Interdimensional donut is now withdrawable out even with placeholders on Donor points shop will now not allow you to buy if your inventory is full. Same for slayer master shop Reversed the cyber sub zero glove and boots recipe on ::upgrade Elite damage boost now showing up for ::maxhitm Subzero cyber set is now properly made untradable Light lance task is now completed on equipping the lance for ::starter and achievements Grammar mistake on ::chestg was fixed Trusted Dicer rank has a drop rate now All tabs in the bank now are searchable Fixed astral bugs related to PoS Made the right drops for Superior evil boku black boss Made the sub zero set simpler, has 2x quicker gain of chill instead of the small chance of the 3rd line which didn't work. The pet will also now work with the cyber sub zero set. Earths gift potion now doesn't stack with the diamond cape Red hit points astral was fixed, was only giving 9 hp for a level 10 instead of 90 hp Fixed any issues with some bosses not spawning at ::power All spawning issues with mini bosses has been addressed and fixed at ;:gzone Kill count regarding Black Goku will now count and work again The Casino rank won't clean the owners of the casino due to bad logic, it will now work like proper odds giving the casino owner higher chances of winning instead of giving up their house odds due to bad logic sadly. Ethereal zone now properly auto picks up loots and drops for being a noob! Sponsor Zone fountain was giving a double str pot effect that stacked with Gogeta set and was fixed Radioactive potion won't work with a diamond cape anymore Unlock Prayer Achievements has been fixed to count old prayers that have been unlocked before when we added this achievement. Every Gogeta Piece is now upgradable and doubles its stats Fixed the Easy Achievement related to the Upgrade your weapon to level 3, it wanted 3 weapons to be upgraded instead of 1. Was fixed for level 6 achievement too. HUGE bug related to Cell Boss and Dragonbone spirit shield has been addressed and fixed Nerfed Dragonbone and other shields from 30-40% Damage reduction to 15-20%, helps us balance damage more now. And an actual usable mechanic not an abusable one. Golden Black Dragon pet went from walking to flying like a normal dragon 2nd 3rd 4th and 6th tier Relic Passive Effects are now working properly 100% Custom Items Hisoka Set - Knucklez +7500 Range bonus per piece - Jiren Set effect - Tradable IBC Bow - +500 stats added from Final Sniper - Final Sniper effect/Spec - Tradable Message me for Customs information! We usually always are ready to talk about making a dope custom that fits you. Thank you for waiting almost 3 months for this update to come out. We were all working extra hard to make sure this comes out. Especially after we had to find a new development team, but due to the amazing community support and donations it was easy to find replacements who loved Mage as much as I did, we are not just doing this for money, but for passion and making an awesome game! THANK YOU
  3. Hey and welcome to this months VOTER OF THE MONTH Congragulations to Slamed for being the #1 Voter of April! Your prize has a little extra juice on it due the BiS Weapon Costume slot you now have. Top Voters of The Month 1. Simpulsas 2. Swift 3. Electr0 4. Mr Baiter 5. Ayatan 6. Mammoth 7. Kriim 8. k0wned 9. Oizyzz 10. 07knight* WAS DQED so no prize, was #1 but abused. The 1st Winner this month will receive their FRESH KICKS with 4% Damage costume slot boost They will also receive a $100 Donation and 2 Pepe Spawns - Winner Simpulsas 2nd Place - Swift Will Receive a $75 Donation and 2 Pepe spawns 3rd Place will Receive a $50 Donation and 1 Pepe Spawn - Winner Electr0 4th-5th will get a $25 Donation - Winners Ayatan and Mammoth 6th-9th will get a $10 Donation - Winners Kriim, K0wned, Oizyzz For the month of June you can get a custom item called Sunlight Defender for Shield Slot Get a shiny new defender brighter then the sun itself, be a SUNLIGHT DEFENDER BiS Costume slot item 4% Damage - NO ABUSING FOR #1 - We check all top 3 places The 1st place winner will also get $100 Donation and 2 Pepe spawns Or Gogeta Spawns 2nd Place - $75 Donation and 2 Pepe Spawns or 1 Gogeta Spawn 3rd Place - $50 and 1 Pepe Spawn 4th-5th Place will get a $25 Donation and 1 Pepe Spawn 6th-8th will get a $10 donation
  4. With this new update we will have a Developer blog for PvM Refresh coming soon so stayed tuned for that. This update should help fix and balance all 3 Combat styles properly and finally be used as intended. If you didn't know Mage 2 years ago only had Melee, one year ago only Melee and Mage, and now we have all 3 styles. To find the balance took us almost 3 years with us adding a new combat style every year. We feel it is close to what we wanted it to be. We did not intend one shotting bosses near the end game as a viable tactic. The mistake came with Damage % counting for all styles, when it should of only counted for one type. ::Zones is made for Melee, ::zones2 is for Mage/Range. Now lets introduce the update you all been waiting for. An update made with help of Players/Staff team Feedback! Sub Zero BP Update This BP is meant to be one of our best YET! We decided to go down the Hybrid Set + Magic weapon route. First time we went for Hybrid set as now people can use it with any weapon if they don't want to use the Magic weapon we offer. Same goes for pet Sub Zero Set Effect Applies a Chill with every line of damage, when 10 stacks of Chill are triggered the Ice bursts the NPC you are fighting dealing 250k Damage. Sub Zero Set Effect Weapon Only 20% Chance to add 3rd Line of Damage to Sub Zeros Staff/Weapon Sub Zero Pet Effect - No Set required Provides 1 NPC Agro Will randomly fully chill an NPC at a 3% chance rate dealing 250k Damage. Set required Will have a chance to add 1 Chill at 10% Chance Will fully chill an NPC now at 5% chance up from 3% Sub Zero Stats +4500 in all Stats Sub Zero Weapon Stats 1 Tick 2 Line 2 NPC AoE Magic Staff Quickest Mage Weapon in-game! Cyber Sub Zero This is a upgraded Sub Zero set, you may find ::upgrade info on the interface! Sub Zero Set effected upgraded! Chill damage 250k into 300k Sub Zero Set new stats +6500 in all stats up from +4500. So +2000 bonus making it 2nd BiS Melee set next to Gogeta, and 2nd BiS for pretty much Range/Mage if you like set effect Casino Update Trusted Dicer Ranks now will be allowed to place a Casino on any day regardless of Gamble Limits, but on Sunday they won't be allowed. Casino Owners will be allowed to set their own Rates and have a new gamble interface to allow people have a simple to use interface to Gamble in the Casino with. You may only Gamble Bil Tokens with the Casino! We are also adding a ton more features to Trusted Dicer Rank just give ideas to us on Discord Can't place it on a Sunday so picture tomorrow! PvM Casino Zone ::gzone Features of the Zone - Allowing Players who have the rank to always be allowed to Rebuild easily. BiS Untradable, NPC's which drop straight cash to put into your Casino/Use, and to have a dope set and personal world bosses. Look into the Zone - Based on Cowbow Bebop Casino Vibes + Someone killing up all the Dealers Theme! Dealers Drop Table Personal World Boss - 50% Chance to be Pepe or Gogeta every 4 Hours Dealers Set + Final Lucky Sniper Dealers Set - 3%-3.5% Damage a Piece with 20% Damage Total for Set effect - 5 Pieces total - Costume Set 25k Pointa a Piece = 125k Points total meaning 125k Dealers killed as its 1 point each. Final Lucky Sniper - Untradable Weapon with +100 Range bonus over Final Sniper and works same set effect. Personal Chest Ticket update - ::chestg Nothing really changed except the map and now there is 28 Dealers looking at you wanting you to choose them for your prize! New Gamble restrictions with new Gamble Interface This new gamble interface can be found at ::gamble and in Casinos, anything using the Gamble Machines Gambling can only be done on Sunday now. Every other day it will be disabled. This is to prevent people from being addicted and just camping Gamble. We want constructive players who tell us whats wrong with the game and to enjoy the game instead of just gambling their bank. It takes the fun away! So to make it fun again we made it Sunday only. One day where you can have your fun and call it a day till next week! Gamble machines are now 60x2 on all days except Sunday where it goes back to 55x2. This is to discourage gambling more, but we won't mind if you want to get cleaned with these horrible odds Vegeta Zone Expansion The new zone is now on Kame House/Island, and IS HUGE. New Price guide values We wanted the feeling of getting one drop per boss to feel like WOW. I can 100% sell this or get money for it instantly. So we went through all the popular bosses people love to kill and added a good price guide price. We will find more active bosses to do this to. Gogeta Pieces 30q Ea Blood Staff 10Q Crystal Staff 18Q Cell 300T Frieza 750T Freddy Pet 2020 50q Base price Player Feedback Updates/Bug Fixes #1 Combing Hell keys and Hell chests when you use 1 key on the chest it will combine all the chests and keys in the inventory #2 Remove Entry time from Starwar raids, Dont make them wait 5 seconds. Just insta respawn boss and allow entry again. The old system was to prevent people unfair advantage for those already at npc and to walk bridge. We do not need this failsafe anymore #3 Disable Control/Alt for when people first make an account and login #4 Change back the Hard achievement for the 25000 Headless arrows into 2500, and make it 250 actions not 2500 actions #5 Make in the tutorial the Hunter Part, just auto complete 3-5 seconds after they place a trap down and it will be 100% of the time after you place 1 trap down. Tutorial should be bug free now #6 Make sure Guthix axe is 8 ticks from 3 ticks #7 Lower Joe Exotic HP in half, and all the NPC's in the Raid in Half Lower the scaling by like 25% as well. So should be more enjoyable to do #8 Make all the Drop rate information be correct and reflect properly in the Player tab #9 Change the Range Relic from 10% chance to double lines to "10% chance to add 1 line towards you next attack on a single target NPC" and change the text of it too #10 Make sure the new Gamble Limits are imposed #11 Drops rates on Ice dragon and Blood queen increased from 1/700/750 to 1/1400, 1/1500 for blood dragon/queen #12 Make Melee Relic be 15% Melee Damage. Add 25% Accuracy. 5% chance to increase 1 Line of Damage for any amount of targets Add This text too "25% Accuracy 5% Chance to add a line of Damage towards your next attack on any amount of NPC's" #13 Make sure Slayer blocking is working #14 Slayer Task picking for relic Tier 4 is working allows a Dialouge to choose 4 tasks 10x a day #15 Make superiors 1/250 RNG rate from 1/125 rng rate/Set rate we made it, and replace it with Defend the home event info on player Tab #16 Change all of the Damage bonus's on Zones1 to Melee only #17 Fix only Agro pets to be picked up by the pet pick up system #18 Make Jiren Special 100% from 25%. Make Crystal Scythe Spec 50% from 100% #19 Change Special relic to reduce Special in Half from making it set 20% and change the text too #20 Make Elite Task 100 Slayer Tasks to Finish from 250. Change text too #21 Make ::power 10% Mage/Range Boost and Melee 15% from 20% for both #22 Make sure you 100% get Snack of Queen at 100 KC and 50 kc knuckles pet for ::zones Knuckle and it completes it #23 Nerf Damage pets, keep it 2% Damage for all style for the bloody part. the Damage part Like level 5 Bloody IT and Chucky gives 40% atm, make it level 5 gives 20% range/mage and 40% Melee #24 Update all the stuff with Damage on the interfaces ::maxhit ::maxhitm and ::maxhitr #25 Make the Carrot and Sunlight boots have a 4% Damage boost on the costume interface. #26 Rename Ice Key, Blood Key, Interdimensional key into Ice Entrance Key, Blood Entrance Key, Interdimensional Entry Key More info coming soon. Thanks for sticking with Mage and enjoy this update!
  5. Hey and welcome to this months VOTER OF THE MONTH Congragulations to Slamed for being the #1 Voter of April! Your prize has a little extra juice on it due the BiS Weapon Costume slot you now have. Top Voters of The Month 1: slamed - 295 2: bushwack - 284 3: Fruitslasher - 258 4: Log Out - 255 5: krys - 219 6: Ayatan - 214 7: Mammoth - 213 8: k0wned - 202 9: Kriim - 200 10: l3g1t - 199 These are the other voters of the month! 1st this month will receive a Costume Weapon slot weapon with 3% damage. They will also receive a $100 Donation and 2 Pepe Spawns - Winner Slamed 2nd Place - Winner Bushwack Will Receive a $75 Donation and 2 Pepe spawns 3rd Place will Receive a $50 Donation and 1 Pepe Spawn - Winner Fruitslasher 4th-5th will get a $25 Donation - Winners Log out and Krvs 6th-10th will get a $10 Donation - Winners Ayatan, Mammoth, k0wned, Kriim, l3g1t For the month of May you can get a custom item called Sunlight Kicks Be the freshest on mage with the freshest shoes. No one will say what are those anymore. BiS Costume slot item 4% Damage The 1st place winner will also get $100 Donation and 2 Pepe spawns Or Gogeta Spawns 2nd Place - $75 Donation and 2 Pepe Spawns or 1 Gogeta Spawn 3rd Place - $50 and 1 Pepe Spawn 4th-5th Place will get a $25 Donation and 1 Pepe Spawn 6th-10th will get a $10 donation
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  7. Welcome to the 2nd part of the Mage Refresh. This is another revolutionary update for the Custom RSPS server scene. The innovation Mage is pushing is something you won't find anywhere else. Thank you for everyone in the last two months who helped make this update possible. Big thanks to Leviticus, Salad, our Staff team and admin team, and all the donators who have been supporting us the last two months which helped us GROW a ton! This update is for the players and made with passion and love <3 Gear Interface - ::gear This should help new players and basically ALL players find the next gear they need to progress. Also it will gear you up in the current BiS Finding the Gear you need by selecting the options Seeing the BiS gear you should aim for Hard and Elite Achievements The thing most of you were waiting for! Hard and Elite Achievements are here. This took a MASSIVE amount of time to make! So we hope you enjoy <3 Hard Achievements Elite Achievements New Upgrade Interface - ::upgrade We wanted to expand on Upgrading a lot in the future, but for that to happen we need a great interface! This is the start of something new and amazing on Mage. We hope you guys enjoy this amazing new interface. We have added two new things to it which was a Gem Katana and Omega Katana Upgrade interface New Tutorial - ::tut Our old tutorial was confusing, but it is the most important thing to a Custom server! You must learn how to play before you tackle the world of Mage? We made this tutorial interactive, fun and easy. This will give people the taste they need before they decide to continue on Mage or not. We hope this helps us by keeping more players and lessens the questions! New Tutorial with 3 Islands of content to experience and learn about Mage! Island 1 - Learn about Smithing, Mining, Smelting, Woodcutting, Fletching, Crafting and Tools Island 2 - Learn about Thieving, Hunter, more Crafting Island 3 - Learn about Fishing, Cooking, Firemaking, How to equip stuff, and Kill NPC's Automated Gambling Gambling is a big thing on servers, we were always scared of Rigged Gambling hence why we did not automate it, but we came up with a great system now. Also the new system has caps to people gambling where a Normal Player can gamble 3 times and a Diamond 7 times a day. With Casino Rank being unlimited times. All rules are explained on the interface so if you are new to gambling its easy to know who won and lost Enjoy the new awesome Gambling system! Here is the interface for it below New Prestige System Prestige on Mage wasn't really a thing or important. It was confusing and did not fit with the play style Mage has. The new and ever expanding Prestige system we created is more rewarding and logical. You shouldn't be resetting your stats, but progressing and keep moving forward 100/100 Points will give a Perm 5% Damage buff You may also buy upgrade scrolls now with prestige points. One prestige point = 1 Upgrade scroll in Strength, Attack, Def, Magic, Range and HP. Adding +10 Skill max bringing total to 135. Works with overload too. New Personal Chest Ticket - ::chestg A brand new Donation store item, a first in a long long time! With the PvM Refresh bringing a brand new Donator Zone for Casino Rank, we wanted to start selling these awesome tickets. You may clean your own chest as everyones chest is different. This is a cheap and cost effective and FUN way to get Casino Rank. We know not everyone can drop $1500 at once, so with these tickets you can go with as much as you can and cross your fingers! Greatest Ticket we ever offered - Called Dealers Chip Defend the Home event With this brand new event we wanted to introduce a great way to obtain Skilling Resources! You have to knock out or kill the Skillers trying to steal the chest in the middle of home! You better hurry up and save the home or the chest will have no loot to be looted when the event ends! The event takes place at home because you need to defend it! Shown below. New ::starter system This brand new system gets unlocked right after ::tut and people are told to do ::tut before able to open it up. Allowing people to learn the game in a unique way and in the way they want. This will be the quickest way to gain a $10 Donation rank outside of doing 5 Zones! So this goes with our efforts to staying even more F2P and getting people with the Donation rank ASAP. Look at the new ::starter system below Automated Drop Party System Every Donation on Mage will now make you a super star! Each time you donate you help the players by adding stuff to the Drop Party, which you can participate in yourself! This is a great way to become popular on Mage, and also shows the impact your donation makes. Every $10-49 Donation will add a unstacked 5T Cash to the drop party chest, and a Lesser Magical Box Every $50-99 Donation will add a Unstacked 10T Cash, and a Magical Box Every $100-149 Donation will add a unstacked 15T Cash and a Cash Box, Magical Box Every $150-249 Donation will add a Unstacked 20T Cash and a Cash Box, Magical Box, Star Wars Box Every $250-399 Donation Will add a Unstacked 25T Cash and a 2x Cash Box, 2x Magical Box, Starwars Box, Pet Box $400-599 Donation will add 3x Unstacked 15T Cash and 2x Cash Box, 2x Magical Box, 2x Starwars Box, 2x Pet Box $600+ Donation will add 5x 15T Cash and 3x Cash Box, 3x Magical Box, 1x Raid Box, 2x Starwars Box, 3x Pet Box Spell book has been remade Since you don't actually use a spell book to cast spells on Mage. We removed it and replaced it with only teleports. Now you can use the spell book for its new sole purpose. Teleporting! Client Icons have been remade We wanted a fresh new and easy look to be remembered at Mage. This is for new players to remember then the usual boring icons, this is the server for them to always back to and call their home! Price Guide Updates We decided to update the prices on 20-30+ items with more price updates coming in PvM Refresh Items like Crab Eye, Satucre Greataxe and etc now has an amazing juicy price! Slayer Damage Cap Increase We Easy Tasks give 1 Damage cap per NPC killed on task Medium Tasks give 3 Damage cap per NPC killed on task Hard tasks give 5 Damage cap per NPC killed on task Elite tasks give 12 Damage cap per NPC killed on task Slayer Task Blocking We added something very important for some! Task Blocking in Slayer. Great addition <3 You may only block one task per master Easy Slayer tasks will be 250 Points to block Medium will be 500 Points to block Hard will be 1250 points to block Elite will be 2500 points to block Auto looting in Starter Zones All new starter zones up to like zone 10 will have auto looting without a drop catcher telling you to get a drop catcher every time you enter! This is so people know what picks up drops automatically and its a thing in Mage, we educating and motivating. New Starter Zone Maps + Expansion for support of 30+ NPC's With all these new maps to the starter areas, we will soon be adding sounds to maps, new NPC's with dialogues and mini quests/tasks to give life to each zone. We hope you enjoy these maps Totodile Knuckles Red Eye Crawler White Tiger Spirited away - No Face Master Chief Transformed Horses Corp Rainbow Unicorn New Auto Afk System After 5-30 Minutes your AFK is automatically picked up. So people wouldn't be able to AFK all day or overnight. Hopefully this picks up activity and keeps people talking to each other more. Now since its automated we can all be friends and not accuse anyone of anything! Starter Pack + Donation store price cuts and additions Prices for over 5+ items have been cut, and new uses to items have been added. Sexy Female is still $150, but now Head 2.5% Body 3% Legs 3% Boots 2.5% gloves 2.5% Damage boost Trophy Box $40 price cut to $30 - Adding more BiS trophies into it Starwars Requirements Box $70 to $40 - Allows to skip all the Requirements for star war raids Pink Bikini Set $200 price cut to $125 - QBD Stats and effect Goku Set $300 Price cut to $200 - Tier 2 BiS melee armor Tyrant armor set $100 Price cut to $50 - Great armor set for starting out, especially for only $50 Hades Scythe $250 Price cut to $150 - Untradable, but great starter Melee AoE weapon and can be upgraded to blood scythe New Items Custom Armor Set(No Deals) $600 - Obtain a custom armor made of your dreams, either a recolor or true custom Custom Armor set With BiS(No Deals) $1600 - Get a Custom armor with the BiS stats you want in Range Mage or Melee D - Custom Weapon(No Deals) $300 - Get a Custom weapon you want of yours dreams, either a cool recolor or a true custom D - Custom Weapon with BiS(No Deals) $900 - Get a Custom Weapon with the BiS stats in the stlye you want Range Mage or Melee Pet Boxes x10 - $60 Cash boxes x10 - $25 Magical Boxes x10 - $35 Starwar boxes x10 - $60 Diamond Chest Ticket x5 - $450 Chest ticket x10 - $350 New Starter Pack - $25 Opens Randomly giving you either a Gem/Omega Katana weapon either a Lucky Comp set/Rage set/Vegeta armor set Free Drop Catcher 2 Dragon Pickaxes, 2 Dragon Axes, 10 Crystal Seeds, 5 Glow Seeds 5 Double Str Potions, 1 Easy Slayer bone, 1 Easy Slayer Key Highscore's Reworked Highscores is now reworked and tells the proper people who are Can be found here https://mageps.com/highscores/ Reworked Vote Shop Its 2021 and we had to make our Vote Shop fit the 2021 era not 2018! We have reworked it and made it MUCH better. Character Tab Redone New Character tab allows for up to 3 Astral support now, and we might do something with arrow slot in the future. Ein the Guide This cute little dog is from Cowboy Bebop, hes Ein the Guide now! The cutest Corgi in the world will help you now on Mage Skilling Rings reworked The skilling rings were so confusing being 2-4x EXP and only able to be used up to 99, made no sense and with the removal of the old prestige system they had no use. So to make them have a purpose and continue with the logic. 2x EXP Ring = 1% EXP Ring 3x EXP Ring = 2% EXP Ring 4x EXP Ring = 3% EXP Ring Huge Performance Overhaul Things on Mage should be much smoother, we have improved the engine, the packet processing and any issues that would stall/crash the server. You should notice smoother game play server sided, with more client sided additions coming in the future to wrap things up and make Mage smooth for everyone! This includes smoother Gogeta kill's and overall game enjoyment. Content Additions Added a new count above Tiger King Raids, and made it 20 seconds before a raid starts from 10 seconds A Thieving Toggle for spam has been added to the player tab No one can add to the drop party chest except Staff now Slayer Cave Navigator has changed from 20 Achievements needed to 15, and Easy requires no requirements now A DBZ Gear Box has been added to ::welcomeback now. You need 1000 NPC kills to open it. New Home Map Ethereal staff was nerfed to 1 Line for being too strong for being such an easy item to get Task Scrolls are now Untradable Slayer Zone Requirements have been updated and so has tri and anything else missing Added animation to Smithing Any Achievement rewards you claim if the inventory is full will go to the bank Added a confirmation to listing in the PoS so people don't list things wrong Added a automated buy out process in the PoS if people list things too low, helps prevent people transferring stuff that shouldn't be transferred You get a Light Lance 100% at 500 Training Knight Kills. Should get a full set/Lance with 500 kills now making it a quick zone to progress from. Christmas crackers will not spam chat from ::upgrade anymore When people make the account it will inform them they claimed their Referral automatically from the Character creation interface Changed the message Donation boxes give when opening. People thought it would give Donation rank/Total donated. The text is now worded better and tell you your current total of donation points. Updated the Message on the Donation store since it hasn't been updated or touched since 2018, should be less confusing for players now on how to obtain and spend Donation points Smelting at furnace will now only show Dragon and Space Bars Updated the name of Strong Ranged Potion to Double Ranged Potion Right click open all has been added to Opened hell chests and will bank all the loot, same with Mystery boxes When people try to train Prayer past 99 with old bones such as big bones, horror bones, and Celestial bones it will tell players how to properly train prayer using ::slayer bones Added more features to looting the Chest at the end of Tiger King Raids Voting buff max has been updated to 24 hours since we don't want any buffs stacking past 24 hours. The second line of yells has been updated to be the same color as the first line instead of black Replaced the old Medium Achievement of plant 50 flowers with the new do Easy Tiger Raids! Bug Fixes Relics are needed to be done in order, cant skip Tier 2 and go straight to tier 3 if you didn't do all easy Achievements Link Pet Agro has been fixed, its 1 Agro now Skill of the day Skills and bonus's have been fixed People closing Game creation interface has been fixed now Goku Black and Jiren dropping their heads now Fixed the HP of Superior NPC's in all Slayer Zones Fixed older items listing as new items in the PoS to not confuse people Made Tiger King Bow proper Tick speed without set Master Chief gun is now proper speed without set Removed Slayer points from Mystery boxes and claiming of Slayer point tickets We Fixed the Glove and Boot models for 5 NPC's. Gogeta, Jiren, Blue Bikini, Elderbone, and one more thing. This will make the Crystal scythe and Final Sniper sit normally on your hands now. Vegeta buff doesn't stake with the 10% Damage under 50k NPC kills Fixed any issues with Pepe boxes disappearing Undead Trophy Creation now works Fixed the wrong naming for the Let me choose and Lets find Treasure relics, needed to switch the names around Link is now untradable and will make sure all future BP's are UNTRADABLE Removed the level 1 from Satucres greataxe(any other items with a weird level on them which shouldn't have it let us know) Yellow Experience Astral has been changed to the correct 400 Magic Points price from 4k Space pots have been patched and not allowed to use for Herblore again! Crystal scythe has Check upgrade now!!! Potion stacking bypasses have been fixed. There should be almost no way to stack potions now for a long period of time Fixed an issue with people activating multiple prayers via a interface stall Reforged Hellslayer sword is the same tick speed now as Hellslayer sword Drop Message Toggle now works to stop spam Totodile Requirement has been fixed Magical fishing rod now works without issues Zone Skip scrolls 100% fixed to do 3/3. Zone Scrolls fully tested for all the Zones! Let us know what you think of this update! Make sure to tell all your friends to come play Mage! We are all waiting for you to join the Mage family. Thank you and now go login!!!
  8. Finally =P

    Good job
  9. Hey guys before I begin..... THANKS FOR VOTING!!!!!!!! IT HELPS MAGE A TON We have the most voter participation Mage ever had. So to address a few issues to rank for the top. You can Vote on Top100Arena every 24 hours on their end. On our end its 12 hours! So if you connect to phone wifi or something of that sort you may bypass the 24 hour requirement and make it 12 hours. Also Runelocus gives the MOST vote points at a 4x the normal. Runelocus is one of the easiest and necessary sites to vote on. Now that is out of the way. The voter of the month for March was a VERY CLOSE end Top Voters of The Month 1: r3name - 281 2: simpulsas - 263 3: Daviddd - 263 4: Mammoth - 235 5: slamed - 216 6: egx - 215 7: Eliteoslo - 213 8: fat american - 199 9: L3g1t - 196 10: Tonza - 196 With so many Ties I will give #2 and #3 the #2 VOTE REWARDS! Prize is $75 Donation + 2 Pepe spawns = Simpulsas and Daviddd #1 is r3name Thanks for supporting mage for a whole month of voting! Prize is $100 Donation + 3 Pepe spawns = R3name and I didn't state, but we will also reward #4 with the #3 reward and reward #5 and 6 as a little pepe spawn and 2,000 donor point box. Mammoth = $50 Donation and 1 Pepe Spawn Slamed and Egx = Pepe spawn and 2,000 donation Box Everyone who came #7-10 will be allowed to claim a Vote Box(r). Eliteoslo, Fat american, l3g1t, and Tonza will be able to claim their Vote Box(r) Thank you so much! Message any Admins for your reward. Rewards for April! 1st this month will receive a Costume Weapon slot weapon with 3% damage. They will also receive a $100 Donation and 2 Pepe Spawns 2nd Place Will Receive a $75 Donation and 2 Pepe spawns 3rd Place will Receive a $50 Donation and 1 Pepe Spawn 4th-5th will get a $25 Donation 6th-10th will get a $10 Donation
  10. So with this update we learned a lot. We learned how to make a banging slayer system. We learned how people can skill and enjoy it. We learned a lot about the Mage Players and what they want and love! So lets address the final flaws of Mage and how the Part 2 of the Refresh will fix it. 1. New players We are almost done addressing issues on helping new players, almost all the interfaces, guides and everything is done in that aspect. A new player should be able to enjoy and feel a sense of discovery after the tutorial is revamped and starter tasks are released. I am still working on those Video guides once the early game is polished without making people watching videos/read guides. 2. Improvements to Slayer We need to add a proper interface for Slayer, add Task blocking and make the leveling actually unlock cooler stuff. We do not know when this will be addressed, but we will be looking out for player feedback on how to keep improving slayer. Yes its good right now, great for Early-End gamers, but everything can be made better. We want to make it better not worse. 3. More PvM Content and Raids We needed to release our tiger king raids to figure out what people liked in a raid. We feel like we need to make the raid apart of the Zones system to make it more rewarding for players to do and accomplish something. So with the current Tiger King raids we might rework it to make easier, more time to get into the raid. And with the future raids we will release we will try to balance and scale it based on the difficulty. We made star war raids and those worked out perfectly fine somehow. With this in mind we will try to make our Raids more like ::iced and Goku Black/Jiren is. We feel this is what players like more and our goal will be to rework a lot more PvM content after the Refresh with our PvM Spice up coming after this Part 2 Refresh. 4. QoL We wanted to really excel in QoL. Quality of Life is really important for a game like Mage, I am online all day and I see what gets asked repeatedly. I want to address it to be less questions and more answers in the game itself. I want to address things new players and end game people always talk about. For us in the refresh QoL is key. 5. OpenGL = GPU Rendering + Anti aliasing I don't think people know how important this is, but we will be the first RSPS with this released. Its a lot of work being put into making this happen. OpenGL will be the biggest advance Custom servers will have. Most Custom Servers out there are leaked and using the same source. Mage is the only one different and we are investing a TON into making our client as efficient and amazing as possible for our players. We hope by the Summer our client has everything you would ever want from a Client in a game to have. With OpenGL coming in the Mage Refresh. 6. Donation Stuff We will finally add more donation stuff to the store. More information on this will be posted soon, but we are finally revamping the Caisno rank, and making a Zone for it. More glorious and better then the Diamond zone. The true Final donation zone. We hope all people who reach this rank are greatly rewarded for helping Mage. We are also making it easier to obtain with ::chestc a casino chest ticket which will be worth $150, but not be related to the server, but your own character. This will be a new concept we will try. It will have 3 chests split in #1-3 which when combined make a Casino Rank Chest. 7. Hard/Elite Achievements We are adding in the final segment to the saga of the Achievements. We hope everyone loves this, and we can't wait to release this. 8. Events We are coming up with much more events for Mage to have. We can't wait to release them all. Hopefully the first event will be coming in the Refresh. Other then that we are working on an Amazing Minigame which will unlock end game prayer double down, a new cannon pet companion(not a pet), and lots of other cool stuff. We really have a lot in store for the future of Mage. Mage is going to be the most amazing game you ever played. We are not in it for the money, but for the goal of creating an amazing game. We hope you enjoy the Future of Mage!
  11. Hey you new Mage players, or experienced ones, or returning ones. Guess what I love you all for playing and supporting Mage. During the last 2 years+ We added a ton of content. I am here to help you swim through it to actually enjoy the game. The discovery of new things in a game is what makes it fun, on mage there is so much to discover, but I am here to reveal all the fun secrets of the game. Also if you want to talk to others for help use /(text) in-game to talk in clan chat, right click a name in chat-box or PM and add them to message them. Or just join our discord we will help everyone get started Use Control + F on your keyboard to search for stuff you need Getting Started - how do i start on this amazing server? Drop Rate - How to gain that DROP RATE fast Early Gear - What gear setups should you aim at the start Upgrading Guide - Get the knowledge you need to upgrade the gear you want Damage Increases - What you must do to increase your damage permanently or daily or hourly! NPC Aggression or NPC Agro - Attracts NPC's to attack you!!! Where to sell Stuff - I got junk, where do i sell Costumes - Why should you wear and aim for costume gear Slayer - Lets you Skip Zone Requirements, fun path to do! Skilling 99-135 - Should you skill? How amazing is it Prayer Training - Train Prayer after 99 Using Slayer bones Achievements - Free donation stuff + Relic unlocks Relics - OP start to the game Astrals - Biggest power creep in Mage to get strong Zones progression - Free donation Stuff Zone rewards - Free donation Ranks Donator Zones Donating and wanting donation ::deals Enjoy this guide made by an owner 1. Getting Started How in the world do I get started! First things first, lets claim the code ::welcomeback, now that its claimed you should have a Mage 99 Lamp, which gets all your stats to 99 Now lets get down with the basics of the game. The currency is 1 Bil Tokens. Think of 1 Token as 1 GP, we use such inflated currencies because on a custom server bigger means better. Right? When you join everyone will tell you to do tutorial and read the guides, but if you want to do ::tut its pretty great to learn the game, but if you want to claim the rewards do ::tutc It should get you through the basis of the game, things it doesn't really cover is why you should do ::lance. ::lance is an easy start to the game, you only need 500 kills to get an OP free Melee weapon, and full Hellfire armor. Plus its a task for tutorial. You will get a Fire Lance, which will go to Night Lance, then Light Lance, which can be upgraded with a lucky heaven stone to make a Hellfire Lance. Use the Hellfire point shop for Hellfire armor. The next guy you kind of really want to talk to if you are new to the game is for sure MR RICK. He has a cool little donut which provides unlimited food and if you upgrade it will offer Prayer and Overload refills. This is a must get item and can be obtained by just afking the ::tower , so when you want to AFK for a bit come here If you actually want to afk, can go to ::afkzone and afk at the left side which is the fishies which you will use to buy a pickaxe or sell. The best Pick is a stacking pick which is 500k fishies(its a lot), but will allow you to use it with ANY set in the game to boost its damage by 30%. You can then use this pick at the big rock to get the buff, so after you a rock guy you don't really need to afk as much as getting a buff is great for world boss fights to get best DPS Thieving is a great start in Mage to getting a lot of wealth believe it or not, and its as easy as just pressing on the teleport icon in your skills tab. You will start on the Jungle island(sooo scary), but this is apart of our custom skilling. You may go to all 4 chests on the Island. When one is cleaned out, you may go to another, if you keep thieving a cleaned chest you will take 50 Damage a steal, eventually killing you(this is to prevent AFKING) An easy to use PLAYER OWNED SHOPS system, this a player owned economy! Where you the player control what is bought and sold. Here you can find most of the things you need to purchase and sell stuff. Can go here using ::pos Mage has many world bosses. They spawn at random times and some spawn when you get enough votes in! You may see the timers for these in your player tab and sometimes an owner or admin will do events with these bosses. You can teleport to them using commands ::gogeta, ::pepe, and ::goku Your player panel for easy access to teleports is here. It will have a teleport to Slayer, Achievements interface, Donator zone(free to access when you finish 5 zones) and Zones interface. It will also have a button to vote and open the guides! Hopefully you read this one. For early game upgrading you will use Lucky Heaven stone, this stone can upgrade a Drop catcher from level 1 to Drop Catcher Upgraded. A Light Lance to Hellfire Lance, and that is pretty much it on the basic stuff it does. If you want more information on real ::upgrade read more down below Voting will give you lots of rewards like spin tickets, vote spin tickets, and vote books. Only redeeming vote books will give you Vote Points. This is the most ideal way to spend your tickets since they are untradable, but its highly recommended to sell your vote books if you are not skilling. Now you can Skip to the Zones part of the guide, or Slayer. You may also skip to the Gear options and Drop rate. 2. Drop Rate Welcome to the Drop rate portion of the guide, here you will learn everything you need to know about drop rate and how to obtain it First thing lets start with something you obtain, a Ring of Wealth for free from tutorial and a Scroll of efficiency hopefully from vote tickets. Yes Drop rate is very easy to gain, another great thing about Drop rate is that every drop rate event is based on Turtle stones and people are always filling it up, the first event doubles all your drop rate, and the second one gives 10% drop rate and 10% double drop rate. This is the best and easy way to gain drop rate since people are always donating for this Another way for drop rate is the basic pets, and the fact you can level them up. A level 5 pet might have 30% drop rate if starting with 10% for example. Making it so OP If you cannot afford any pet don't fret, if you kill 50 Knuckles at ::knuckles you will 100% get a pet for drop rate, and then use the snack from Queen at 100 KC to upgrade it, this pet will give you 10% drop rate until 10k KC and then 8% after Doing zones is an easy way to get Drop rate, because you get drop rate for completing zones fully 3/3, and for the free donation rank you get. So its a double win and get Drop rate from both of those things! You may also login every weekend to obtain 20% Drop rate as seen above. This should cover the basics of obtaining easy to get drop rate. So don't drop a sweat, just play the game its fully F2P and made with love <3 There is other ways to obtain Drop rate through armor like Lucky Teddy bear, Lucky Comp armor, and Obiwan, if you find it important you may seek our these armors and they are actually very cheap and sacrifice a small bit of DPS for a huge Drop rate boost! 3. Early Gear All armors if not Vegeta provide a 10% damage boost under 50k NPC kills, so its great to buy something other then Vegeta because you can stack multiple Set effects and become more OP Hellfire armor - 500 Points from ::lance - 1750 Stat bonus in str/att bonuses - FREE ' Lucky Comp armor - 15% drop rate for the full set + 10% Damage buff if under 10k NPC kills - 2000 Str bonus/att - 15-20T Average Price per piece Rage set - Gives a 5% chance to double damage to next hit + 10% damage buff if under 50K NPC kills - 2650 Str bonus/att - 25T Average Price per piece - HIGHLY RECOMMENDED Vegeta set - The basic bitch set, only 10% Damage boost doesn't matter your NPC kills - 2500 str/att bonus - Average Price 15T - NOT RECOMMENDED Ethereal or Polypore Staves + Ethereal Robes/Gano - Both are greater starter Mage Items. The Ethereal is better DPS wise - 2500 Magic bonus a piece - Prices usually cheap, but usually obtained by ::ethereal by yourself since its so easy to get! Omega Katana would be one of the best starter weapons for only 300-400T on average price. You can ::upgrade it into end game Melee items later Or can be obtained from Vote bosses which is obtained from ::pepe for free so do your votes and fight your pepe's! Evil staff is also a cheaper and better alternative for Ethereal, same attack speed, 2 lines of damage, and only 50T-100T average price. Also obtained from Vote boxes so do ::pepe! 4. Upgrading Guide This will cover everything related to upgrading! Lets start with ::upgrade. This is literal UPGRADING, taking items you don't want to make better items The other Upgrading is upgrading your weapon using the upgrade master at home. For this you must use Weak Magic Gems from 1-3, Strong Magic Gems from 4-7 and Godly Magic gems from 8-10. This will let your weapon reach the max level of 10! It will say 100% Success when you are using the right GEM, if you use the wrong one you might get a destruction % and risk losing your item. SO BE CAREFUL! 5. Damage Increases Damage increases the biggest topic on this guide. Lets start with the simple stuff the hourly stuff! You may get Double Str, Double Magic, and Double range pots for around 5-10T on Average from the PoS or when you do enough zones can go into ::dzone and drink from the buff fountains. This will Double all your bonuses for the specific style you drank. The easiest and cheapest damage boost in Mage! You may run north of ::dzone to find these Do your 5 zones and unlock your $10 FREE RANK or just buy pots The next damage buffs come from zones. The more zones you complete the more % Damage you obtain You can find out more about this at the Zones guide section down below The next buffs come from One handed and Two handed damage. These can be obtained by killing xxx The next Daily buffs can come from ::power, you fight off waves of mobs to randomly get shot by a buff arrow. You will randomly get 20% Damage in any of the 3 styles, but Diamond rank may choose the buff they want! The other buff you want to aim for is during Afking, you may obtain these buffs by mining a stacking damage pick(500k Fish) on the boulder at ::afkzone Also if you want to go down the Damage/PvM path you may choose a Damage Relic, More information in the Relics section below Pets like Chucky, IT Clown, and so many others that provide damage boost Amulets, Shields, Rings There are many more ways to obtain Damage %, such as from armors as seen with Vegeta set. 6. NPC Aggression OR NPC Agro NPC aggression is easily obtained with a few easy steps. Either an Agro pet like Freddy, or Gogeta. Or Alligator Gar/Voting for buffs and randomly getting it Agro Pets - Will start 3 NPC Aggression going up to 8 NPC when level 5. This is very hard to get level 5 though so don't worry, just aim for Level 1! Alligator Gar/Vote Buff - You will get a buff which will attract NPC's to you for 6 minutes eating the Gar, and Vote buff will randomly add time if you land on that random buff. The NPC's attracted will be 1, which is ideal for almost all zones till end game till you can get an Agro pet yourself <3 7. Where to sell stuff It will look into your bank to find the items with a price guide value to sell. You can then add these items to the bottom row which will save so you can always come back and instantly sell everything you don't need since you added it there. An amazing MAGE only feature! 8. Costumes Costumes are great because you unlock a ton of extra Damage buffs! Isn't that what you want, but also it gives extra HP if you wear anything, so until you unlock Damage % giving costume gear, can wear anything else for HP 9. Slayer What an important part of Mage Slayer is now, especially since you can skip Zone Requirements . Lets start it off by doing ::slayer or teleporting with the Slayer icon in the player tab you seen in 1. After you teleport into the Slayer cave you may skip walking to the Slayer masters with the teleport masters, but if you are not lazy you can walk to any master you want! The directions to each master is below The first master if you are under 10 Zones finished should start with is easy, if you did 10+ Zones go to the medium slayer master You may now get your first task here Each Slayer Task for Easy will give you a 100% Easy Slayer Key and Easy Slayer Bone, as this introduces you into the life of Slayer The way to train prayer past 99 is using these slayer bones, the rewards from keys are below You may also use the Slayer Points Shop to buy other Items and more keys or save up for a elite key even! Slayer system is awesome and will help you a lot. Or get rich quick by selling people the bones they want. Enjoy your amazing Mage slayer journey! 10. Skilling 99-135 The concept of 99-135. Why Mage has it and why its great to actually have. I think its boring to train to 99 on all servers, 135 is cooler and actually makes sense for a Custom Server to have. ::skilling has 4 Major Islands with only custom skilling on it. Here you can train any skills from 99-135 If you want a more direct teleport to get to the skill you want to train to you press on the skills icon, next you can select the skill. For example i pointed to Thieving as we already discussed it If you need anything for skilling such as farming requiring a seed dibber and rake. Then head to ::shops and find the skilling store We also have Task scrolls (Easy, Medium, Hard, Elite) , which can be obtained from the Slayer Shop and randomly dropped from any mob on ::zones Completing These Tasks will reward you with skilling supplies, new unlimited skilling tools and skilling sets for that extra xp boost! On the Subject of xp boosts Here are a list of the xp boosts available: - Vote books (10% experience gain) (can stack) - can be obtained by ::vote - Double experience potions (2x xp boost) (cannot stack) - Found in Christmas Crackers, and donor point shop, and pos -Burning elder logs (self welcome buff 10% xp boost) (can stack) - Found at ::home -10% exp skilling ring (10% xp boost) - Found in ::ugprade -10% exp costume ring (10% xp boost) (effects stack with exp skilling ring when both are worn) - Found in ::upgrade To start Hunter you will need to know how to make an Elder Snare - 2 Elder Logs on each other For Woodcutting and Mining a Rune pick will do, but will be slow, upgrade to Dragon Axe/Pick ASAP which rely on charges Can Smith all the Dragon equipment you need For feathers for fletching you find from Hunter The rest will logically all make sense if you try exploring it and make sense of it Each skill in Custom skilling is linked together to another skill, hence creating a never ending demand for all Resources 11. Prayer Training 99-135 Prayer? That's Right! You can forget conventional prayer training as this will require you to get Bones from Slayer to level up, It comes with all new custom prayers too! You can Pray to this altar in-game to switch to this Prayer book. You can explore the prayers yourself and read which one suits you most. Most of the prayers after 120 will need Prayer unlock scrolls which can be obtained from doing various things in Mage. You get Slayer Bones from completing Slayer tasks ( Easy bones = 15k xp, Medium bones = 30k xp, Hard bones = 50k xp, Elite bones = 100k xp) So get Slaying those beasts and burying those Bones! 12. Achievements Our achievement System is a great way to try out the many features and get awesome rewards from skilling supplies to upgrade gems and donor points! What makes it really great is the fact you unlock Relics with the points and helps introduce you into the world of Mage in a fun way. We Currently have Easy and Medium tasks, with Hard and Elite Tasks Coming Soon! 13. Relics Now we come to Relics, these provide you the chance to choose what path you want to take! These OP Relics give each player unique effects and boosts! WARNING! ONCE YOU CHOOSE A RELIC OF A CERTAIN TIER YOU CANNOT CHANGE YOUR MIND LATER, CHOOSE WISELY! You may click on any Relic to read about it before selecting in the choice you will take. This allows for safe selection and helps you make the most important choice of your Mage Account! Requirements for each Tier is as follows: Tier 1 = 100 Achievement Points Tier 2 = All Easy Achievements Done Tier 3 = 1500 Achievement Points Tier 4 = All Medium Achievements Done Tier 5 = 7500 Achievement Points Tier 6 = 15000 Achievement Points 14. Astrals The biggest power creep in MagePS for sure has to be these Astrals, nothing is stronger and better then a juicy level 10 Red Astral. This is mostly a Mid-End Game money sink and I wouldn't recommend sinking more then 100t into it until you reach a few quad in cash. Here I will be describing most things. Pick will let you choose the 1 astral you like, if you chose something you don't like you can always combine it back for experience. As experience for astral's is never lost. Sell will sell 1 Astral of your choice, Sell All will only sell Whites since Whites don't do anything. Combine all takes all astrals green+ to put into an astral of your choice in inventory. If you want to manually put all the EXP on an astral can do collect all. Going through the Orbs is the whole goal of astrals its a fun gambling thing which you hope to get to the 5th orb Magic Points Shop can be found by pressing on the points number you currently have. Red Astrals are the best, and the best to get would be Red Critical as it can be used with anything always useful as it doubles your damage for each line. 15. Zones Progression Progressing through zones is a breeze, you type ::zones and can see all the stuff you will need to progress through the zone there. The interface is so straight forward we hope you understand it right when you look at it! Select a Zone you want to do, read the requirements you need. Then you can start by teleporting there and doing the Zone Tasks. You may buy Zone Skips if you don't want to grind, but then whats the point this is Mage! Zones the original one is about having a bit of everything there, but mostly its a Melee Based Damage booster. Boss of the Day and Slayer Tasks will allow you to skip Zone Requirements Mage/Range boosting zones and the gear they drop here are all found in the 2nd zones. Basically called Zones2 The Amazing underwater can be explored with ::uzones. Here you can discover many cool things and difficult bosses to fight. Get your Diver set from the Diver boss to explore past Diver and fight Crab Leader, Poseidon and Cthulhu 16. Zone Rewards Zones are THE most rewarding thing in the game, you basically get up to $300 Donation rank for free. $1000s in donation stuff. The most basic thing you need to know though is 5 Zones finished with 3/3 completion will give $10 Rank 10 Zones $20 donation added 15 zones $30 and you get the drift More information is here 17. Donator Zones There is a total of 3 Main donation zones ::dzone pretty much has everything and is a zone for $10-500 Lets show the Chest area. The chests here can be claimed daily and go in a row from donator to diamond rank. 18. Donating and Donation ::deals Hey so if you want to donate, just do ::deals to see the latest deals Then talk to any of the Admins or even Owner if hes online and get started with getting highly rewarded for the thing you purchased Thank you for supporting Mage Hope this guide finds you all well. Much love!
  12. Mage is fully refreshed! We have been out for two years, and things may have grown stale for some, but innovation never stops! Mage is made new again with a huge expansion to the game once again, and finally leading closer to completion. For those who enjoyed Mage over the years, we are finally at a point where we can call ourselves the best custom server once more. Thank you for sticking and supporting us for over two years while we made Mage better. I still think Mage can get better, but with this update we for sure set the standard and the bar very high of what hard work and creativity can do. We are adding 90 new items, so much content, and preparing for a great future for Mage I would like to thank all of the players, Donators, Staff Team, Daviddd, Kriim for the amazing beta testing plus support and of course Leviticus for making this happen. 99-135 Slayer Perks of Slayer You can skip all requirements needed when on a slayer task. Meaning if you have not unlocked that zone, but are on a task you may do it without worrying about requirments. This makes grinding zones much easier, more fun, and of course more rewarding. Now you are not limited to the same linear progression. The progression is now randomized between the first 10 zones, then the next 10 zones, and etc. We hope this is a major addition to Mage, and we are really glad to have it here on our server. Two years later Mage has Slayer! This will also make the OLD Orb system obsolete and we have merged it with the new slayer system. Meaning doing Slayer taks should increase your damage cap and it will be found in your player tab now. For all tasks you will be assigned from 75-150 NPC's Easy Slayer This will be down the green path, shortest path and easiest tasks. Has 0 Requirements to do. Gives 1 Easy Slayer bone and Easy Slayer key per task complete. You will also recieve 25 Slayer points per finished task. It will cost 50 Slayer points to cancel a task! Knuckles (Pikachu) - 250 Exp No Face (Cave horror) - 250 Exp Red Eye Crawler (Ursaring) - 500 Exp Master Chief Clone (Scyther) - 500 Exp White Tiger (Lion) - 550 Exp Totodile - 750 Exp Transformed horse - 1000 Exp Ethereal mage - 300 Exp Evil turnip - 600 Exp Tzhaar - 700 Exp Mystery box - 450 Exp Ganodermic beast - 650 Exp Rainbow Unicorn (Jolteon) - 525 Exp Medium Slayer This will be down a blue path! The Path is now getting a bit longer, and the tasks are harder! You will need 10 Zones completed to start using this slayer master, You will have a 75% chance to get a Medium Slayer key and a 100% chance at a Medium Slayer bone. You will also recieve 50 Slayer points per finished task. It will cost 100 Slayer points to cancel a task! Turtle - 1000 Exp Tormented demon - 1700 Exp Lucky Knight - 1250 EXP Rage vorago - 1600 EXP Corporeal beast - 1500 EXP Obiwan - 1200 EXP Vegeta - 1800 EXP White walker - 1000 EXP Satucre - 1900 EXP Tri - 1100 EXP Good ranger - 1400 Exp Evil mage - 1400 EXP Diver - 1350 EXP Hard Slayer The Red path, now things actually are getting HARD! The path is longer, and you now need much higher requirements to do it. 102 Slayer and 20 Zones to be exact. You will get a 100% chance at Hard Slayer bone and a 50% chance at a Hard Slayer key. You will also recieve 75 Slayer points per finished task. It will cost 150 Slayer points to cancel a task! Stormtrooper leader - 2000 EXP Crab Leader boss - 2000 EXP Darth vader - 3000 EXP K'ril tsutsaroth - 2750 EXP Diablo - 2900 EXP QBD - 4000 EXP Hades - 3800 EXP Blood Cerberus - 3200 EXP Boney beast - 3600 EXP Poseidon - 3150 EXP Elite Slayer The final path, the purple path. The path of Elites is long, but most rewarding. To even start the Slayer tasks here you will need 105 Slayer and to have finished 30 zones! Yes 30 Zones!!! You will get a 100% chance at a Elite Slayer bone and a 50% chance at a Elite Slayer key. You will also recieve 125 Slayer points per finished task. It will cost 250 Slayer points to cancel a task! James bond - 5000 Exp Ice dragon - 4200 Exp Blood queen - 5200 EXP Cell - 4000 Exp Frieza - 4800 Exp Goku Black - 5250 EXP Jiren - 6000 EXP Blood Dragon - 6200 Exp Slayer Cave Navigator We have added a navigator for people who do not want to walk the long distances, and to make it F2P we added an Achievment requirment alongside a donation one! Easy - $10 donor rank(Free at 5 Zones Done) or 15 Easy achievments complete Medium - $50 Donor rank(Free with 15 Zones Done) or 20 Medium Achievments Complete Hard - $250 Donor rank(Free with Most zones Done) or 20 Hard Achievments Complete Elite - Sponsor Rank(Have to pull from ::chestr or Donate for and need VIP to claim) or 20 Elite achievments Complete Slayer Zones Reworked It will still count as a zone, but the new reqs are listed below Easy Slayer zone will be accessible from 108 Slayer The New Slayer Zone will have all the Easy zone tasks spawning. With a chance of Easy superiors being a 50% extra chance to spawn Medium Slayer Zone will be accessible from 115 slayer + 10 zone tasks The New Slayer Zone will have all the Medium zone tasks spawning. With a chance of Medium superiors being a 50% extra chance to spawn Hard Slayer Zone will be accessible from 125 Slayer + 20 zone tasks The New Slayer Zone will have all the Hard zone tasks spawning. With a chance of Hard superiors being a 50% extra chance to spawn Superior Slayer Mobs Superiors have a 1/125 chance of spawning while killing stuff on task. The drop rate for any item obtained from a Superior Boss is 1/50 for all rare drops and drop rate will not effect this. Master Chief Will have 10x HP from Master Chief Clones, but if you have over 100k NPC kills will be 100x HP Cowboy Will have 10x HP from Transformed Horses, but if you have over 100k NPC will be 100x HP Faded Diablo Will have x10 HP from Diablo Slime Walker Will have 10x HP from White Walkers, but 100x HP if over 100k NPC kills Celestial Corp Will have x10 HP from a normal Corp Ghostly Cerberus 2x The HP, 1.5x the attack, 2x the max hit from normal Cerberus Obsidian Beast 2x The HP, 1.5x the attack, 1.5x the max hit from normal Boney Beast Evil Goku Black 30% more damage and attack from normal Goku Black Obsidian Tzhaar-Om Normally will have 10x HP, but if you have 100k+ NPC kills it will have 100x HP from Tzhaar-Oms Slayer Rewards Slayer Shop Easy Slayer Key - 50 Slayer Points Medium Slayer Key - 100 Slayer Points Hard slayer Key - 150 Slayer Points Elite Slayer Key - 250 Slayer Points Easy Slayer bone - 50 Slayer Points Medium Slayer bone - 100 Slayer Points Hard Slayer Bone - 150 Slayer Points Elite slayer bone - 250 Slayer points Lime Slayer Helmet - 250 Slayer Points Golden Melee gear + weapon - 500 Slayer Points a Piece - Made Un-tradable Golden Mage gear + Weapon - 750 Slayer points a piece - Made Un-tradable Golden Range Gear + weapon - 1000 Slayer points a piece - Made Un-tradable Easy Task Scroll - 75 Slayer Points Medium Task Scroll - 100 Slayer points Hard Task Scroll - 125 Slayer points Elite Task Scroll - 150 Slayer points Double Strength/Magic/Range/Soulsplit Potion - 10 Slayer points Adventurer scroll - 3000 Slayer Points Slayer Keys The perks of slayer key is that any item you get from it will help complete the zone item requirement. So even if you get a tzhaar piece, it will help you complete the zone making it very useful, even with a "bad" loot drop. Also in general the rewards from the keys are insane! You can see all the Key lootations you can get yourself in-game via a right click on the reward chest or a right click from the key. Easy 100% Chance to obtain from completing a Easy Slayer Task Medium - 75% Chance to obtain from completing a Medium Slayer Task Hard - 50% Chance to obtain from completing a Hard Slayer Task Elite - 50% Chance to obtain from completing a Elite Slayer Task Slayer Gear Reworked Slayer Helmets Reworked Lime Slayer helmet will provide a 5% Damage boost during a slayer task for all attack styles Barrows will give a 8% Damage Boost Shadow will give a 12% Damage Boost Gilded will now give a 15% Damage boost Golden Slayer Gear Reworked For reference slayer gear = Golden Black All Slayer Gear when worn as a full set will now provide a 25% Damage boost for their style they are using. Range or Mage or Melee during a Slayer Task. You only need the Set, don't need the weapon, but adding a weapon from the Slayer will add a 5% Damage boost to Hydra, or the Slayer set gear making it 30% Total Hydra Set Reworked Hydra can be worn for a 25% Damage boost as well, but its a Hybrid set bonus, so any weapon can be used, but need full armor set. The Hydra set will only give the damage boost during a slayer task. P.S. Hydra armor can be made combining all the slayer 99-135 Prayer Exp Rates Easy Slayer Bone - 15,000 EXP Medium Slayer Bone - 30,000 EXP Hard Slayer Bone - 50,000 EXP Elite Slayer Bone - 100,000 EXP Same EXP modifiers allowed for the 99-135 Skilling Prayer effects Increase Restores by 25%(food and prayer pots) - Gift of Life - 100 prayer Double Soulsplit Healing - Soulsplitter - 103 prayer 10% Damage Increase + 15% str boost/accuracy - Heavy Hitter - 107 prayer 10% Damage increase for Range + 15% Range Boost/accuracy - Piercing Arrow - 108 Prayer 10% Damage increase for Mage + 15% Magic Boost/accuracy - Conjuring Effect - 109 Prayer Blocks 15% of incoming Damage - Protector - 112 Prayer Increases Skilling experience by 15% and 2% chance to double resource - Big Brain - 120 Prayer 15% Damage extra during Raids - Adventure Quest - 123 Prayer 5% Chance to stun an NPC which will reduce its defense for 25% (when an npc is stunned make a stun gfx, and npc wont attack 5 ticks) (will reduce the def each time its stunned during the one kill) Kiss of Zeus - 125 Prayer 10% Damage during Slayer - Stranger Danger - 127 Prayer 10% Crit chance increase - Critical Impact - 128 Prayer 3% chance for double lines - Double Down - 132 Prayer Prayer Unlocks Prayers you can unlock You have 5 Prayers you can unlock, with a 6th unlock requirement being added in the future(this is for double down) Big Brain please Big Brain Prayer unlock = Will come from Skilling tasks scrolls - Scroll is Tradable Secret of Olympus Kiss of Zeus - After using 1000 Atlantis Tokens + 500 Chtulu tentacles + 10q will give you a scroll called "Secret of Olympus" which will unlock the prayer when used - Scroll is Untradable Impact to the Max Critical Impact - Get a Scroll randomly from Easy-Hard Tiger King Raids(more raids coming soon) Stranger Danger Prayer Scroll Stranger Danger - Get a Scroll randomly from Easy-Hard Tiger King Raids(more raids coming soon) Adventure Quest Scroll Adventure Quest - Costs 3k Slayer points to unlock Relics How to unlock Tier 1 = 100 Achievement Points Tier 2 = All Easy Achievements Done Tier 3 = 1500 Achievement Points Tier 4 = All Medium Achievements Done Tier 5 = 7500 Achievement Points Tier 6 = 15000 Achievement Points Tiers and Effects Tier 1 I will Skill - Get 25% Extra Experience from skilling and a 25% chance to have your resource doubled I will Produce - Get 5 things created at once when Smelting ores, Smithing bars, Fletching logs, Making Bolt Tips, Cleaning Herbs, Making pots, Cooking Food I will PvM - Get 10% Damage from the start and all your skills and combat stats are boosted by 5 forever. Tier 2 Raid Lover - Get 25% drop rate on all raids you do, with a 10% Damage boost inside a raid. Slayer Lover - Get 5% Double drop rate chance, 10% chance more to spawn a superior, and 10% Damage boost during Slayer Tasks. Tier 3 The Ranger - Increases your accuracy by 25%, Gives a 10% Chance to double your lines of damage when attacking a single target. 10% Range Boost. The Tanker - Gives you a 10 HP Permanent increase, allows you to take 25% Less damage forever and gives you a 10% Damage increase for Melee. The Mage - Increases your accuracy by 50% and adds a 1 AoE to all your attacks. Also does an additional 10% Magic Damage Boost. Tier 4 Lets Find Treasure - Increases your chances of obtaining a Task scroll and Boss head by 2x. Doubles all your bil Token drops forever and gives you a 10% Double drop rate Chance. Lessens the Task scroll tasks in half so if you need to do 100 you will now do 50. Let me Choose! - Lets you choose the next slayer task you want, but limited to choosing 10 tasks a day. You will also now have a 15% more chance to spawn a superior mob Tier 5 Save my Resources - Farming will now be 2x Quicker, and you will obtain 2x the herbs from it. Creating a Potion will now give you a 50% chance of saving one of the resources needed to create it(life potion idk how it will work since it needs a lot) Magical Gear - You are now given the best tools in Mage, a Magic Fishing rod(recolor to purple) has a 50% chance of saving Feathers while fishing and not break. A Indestructible Magical Bird Trap(recolored purple) which can be placed unlimited times without breaking. A Magic Axe(recolored space axe purple) which doesn't break and a Magic Pickaxe(recolored purple) which doesn't break Lets Max Fast - Gives you an additional 5000 Exp(no multiplier) per action you do 1000 times a day, then 2500 Exp for everything else. Tier 6 Bloodlust - All your attacks now have a 10% Increased accuracy, and 10% increased damage for all styles. You will now heal 1 HP per line of damage you do. You will also restore 1 prayer point per attack you do. AoE does not work for this as it only accounts for the first NPC you attack Im Special - All your attacks now have 10% increased accuracy and 10% increased Damage for all styles. Special attacks will now only cost 20% special regardless of the amount before, and you will restore special attack two times as quick. Attack me - All your attacks now have a 15% increased accuracy and 15% increased damage for all styles. Everyday you login you will be given 1 hour of aggression buff to attract 1 NPC. You will also now take 25% Less damage Easy/Medium Achievements Easy Achievements These Achievements legit took hours, on hours maybe 20-25 hours per tier, so each one is balanced, and has the proper teleports, and worked greatly for new players to learn the game and unlock relics! Hard and Elite coming soon! Easy gives 10 Achievement points per completion Medium Achievements Medium gives 50 Achievement points per completion New Battlepass - Link Link Set Wombo Combo - Has a 20% chance of activating, will scream above his head. Will make the Master Sword 1 Tick for 8 Ticks. With a 15 Tick Cooldown. Only works with Master Sword Master Sword 5 Lines 2 Ticks - One Handed Hylian Shield Effect - Increases Melee Damage 10% - Can operate for a random Spirit Shield effect - Lava, Devil, Pink - Cooldown 60 Seconds Link Pet Wombo Combo if using full link set + Link pet will allow you to make the weapon -1 tick for 8 ticks, and double its lines + 1 NPC Agro Mage Rework and Buff Mage was buffed! We heard your complaints about Mage, and our goal is to make it better from early to end game, if we missed something we will add it when we rework all early-end game range stuff next. Buffs include Making all AoE attacks hit the same high damage instead of just the first NPC Making all the gear have proper Magic Bonuses to compete with Melee and Range Making sure all gear from start to finish is buffed! Armor Sets Mages - +3% Magic Damage boost for 3 piece set +1000 Magic +1000 Magic Def +1000 Str +15 Prayer Ganodermic - 5% Magic Damage Boost +2000 Magic +2000 Magic Def +0 Str Bonus +20 Prayer Ethereal - 5% Magic Damage Boost +2500 Magic +2500 Magic Def +0 Str Bonus +25 Prayer Evil Set - New Set Effect 2 NPC AoE if using Evil Staff, and 5% Magic Damage +3250 Magic +3250 Magic Def +0 Str Bonus +35 Prayer Ice Set - Should be 10% Magic Damage boost for 3 piece set +3750 Magic +3750 Magic Def +0 Str +40 Prayer Harry potter upgraded - Should be 10% Magic Damage boost for 3 pieces +4000 magic +4000 magic def +0 Str +40 Prayer Soul Orb +3500 Magic +4000 Magic Def +0 Str +50 Prayer Goku Black +6500 Magic +6500 Magic Def +0 Str +65 Prayer Magic Staves Mage Staff +2500 Magic +2500 Magic +0 Str +25 Prayer Polypore Staff(full) - Make 1st Line 10% Magic Damage +4500 Magic +4500 Magic Def +0 Str +30 Prayer Ethereal Battlestaff - Make it 2 Lines, Make 2nd line 20% Magic Damage +5500 Magic +5500 Magic Def +0 Str +55 Prayer Evil Staff - Make 2rd Line 30% Magic Damage +7500 Magic +7500 Magic Def +0 Str +75 Prayer Trident - Make 2nd Line 40% Magic Damage +9500 Magic +9500 Magic Def +0 Str +95 Prayer Blood Staff - Make 1st Line 10% Magic Damage Make 2nd Line 50% +11500 Magic +11500 Magic Def +0 Str +100 Prayer Crystal Staff - Make 1st Line 20% Magic Damage 2nd Line 60% +12500 Magic +12500 Magic Def +0 Str +100 Prayer Goku Black Staff - Make 1st Line 30% Magic Damage 2nd Line 70% +14000 Magic +14000 Magic Def +0 +100 Prayer Evil Goku Black Staff - Make 1st Line 40% Magic Damage 2nd Line 80% +16665 Magic +16665 Magic Def +0 +100 Prayer Blood Dragon Fused Keys The new keys needed to get into this Boss Fight. Have a Fused key after you fight Blood Queen to get in! You will need an Ice Key + Blood Key to make a Fused Key! Giving High demand for Keys once more <3 Blood Set Wearing the full set will give a 50% chance to hit a 3rd line with any of the Magic staves, Blood Staff, Crystal Staff, Trident of the Seas, Goku Black Staff, and Evil Goku Staff Blood Orb This is an upgrade to the soul orb, obtained by using a Roseblood on a Soul Orb. This will give 20% Magic Damage increase(If this is determined too OP, we will nerf to 15%, and Soul orb to 10%) Dark Blood Wings 50% chance to save a Rune, such as glacial rune (e) and any of the other (e) runes. Making it the new and only BiS Magic cape pretty much The Fight Itself The fight is a mixture of Ice Dragon and Blood queen. A deadly Hybrid with 2x HP and Attack of Blood queen, and 1.5x the damage. Get ready for massive Combos if you are not careful. This is a fight to be feared and remembered. With rewards highly sought after, you bet this place will be packed. So grab your 3 friends and get ready for Mage's new end game fight! Upgrading Update New ::upgrade interface We have started on a new ::upgrade interface to help get rid of old outdated stuff, or early game stuff into making mid/end game stuff. More stuff will be added here with the suggestions of the players, this is just the start! Stuff you can make 2x EXP Ring + 2t + Heaven stone = 100% chance to make 3x EXP Ring 3x EXP Ring + 3t + Lucky Heaven stone = 100% chance to make 4x EXP Ring 4x EXP Ring + 10t = 4% Chance to make a 10% EXP Skilling Ring 10% EXP Skilling Ring + 10q = 50% chance to make 10% EXP Costume Ring Pet Box + 500t = 5% chance to make a DBZ Pet Box Crab Eye + Elder Maul = 50% chance to make Hades Scythe Ornate Katana + 100t = 50% chance to make Hellslayer Sword Hellslayer Sword + 150t = 50% chance to make Elderbone Whip Trident + 100 Atlantis Tokens = 25% chance to make Blood Staff Weak Magic gem + Weak Magic Gem = 40% chance to make Strong Magic Gem Strong Magic gem + Strong Magic Gem = 40% chance to make Godly Magic Gem Scroll of Efficiency + 10t = 5% chance to make a 100% Droprate 10% chance scroll Heaven Stone + 4T = 100% chance of making Christmas Cracker Skilling Rings explained 10% EXP Skilling Ring = When worn gives 10% EXP for all skills 99-135 10% EXP Costume Ring = When worn gives 10% EXP for all skills 99-135, but in costume slot. This allows you to stack both rings for 20% EXP Making Early Game Easier Giving all new players a 99 Skill Level Lamp This will help us guide new players to the skills much easier and faster without the hassle of the EXP Lamps! Making Knuckles(Pikachu) Easier Kill 100 Knuckles(Pikachu) > Kill 50 Knuckles(Pikachu). Making the grind 2x Easier Rage Vorago made easier Requirment to kill Rage Vorago changed from 500 to 100 Kills. Making the grind 5x EASIER Tormented Demons and Kril Bil Token Buff Upped to Bil tokens from 25 to 50, and 50 to 125. Making the grind almost 2.25x Easier to finish the zones Red Eye Crawler(Ursaring) made easier Changed from Killing 250 to 200 making the grind 30% Easier No Face(Cave Horrrors) made easier Kill 250 No Faces(Cave Horrors) to only 100. Plus making it drop 3B and 5B token drops. Making the grind 2.5x Easier! Skill of the Day Everyday a new skill is chosen! Everyday a random skill will be chosen. It will not be Chosen more then once a week. It will only give 1.5x EXP for skills that are trainable Skills not included are prayer and Slayer. Bonus Exp Weekend Every weekend we will have a Bonus Exp Weekend With 1.5x EXP for all skills, not including prayer and slayer. This will give 50% + the 50% exp on skill of the day to stack to 2x which is allowed. New UI Big focus on easier to understand UI and Icons We added lots of new Icons which are easy to remember, and easier to guess what they are based on how the icon looks. Also due to the Relics being new content and important, we switched astrals around and removed the summoning icon. Making room for more useful things and focus on making people click things and learn what they might be for future gameplay. Client Update Item tearing has been fixed! Making all items smoother and looking nicer. Maps looking broken has been fixed! Helps us add a lot more maps and fixes old ones we couldn't fix before! Boss of the day Rework 10% Damage Boost You will now get a 10% Damage boost while fighting the boss of the day! New Bosses added New Bosses added to boss of the day are the following. Blood Cerberus, Vegeta, Diver, Good Ranger, and Evil Mage We have removed Lucky Knights Cowboy Set Set Effect Quickdraw - has a 5% chance to 1 HKO an NPC under 2.5m HP (should be 5x what the diamond cape allows) Chance is doubled using a Magnum. The 5% chance will only work with other 1 handed range weapons. Wearing Full cowboy will increase the chance of the magnum chances to increase by 10%. so 2nd shot is 100% 2 lines, 3rd shot is 80% at 3 lines. Magnum Special weapon will shoot all shots at 1 tick. 1st shot is 1 line, has a 90% chance of making the 2nd shot 2 lines, 70% chance of making 3rd shot 3 lines, 40% chance of making 4th shot 4 lines, 20% chance of making 5th shot 5 lines. This will go in line with the idea of a magnum and the fast shooting abilities of it, and the fact the gun can jam up sometimes. Each NEW NPC the counter resets, Each failure of moving onto the next shot will reset it back to 1shot 1 line. Master Chief Set Set Effect This will be a Hybrid set for Range/Melee Set Effect - Increases Halo item by Damage 15%, has a 3% chance to double lines Assault Rifle Halo Assault Rifle - 4 Lines 2 ticks Special attack = 100% sprays a clip of 8 Bullets Energy Sword Halo Energy Sword 4 lines 2 ticks - one handed Special Attack = Ornate katana special NPC Rework 27 NPC's were changed We have added Animations and GFX to over 27 NPC's in Mage. We have also changed outdated NPC's as well with something new! We are also working on changing a lot more stuff people don't like, but for now everything should have animations and GFX and make the game experience feel fresher and proper Pikachu was changed to Knuckles This is my favorite meme ever made, why did we add it is because it fit with everything. Everyone has pikachu, but Knuckles will be our special thing on Mage to make new players have a chuckle when they start doing their first zone Cave Horrors was changed to the Ghost from Spirited Away called No Face One of my favorite anime movies ever MADE! Amazing story telling and beautiful drawing. Hope it makes people fall in love with Mage as well too. Tzhaar's were changed to Mini jads! The king of Tzhaar's is of course Jad, we wanted to make a custom NPC, but thought this fit much better then what it was before Jolteon changed to Rainbow Unicorns More outdated meme Pokemon content gone, for bigger meme content, rainbow unicorns? Should we replace this again, who knows at this point. Scyther was changed to Master Chief Clone One of the best and memorable games ever made? Ever spend your childhood playing Halo, the feeling of Halo one stepping out of that chilling chamber and starting your journey as Master Chief. Now we added this legend to Mage, replacing scyther more pokemon content gone Lion changed into White Tiger Lion was big, buggy, no animations and looked weird, plus we have tiger raids, and my favorite animal is a white tiger with blue eyes. So this is cheers to making Mage look better with another better looking NPC Ursaring was changed into Red Eye Crawler What a creepy looking NPC we found and made on our streams we did together on RSPS Life, great memory and cheers to another animationless pokemon gone! Replaced with something cool <3 Custom Orders Added Heavenawaits Customs - Lucy + Happy Was the #1 Donator of 2020 Tabor - Rias Pet Was #2 Donator of Season 3! Daviddd - Raiden Pet Was #3 Donator of Season 3! QoL and Content Suggestions First Donation Message has been changed, it will not include ::first anymore and thanks people for making their first donation to Mage! Frieza Token has been changed to 500 Donation points from 2250 which was a mistake and now a QoL Interdimensional key has been raised to 1000 Donation points from 750 which was a mistake and now a QoL Any Boxes which appeared for old players when coming back to Mage have been removed and won't clutter their play window It will now say "This chest is fully looted, find another chest on the island." For jungle Chest It will now say "This Corpse is fully looted, find another Corpse on the island." For Blood Island It will now say "This chest is fully looted, find another chest on the island." For Ice Island It will now say "This Microverse is fully looted, find another Microverse on the island." For Space Island Changed to Achievement icon on both Player tabs from Blue(quest) to Green(achievement) Changed color of Souledge greataxe to not be confused with Satucres greataxe We have given Elites access to the Iron man Store at ::shops It will now say you need 500 Training knights for ::tri We have reduced the prices of the hell point shop to require 500 points for a full hellfire set Will now say during hunter "One of your hunter traps has caught something!" Will now say during hunter "One of your hunter traps has failed!" Removed Hell points from the Player tab We have added ::setyelltitle for people VIP+. You may now may a custom yell title with anything you want within the rules! Bugs Fixed Fixed anything related to the new Boss Heads we added! Such as a null drop from Boney Beast Fixed the Blood fishing spot where using a pole it would start netting. So basically the right animation now Fixed drops that wouldn't show under Obi-wan, Stormtrooper, and Darth Vader in the ::zones interface Fixed and made better ::jail and ::ban timers All visual bugs in ::maxhit for Astral's have been fixed, as it didn't show the nerf we added in Season 2 Fixed Dismissing Chucky pet and Cell pet and retaining the damage boost, while summoning another pet! Naruto pet will now show 10% range damage boost in ::maxhitr Christmas Crackers are now not allowed to be listed in the PoS because they are un-tradable! Frieza bombs do not de-spawn when Frieza is killed has now been fixed Life pots should now not work at Frieza and Cell, even if you drink it before entering the Boss! Tutorial giving 2 Fire lances instead of one has now been fixed Dying at Frieza removing permenant overload effect has now been fixed This update quite frankly is massive. I hope you got excited reading through everything as it took a lot of time to make it. Lots of backlogged stuff is finally in Mage! Also hope it brought back the memories of when you got excited over some new massive game update. We worked really really really hard on this. My brain is tired from coming up with everything so after this we will focus on bug fixes, and finishing the hard/elite achievements, and adding in the reward for it, plus super heavy focus on user experience and actually understanding Mage for new players. We will also be taking a mental break after working so hard to making this happen. Say what you want about Mage, but I don't think any RSPS will ever offer a real gaming experience like Mage will. All those other servers are out for your money and what can bring in the most money, the only goal we had when we started Mage 2 years ago was creating and finishing the most amazing F2P game anyone has ever made using RSPS. I am finally proud of what Mage has become and will be making a long awaited series on Youtube! Thank you <3
  13. Welcome to this Months VOTER OF THE MONTH! We have been running voter of the month each month, just not making threads about it! You can see the Top voters of each month everyday you vote. Help make the Mage Refresh awesome by voting! The Winners 1. Simpulsas 217 2. Daviddd 210 3. RNG Based 174 Thanks everyone for playing and supporting Mage. The rewards were as following SO PM ME TO CLAIM 1st Will win 3 Pepe Spawns and $100 Dono 2nd Will win 2 Pepe Spawns and $75 Dono 3rd Will win 1 Pepe spawn and $50 Dono These rewards will be the same next month as well. So please support Mage by doing a simple vote!
  14. A lot is changing during the Mage Refresh. Seasons are kind of done, the BP will still continue, but the point of seasons was to innovate more then the last. This is the great refresh for Mage, lots of stuff you knew will be changed and made for the better. The point of the Refresh is to fix major points in Mage 1. Its too complicated, where do i start 2. Skilling isn't worth the time, what benefits do i get from it 3. PvM needs more content and gear needs more rework 4. Animations on NPC's and fighting lifeless NPC's 5. More focus on grinding then AFKing, we want this to be an interactive server you can play with friends and always have someone to talk to. 6. A better client 7. Better Game modes How do we fix #1 I will be making a video series on Mage starting from scratch! When this update is live ill figure out all the things which are complicated for new players and fix it for them. Anything I won't enjoy in early game of Mage I will fix and make better. How do we fix #2 We are introducing a new Achievement system, A new Relic System, and we already have Task Scrolls. We will also be introducing Skill of the day and possibly other interactive daily events which will go into our event area which is coming after this update. How do we fix #3 We are introducing lots of new superior slayer monsters which contain amazing new early-end game drops. We are also introducing a new upgrade system. And when i play mage from the start again, I will be buffing gear as I go. How do we fix #4 Animations were fixed on stream with lotsssss of time invested into it. I think a total of 100 hours has been put into fixing animations between the people who helped and the livestreams. We will also ensure all our future NPC's, our new weapons and etc all have amazing animations. How do we fix #5 Since all of these changes are being brought into Mage, such as the new slayer system, new prayer system, and achievements. It all incentivizes people to grind and explore new things. The less complex Mage gets, the more indepth the content can be. I hope with 2021 I can make a guide on everything there is in Mage on my youtube channel RSPS Life, so people can find all their answers quickly not just through our staff or forums, but through youtube as well. How do we fix #6 We have a dedicated client developer focused on making the Mage client better every single day How do we fix #7 I have to get the feedback from the community and make each game mode unique in a sense and enjoyable to play. Maybe better experience rates, or more benefits/rewards like a Ironman group boss and etc Pictures of stuff coming soon and so much more. This is a small % of stuff coming to Mage Refresh.
  15. Have a MERRY Christmas and a Happy New Year from the Mage Family! We have had a crazy year in 2020, and this being our final update for the 2020 year we wanted to keep it special and memorable Our First update of 2021 should be even better and be a great start to the new year. Give us a good 1 month for us to make it though, and perfect it. It will be very special. Winter Event! This Winter Event is awesome! Every 25 Digs you may have a 50% chance to uncover a Snowman or get an ornament just like that. The cool part is the Snowmen are really easy to kill with only 100k HP, and they drop Christmas crackers and ornaments making them really fun to kill. Get here with ::winter The Shop - This is where you spend the Ornaments You must choose a Naughty or Nice Side and that's the shop you will get Also the Big new Winter boss is here, Frosty the Snowman QoL The QoL we added is really cool James bond has been nerfed to 25% chance to do 3 lines of damage from constant 3 lines. The 25% is for a full set effect. Only Tiger Fury Bow has been buffed to 3 lines 2 ticks. From 2 Lines 2 ticks Tiger Fury(Tiger Raids set un-upgraded) lets you do 2 lines of damage 1 Tick. Buff from 3 lines 2 ticks. Upgraded Tiger Rage set(Tiger Raids upgraded) Lets you do 2 lines of damage 1 tick, but 50% chance to make it 3 lines. Plus the 2 NPC AoE Effect. Buff from only 2 lines 1 tick. Don't forget the extra damage % boost you get for wearing raid armor and doing raids, extra 15% damage! More Faster Spawns for Hunter NPC's since we buffed hunting! It will show up to 3 Ranks in the clan chat now Gogeta now spawns up to 3 times in 3 AMAZING TIME ZONES every single day from 2, in bad time zones. 11 AM EST, 7 PM EST, and 3 AM EST Content and Bug Fixes NPC Kills Fix is now working properly as intended, it was just halving the NPC kills one time, it should be a proper nerf the higher you go now. Making the early game kills effective, and end game less and less impactful and more focused on exploring/doing content. Fixed Crab Eye and Satucre Greataxe from being on older content and in some peoples banks, it should only be obtained via the new item ID we made for it, which we forgot to do last time. The new skilling stuff from skilling task scrolls is now the proper purple color Fixed name for Extremely Flaming Katana as it was spelt wrong Fixed the animations for Satucre Boss, looks dope now! Highlighting on the Raids Box when you win a prize looks better now We are now preparing for our huge update which should take over a month. We hope you enjoy this Winter event. We may have one small update before we reach the huge update so stay tuned for that. In general thanks for playing and enjoying Mage. Happy Holidays everyone and we hope you really are liking Mage currently!
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