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  1. Ultimate Starter Guide

    Pinned as one of the best guides in Mage history and one of the best guides in general to help newbs!
  2. Star Wars Raid / Lasergun Minigame

    An awesome guide to show the Star wars raid, with the minigame it offers Stickied
  3. staff promotion :)

    Promoted to moderator. Great job on the hard work Astro!
  4. muted

    Have fun my friend!
  5. It took us a Month to make this thread, but this is one of the biggest update threads we will make and will be consistent after this. The problem currently is a majority of our updates is adding in tons of interfaces in to make the game visually pleasing for you and simpler for everything with proper information on everything. This not only gives it a custom and unique feel to the server, but also allows us when we add this right now to not worry about it in the future and just focus only on content in the future which you the players will enjoy. Drop Parties - Fun Community Event First thing added was a Drop party chest, we had a bunch of fun events so far with it, the picture below is the first one we hosted, it was un-expected but you the players really enjoyed it! This is where you can add the items themselves Presets Interface The first custom server to have such a feature, and one of the most useful features you will find aiding you to your Magical JOURNEY! Once a inventory or equipment set is saved you can switch the whole inventory with a click of a button. You can access it by going to ::presets, clicking on one of the inventory slots to save in it, and by clicking one of the equipment slots to edit it as well. You can have up 20 unique equipment presets, and 20 unique inventory sets ups. Staff Tab Staff tab was made to benefit the people by knowing when our staff are on and offline, and all staff will now have their own private interface to use their commands inside the Staff online interface! Teleport Interface This is one of the most important things we added, it can be accessed by doing ::teleports and it will have tons of information for old and new players to enjoy and they can choose their own paths now and have a bit more knowledge, just by going to the teleports. Major Stability Fixes Very important, we spent a couple of days fixing tons of stability issues and any DC issues you guys faced. Hopefully everything now is smooth for everyone! Iron man Store This was a very important addition to iron man and with our future group iron man mode coming out soon. This is a limited stock shop which refills every month. People can now get lots of these much needed items for in-game money. Such as a heart crystal for Hardcore ironman. And the upgrade gems for Suggestions and Updates and Bug Fixes Spam clicking afk mining increasing timer fix Rainbow fish timers adjusted for donors We added a buy X option to the donor store Duel arena teleportation bug fix Raids random npcs fix(Most of you might of never even seen this bug that is how fast we fixed it) Staff tab was further updated, any new staff and demoted staff will be instantly updated Raids drop rate bonuses fixed Obiwan gloves & boots stats have been properly added and the set effect should work now Fixed capitals in clan chat Fixed drop potential wrongly displaying 10000 Fixed clan chat spam timer displaying wrong for the new players Fixed casket banking bug/having to relog (unknown by much of the people since I discovered it myself during testing other content) Clan chat was reworked and made more efficient Sponsor cape was buffed to One hit KO up to 250k HP monsters now More stuff is coming this week, I might of missed some of the stuff we updated, but you can see it all in-game! We are working on a lot of stuff currently and we can't wait to release it all. Thank you the players of Mage!
  6. Baron's Helper application

    Well so far six people want you as a helper, but since you restarted from the start again. I think making some guides which will help the players from when they start will really help the new player's and will help you get staff. You are a top choice for us right now.
  7. I'm Baron

    Welcome Mr Baron, always see you in-game and pming me on discord.
  8. Delete this, ty

    Interesting Application, I will keep an eye on it! I also like the time zone as its a time zone which staff is needed for. Just prove yourself more and get some people here to vouch for you.
  9. Juat a suggestion

    Sounds really good to re-do the trivia shop into a loyality one, might even add in some extra rewards. Any ideas for pricing?
  10. AFK Pickaxe Buff Guide

    The Pickaxes are bought using Rainbow Fish at afk fishing area Remember these BUFFS CANNOT be stacked with potions like 2x when your getting a 1.5x damage buff The Pickaxes Damage Pickaxe Price = 25k Rainbow Fish Benefits Golden Pickaxe Price = 50k Rainbow Fish Benefits Its a pricey pickaxe for a reason, its a great way to relax and rebuild your bank because every 30 seconds you will get a mystery box and golden key together and other goodies, its a great way to make money Drop-rate Pickaxe Price = 10k Rainbow Fish Benefits This is the first starter pickaxe I recommend for people Health Pickaxe Price = 35k Rainbow Fish Benefits The great benefit of this will help you survive while your getting smacked big hits in ::raids and such Defense Pickaxe Price = 60k Rainbow Fish Benefits The best part about this is it helps dramatically when bossing and reducing your damage means you can do stuff like QBD with ease. Lucky Pickaxe Price = 100k Rainbow Fish Benefits This is the first item in the game which gives you a chance to get two drops from a boss instead of one, this will be expanded and possibly increase the chance of this on the pickaxe, but a 5-10% chance at a double drop is insane, what if you get two red light sabers?
  11. Can't join discord

    Should be working mate
  12. Error Connecting to Server

    https://discord.gg/jqQxTmq Should be able to join it here, lots of people in the discord
  13. This is the biggest update thread I think we will ever make on Mage so welcome to it and expect lots more from us. Highlights of the Month We accomplished so much, and I think our home is just amazing and one of the things we put a lot of thought into and this along with over 25 other maps has all been redone, redesigned and made amazing. This can all be seen in-game! And explore to your hearts desire all our maps. Another great Idea we had was the upgrade system, it boosts stats using gems from lesser-godly which are currently sold in the donor store, but will eventually be added to drops to raids and other high level content. We will be expanding the Item upgrading more and more over the coming weeks! You can get a 1% boost on all your stats for each upgrade 1-3 so 3% total, then 4-6 gives 3% boost per upgrade so 3% + 9% when your at 6, now 7-9 gives 5% boost per upgrade so 15% + 9% + 3% and the max being 27% boost on the items stats. Making your ordinary weapon, a beast to be reckoned with. This is a +8 upgraded weapon so 22% And this is a 27% upgraded weapon which is a +9 We have upgraded all the visuals on our client making most models smoother and better to see, also made all the animations look better. This in turn fixed any items being invisible for example or see through. All items should look amazing now! We wanted to make logging in rewarding everyday and at the same time exciting with a monthly reward calendar! We have had an insane idea to also reward afking! So if you leave your computer instead of sitting at home you can be farming up your next buff, or fishing up for your next pickaxe. Or if your just broke you can sell the fish and make money either way. All from AFKing! We will be making a guide to explain this into detail more soon, but each pickaxe has a unique ability and a buff which will greatly benefit you during your Magical Adventure We also started playing around with giving 100% rewards for bosses, for now it only supports 3 bosses You must kill 500 of one boss and must not fight anything else during that time to get your 100% reward! Suggestions,Bug and Content fixes We have made it so when you log out during killing bosses which rack up your drop potential, then you won't lose it when your dry! And can log out with a peace of mind or even if your internet shuts off. We have added more NPC's around to tons of places and if more are still needed let us know Faires and Jeweled rock crabs have found their home at our ::home ! Kill them for your Crystal keys and Golden keys All the Raids pet's have been fixed and give the correct benefits now Each map has been properly clipped to support all the new maps and NPC's located there All teleport locations have been updated to support all the new NPC's, new home and etc We have re-looked into the raids drop system and have made it a small bit easier because people were complaining about getting only pet drops? This is just the start of something great, the year is 2019 and we are going to try and be the best custom server we can! We hope all our updates will wow you and tell your friends to play and in general just keep playing Mage and supporting it by Voting and giving it positive vibes. Thank you from the Mage team Satucre and Kion
  14. I cant load the client

    Join our discord so we can better assist you to really know what the issue is. But try downloading Jar fix https://johann.loefflmann.net/en/software/jarfix/index.html
  15. baaail staff app mod/admin

    I would advise getting some vouches from players who play to see who you have helped and if they approve of you and tell them to write it down on this thread