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    -1 Very rude. Tried helping him understand what a donation was worth was like drinking cough medicine. He just called me a scammer and claimed i was trying to get down on him. My second interaction was even worse. for being 34 he is very toxic and childlike. But this was just my interactions and I know I'm not always the nicest person.
  2. MNRITUAL'S Support Application

    +1. He is one of the few among the community I respect. Has been around awhile and keeps shit entertaining. I cant think of a better fit for staff.
  3. Can we just get a release date?
  4. IneedTP420 server support!

    No wayyyy. Very toxic. Not just with me either, though i can say my experience with him was horrible. Tried acting tough and calling me names, asked for my address then totally 180'ed once he seen me in discord video chat. I literally made a forum account to report on this specific situation.
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