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  1. Updated Pet Guide

    Looks good, j. Good job,
  2. LOL. good job buddy
  3. Goodbye Baron...

    This makes me sad. Imma miss the hell out of you, Baron. You've set the standard for this server & have changed the community for the better. Your name will be forever engraved in the future of MagePS. Goodbye, baron.
  4. Elite Ironman Guide

    Nice guide, baron!
  5. Morphling's Support App

  6. TylerMT Helper APP

    I will be on MagePS for 2-3 hours a day, Sunday-Thursday & 4 hours+ on Friday & Saturday. My Total playtime is: 8days 13 hours I too used to be unfamiliar with the game & wish to help others where I struggled. I enjoy passing along my knowledge to the abundance of new players we receive each & everyday. I enjoy helping this community very much so & will continue to contribute to the growth of this truly amazing server. This is easily the most unique private server I've ever played & its definitely got my attention. When the wife constantly ask "how much longer" you know your are truly hooked. LOL I may not be quite as active as some of the other veteran players, as I have a busy life outside of this, but what time I do spend on this PS. I do enjoy. Thanks for taking the time to read, TylerMT