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  1. MNRITUAL'S Support Application

    +1 always seems to be helping others and is quick with the replies
  2. The Slave - Helper Application

    +1 but not sure why
  3. Helper Application

    Hours you spend a day on Mage: Lately I've been spending maybe 4-6 hours a day on Mageps with intentions of doubling that play time and be more active with the community. Cant stress this part enough, I will be more active and if I do reach helper rank I'll actually logout too lol Total hours spent on Mage(picture with your username): Reasons for helping people: I like to help people to get the server growing, when I started we had like 70-80 on at a time regularly and now we've been up near the 100's. I want to see that number grow as well as the community. We have a lot of great players. Reasons for playing Mage:I stopped playing rsps's in general for a few years and when I came back Mageps is the only server that has drawn me in. The content is so unique and the community is great. Plus so much to do and I've stuck around as long as I have mainly due to the people. Time zone: PST
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