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    krills just the phats+keys+sleds+cupcakes* rest is yours
  2. muted

    krillz do me a favor and pass the keys to virax aswell:)
  3. muted

    astro please pass the phat collection+golden keys to virax:) krillz you are 1 amazing mofo at guessing the words s.o to all ya niggas and peace out
  4. Juat a suggestion

    the problem isn't just afk fishing (wich is a whole other issue at hand once the playerbase grows) but the issue with this is that we can stay logged in for 24/7 without having to do anything and still earn loyalty points
  5. Ultimate Starter Guide

    solid guide 10/10:)
  6. buying all partyhats, hweens, santa hats

    titel says it all pm me in game, christian11x
  7. Juat a suggestion

    my personal input on this matter should be that the shop should consist of mainly cosmetics perhaps even split the shop in 4 parts beginner's- 1-5k loyalty a item? medium- 5-10k loyalty points? hard 10-25k loyalty points and then some items for the diehards going from 50k-200k loyalty points perhaps even add some useful items like emra suggested but i'd say would afking not be just overpowered, seeing as we can afk fish and mine already.
  8. Korasi Minigame drop rate problem

    see it as a coinflip, you got 50% chance of landing on head, 50% chance on landing on tails, just because you got heads 3 times in a row doesn't mean the fourth will be tails. it's all rng mate:)
  9. mageps ::home guide

    Welcome to the home teleport of mageps:) on the north side we have the men in white wich are the donator stores, wich contain all different kind of items. donating is a amazing way to get a headstart. on the east side we have 3 different nps: the item upgrader: here you can see wich item you can upgrade using a heaven stone or lucky heaven stone the attendance checker, here you can claim your daily free reward and the vote shop where you can buy different items in exchance for vote points you can also sell your vote tickets for 500b+ ea on the south side we have 2 npc's: the gambler where you can gamble 1b tokens and the lottery, where you can play with the lottery to the north we have the gamble area (::gamble) gamble area at the gamble machines you can either play 55-100x2 or 0-45x2 or you can flowerpoker or diceduel with other players aswell but it is advised to always record or use a middleman. if you do get scammed and do not have proof you will not be refunded. to the east we have the shops (::shops) shops-supplies money exchangers to the south we have some low level npc's dropping golden keys wich are good for low level armor. golden key npcs to the west we have the afk fishing and mining area and the thieving area fishing area the fishing area provides you with rainbow fish and random chances at 1b tokens or mystery boxes. note that you can only fish,mine using your main account a guide about the pickaxes could be found here do remember that the bonuses from the pickaxes can not be stacked on top of eachother (so you can only get 10% droprate or 50% damage) the way you get the buff is by afk mining and the duration you mined for will be the duration of the buff. the thieving area this area consist of different stalls ranging from 1-120 thieving the higher level stall the more coins you get per thief the lower level stalls give you crystal keys wich you can open by using ::openallckeys (be sure to have them in the first spot of your inventory) the medium level stalls give you golden crystal keys wich you can open by using ::openallgkeys (be sure to have them in the first spot of your inventory) the level 120 scimitar stall gives you mystery boxes thieving is a great starter to get some starter money and starter gear from the crystal keys, golden crystal keys and mystery boxes:) that is all about it, if i have forgotten something please let me know:) thanks for reading and have a good one