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  1. Juat a suggestion

    the problem isn't just afk fishing (wich is a whole other issue at hand once the playerbase grows) but the issue with this is that we can stay logged in for 24/7 without having to do anything and still earn loyalty points
  2. Ultimate Starter Guide

    solid guide 10/10:)
  3. buying all partyhats, hweens, santa hats

    titel says it all pm me in game, christian11x
  4. Juat a suggestion

    my personal input on this matter should be that the shop should consist of mainly cosmetics perhaps even split the shop in 4 parts beginner's- 1-5k loyalty a item? medium- 5-10k loyalty points? hard 10-25k loyalty points and then some items for the diehards going from 50k-200k loyalty points perhaps even add some useful items like emra suggested but i'd say would afking not be just overpowered, seeing as we can afk fish and mine already.
  5. Korasi Minigame drop rate problem

    see it as a coinflip, you got 50% chance of landing on head, 50% chance on landing on tails, just because you got heads 3 times in a row doesn't mean the fourth will be tails. it's all rng mate:)