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  1. undertaker apply for helper

    name: elias how old i am : 34 ing: undertaker time play with no afk: https://gyazo.com/521055e522af0c09050e0c4a910c2b9b ::extras: i can design wep in 3d, pro fixer in any issue in any computer or lap top, good in new ideas or maps, my ing pic:https://gyazo.com/2c89ca2c1f555a70c4049a68252180e1 why i want to be part of mageps staff: i like to help new players also to answer question from players that dosent know how to ake things good to find bugs,good to se who is afk in combat, being a helper isnt just having the staff name helper means help in everything like inviting new players,friends, just adding bad comments dosent make you a bad staff you can ask the slave,tea,mnritual im not a mean or bad player & i play rs since im lil. and im alweys active.
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  3. Helper Application

    https://gyazo.com/2a0054f329ce1db489c881518f762319 i like this server alot i play more than 12 hr a day i help alot on players that afk in combat(ask slave,tea)i help new players on how to get gear wep and do stuff i have i love to help players and i got a friendly spirit im good player and i respect players im honest and i think i will be a good staff helper i staf log in alot of time and i dont afk in game i alweys have something to do and try to find who needs help i have invited friends to server i have talk good stuffs about this server .
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