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  1. Love this update, new starter system and defend the home is dope
  2. Galand's support app

    +1 from me, very active and helpful in cc, would make a good helper, goodluck on your application!
  3. Grimmm's Application

    +1 From me, helpful, knowledgeable and active, also on neons timezone so would would be a great addition. Goodluck on your application.
  4. Sllim Server Support App

    +1 always helpful in cc, would make a good helper, goodluck on the application dude.
  5. John Beton helper app

    Very active member of the community, good luck with your application.
  6. Harry Potter's ascension to Helper application

    Yeah I agree with the others, used to play alot, great to have you back dude, just gotta work on that activity!
  7. Reaper6911 helper app

    I too haven't seen much of this player, be more active with the community and goodluck!
  8. Highstakes app

    Has a fair knowledge of the game and helps with questions in the clan chat, Dont think he is quiet ready yet but keep up the good work! Goodluck on your application Highstakes and work on building up that knowledge
  9. LTRevan Application

    Needs to spend more time playing and build up knowledge to be an effective helper, not quiet ready in my opinion.
  10. Acidfreaks helper app

    Would be a good addition to the team, always online. only criticism I have is could help new players more but otherwise definitely gets my +1 Goodluck on your application Acidfreak!
  11. Server Events (august 2020)

    So for a while now the mage staff team have been wanting to start doing more server events to bring our awesome community together to have fun and maybe even win some cool prizes! So this is what we have in store for august! If there any events ideas that you think would be great fun to do then please leave a comment on this thread and it will be considered for next months events (insert event type) (Date and Times) (explanation of event) (insert event type) (Date and Times) (explanation of event) (insert event type) (Date and Times) (explanation of event) (insert event type) (Date and Times) (explanation of event)
  12. Season 2 Full Update Thread

    looking great dude!
  13. Heavymetal Helper Application

    Hours I spend a day on Mage: 2-5 hrs weekdays, anything up to 12 hrs on weekend days. Total hours spent on Mage(picture with your username): Reasons for helping people: iv been playing since 3/11/19 and have a good knowledge of the server and enjoy sharing it with new players and am always willing to take time away from grinding to assist players with problems. Reasons for playing Mage: For sure the best private server iv ever played, from the awesome zones to great community and staff. plan to stick around indefinite :). Time zone: GMT. Thanks for taking the time to read my application, hope to hear back :), peace.
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