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  1. Applying for support / Mod

    Name : Billy Wright In game name : skill king Age : 24 Hours you spend a day on Mage:I spend way over 10 hours + a day Total hours spent on Mage(picture with your username): 3 days Why do you want to be a member of our staff team? - I would like to be apart of the staff team because theirs nothing more in this game i love doing more is helping people and making sure its enjoyable as it can be for the community, this includes coming up with ideas for the server, helping people change there ways from scamming and stuff and if i fail to do this i would get rid of them, i also love the atmosphere of the staff team and the community. and honestly a lot of people do this for the power i do not want the power i want to be the one that can be accounted on for help by ANYONE and the one who can make the server never boring even if it means doing giveaways 5 times a day i will. believe me when i say this there is one thing i do not wanna see and that is this server die. I also love to help by donating to support the server. I been here for 2-3 days i understand not long but i spend a lot of time on here i donated $175 up to yet, and am not going to stop support i love this server and want it to continue on i will support and help any time i can if needed. Reasons for playing Mage: I play Mage PS and i feel i have found my forever rsps, this is the only one ill be playing for a long time now as its got amazing customs, great team members community is mostly friendly what i love as only a few i seen that are toxic but other than that amazing custom bosses new updates quite often owners great always giving out deals etc for donors, if something bad happens sat always says sorry and gives a lot back to community for apology's for the problems that has been caused what you do not see much around rsps anymore. Time zone: UK time Time zone in England UK GMT i feel this will help also as most american if anyone come in European time i will be a great help to the server as a bonus. Little about my self for people to get to know me Im 24 as you can see from application , i play 10+ hours or more a day my favourite food is pasta based food or Chinese food if you wanna know any more about me Im down to earth and a friendly guy just direct message me in game or discord name is same in game and discord i will always reply =) Thanks for having the time to look at this application and i hope you all support me to go for this as i want to help the community many thanks Skill King
  2. Baron's Helper application

    really nice guy i joined server welcomed me and helped me with every thing i needed asked a lot of questions and helped a lot. hope u get support defo should get thanks for help
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