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  1. Here's a guide for Frieza, the 2nd of 4 new bosses introduced in the DBZ update! Frieza This is the second boss in the group! After you get a Frieza token you can go here and get the second key halves, you can now make a complete key and move onto the raid bosses. The challenge of this boss is dodging basically bombs Frieza places around you, should be fun to solo. Now that you've made it to Frieza this is where things become a little more relaxed in a way. Frieza is fairly straight forward. He's got 15 million health. Yes that's right 15 Million. Don't fear though its a fairly easy boss Much like Cell, Frieza has an ability that can KO you, however Myers does work to mitigate the damage. Absorption potions do too but I highly advise against those i'll explain why later on. Now that you're at Frieza you'll need all your Frieza tokens in your inventory to continue to fight this boss. Each token is 1 kill. More tokens you have the more kills you get. As with any boss on MagePS begin attacking it. Once Frieza's health is around 2-5 million he will start his 1HKO mechanic, He will spawn roughly 10 Killerwatts that have 100 million health each,(you don't kill them) you simply run away from them, or if you have a myers you can simple just stand there and continue to kill Frieza. He can spawn these Orbs multiple times so be cautious if you're not using a myers pet. Once you've killed him Congratulations you've defeated the 2nd of 4 DBZ bosses. You'll have to kill this boss quite a bit along with Cell in order to advance to Black Goku and Jiren.
  2. Cell First of the DBZ Boss Update.

    Here's a Guide for Cell, the First of 4 New bosses introduced in the DBZ update. Welcome to the first boss, which links to every other boss, this is a new system we are trying and it won't be that complicated we promise! Cell will drop key half and Frieza tokens which are used to fight Frieza. The Difficulty of this boss to prevent AFK key farming is Damage reflect If you are not paying attention you will get rekt To disable the Damage reflect you must turn the levers inside the room, one of them will remove the damage reflect, the other lever will heal the boss. Myers Pet effect cannot be used for this boss. This boss is a fairly straight forward fight, There's two levers in the room you have to pull to remove his deflect buff at 5 Million Health, There's a 50/50 chance This is what his Deflect buff looks like, it happens around 5 million health, you can easily kill yourself so pay attention and get ready for the phase transition. Myers pet and absorption Potions DO NOT work to mitigate the damage. First lever is to the South west of the room The pathing is a little bit weird so you may have to run up to the lever to pull it. The second lever is Directly south of the boss near the tables. It doesn't matter what order you pull the levers, you'll get one of two messages in your chat box saying you either healed Cell, or you removed his damage deflect buff. Once you've disabled his shield, you can freely kill him, his shield will not return. Congratulations you've killed the first boss of the DBZ update. Simple rinse and repeat as you please.
  3. Acidfreaks helper app

    Hours you spend a day on Mage: 10-15 hours a day. Total hours spent on Mage: 14 days. Reasons for helping people: Just enjoy helping out the community when i'm able to. Reasons for playing Mage: Love the community, fun server lots of activities to do. and the owner is a pretty cool fella too Time zone: Est US
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