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  1. What is Season Two

    Fuck yeah i need stuff to do because i get bored so fast atm season 2 sounds lit

    No one hits 700ks with trash gear with blood staff maybe with 10x hits on which isn't accurate dmg. Blood staff is $300 because it has been out for months now vs hades scythe hasn't been out that long. It is also much easier in game to acquire a scythe then it is to acquire a blood staff. Ps. Idk why everyone thinks melee should always be bis.:)
  3. Weapons order guide

    Wep guides list *Note the stats for some items are higher then normal due to gem upgrades still usefull to see what you could get -Brutal whip for start -Hellfire lance from ::lances -Possibly tri weps are better then hellfire not sure though they hit very quick. -Elder maul Obtained from Goku or donations -Hailstorm from goku or donations -Blue lightsaber from obiwan ::raids -Gem katana obtained from voragos/ rage ragos -Red lightsaber from darthvader ::raids -Omega katana obtained from voragos/ rage ragos -Hellslayer sword Obtained from diablo -Blood staff Obtained from Nex -Hades Scythe obtained from Hades -Blood scythe made from Blood staff + Hades scythe *Note the strength for this has 1.5x str buff so the actual strength is 76,800.
  4. Freaxx99 - Server Support Application

    https://gyazo.com/da3e1816c7ed9e70e2cff20a6288904d u are id 666 and u have a scythe hmmm. Besides that he a good guy and helpful vouch from me.
  5. Net's Staff Application

    Very helpful guy who knows a lot about the server. Vouch
  6. Tylers Promotion?

    We need someone to handle staff so less work for satucre and tyler is obviously the best option afks the least, helps people out and he is also sexy. If i could keep him in my dungeon i would.
  7. Cluck's staff app

    Hours you spend a day on mage: Usually 8-10 hrs a day just not on Tues and Thurs. https://gyazo.com/a964e01b74d751870d2ec878199fd4d1 Reasons for helping people: I just like to help people spent a while now learning everything a bout the server so i can share my knowledge since the game can get quite confusing at points. Reasons for playing mage: I love grinding and this server is the best i have ever found for it. Time zone: USA Central
  8. Glave2 staff app

    I support this app helpful and cool dude.
  9. Those bosses look beautiful and great work especially the 1h omen maul!!!!
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