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  1. Juat a suggestion

    implement an auto kick feature after x amount of time i guess?
  2. Juat a suggestion

    Why not just put a cap on afk mining and fishing like maybe you can only obtain 500 then gotta do something else to earn them again. ::Example afk mine till u get 500 loyalty then go pvm for like an hour or so then come back and u can get 500 more from afk mining and fishing. I think if this cap was added it would help the eco because it is currently flooded with rainbow fish because they were worth 1b each now there maybe 100-300m now.
  3. Ultimate Starter Guide

    Amazing guide I am looking forward to seeing more guides from you keep up the fantastic work.
  4. Virax Mod Application

    Always helping players welcoming new players and is very active great knowledge about the server 100% support from me.
  5. Baron's Helper application

    I totally support this application Baron has always been then when i needed help and has been a really great friend. I always see him helping other players around the server and welcoming new players. Baron knows a great deal about the server and is always willing to lend a hand to a player in need and has been a player for a long time he definitely deserves a chance to show what he can do as a helper and member of the staff team.
  6. Applying for support / Mod

    I support this application 100% he is always active and helping other players. I have seen him not only in game helping other players but also on discord he definitely deserves a chance.
  7. Juat a suggestion

    well we could make the current item in the shop or we could add some heaven stones the so lamps are nice maybe a spinn ticket an find a base brice example pet tax the price in skill points and add a zero to it items u replace with other ones will still be same value just with a 0 added to the total costing more but thats cuz loyality is semi afk.
  8. Juat a suggestion

    So I have been playing for a few days now an noticed we have a trivia point shop but no trivia/ I think this shop would be used a lot more if it was made into a loyalty shop where u could spend loyalty points on the items as we currently don't have any use for them that i can find at the moment.