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  1. Berserk This Helper Application

    1+ from me always trying to help out where he can, very humble, and a nice player
  2. Helper Application

    1+ mans always helping where he can, - especially at multizones, to speeden up new players progress answers when he can, and always humble.
  3. The Slave - Helper Application

    @hypoo ily toooo my bro
  4. Hours you spend a day on Mage: From 7-8 hours at lowest, to 15 - 18 hours tops. Total hours spent on Mage(picture with your username): Reasons for helping people: I believe that helping people out gives me good karma, and i get a good feeling, when i help somebody out, and see good results of it. When i started playing here, i didnt know how to get started, what to do, and what to grind, but by the time i got the hang of the server, and now are very familiar with everything here, so all i want is to give new players the feeling that i had when i first started, and let them play instead of giving up, - even if i have to answer the same question over and over, or even if they cant help themselves, im here to help them Reasons for playing Mage: Isnt this self explanatory? Mage-PS is the best server out there, and will remain the best server for long time, and we have the best community, i really like how our CC is, how friendly everyone are, i love how everyone greets eachother with "WB" in CC when they see players log in again. Even if we had 10 players on at tops, i would still play day in, day out, cause i really enjoy this server. Its the first game i started playing after 2 years away from my PC, and got really hooked to it. The concept of ::zones & the reward system it has, makes me just wanna grind more and more, i really enjoy the community, the staff we have atm, and everything about it. Time zone: GMT +2
  5. Heavymetal Helper Application

    1+ I would be happy to see Heavymetal be a part of the staff team, as he is always active, helps players out, + answers questions when needed. people always greet him with lots of WB when he logs on (GL BRO!)
  6. 26/01/20 - Season 2 Prep Update

    Nothing can stop you, and youre plans with S2! Me and my fellow grinders on MagePS are supporting you... #StayBlessed.
  7. Forward Staff Application

    1+ This guy is always there when people need help, - hes always trying to solve issues out if he can, and help new players, back then when i started, he helped me alot, and motivated me to grind even more. whenever theres an issue, hes there for people and most importantly, hes always active on the server
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