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  1. Smelt staff application

    Hours you spend a day on Mage: i would say between 5-10 hours a day depending on my work load as an engineering student. Total hours spent on Mage(picture with your username): Reasons for helping people: There isn't anything that bring me joy and happiness as much as helping out new or existing players. I am active both in-game and on discord (smelt#9024). no matter where i am or what i'm doing, if i receive a notification asking for help, ill gladly put aside what i'm doing and provide the help needed. Helping out does not only mean helping new people, existing players can also benefit from the experience that i gathered from playing the game. Reasons for playing Mage: The concept of custom items & monsters grabbed my attention, also the fast and high hits that a player brings a question into me ( can i become stronger? is it possible to hit stronger than that). The idea behind Zones and rewards was something new to me, even by having a diamond cape + Freddy's set, i still feel weak and it takes time to finish every zone. Leaving the items and zones aside, the beautiful community behind this game kept me going no matter how hard my day was. The clan chat had all sort of stuff ( help + buying and selling + chatting and making fun on each other xD). It is a calm and relaxing place filled with a good adventure, peace and joy. Time zone: (GMT +4) Dubai
  2. Rank Request

    Diamond Rank
  3. Smelt is here

    Hello everyone it's Smelt, living in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Been playing around for 10 - 11 days, and the zone content grabbed my attention while also making me addicted to the game. i am glad to join this wonderful community as it provides joy, laughter and help between each other. Never have or will ever see any other beautiful community as MagePS. Most people would recognize me because of my crazy donations but i don't regret it since it will support the server and build a bigger community, and ill gladly support it more every time there is a new content. See you around in game. Smelt.
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