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  1. Heavymetal Helper Application

    Consistently active, always helpful. Has my +1
  2. Silas Helper Application

    I play 10-12 hours a day since I started in Early November of 2019. I help people because of the community it creates. Nothing better than helping someone when they first start and seeing them helping people within days as well. It creates an atmosphere where every time someone logs in the chat is flying with Welcome backs which is a great atmosphere for not only new players but players of all play times. My pms are always open and I leave no one out. I play Mage because I love runescape mechanics but love the high health bosses and dmg of games like Path of Exile so it fits my gaming needs perfectly and I've been on almost every single day since i first made my account. I am so excited for the direction its heading and would love to be a part of it in anyway possible. My time zone is EST
  3. apply for helper

    I've been playing since the beginning of November and every time im on I see shinox saying Pm for help or helpin someone in cc. Hes on literally all the time and whenever he is online he helping someone or making sure ppl can ask him for help if needed. No cap couldnt see anyone else that plays atm being a better helper.
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