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  1. Iron Luthy's Staff application

    Accepted! Congratulations! you deserve it! Welcome aboard! Locking and moving to accepted.
  2. General boss guide.

    Thank you sir! A nice guide with enough detail and imagery for people to get through it! Thanks!
  3. Ultimate Starter Guide

    Updated to include the revamped lance minigame!
  4. Hello Beautiful people! Welcome to another amazing MagePS update! This update is crammed with some amazing content to help our new players out, help organise your bank and some amazing quality of life updates! Bank UI You have read correctly! The bank UI has received a nice overhaul to make your life easier organizing, searching and grinding items! As you can see there is some differences you can see with how the bank is set out! We have the usual note tab and item swap as per usual. But if we look in the middle we now have our presets and bank pin options! Presets we can use to setup our inventory/equipment tab and save it as a preset for ease of use! We also have the placeholder button (the lock) Once pressed you will get the following prompt: Now we can remove an item and it's place be held! so we never have to organise again! There is also a search function so you can easily search for that item you want! Currently in progress. In the top right hand corner you may notice something new on the back UI. This Icon is your very own item grinder! Simply drag and drop the item over the top of the grinder and you will be prompted. Please note as the warning says, you might break the item on use of the grinder and not get anything. The grinder works the same way as the one at home, you get a % of the total PC price of the item. Hey?! What was that weapon I saw you have equipped on the preset tab?! You sir have a keen eye for detail! This? This item is the new mini game! Hellfire Lancer Mini-game Our Korasi mini-game is no more! It has had an overhaul! Welcome to the Hellfire lancer mini-game! This has the similar setup and way to get to as before with some added extra bonuses! simply go to ::gkey or click the slayer skill and teleport to the area near where you get into the mini-game This fine gentlemen gatekeeper is your way in! Same as before hand over 250x 1b tokens and enter the minigame! You will now see Training Knights which drop Lance's! These are a similar scale as the korasi, Get water lance and make your way up the ranks. Light Lance is the last one and using a LHS on this will turn it into the Hellfire lance! When you are fighting these cute little knights you will get a chance to fight there bossman! The Hellfire boss! This guy is mean and is coming after you for slaughtering his trainee's! once you kill him you will receive 25 points per kill towards some juicy new items! If we walk around we will run into this cute little puppy that has a hellish surprise for us! In this hellfire knightmare of a shop we will find some new gear to earn! This is the hellfire knight set! All pieces are 750 points each so get in there and get grinding! Quality of Life updates. - Ironman Group removing player fixed. - Requirements for lucky knights showing evil claw upgraded, now showing evil claws. - Stormtrooper raids boss crash fixed. - Ironman group leave group vote system fixed. - Auction auto-buy low offers implemented. - Raid set bonus now shows in ::mydroprate when active/set complete. - Kill count fixes for botd and boss tasks fixed. - ::reqs for lucky knights now needs evil claws not evil claws upgraded. - Ironman group kickgroup username command fixed. (group owner command) - Boss of the Day reward system fixed. - Boss collections top 10 orders fixed.
  5. Forum Suggestion

    More space = more money = more donations needed, get donating then!
  6. Forum Chatbox

    I don't think so, chatbox causes too much clutter and is untidy. The history is left there so if someones flaming or causing issues it's there for new players to read. which is a bad look. Discord is pretty much the new forum chatbox these days. Good suggestion, but un-needed
  7. Forum Signatures (End topic/post image)

    It's a great job for something that only took 5 minutes! Created a new sub forum moving this post to there :3
  8. Playerone's staff application.

    Congrats on getting support! Well deserved. Locking thread and moving to accepted.
  9. Great server

    Thank you for the feedback sir! I am glad you are getting the nostalgia and the love for the grind! I guarantee you endgame is no push over!
  10. Featured Guide of the Month!

  11. Featured Guide of the Month!

  12. Featured Guide of the Month!

    Congratulations to ZEpixota for this months featured guide! It is a simple yet brilliant guide on how to start your Vorago grind! We will keep you posted for your prize! Or for those who use the in game command ::thread 11420
  13. Featured Guide of the Month! Hi guys and gals of MagePS! Yes! you read right! this is an ongoing event that has no end! Every month I will be choosing the best and upcoming guide someone has created. It will be judged on uniqueness, detail, Illustrations and how informative it is to a new and existing player. Please be sure to check what guides have been made and what guides have been pinned. All pinned guides will be the go to guide for that subject, any further guides created on that subject will not be Eligible. So go for it guys! get creative and informative and show me what you got! I will post the winners in this thread. Rewards for the best guide will be sorted soon and be edited in here. Each month the prize will change.
  14. Great videos as always sir! Everyone make sure to this such a great giveaway!
  15. Suggestion to increase player voteing

    Having a top voter of the month prize would be a good idea, even if it's just a $10 donation and a $5 for 2nd, something to help entice people to vote, but without the possibility of spamming or taking advantage of the vote system.
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