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  1. The Slave - Helper Application

    +100 this guy well where do I start, errr every day I used to be active this guy would be always helping someone anyway he can and he's always helping in the chat, I've always seen him as a future staff everyone loves theslave/2670 as he's a good laugh and u can have a joke with him and he never takes it seriously, so good luck my man I wish u luck with your app Forward
  2. Hello Everyone How to Start/requirements Zone Itself Horror Shop How To Upgrade Donut End
  3. Hello Mageps This Is A Highly Requested Guide So Decided To Try My Best To Create it How to Start/Requirements Zone itself Scroll Drops End
  4. Become a Supporter of MagePs and gain Benefits! *These ranks are Accumulated as you purchase options from the online store* $10 Regular Donator *::dcommands - to view donator commands* 5% More Tokens Per Tokens Thieve For Thieving COMMANDS ::tiers ::dzone ::donorboss ::donortitle ::dicon ::bank (or Cntrl + B ) ::yell; Without needing 500 npc kills More Benefits Each donor rank gains access to new, free rewards by using the command ::tiers in game! You can yell every 25 seconds custom ::afk npc 5% Drop Rate Boost Duradel contact Ability to have over 100 friends in your friend list No limitations on clan chat Ability to reset stats Can swap spell book with button Can use dungeoneering skillcape emotes No PM Limitations Donor rank ::tier rewards! ~Donator Benefits are passed onto the next Rank~ $25 Super donator 10% Drop Rate Boost 10% More Tokens Per Token Thieve ::tiers rewards for this rank include... $50 Extreme donator COMMANDS ::edonortitle ::edicon More Benefits You can yell every 20 seconds custom ::afk npc 15% drop rate boost 15% More Tokens Per Token Thieve ::tiers rewards for this rank include... $125 Legendary donator ::recharge Every 7 Minutes 20% Drop Rate Boost 20% More Tokens Per Token Thieve ::tiers rewards for this rank include... $250 Divine donator ::recharge Every 5 Minutes 30% Drop Rate Bonus 25 % More Tokens Per Token Thieve 3% Chance To Get Double Tokens With Item Exchanger/Grinder ::tiers rewards for this rank include... $500 VIP Commands ::recharge every 3 minutes ::viptitle ::vipicon custom ::afk npc More Benefits 40% drop rate 30% More Tokens Per Token Thieve 1 in 2048 chance to instakill npc when you attack it 6% chance to get double tokens with item exchanger ::tiers rewards for this rank include... Sponsor This Rank is Bought Separately! Upgraded From Vip Rank Using 400$ Sponsor Chest Upgrade 15 second yell timer ability to set custom yell tag 50% Drop Rate Bonus 40% More Tokens Per Token Thieve 1 in 1024 chance to instakill npc when you attack it 10% chance to get double tokens with item exchanger Grants Ability To Wear Sponsor Cape and Sponsor Hood This Rank Also Saves Drop Potential% Sponsor Zone ::Szone and ::Szone2 ::tiers rewards for this rank include... More Benefits will be added throughout future Updates Diamond Rank This rank is bought Separately! Upgraded From Sponsor Rank Using $600 Diamond Upgrade Chest Diamond Cape - Best in Slot Cape - allows you to 1 Hit all Npcs with up to 500k hp with no cooldown No Yell Timer 70% Drop rate ::odzone - New Diamond Zone 1 in 512 chance to instakill NPC when you attack it 50% More Tokens Per Token Thieve 15% chance to get double tokens with item exchanger Can have up three continous boss tasks with the 3rd being Goku 100%, would say in the player tab "Become Diamond to Unlock this Task"
  5. Amazing work sat hopefully this is only a small ammount of what's to come we know you have some supprises up your sleeve lets hope s2 arrives soon fully but I know personally it will be worth the wait I also know the work Tea has been doing with certain things so im going to give props to him aswell because he's told me a few things he's working on and is creating atm and omg it will be insane if most if not all of his stuff he's working on is added Bring on season 2 😁 Forward
  6. Need help

    Contact Tea on Discord he might be able to solve your issue Forward
  7. MagePS Price Guide January 2020

    Updated 9th Feb 2020 Forward
  8. Need help

    I tried to help u solve the issue but we couldn't fix it, so I suggested u make a new account and I helped you trade over what you had to the new account till your issue is resolved, your issue is known and will be fixed in the future Forward
  9. Silas Helper Application

    +10 well where do I start with salis, he's active all most all day and night half of the time im sure he doesn't even sleep. Hes always helping and welcomes all new players new and old what ever time of day it is he will reply or you see him in cc helping someone. Salis is one of the nicest people I've met on a rsps before and he's always happy and I swear I've never seen him in a mood and u can have a joke around with salis and he won't take anything to heart. So yehh I feel salis will be a good part of the staff team for the future of mage Gl salis ❤️ Forward
  10. Forward Staff Application

    Hours you spend a day on Mage: Easily Like 15+ Hours A Day Total hours spent on Mage(picture with your username): Reasons for helping people: Well lets Just Start By Saying Ever Since I Joined MagePS Community Ive Learned Alot And Have Helped In Places Where Im Needed And I Try My Hardest To Keep Everything As Good As It Can Be, Due To Having Alot Of Experience In Helping People In The Past So I Think Im Capable To Fill The Role Of Helper Rank Just So People Understand While Im Online Ill Always Be There Incase They Need My Help Or Just Want To Hit Me Up For A General Conversation Reasons for playing Mage: I First Found MagePS While I Was Surfing The Web Looking For Something To Do And I Stumbled Across The Runelocus Page And Thought Id Check It Out And It Was One Of The Best Decisions Ive Made In A While Because For One The MagePS Community Is Amazing And I Know Satucre(Owner) Is Working His Ass Of To Bring Everyone Updates To Keep Everyone Happy And Make Mage The Best Custom Server Out There (Ps Anyone Reading This Make Sure You Vote) ,Anyway I Feel If I Become A Part Of The Current Staff Team I Can Help Continue Making The Server Great For Everyone The Best I Can In Anyway I Can And Also Help Make MagePS The Number #1 Rsps Server Because Lets Face It With The Updates We Have Been Promised Im Sure We Could Be The Best Very Soon Time zone: GMT So I Dont Really Know Whats Left To Say Than What Ive Already Said So I Hope To See Everyone Around Ingame Or On Forums Forward
  11. Use "Ctrl+F" to search/find an item much faster. Hailstorm Dagger 250T ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Gem Katana 350-500T ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Omega Katana 500-600T ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Red Lightsaber 700T ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Blood Edge Sword 700T-1Q ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ HellSlayer Sword {Best in slot 1H melee weapon} 1-3Q ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Blood Staff {Best in slot mage weapon} 25-30Q ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Crystal Staff {Best in slot mage weapon} 80-125Q ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Abyssal Bludgeon {Best in slot special attack weapon} 1Q ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Blood Scythe {Best in slot 2H melee weapon} 20-30Q ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Hades Scythe 5-7Q Armour pieces tend to be cheaper when bought separately, due to set's often having set effects Corrupt Dragon With wings Set: 80T-120T 20-30T per piece ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Lucky Completionist Set: 80T-100T 20-25T per piece ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Satucre Set: 80-125T 20-25T per piece ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Rage Set: 125-150T 25-30T per piece ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Vegeta Set: 300-450T 80-100T per piece ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ QBD Set: 2-2.5Q Without Wings 500T per piece apart from wings which are 700T-1Q ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Tyrant Set: 2-2.5Q With Wings 3Q 400-500T per piece apart from wings which are 700-900T ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Sexy Schoolgirl NO SET PRICE ATM ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Bikini NO SET PRICE ATM ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Goku {Best in slot melee set} Set: 15-20Q 2-5Q per piece ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Ice/Blood {Best in slot magic set} Set: 16Q+ Ice piece: 5-6Q+ Blood piece: 7-8Q+ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Invisible {Cosmetics slot set +10% damage boost from set bonus} Set: 500-750T 80T-100T each piece ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Black Death Cape 80T-135T ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Darth Vader Cape 700-900T ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Teddy bears from Vorago 10T ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Lucky Teddy Bear 75-125T ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Lucky Teddy Bear [Upgraded] 150-250T ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Diablo Shield 500T ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Doom Spirit Shield 40-60T ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Saradomin Spirit Shield 30-60T ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Pink Spirit Shield 40-60T ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ DragonBone Spirit Shield 200-300T ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Rasta Teddy Bear/Rasta Teddy [Upgraded] 150-250T ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Rage Amulet 40T ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Torture Amulet 50-100T ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Torture (Or) Amulet 80-150T ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Immortal Charm Amulet 300-400T ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Arcane Blast Necklace (4k DPoints) 150-200T ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Soul Amulet 500T-1Q ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Ring of Wealth 5T ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Lucky Ring of Life [Unbreakable] 80-100T ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Immortal Band 300-400T ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Tier 13 Berserker Ring 120-150T ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Ring of Souls {Best in slot ring} 475T-1Q Torment Trophy 40T ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Lucky Trophy 15-20T ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Divine Trophy 50T ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Satucre Trophy 50T ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Demonic Trophy 130-150T ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Hell Trophy 200-400T ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Enraged Trophy 20-30T ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Queen Trophy 2Q ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Saiyan Trophy 50T ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ StarWars Trophy NO PRICE ATM ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ HellQueen Trophy 700T-2Q Only added the ones which are sold/used frequently ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Satucre 75-100T ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Vorago 80T ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Diablo 500-600T ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Goku 700T-1Q ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Pumpkin 700-800T ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Flambeed 400T-800T ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Olmlet 400-800T ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Golden Dragon Pet 2-3Q ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Freddy 75-100Q ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Jason 10-15Q ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Michael Myers 5-6Q ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Chucky 500T-1Q ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ IT The Clown 750T-1Q Donations 10$ = 1Q {The more you are willing to donate the more they will pay per 10$ generally speaking} ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Weak Gems 30T ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Strong Gems 80-90T ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Godly Gems 250-300T ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Heaven Stone 1-3T ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Lucky Ores 5-10T ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Lucky Heaven Stone 7-12T ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Vote Books 2T ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Turtle Boxes 3-6T ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Turtle Stones 100 stones = 1T ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Scroll of Cleansing 7-10T ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Scroll of Efficiency 25T ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 100% 10% Drop Rate Scroll 200-300T ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Rainbow Fish 500m each | 2K fish = 1T cash ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ XP Lamps 15-20T ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Ice Key 20-25T ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Blood Key 25-30T ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Drop Catcher T1 = 100T | T2 = 120-140T | T3 = 150-200T ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Abyssal Bludgeon pieces Claw = 100-150T Spine - 200T Axon - 200T ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Double Str/Magic Pots 5-7T ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Double SS Pots 3T ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Interdimensional Donut Holy Grail Upgrades 10-20T ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Name Change Scroll 50T ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Donator Points Every 2K Points - 80-100T ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Pet Boxes 80-100T ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Magical Boxes 100T ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Finest Stone 30-40T ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Lesser Magical Boxes Since these price check at 5T each and players don't really buy these, you are best just putting them in the grinder (Top right of your bank) for a chance of 3.5T in return. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 4x XP Ring 20T ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ DragonBalls #1 - 7 100-200T each ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Thats it For The Price Guide But More Items Are Missing And Will Be Added When Possible Thanks To @shinox For 99% Of The Prices If You Want An Item Added Pm On Discord Or Ingame @Forward
  12. Today I Will Be Showing You How To Import An Image To Forums Preparation For Image Capture First Thing You'll Want To Do Is Download Some kind of on-screen capture application. The Simplest And My Suggestion Is To Use Would Be Gyazo. You Can Also Use Imgur As An Alternative If You Prefer Using That. One Thing I Loving Using On Gyazo Is It Comes With A Capture GIF mode, allowing you to capture Up To 10 seconds Of Video Footage. Links For the Two Suggested applications https://gyazo.com/do...?dl=now&lang=en https://imgur.com/ How To Import Image Into Forums Using Gyazo Step 1: Hold "Control" "Shift" and then hit the letter C. Your mouse will turn into a cross hair and you will be allowed to drag it and highlight on your screen what you would like to screenshot. You will need to hold down your left mouse click and drag all simultaneously. Once you are set on what image you want on your screen simply let go on the mouse left click. Another way to do this is to go onto your computers task bar and Right click the Gyazo task icon and hit "Capture image" Step 2: At this point your home browser should open and start to load you image through Gyazo.com. Note; You can Sign in and make an account to save all your previous screenshots. After the image as loaded you should just see your image on your screen. Right click the image and your gonna want to hit "Copy Image Address". Step 3: Once you have Copied the image's address go onto your forums post or comment and you'll see at the Bottom A Button That Says Insert Other Media Click It And It Will Come Up With Insert Image From Url Click It And It Will Come Up With This Screen Enter The Url You Copied Previously And Hit Insert Into Post And Your Image Should Appear Step 4: If You Wanted To Add Say Drawing Or Markings On The Image, You Simply Would Just Save The Image After Screenshotting It To Your Computer Then Re Open it In Paint 3D Or Any Image Editing Software, Do Your Markings Then Re Screenshot It Using Gyazo. Repeating Steps 2 And 3 . Note; If You Are Posting A Video Or Simply Just A Image URL You Can Just Copy And Paste It Into The Comment Text Box And Post The Topic As It Ss. The Steps Above Are Only For If You Want The Image To Appear Without Clicking An External Link. And Thats How You Upload An Image To Forums Enjoy
  13. Reasons for Wanting To Become Forum Staff: Hi My Name Forward (James) And Today Ive Decided To Apply To Become Forum Staff To Start Well Lets Start By Saying Ever Since I Started 3 Days Ago I Have Learnt That MagePS Is The Best Community I Have Ever Been Apart Of So Far Everyone Is Amazing , Satucre Is A Great Owner And I Expect Him To Continue Giving MagePS Everything We Want With The Continous Updates And So On. InGame Is As Good As It Can Be But Forums On The Other Hand I Think It Needs Some Work Done For Example Cleaning Up Alot Of Inactive Outdated Topics(Guides) For Starters, I Know Im Fairly New To The Community But Im Sure With My Past Experience With Other RSPS That I Have Been Apart Of 8 Years Experience In And Around Other Servers Ive Been Nearly Forum Staff On All Of Them So Ive Learnt Alot To Be Able To Help Keep The Forums Clean, Guides Freshly Updated And Forums Generally Just Safe For Others And As I Grow Ingame And Learn Everything More It Will Make It Easier For Me To Create/Update Old Guides For New People/Returning Players or Just Current Members Stuck On General Acknowledgement Of The Server , So With The Opportunity I Would Love To Become Forum Staff To Make MagePS Better For Everyone. Hours you spend a day on Mage and Forums: 12+ Hours Ingame And Surfing The Forums My TimeZone : GMT(UK) Total hours spent on Mage(picture with your username): Hope To See Everyone Either In Game Or On Forums Yours Sincerly
  14. apply for helper

    +1 ever since i started playing like 2days ago every time i have a question and (i know how annoying it can be) when someone asks constant questions but ive always came to shinox dunno why but he has always gave me the best answer to a question i ask doesnt matter what time of day always get a pretty quick reply aswell and also he has helped me learn the server quite well so i think he deserves helper as he should be given the chance to help people the same way he has been already good luck bro Forward
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