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  1. Official MagePS Rules ( Updated 2020 September) Universal Server Rules - Applies to all players and staff The following infractions listed below will show the MINIMUM punishments for the given offence, staff discretion can be used on any and all cases, if greater punishment is governed necessarily by the staff member, it will be given 1. No Impersonating Staff Members First Offence: Warning - Second Offence: Permanent Ban for account 2. No flaming or toxic behaviour in cc, private message, all chat and discord First Offence: Warning - Second Offence: 2-5 hour mute - Third Offence: Permanent all chat mute 3. No Scamming First Offence: Items refunded to the scammed player, permanent IP mute - Second Offence: Permanent IP ban 4. No Bug Abuse When a bug is found, it must be reported either to a staff member or in our discord. If the bug found is abused for personal/others benefit knowingly, the infractions will be as follows. First Offence: Reversal/retrieval of all bugged items and or benefits - Second Offence: Permanent Ban for all involved accounts 5. No Abuse of the "Call Staff" button First Offence: Warning - Second Offence: Temp ban of 1 - 4 hours - Third Offence: Week Ban 6. No Real World Trading The selling of real-world currency or trade of OSRS/RS3 GP directly between players for personal gain on or off the server will result in immediate and permanent IP ban for any and all players involved. The selling of any account or server item for personal/financial gain of real-world currency or OSRS/RS3 GP will result in immediate and permanent IP ban for any and all players involved. 7. No racism or bigotry against any race, ethnicity or gender First Offence: Warning - Second Offence: 1 Day mute, or more at staff discretion - Third Offence: Permanent IP Mute 8. AFK'ing (Away From Keyboard) You CANNOT AFK bosses, Zones, or skilling. Any Area that has NPCs Automatically attacking you or an area where you can easily AFK is NOT permitted. You are only allowed to AFK for UP to 5 minutes. Any longer then 5 minutes you can be AFK checked by a Staff member. When AFK checked by staff, you will have 5 minutes to respond to an automated system, by typing the answer in the chat. Failure to reply to the 5 minute AFK check will result in the following actions. First Offence: Kick plus Warning - Second Offence: 3 Hour Jail - Third Offence: 3 Hour Jail - Fourth Offence: 3-day Temporary ban for the account holding previous infractions 9. Auto Clicking/Botting You ARE allowed to use auto-clicking software on our server, as long as the said user is in control/viewing the account, meaning you CANNOT AFK while auto-clicking and you MUST reply to a staff member within one minute, if the user fails to reply in the given time, the punishments are as follows. First Offence: Warning plus Kick - Second Offence: 3 Hour jail - Third Offence: 3 Hour Jail - Fourth Offence: 3-day ban Botting/Scripting is not allowed on our server. Any form of scripting or use of 3rd party software to give you an advantage over a normal player will result in the following... First Offence: Warning AND removal of all items from botting/scripting- Second Offence - permanent IP ban. 10. Listen to Staff Requests If a staff member makes a request of a player regarding a rule or infraction, the player asked must listen and respect the staffs ruling and command always. If the said request is unwarranted, you are always able to message a higher up such as a moderator, admin or owner for review of this request. 11. No advertising other servers in game or server discord Anyone advertising or promoting another server on our discord or in game will be immediately and permanently IP banned from both discord and the server 12. No Spamming in any chat (including the use of coloured chat in cc) If your sending enough yells/messages to see yourself 3+ times in the chat regarding non vital or helpful information to players, staff or the server, you will receive the follow infractions. First Offence: Warning - Second Offence: Temporary mute of 1-2 hours - Third Offence: 1 day mute 13. No Begging Begging any players or staff for free items after being told "no" or to stop will result in the following First Offence: warning - Second Offence: Temporary mute 1-2 hours - Third Offence: 1 day mute 14. Excessive use of belligerent or inappropriate language First offence: Warning - Second Offence: 4-8 hour mute - Third Offence: 1 - 7 day mute 15. No Hacking If any account is found in the possession of someone who is not the original owner, or gained access using unethical/unwarranted methods, the IP of the hacker will be permanently IP banned and the account seized until original owner contacts staff, or claims the account back. 16. Advising others to break rules If a player is advising another to break rules knowingly, the punishment will vary. If the player being told to break rules does not listen, and reports this activity to staff. The player attempting to get said player to break the rule(s) will be punished with... First Offence: week IP ban - Second Offence: permanent IP ban If the player being told to break rules does listen, both players will be punished with the appropriate punishments for the given broken rule. 17. DDOS and or DOX Threats/ Threats in general against players/staff Any player that is seen threatening DDOS, DOX or any kind of harm to another player through physical or cyber means will be immediately and permanently IP banned from the server and discord. 18. Giving away items When giving away items in events or by other means, the total value of the "gift" or "prize" must be 250T or less, unless approved by a moderator, admin or owner. If more than the allowed amount is given away, or surpasses the 250T/approved limit, an admin or owner has full permission to take as much of the "gift" as they see fit. If a player is quitting, and decides to hand out their bank and or puts it all into the drop party chest, an admin or owner has full permission to take any and all items in question back if it surpasses the 250T limit. The 250T limit is not PER gift it is a limit on the TOTAL amount given away at one time. (Daily) First offence: Items taken from players and warned - Second offence: Permanent Ban for the player Giving away the items or Cash. 19. No racist, bigoted or offensive IGN's When creating a character, if the name includes anything that may offend players or potentially start conflict, we will take action. First offence: Warning to change name of the account - Second Offence: ( if the name is not changed after the warning ) you will receive a permanent ban on the account with the inappropriate name. -=Multiple Accounts=- Players and Staff are allowed to have multiple accounts (Maximum of 2 Online at a time). However, the accounts may not be doing the same Activity, Zone, or Skilling at the Same time. For example, you may have an account killing K'ril and the other at Fishing or killing lucky knights. You may NOT have both accounts at lucky knights or any other in game activity (Including ALL Donator , Sponsor and Diamond Zones). If a player is found breaking this rule, they will be punished with the following infractions. First Offence: Both accounts will be jailed for 2 hours - Second Offence: Both accounts jailed for a day - Third Offence: Both accounts jailed for a week - Fourth Offence: Both accounts permanently banned. Transferring between alts: Transferring is NOT against the rules, however, staff are not responsible for any items lost during the transfer. Staff are also not responsible for transferring items. With that being said, transfer items at your own risk. -=Staff Rules=- All staff members are required to inform any punished player with their punishment immediately before or after the punishment is given either in game or in discord All staff members are required to uphold all the rules of our server and punish appropriately for any and all that are broken All staff members must be unbiased and fair when giving punishments, it is important when giving punishments not to allow personal views and or assumptions on the player/situation in question to be sure to maintain fair and equal punishments for all All staff members must punish based on FACT, never assuming or punishing without sufficient evidence, or proof from other players that the rule has been broken. ( Punishments given without sufficient evidence or cause will be reverted until further investigation can be held by a moderator, admin or owner ) All staff members must obey and be familiar with all server rules and their appropriate punishments. They must also abide by the same rules players have to. All staff must treat every player equally and with respect All staff must listen to the judgments and rulings of their immediate superiors, if failure to comply, said member will be punished accordingly All staff members must be mindful of how they use their commands. We will not tolerate staff members who abuse their powers for personal gain in any way, shape or form. If a staff member is caught abusing powers, they will be subject to the review of a superior to assess the magnitude of this infraction and be punished accordingly
  2. First to MAX ALL skills - Tea
  3. First to 135 Fletching - Normal - Tea
  4. First to 135 Smithing - Normal acc - Tea First to 135 Runecrafting - Normal acc - Tea
  5. Berserk This Helper Application

    +1 from Tea, Helps players and active player. Even though he likes to gamble me and steal all my bank!
  6. Elysium for support

    +1 from me -Tea- Elysium is an honest person and always helps players with issues they have. He has been a big help in the clan chats
  7. apply for staff

    Too many offenses on your account for breaking rules. I wouldn't consider your application with so many offenses -Tea-
  8. apply for helper

    Possible candidate for support. +1 from me -Tea-
  9. Banjo SS or Mod application

    That's a no from me. -Tea-. You are way too toxic to players and you have broken too many rules with multiple offenses.
  10. Teal - Server Helper

    IN Game Name - Teal(elite Account) Hours you spend a day on Mage: On a daily average I spend 5-6 hours of my time on Mage. This would Translate to 40+ hours a week Total hours spent on Mage(picture with your username): 5 Days 1 Hours, so far. But will go up daily! Pic Below Reasons for helping people: I'd love to work with you to help share some of my knowledge and experience to help grow this community. While my experience wouldn't cover everything it would be a good start to becoming a level-headed helper that is willing to objectively look at things and take them for face value. Overall we as a community have to identify what our weaknesses are as a team and work towards bettering ourselves to ensure that we don't bottleneck our growth. Overall I would like to help Contribute to the server that has kept me entertained for the last while, and has provided me with the ambition again to return to private servers. Reasons for playing Mage: Mage is a fantastic server that shows a ton of potential. What I love the most about Mage is the fact that we are one of the best developed custom servers. Mage continues to grow and improve on a weekly basis. The community is full of excitement and we have some very intelligent and dedicated members who are committed to the betterment of this server and thoroughly enjoy spending time with our community. I have really come to enjoy everything Mage has created and it suits my play style very well. This is the first server in a long time that I have Truly bitten into and I'm really enjoying it. Time zone: EST Discord: Tea #4339
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