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  1. Star War Raids - Huge Update!

    Okay we're redoinmg the cache system now Here a tutorial for the update Download the latest client https://mageps.com/public/play/ GO TO C:\Users\USERNAME And delete the folder mageps
  2. Drop catcher guide

    Drop Catchers can be operated to make picking up items easier or automatic. Here is what the Drop Catcher looks like: t1 doesn't have an operate function, just picks everything up Here is what the Drop Catcher [T2] looks like: =================================================================== T2 has 3 operate functions 1. Pick up only rare drops 2. Pick up only non rare drops 3. Pick up both ================================================================================ T3 has 8 operate functions 1. all rares to your bank/non rares to inventory 2. all non rares/rares to inventory 3. all non rare/rares to bank 4. all non rares to inventory 5. all rares to inventory and all non rares sold to general store for 1b tokens 6. all non rares to inventory and all rares sold to general store 7. all rare drops to inventory 8, all non rare drops to bank and all rares to inventory
  3. 17/11/2018 - Update log!

    Hello mage! We are a little delayed for our content update but never doubt our update will be out very soon! Excited to see some of you raid with us Server Updates All weapons that was unable to use special attack is now fixed. A bug allowing ultimate vote redeem has been fixed and abused items cleaned out and tracked Fixed a bug with qbd set making you do 0 damage. Now correctly increases spec damage by 5% per item + 25% for set Auction house restrictions all removed! A safe spot at corp has now been fixed.(Thank you to all who reported this) Enabling ::2step gives 3% drop rate boost by using the command ::2fasetup An issue with requesting pin that kept popping up has now been fixed. You are now able to use slayer shop due to previous bug preventing you from buying Fixed the team cape association on minimap The dice bag can be bought for 10T in gamble shop auto gambling is now disabled(Ruins gambling experience in our opinion PLEASE RECORD ALL GAMBLE SESSIONS)
  4. Drop Rate Guide

    Great work! You the best
  5. Due to the way staff promotions function you need an moderators + vouch in order to be accepted into the moderator status and the communties vote. Therefore, I would like to make an application on behalf our most active, helpful staff member I believe deserves a promotion. Reasons why Iron Jesse should be moderator. Committed Active Very knowledgeable Can become a great influence to new members RULES BEFORE VOTING You can not be a brand new forums account to vote it will be removed You must provide a response to the thread
  6. Loot from 100 Crystal Keys

    This is the warriors start to end game gameplay
  7. Loot from 100 Golden Keys

    I see we are off to a great start! Let's keep up the grind!
  8. My starter guide

    You should try adding pictures and adding coloured text to make it easier to understand! Thank you for the post regardless!
  9. We need another discord text channel

    I've added a music channel but general chat works for now
  10. It's mainly for youtubers so we know where you guys are coming from
  11. Hey Guys! Quick message before i start. We are currently beginning work on content! I believe this should be the final bug scrub then we can begin on the raids we have been promising you! Server Updates Adjusted a lot of itemdefs Any npcs giving 50khp not giving npckills now gives kill count. Tavelery teleport is now working. Displaying drops on the check drops interface now displays.. A bug that gives 200% drop potential when you check on npc drops has now been fixed. Refactored the client easier to work with for future updates. Changed the way check price feature shows price values. Added support for money pouch to display T and Q values. Added backend updates to eco checkers to ensure inflation is kept to a minimum without affecting drop rates. Fixed session encoding that displays weird login errors. Fixed an int overflow when buying from shops.(DUPE FIX FOUND BY DEVELOPERS) Added discord alerts for staff to ensure advertising, malicious traffic is alerted for staff to act on. Restricted referral rewards to 1 per ip/uid. Moderators commands have been updated for better user support. When a new user joins the game it now alerts to everyone. If you do ::redeem or ::voted you can now claim your votes.(saves confusion) AFK messages removed. ::forums now go to the correct url. Remove trade limits people can trade with 1-3 npc kills remove talking limits in cc for new players The sponsor cape was 1hit ko anything with less than 10m Now its 1 hit ko anything up to 990k hp We now give rewards based where the user comes from Added a better word filter for malicious users.
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