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    Petition to be able to instance the first zones, because anyone with a weapon better than a hellfire lance will guaranteed take over the entire zone instead of leaving monsters for other players less well off to succeed, making the grind an extremely large pain and almost worthless to do.
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    We want to show how much your voice matters on Mage. Unlike on other servers your voice means everything here! With the suggestions we added, those are never enough and we will always be looking for more suggestions to add. If your suggestion is not added then it wasn't approved, or it wasn't clear, or it was just plain boring. Suggestions We added/Content We added Goku pet is now 11% Drop rate with other small boosts Zones now announce when you finish a zone to the whole server Boss heads have now been made easier to get with the donor rank you have! Sponsor being from 1/5000 Original rate to 1/3500 Sponsor rate. Other rates will be posted on a separate thread Work has been started on a Diamond Rank Made the gate in the Lucky knight zone go through-able when you have 250 lucky knight kills Overloads now boost range and mage to 157 Each Goku kill now tracks the time and will be announced to the server if they beat the record or not Have removed some spammy items from the Rare drops We have fixed some important issues with our client which sometimes prevented new players from joining Mage in the first place! The cache downloads no problems now. Bugs We Fixed Gamble tournament has been fully fixed All the Zone bugs have been fixed All the Zone rewards and perks have been fixed as well All ::vorago issues have been fixed as having two zones such as ::vorago and rage vorago got things confusing, but now all resolved The Zone interface should now work for all old and new players combined, as it was resetting to default for some people Of course we have done more stuff through-out the week and lots of behind the scenes stuff Another BIG BIG update is brewing and its coming soon. Since this update is fully done and fixed now we can move on! You can expect the new Hades Boss, Astrals, and more Zone rewards up to 25 Thanks for playing and supporting us. Also go make some more suggestions and maybe we will add them! THE MAGE PLAYERS ARE BREATH TAKING
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    Pinned as one of the best guides in Mage history and one of the best guides in general to help newbs!