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    Owners Satucre - better than football, worse than sex Axo - keep up the good work fixing bugs Admins Steffio - pizza time, great admin Dc ftw - viiiktoooor, great admin net - fucking monster, most kills ingame n stuff, great admin Moderators Mars - neptune is better, helps out people, levitates on walls helpers Peon - peon me, 10/10 uwu it madi - you're a trap owo Turtle king- my man, go for mod, always on when im on Iron gajeel - dont really know bout u
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    This post is going to go into some details on upgrading weapons with gems, and some Lucky Heaven Stone uses. To start off, when upgrading a weapon, if you want to know if it is upgrade-able, check the "upgrades npc" at ::home. If its not in that npc's menu, it CANNOT be upgraded with gems. The max level for any given upgrade-able is level 10. Meaning that there will be 10 gems needed to upgrade it from 0-10. The higher the level, the higher level gem needed in order to upgrade. Each of the gems, Weak, Strong and Godly will all reduce in success rate the higher the level of item being upgraded. Weak gems will become useless ( or against your odds of success ) after level 3. Strong gems become bad to use after level 6 because of the same reason. Godly gems will give you nearly 100% success rate until level 8, even then, its the only option to upgrading your weapon into the final levels. How to obtain those gems?: Weak gems: Rewards from doing ::zones, or from the donor shop, or the boss point shop. Strong Gems:Rewards from doing ::zones, or from the donor shopor the boss point shop. Godly Gems: Rewards from doing ::zones, a boss drop, or from the donor shop.or the boss point shop.But it can also be dropped by goku. How many gems are needed?: You need a total for 3 weak gems, 4 strong gems, 3 godly gems. (this changes if it fails to upgrade, because your weapons level will drop down and you will be needing 2 more gems.) For levels 1-3, Weak gems are the best to use. However, if you have the money or resources, you can use a strong gem at level 3 for higher success chances. Having you're weapon at level 1, will have the stats of the weapon increased by 1% Having you're weapon at level 2, will have the stats of the weapon increased by 2% Having you're weapon at level 3, will have the stats of the weapon increased by 3% For levels 4-7, Strong gems will be the go to gems, since weaks will be useless, and godly gems will be too expensive to use and not worth it. Strong gems will provide 100% success until level 5 and 6, the success of strong gems will go down to unusable after level 6 is achieved. Having you're weapon at level 4, will have the stats of the weapon increased by 6% Having you're weapon at level 5, will have the stats of the weapon increased by 9% Having you're weapon at level 6, will have the stats of the weapon increased by 12% Having you're weapon at level 7, will have the stats of the weapon increased by 17% Levels 8-10, ONLY GODLY GEMS -- I cannot stress this enough, godly gems will be needed here, as the other gems will give way to low of upgrade chance. Having you're weapon at level 8, will have the stats of the weapon increased by 22% Having you're weapon at level 9, will have the stats of the weapon increased by 27% Having you're weapon at level 10, will have the stats of the weapon increased by 32% The next part of this post is going to be on Lucky Heaven Stones. Lucky heaven stones can upgrade: [Lucky Ring of Life --> Lucky Ring of Life (fixed)] --> Lucky Ring of Life (Unbreakable) [this requires a ice gem dropped by lucky knights] Light Lance --> Hellfire lance Lucky Teddy bear --> Lucky Teddy bear (upgraded) Flaming katana --> Gem Katana Extreme Flaming Katana --> Omega Katana Ash Teddy/Rasta teddy --> Ash Teddy/Rasta teddy upgraded Drop Catcher --> Drop catcher t2 --> Drop catcher t3
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    Owners Satucre: Always making a unique updates and listening to players suggestions Axo: Always there to fix any bugs and glitches that players find. good work Admin Net: Most of the time i seen you online you have been really helpful. Moderators: Clucky: He is really helpful. Answering everyone's questions Steffio: Also really helpful player and guides finder thread he made is really helpful for all players. Turtle king: Helpful player. And new thread he made about astral is helpful for players. Helpers: Dc ftw: Active and very social player. Always helping new players Mars:Also a active and very social player. Always helping new players
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    The problem with automated gambling is the risk of rigging, many other servers have created a bad reputation for automated gambling by having economy cleaners and other forms of foul play. The top servers out right now would never use automated gambling and we won't either
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    Remember: this is my opinion. I might be wrong at some stuff and you are always welcome to correct me. Spoilered the stuff cause the post would kinda long otherwise.
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    Just giving this a bumpso others can see it
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    So to make the search for information or a thread easier i got the links to the threads in here enjoy! Use CTRL+Leftclick to open in a new browser RULES! Starter guide Zones guide/Rewards Lance Minigame Donator benefits Droprate guide Weapon upgrade guide (Gems) Pet guide Custom Spiritshield info Trophy information Prestige guide Elite ironman guide How to make immortal charm (Amulet) How to make immortal band(Ring) Update thread with blood nex and ice dragon explained in it Armor guide Raids guide Afk buff/Pickaxe guide Magical Boxes Drop Table Price Guide Hades/blood cerberus Goku guide Astral guide+info mini ::tri guide Weapons guide Gambling guide
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    Thanks you man im new here very help me out
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    This looks really good, got my support!
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    Make sure to show some love <3 ~Noobs Own
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    Since the previous price thread has become slightly outdated, I will try to keep this as up to date as possible. {Last update on: 05/10/2019} Please note prices change on a day to day basis and these prices are just what is believed to be the average/real price. Use "Ctrl+F" to search/find an item much faster. WEAPONS Hailstorm Dagger 250T ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Gem Katana 700-800T ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Omega Katana 1.5Q - 1.8Q ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Red Lightsaber 2Q ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Blood Edge Sword 7-8Q ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ HellSlayer Sword {Best in slot 1H melee weapon} 10-12Q ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Blood Staff {Best in slot mage weapon} 20-25Q ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Abyssal Bludgeon {Best in slot special attack weapon} 2Q ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Hades Scythe {Best in slot 2H melee weapon} 15-20Q ARMOURS/CAPES Armour pieces tend to be cheaper when bought separately, due to set's often having set effects you can read more about set effects HERE Corrupt Dragon With wings Set: 120T-150T 20-30T per piece ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Lucky Completionist Set: 175T-200T 35-40T per piece ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Satucre Set: 250T 50T per piece ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Rage Set: 300-400T 60-70T per piece ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Vegeta Set: 1.5-2Q 300-400T per piece ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ QBD Set: 9-10Q 900T-1Q per piece apart from wings which are 5Q ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Tyrant Set: 4-5Q ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Sexy Schoolgirl 9-10Q ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Bikini 11-12Q ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Goku {Best in slot melee set} Set: 25-30Q 5-6Q per piece ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Ice/Blood {Best in slot magic set} Set: 30Q+ Ice piece: 3Q Blood piece: 5-6Q ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Invisible {Cosmetics slot set +10% damage boost from set bonus} Set: 9-10Q 800T-1Q each piece ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Black Death Cape 250T-300T ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Darth Vader Cape 2Q ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ QBD Wings 5Q MISC. Equipment Teddy bears from Vorago 10T ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Lucky Teddy Bear 200T ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Lucky Teddy Bear [Upgraded] 250T ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Diablo Shield 500T ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Doom Spirit Shield 50T ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Saradomin Spirit Shield 30T ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Pink Spirit Shield 50T ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ DragonBone Spirit Shield 700-800T ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Rasta Teddy Bear/Rasta Teddy [Upgraded] 1.5-2Q ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Rage Amulet 60T ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Torture Amulet 200T ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Torture (Or) Amulet 300-350T ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Immortal Charm Amulet 400T ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Arcane Blast Necklace 250T ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Soul Amulet 3Q ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Ring of Wealth 1-5T ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Lucky Ring of Life [Unbreakable] 80-100T ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Immortal Band 400T ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Tier 13 Berserker Ring 250T ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Ring of Souls {Best in slot ring} 3Q TROPHIES Torment Trophy 100T-150T ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Lucky Trophy 400T-500Q ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Divine Trophy 2Q ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Satucre Trophy 3.5Q ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Demonic Trophy 2-3Q ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Hell Trophy 2-2.5Q ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Enraged Trophy 3Q ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Queen Trophy 6-7Q ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Saiyan Trophy 3Q ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ StarWars Trophy 15Q ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ HellQueen Trophy 15Q PETS Only added the ones which are sold/used frequently Agrith Naar 30T ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Satucre 75T ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Vorago 100T ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Diablo 750T ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Goku 1Q ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Pumpkin 2Q ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Flambeed 1.5Q-2Q ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Olmlet 3Q OTHER MISC ITEMS Donations 10$ = 250-500T {The more you are willing to donate the more they will pay per 10$ generally speaking} ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Weak Gems 30T ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Strong Gems 80-90T ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Godly Gems 400-500T ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Heaven Stone 5-10T ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Lucky Ores 5-10T ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Lucky Heaven Stone 20T ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Vote Books 2T ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Turtle Boxes 5-7T ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Turtle Stones 100 stones = 1T ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Scroll of Cleansing 15T ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Scroll of Efficiency 25T ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 100% 10% Drop Rate Scroll 400-500T ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Rainbow Fish 500m each | 2K fish = 1T cash ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ XP Lamps 15-20T ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Ice Key 25T ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Blood Key 35T ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Drop Catcher T1 = 100T | T2 = 150T | T3 = 200-250T ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Abyssal Bludgeon pieces Claw = 150-200T Spine - 800T Axon - 800T ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Double Str/Magic Pots 10-15T ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Double SS Pots 5T ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Interdimensional Donut 20T ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Name Change Scroll 50T ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Donator Points Every 1K Points - 40T+ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Pet Boxes 50T ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Magical Boxes 100T ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Finest Stone 40-50T ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Lesser Magical Boxes Since these price check at 5T each and players don't really buy these, you are best just putting them in the grinder (Top right of your bank) for a chance of 3.5T in return. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 4x XP Ring 20T ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ DragonBalls #1 - 7 200-250T each Please PM me ingame or on Discord (@Shuckeh#1337) If you believe any of these prices need updating.
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    This will be a look into the zone, ::tri and also a small guide I added some pictures to help... the first picture is the entrance to the, ::tri zone with the chest where you'll use the keys individual keys are 1:70 chance at items - could be lower ( gives gear baised on the key) Tri-keys are 1:35 chance at items - could be lower (also more of a chance to get random gear) usually, keys are guaranteed cash to the north you've got masterful rangers - use Protect range / Deflect range to the west you have masterful melee - use protect mage and bring food, - suggest the interdimensional donut- and to the south masterful mages - use deflect / protect mage make sure to bring prayer pots ! the second picture contains the keys gained you can combine the three to make one Tri-key
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    DC FTW, not really ftw i hate dcing, Mars and Net all do a great job helping players on the server. I've seen Turtle King on more than the other Mods but I've seen clucky quite a bit too both have been helpful. I haven't seen Steffio in-game. The owner's of course are great and insanely active with the community. Best owners I've seen on any server.
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    Okay so you guys have asked for a guide on how to do Astrals, well in this guide i will be showing you how to obtain them! Reqs needed 1t cash per attempt. Side not (when obtaining white orbs sell these back) Step 1: Type ::astrals to load up this interface; There are 5 levels of orbs you can obtain; The 5th orb is a chance at getting red astrals best in-game; <- Red astrals You will want to start of by clicking orb 1; Now you have obtained the first up you can progress to the second orb and keep going unless you fail and have to go back to the first orb. And repaet again when you got a orb you want click pick orb; Once the interface is done you have the option to sell all which will sell all you white orbs; Next thing you can do is collect all this will obtain all the astrals you have on the interface and will be added to your inventory. For the bonous's of all the orbs and experience needed pleaser refer to this guide; Thanks for reading this thread and i hope this help you more on the Astrals If there is anything i have missed please comment down below and i will update the thread.
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    Zones Information Finishing one zone - 5% drop rate boost Finishing three zones - 5% damage boost Finishing five zones - 5% damage boost to one handed weapons Finishing seven zones - 10% damage boost to two handed weapons Finishing 10 zones - 10% drop rate, increases double pots potion duration by 15 minutes and a permanent 15 hp boost Finishing 12 zones - 10% damage reduction, 5% drop rate Finishing 15 zones - 10% damage reduction, 15 hp boost again, 10% damage increase Finish 18 Zones - 10% Drop rate boost Finish 20 Zones - Can Claim Attendance now twice a day, so people can finish it in 15 days now instead of 30 Finish 22 Zones - 10% Drop rate boost and 10% damage increase Finish 25 Zones - Get a Care Package everyday with random stuff inside to help you on today's day One zone - lucky heaven stone and one double str pot Three zones - magical mbox and one double str pot Five zones - 2k donation point box plus $10 rank and two double str Seven zones - pet box and two double str 10 zones - $20 rank 4k points so 2x 2k boxes and one magical box free and three double str 12 zones - Get a 100% 10% scroll($60 free) 15 zones - $30 rank and 6k d points and 5 double str and two magical mbox and one pet box free 18 zones - Get a Trophy box for free($40 free) 20 zones - $40 Rank and 8k d points 22 zones - Two 100% 10% scrolls 25 zones - $50 Rank and 10k d points More zones and more rewards coming soon