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    UPDATED PET GUIDE [Thread will be updated in the future as needed] How to obtain pets: Pets can be acquired through either Pet Boxes in the donor store, attendance rewards (30th day) and purchasing them off of players. Raid pets (Obiwan, Darth Vader, Stormtrooper) can only be acquired via their respective raid. Pets will be listed in an alphabetical order and will also include their rarity. For specific prices of pets, feel free to ask in-game, as prices are always changing. Agrith Naar (Common) - Doubles imp points obtained by catching imps at ::hunter, and also provide a a 0-10% skillpoint bonus while skilling Celestial dragon (Common) - Double prayer xp from bone crusher Corp (Common) - 10% chance to cut incoming damage in half, not really viable for most situations Darth Vader Pet (Rare) - [NEEDS DARTH VADER ARMOR SET FOR EFFECT TO BE ACTIVE] allows you to melee from a distance while wearing the full Darth Vader set Diablo (Ultra Rare) - random 1-10% drop rate bonus per kill + cuts the QBD/Phantom set effect cool down in half Drunk Slave (Common) - 8% drop rate Flambeed (Ultra Rare) - Forces a cupcake (Heals 90) down your throat every 15 combat ticks (Roughly 9 seconds) Giant Squirrel (Ultra Rare) - 2% chance to deal moderate bonus damage on each hit + 5% drop rate + 2% chance to take no damage when you get hit Goku Pet (Ultra Rare) - [ONLY ACQUIRED FROM GOKU/PLAYERS] - No effect (yet) Mixer (Common) - 8% drop rate Ninja Servant (Common) - doubles chance to receiving item from thieving stall Olmlet (Ultra Rare) - 5% chance to deal huge bonus damage on each hit + 1% chance to inflict a burning effect on each hit AND random 1-20% drop rate bonus per kill + 1 in 75 chance to reroll a rare drop on every kill Obiwan Pet (Rare) - [NEEDS OBIWAN ARMOR SET FOR EFFECT TO BE ACTIVE] gives 31% Drop Rate when wearing the full Obiwan Set Ork Legion (Rare) - deals random 1-10% of your max hit every 3 combat ticks. Pikachu (Common) - 10% drop rate if you are below 5000 npc kills, otherwise 5% Prestige Pet (Rare) - 10% chance to deal bonus damage on each hit Pumpkin (Ultra Rare) - 20% drop rate - Best Drop Rate Pet Raichu (Common) - 10% drop rate if you are below 5000 npc kills, 7% below 10000 kills, otherwise 5% Satucre (Rare) - 14% drop rate StormTrooper Pet (Rare) - [NEEDS STORMTROOPER ARMOR SET FOR EFFECT TO BE ACTIVE] allows your red lasergun to shoot 3 times instead of 2 while wearing the full StormTrooper set Terrorbird (Rare) - Halves the prayer drain received through pvp Spirit shield effect + Halves prayer drain from Strykewyrm attack Tormented Demon (Common) - 15% drop rate towards tormented demons Vetion (Common) - doubles spec restoration rate Vorago (Rare) - 10% chance to double your max hit on every hit Whore (Common) - 8% drop rate A big thanks to Satucre for already having a pet guide, in which I used for a majority of this thread, with just a few updated additions. As posted above, I will be updating the thread as needed. Thank you for taking the time to check my guide!
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    This thread was a long time coming as we have updated like a week ago and the thread is only being released today! There is a ton of reasons for that and the most important one is because of the bug's you could encounter during the updates release and we want to fix all those before going public with the thread. So the update is perfect and returning players can be informed about finished content, and current player's can see all the finished and bug free content. Thank you for waiting though and this is going to be a huge huge update thread. White Walkers ::iced A whole new place to farm key's for the whole new Dungeon/Raid. These White Walkers will drop new armor, and Ice/Blood key shards. With 50 loops and 50 teeth halves being required to make a key equaling 100. Ice Dragon The Ice Dragon Is a unique piece of content requiring you to hide behind stalagmites, always keeping a proper distance from the boss, and most importantly having fun! The Ice Dragon drops the new Best in slot Ice Gear which is new BiS(Best in Slot) Magical Robes. Magic Summoning Circles The great part about this update is not just the custom maps, but what we added to them to give it life. Now you and up to 3 other friends with 4 being the total can kill the boss. With the difficulty slightly going up with the more people added, but still makes for a fun adventure with your friends! This summoning system applies to Ice Dragon and Blood Queen. You stand on it and in 10 seconds the boss will spawn. This system with the keys gives a balance to the raids and prevents over crowding and makes it possible to save up key's to do a few runs with your friends. Blood Queen This evil blood queen will heal none stop if she traps you into her blood prison, she will also summon mini clones of herself to get more blood from you to recover her health. If you are not careful you will never EVER kill her. And the best part is she drops the best new Blood Staff(BiS Magic Weapon) and the new Blood Gloves and Blood Boots which bind to any set and are the first bit of hybrid gear in Mage. New Sponsor Zone Come check out the brand new sponsor zone which includes tons of stuff you will love. With the zone being multi and more AoE attacks coming out in the future you will love to farm here Can access using ::szone $$$$$ Donation Tiers $$$$$ Now if you reach a certain donation rank you will be rewarded with a boat load of free stuff! Making getting a donation rank more worthwhile and keeping instead of selling to other players! Also this is another way to thank you for donating! So THANK YOU VERY MUCH MAGE PLAYERS!!! Can Access using ::tiers $$$$$ Special Deal $$$$$ For returning players and new players who have a certain time period to donate to get a bunch of extra stuff! $$$$$ First Purchase Deal $$$$$ To help people make their first purchase on Mage a bit more juicy and as a thank you for even supporting us in the first place with a donation big or small we respect them all! Player Tab Updated for more active Voting! With Future Vote Events coming. New Spin Interface to replace Squeal of Fortune poop. With Future Vote Ticket spins coming SOON! Brand New sell NPC which will sell anything in your inventory or bank that has value for half of its price check guide price! So clear out your bank and MAKE BANK! New AMAZING WEBSITE! This also includes a NEW STORE, VOTING, Homepage, and Play Page with more additions possibly coming soon. Best part about our new store is the BRAND NEW Cart system with a new payment provider which you all know and love in the RSPS scene called BMTMicro which accepts a ton of payment methods if you can't use Paypal. New Gear Below Ice Set - Best In Slot Magical Set NOW Blood Staff - Best in Slot Magical Staff - Auto casts Blood Spells which leech life from the enemy healing you. Blood Hybrid Gear - Can be attached to any set and made more OP, such as a Vegeta set and it will still give the Vegeta set effect, but also give the hybrid boots boost of 2500 str bonus. Full Set equipped White Walker Set - An upgrade from Hellfire Other Updates and Bug Fixes Donator points has been changed from being instantly given to you to a box which you open and it rolls 1-100 and if you land on the amount to double for that box such as $50 for 5% so a 4 you will get double points Added brand new blood chest, ice chest, ice key and blood key models 50 of each halve to make one key Fixed issues with elite mode account creation Fixed issues with Obi-wan set effects More fixes with Star war Raids And honestly any other bugs that happened with the initial update which were quickly fixed and won't be mentioned Thank you everyone once again for supporting Mage This thread took a while to make because of the new website and the forums being funky with it. We had to rollback the forums to a week ago and finally I could post this LOVELY THREAD. The update in general took a long time because of making the new websites back end work with our server back end for donating, voting, and other things and this was a long and gruesome process, which paid off as the site and store AND EVERYTHING LOOKS AMAZING! If you guy's could provide feedback on what you liked with this update and what you didn't like. TELL US We want to make each update a better and better game experience for you with 0 bugs at all times. The only bug left which always pops up is some un-attackable NPC's in the custom map zones we made, we know WE KNOW, we have that on our list and try to fix it and sometimes our fixes doesn't work so we can never list it as fully fixed. We see the Jolteons, turtles, and some other NPC's not being able to be attacked and we promise it won't be an issue in the future. Other then that please bare with us as we try to create quality updates which the players will enjoy and never find on another server. What we make is hard to re-create and that's the point, we will always be one step ahead of our competition and they will always try to catch up. Once again thank you Mage players for being so great, and thank you for the donators, the voters, the people who login daily, and ESPECIALLY OUR GREAT STAFF TEAM who make this a fun community to be on. Keep on suggesting on the discord and on the forums, and keep on being an AMAZING MAGE COMMUNITY.
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    To join the $150 GIVEAWAY! (5 WINNERS): 1. Subscribe to my channel! 2. Like the video! 3. Comment your IGN on the video! *I will be picking the winners in my next MagePS video!*
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    1. No its just one piece of content which prevents afking and requires proper attention to screen due to the good rewards. IT WILL NEVER HAPPEN, if it does happen the boss would have to be harder either more hp or double the drop rates. 2. We feel custom quests are boring for players and waste too much time for development and making a quest working properly. Minigames we always down to create and do. 3. Custom prayers is a good idea and we are already figuring out new ways to add it in, don't need to re-suggest it multiple times 4. It could be possibly done, but then again I would rework the whole costume system soon and incorporate invisible items, so it shows the original weapon your wearing, but gives the +5 hp 5. Honestly the only incentive we will make for turtles is a possible leader board for donating stones with good rewards, and an achievement plus other things, everything else sounds too easy. Its already a huge incentive for sponsor rank as they can 1 hko turtles 6. No Budget Flambeed pets, you want one get it from Easter event or don't as its going to be ending soon. Think of proper rewards or it will be a hard NO 7. Don't see a point of barrows content in Mage. Doesn't fit 8. Will look into it to see if its possible to get it done next update 9. The armor is already a big incentive, we might add lance purchases for 500-1000 each soon though. Now that it has been answered don't re-suggest it <3
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    Hey Agony, You've got some great suggestions in there, as I already said in the server chat I really like the pray customizations, I would like to see pray change a little. Also the Quest things, I would like to see certain quests but not too many, just a couple for some custom weapons. Auto-maul on vorago seems nice, but I think this would be an superb custom thing of the server. Would like to see that feature return into the game. The turtle suggestion, I totally agree I would like to see more people at turtles grinding for the Double Drop Rate. Also 30% of the turtles are still glitchy/bugged which is super annoying for people which wanna grind those turtle stones. 5-10 stones is a decent amount of stones and really worth grinding for. The chat filter suggestion I really would like that, especially with Elysian Spirit Shield adsorb on monsters like Corporeal Beast. Can be super annoying. Great suggestion thread Agony! Love those ideas keep it up!
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    very good suggestion ideas, I hope some of these get added in the future
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    Elite Mode How can you get this Ironman Mode ? Requirement: You need to get 50k killcount with your account, After when you have 50k kc, you need to talk with Elite Guide (::shops), he will ask to pick an account name, if picked acc name is already in use, you will be asked if you like an automatically generated name or choose another name. He will create new acc with picked name and same password of your current account. When you log in, you get to choose different modes (new account), pick Elite Mode. What benefits/restrictions will wait you with this mode ? You get Elite Mode gear with special bonuses (Will explain below). You are Ironman, so no trading, gambling, duelling, no ironman shop too. You will not be able to buy anything from the auction system. You will only be able to put items up for auction that have a value of 10T. You will receive 150% base Drop Rate bonus. You will receive your own Yell color, rank, and icon. Only able to do Medium / Hard / Boss slayer tasks. Monsters do 20% extra damage to you and you do 20% extra damage to monsters. Max hit bonuses no longer work for you. Doing combat prestige raises your prestige level. Elite Mode gear Bonuses Gear Tiers upgrade automatically when it is equipped and you do damage. Different tiers have different colors, T6 is black. SET TIER BONUSES TIER 1 1 Strength Bonus per NPC Kill. TIER 2 1 Attack Bonus per NPC Kill. TIER 3 1 Defense Bonus per NPC Kill. TIER 4 1/5 Strength Bonus per NPC Kill. TIER 5 1/5 Attack Bonus per NPC Kill. 1/5 Defense Bonus per NPC Kill. TIER 6 1/5 Attack Bonus per NPC Kill. 1/5 Defense Bonus per NPC Kill. 1/5 Strength Bonus per NC Kill.
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    Another awesome guide for starters, I like this updated version <3 Will ask staff to link to this one too now.
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    Solid information on here. My only suggestion would be to tidy up the punctuation and layout of the guide.
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    Developers/Owners Satucre - The updates this guy does is unbelivable keep this server growing and cant wait to see what he has planed in the future of this server Kion - see him on and off but I'm sure he does a bunch behind the scenes. Axo - same as ^ Administrator Cruw - Where can i star? This guy is amazing nice a chilled helpful in all ways! Moderators Baron - Amazing person and one of the best mods ive seen for as long time keep it up Astro - Not to sure not seen him that much TylerMT - one of the most active staff constantly helping people in chat. And believes in others grind game! Quiet - great mod not as active as the others but when he is he makes me laugh. Helper Iron Luthy - Hardly see him online but when he is and not afk can be very helpful
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    Developers/Owners Satucre - One of the most active owners I've come across in my nearly 10 years of rsps's. Can tell he wants to make this server even more dope with the consistent updates. Kion - Don't see him much ingame but I'm sure he does a bunch behind the scenes. Axo - same as ^ Administrator Cruw - Nothing but good things to say. Very active with the community. Chill dude. Moderators Baron - Great guy has been helping me since I started almost 2 months ago. Astro - Don't see him on a whole lot but he seems cool. TylerMT - Most active staff constantly talking and helping people in chat. Quiet - Funny guy, very active and chill with the community when he's online. Helper Iron Luthy - Never see him online and if he is he's either afking or does't talk.
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    To be honest i bought 10k for like 20t and mined the rest while i slept so was ez pz and i made back my 20T, and additional 40T not bad in my opinion.
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    The fallow pictures are the keys the loot and the total value after sold.
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    ya wait till i post the m box one on my alt gonna save for 10k m boxes
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    I haven't seen your around before and as Ze said a higher play time and more knowledge about the server will help your chances also allowing the community to get to know and like u helps a great deal also. I will stay neutral buy good luck.
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    Is a good guy helps people quite often afk's a little but is active and know a great deal bout the server +1 from me for sure!