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    GEAR GUIDE .:Torva Sets:. Mossy Torva Set [From ::pikachu] Steel Torva Set [From ::celestial] Deep Torva Set [Unholy Cursebearer] Frostbite Torva Set [From MBox / ::alien] Kryptic Torva Set [Lesser Magic Box / ::terrorbird] Divine Torva Set [Lesser Magic Box / ::gorak] Bloodthirsty Torva Set [From ::forgotten] Devious Torva Set [Lesser Magic Box / ::charmeleon] Sea Blue Torva Set [Lesser Magical Box / Barrelchest Boss] .:Bossy Sets:. [From ::satucre] Requirement: Get those pieces opening Turtle Boxes or gamble for certain piece, need to turn them in to Milestone King, south at home. Bossy Melee Set Bossy Range Set Bossy Mage Set :Beastmaster Set: [From MBox / ::tome] .:3rd Age Sets:. 3rd Age Set [MBox / Spin Tickets] Steel 3rd Age Set [From Lesser Magical Box] Devious 3rd Age Set [From Lesser Magical Box] .:Tzhaar Sets:. Tok-Tzhaar Set [From Hell Chest] Tzhaar Set [From ::tzhaar] Requirement: They drop also dyes and you can color your Tzhaar pieces / Whip (It does not add any stats to pieces!) Supreme Tzhaar Set Can get by combining 2 same Tzhaar pieces together. .:Lance Minigame Set:. Hellfire Set [::lance] 750 points per piece in Hell Puppy Shop .:Requirement Sets:. Use ::req to find out NPC and Zone requirements. Aquatic Set [::horror] Requirement: Obsidian Set [From ::arrav] Requirement: Tiger Set [::ursaring] Requirement: Knightmare Set [::scyther] Requirement: Need to get those pieces as drop to unlock. Lion Set [::lion] Requirement: Need to get those pieces as drop to unlock. Totodile Set [::totodile] Requirement: Need to get those items as drop to unlock. Horse Set [::thorse] Requirement: Need to get those pieces as drop to unlock. Evil Set [::eturnip] Requirement: First get Pikachu Pet as drop to unlock ::ninja zone, then follow those reqs.. You need to get those 25 MBoxes as drop. Turtle Set [::turtle] Set Bonus: 60% droprate boost only at Turtles. Requirement: .:Mage Sets + Polypore Staff:. Polypore Staff is drop from Ganodermic Beast Requirements: No requirement to kill ::rainbow for Dusty Set. Dusty Set [::rainbow] Ganodermic Set [::ganodermic] Ethereal Set [::ethereal] Best Combination .:Dragonbone Sets:. Dragonbone Set [From ::bork] Heavy Dragonbone Set [Dono Shop, Goku] Set Bonus: +110 Strength Bonus per Slot (+160 Strength with Fairy Wings) You also need Lucky Ring of Life + Arcane Blast Necklace to activate Set Bonus! Corrupt Dragon Set [From Lesser Magical Box] Set Bonus: Under 50% NPC HP, 1% chance to 50-50 chance 1 shot that NPC. Ankou Set [From ::kril / ::diablo] Set Bonus: Less hp = More damage New damage = Old damage * (1 + Max HP / Current HP / 100) Requirements: Phantom Set [Dono Shop, Goku] Set Bonus: Operate for Random Buff lasting 1 Minute (10 Min Cooldown). Completionist Set [Donator Shop] Lucky Completionist Set [Dono Shop, ::luckyknight] Requirement: Reqs for Evil Set and these Evil items as drop to unlock. Set Bonus: 2% Drop Rate per Piece, 15% Complete Set bonus = 25% Rage Set [From Rage Vorago Boss] Set Bonus: 10% chance to increase hit by 25% (fire displayed under player when activates). Requirement: 500 Regular and Rage Vorago kills at ::vorago, get maul from center, coffin. Satucre the Boss Set [::satucre] Set Bonus: 10% chance to not take damage at all (shield displayed on player when activates). Requirement: Get those pieces opening Turtle Boxes or gamble for certain piece, need to turn them in to Milestone King, south at home. QBD Set [::qbd] Set Bonus: Every 30 min. can be operated for Random Buff. Requirement: Tyrant Set [By donation / Goku] Set Bonus: 5% chance to double hit. 2.5% chance to triple hit (Only if double hit applies). 5% chance to double Special Damage .:Sexy Sets:. Sexy Schoolgirl Set [By donation only] Set Bonus: 5% chance to double hit. 2.5% chance to triple hit (Only if double hit applies). 5% chance to double Special Damage. Sexy Bikini Set [By donation only] Set Bonus: Every 30 min. can be operated for Random Buff. .:Raid / Lasergun Minigame Sets:. Black Stormtrooper Set [::raids] 2,5k points at Lasergun Master Shop or dropped by Stromtrooper Recruit. White Stormtrooper Set [::raids] From Raid Box (donation) or from Stormtrooper Leader. Requirement: Green Lasergun from Lasergun Minigame to unlock. Set Bonus: 1 extra hit for Lasergun Obiwan Set [::raids] No requirements, just kill with team. Set Bonus: Set gives 25% droprate + Obiwan pet 31% droprate = 56% Darth Vader Set [::raids] Requirement: 250 Stormtrooper Leader kills. Set Bonus: Can operate and make Lightsaber like range weapon, can attack from distance. .:Power lvl Over 9000 Sets:. Vegeta Set [::vegeta] Set Bonus: 10% extra damage. Requirement: Goku Set [::goku] It´s World Boss, spawns every 4 hours, top 10 has a chance for rare drop. Set Bonus: 25k str bonus (Super Saiyan Bonus), original 12500.
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    Greetings all MagePS players! and welcome to yet another amazing update thread. Some major changes and updates have hit! and even more to follow! Boss Heads Take out your bossing frustrations with the new Boss Head Mechanic! All players now have a 1/5000 chance to savagely decapitate the boss your slaying and boast their heads as your own trophy. Each head can be crafted into a trophy for some POWERFUL bonuses. From stealing hp per hit, to flat damage % increases, boss trophies will not only make you an absolute powerhouse...but also allow you to show any boss, whos boss Animations! Tired of walking around MagePS like a pleb? Check out the brand new animations! using the command ::openanim , all players now have access to brand new animations for teleporting, walking, standing, death and most importantly DANCING. With nearly 20 new animations in total this is some serious style points for any player. These flashy new animations can be earned via donor ranks, donation points and last but certainly not least LOYALTY POINTS! That's right save up those hard earned points and you can get FREE animations just for playing the server! Omen Maul Changes Omens maul is finally a 1 handed weapon! meaning you can now swap to it without un-equipping your beloved dragon-bone spirit shields or lucky teddy bears! The quest has also been removed, the new method of receiving this smashing weapon ( see what I did there ;D ) is just by using the command ::omen, talk to the omen NPC and he will give you a free omen maul. The only requirement to obtain it is to have 2500 npc kills. Horror Tower Hold onto your flim flam and your plumbus ladies and gentlemen, Rick needs your help to fix his discombobulator in the Horror Tower minigame! There are now two modes in this hellish challenge, normal mode for all you who enjoy a method to the madness. And endless mode, which is not for the feign of heart, make sure you grab your cupcakes and your best gear because you are in for a challenge fit for only the galaxies finest! Bug Fixes - Item exchanged dupe as been patched - The new Rick NPC had his dialog fixed for the new Horror Tower mini-game - You can now click through pets, meaning they will no longer get in the way while bossing/killing Sneak Peek ;D A quick special thanks to Satucre and Kion for making these amazing bosses and zones, buckle up MagePS, because these bosses are no easy feat to kill New Ice Dragon boss mechanics and zone are completed Watch out for that icicle New Blood Queen boss mechanics and zone are completed
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    Hours you spend a day on Mage: Over the past 2 weeks I have 2 days 22 hours playtime (Currently 05/04/2019) I spend around 10-12 hours a day online on EU Time. Total hours spent on Mage: Reasons for helping people: I love communicating with every single player within the community, not just in-game but on forums as well, It is good to interact and see how people are doing and they have done that day and just have a general conversation. It is good to use the knowledge I have since I have been playing RSPS'es for a very long time (5 years+) and from my experience, I have seen a lot of players who have never played RSPSes before and they ask a lot of questions, knowing me, I love answering every question the person has and sometimes I even like to message them personally to explain something, go out my way and spend time showing the player what to do and everything within the server. Reasons for playing Mage: I haven't played the server too long to give too many reasons, but some of the more valid points are that the staff are interactive and looks/sounds like a great team of staff which I would like to be part of. The constant updates are awesome and I can't wait to see more and more. Time zone: BST Sincerely, 55x2
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    Hours you spend a day on Mage: 8-10 hours when i'm not working. Total hours spent on Mage(picture with your username): Reasons for helping people: the community is great and growing and want to make it better by helping everyone who is new and doesn't quite understand the game learn it better. Reasons for playing Mage: i like the consistent updates and the owners are good people that listen to the players. Time zone: central daylight time
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    vouch for this guy, seen him helping many times
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    MagePS Price Guide Weapons evil spear - 600B evil whip - 600B evil whip (upgraded) - 1-2T evil claws - 1-2T tzhaar whip - 2T hailstorm dagger - 150-200T blue lightsaber - 200T flaming katana / gem katana - 600T+ extremely flaming katana / omega katana - 1Q+ blood edge sword - 2Q+ hellslayer sword - 3.5Q+ Helmets evil hood - 1-2T tzhaar full helm - 2-4T turtle helm - 2.5-5T devious 3rd age pieces - 6T+ corrupt dragon helmet - 30T+ lucky completionest full helm - 40-50T rage hat - 50-60T satucre the boss helmet - 100T+ vegeta head - 400-500T Platebodies evil platebody - 1-2T tzhaar platebody - 2-4T turtle platebody - 2.5-5T devious 3rd age pieces - 6T+ corrupt dragon plate - 30T+ lucky completionest platebody - 40-50T rage platebody - 50-60T satucre the boss platebody - 100T+ vegeta body - 400-500T Platelegs evil chainskirts - 1-2T tzhaar platelegs - 2-4T turtle platelegs - 2.5-5T devious 3rd age pieces - 6T+ corrupt dragon legs - 30T+ lucky completionest platelegs - 40-50T rage platelegs - 50-60T satucre the boss platelegs - 100T+ vegeta legs - 400-500T Capes evil wings - 1-2T turtle wings - 5T white death cape - 10-15T green death cape - 20T+ black death cape - 200-300T darth vader cape - 300-400T Boots evil boots - 1-2T turtle boots - 2.5-5T corrupt dragon boots - 30T+ lucky completionest boots - 40-50T rage boots - 50-60T satucre the boss boots - 100T+ vegeta boots - 400-500T Gloves turtle gloves- 2.5-5T corrupt dragon gloves - 30T+ lucky completionest gloves - 40-50T rage gloves - 50-60T satucre the boss gloves - 100T+ vegeta gloves - 400-500T Rings 2x exp ring - 4T 3x exp ring - 10T 4x exp ring - 20T ring of weatlh - 1-3T turtle ring - 5T lucky ring of luck (damaged) - 50T+ lucky ring of luck (fixed) - 60T+ lucky ring of luck (unbreakable) - 85-100T Amulets turtle amulet - 5T rage amulet - 50-60T amulet of torture - 100T amulet of torture (or) - 200-250T Shields evil shield - 1-2T regular / bloodthirsty / sea blue / frostbite / devious / kryptic / divine teddy bear - 10T ( all have the same strength boost) saradomin spirit shield - 20T+ regular lucky teddy - 125T+ lucky teddy upgraded - 175-200T dragonbone spirit shield - 450-500T Pets agrith naar - 5T vorago pet - 50T flambeed pet - 800T+ olmlet - 1Q+ Miscellanous vote books - 1T (each) rainbow fish - 500M (each) lesser magical box (casket) - 4-5T heaven stone - 5-10T lucky ore - 10-15T lucky heaven stone - 20-25T double ss pots - 3-5T double str pots - 10-15T double exp pot - 2T monkey bandage - 10T finest stone - 60-80T drop catcher [Tier 1] - 30-40T drop catcher [Tier 2] - 40-60T drop catcher [Tier 3] - 80-100T scroll of efficiency - 15-20T scroll of cleansing - 20T+ exp lamp - 10-15T weak gem - 15-20T strong gem - 30T+ godly gem - 90T+ P.S ~ The prices keep on changing and may vary from seller to seller. If anything has to be added or any price has to be edited please let us know in replies. Special thanks to Baron for helping out with the prices.
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    Hello MagePS! and welcome back to another Update Thread! Our developers Kion, Axo and Satucre have been hard at work fixing bugs, making changes and adding a ton of new content for you to enjoy!, without further adieu, lets get into it! Goku World Boss Strongest Boss IN GAME! Sitting at 100 Million HP Spawns Every 4 Hours and Drops best gear in MagePs Accessible to ALL Players But only the top 10 Damage Dealt in the Session get the best loot. Everyone else gets common loot Goku can be reached with ::goku Bring your best Gear! GOKU ARMOR The Goku set not only gives MASSIVE offensive and defensive stats! The 25000 strength is due to the double strength effect from Super Saiyan, Original is 12500 for the set. With each piece being 2500 str bonus individually. Set Effect Super Saiyan Melee Strength Bonus is Doubled When Goku spawns it will be announced to all players, and can be reached by using the command ::goku VEGETA That's right, Gokus best friend, Vegeta has been added as a new boss! To unlock this arduously challenging boss with a whopping 1.7 MILLION hp, you will need to have defeated 1000 Voragos. He will surely give even the most seasoned of pvmers a run for their money, bring plenty of food and a strong will, because he wont go down without a fight! VEGETA ARMOR Set Effect Vegeta's Strength Gives 10% extra damage to all your attacks now Melee Strength Bonus is Doubled Vegeta drops his armor set, with a weaker strength bonus it makes up for it by having the extra 10% damage making it a powerful set to have. Dragon Balls Vegeta drops Dragon balls, collect 8 of them to summon the Goku boss The Player who summons Goku gets a rare drop %100 of the time! Challenge Vegeta today by using the command ::vegeta in game! Vorago A whole new map and Rock destroyer and KATANA'S! Go to ::vorago today and slay these GIANT ROCK BEASTS! Omega Katana - Best Katana in-game Gem Katana - The most stylish Katana in-game The Katana's below are upgradable into those above In order Flaming Katana Extremely Flaming Katana One handed rock destoryer! Matches colors of Vorago Referrals! All referrals will now receive THREE caskets when using a code and if your a new player the fourth one is from claiming attendance $$$STAKING$$$ Tired of Flower Poker? Cant seem to get those Dice to roll what ya need? Try, for the very 1st time ever on MagePS, STAKING!!! Players will be able to bet each other and fight to the death, the winner of the duel will everything from the agreed apon bet. Not only will this prevent scamming, but it will also provide a new way for players to make BANK and have a great time doing it! So head to ::gamble and challenge people now! BUG FIXES! Donor of the month was added and there will be thread made with more info on how to enter and HOW TO WIN! The top 3 donors and anyone in top 10 will all get a prize at the end of the month. BUG FIXES! Satucre has been hard at work polishing up some content in the game, here's a list of everything that has been updated! All pets will now dismiss when used in summoning tab or right click -> pickup A ::vial system has been added and is now effective, and automatically enabled on accounts, do ::vial if you want to disable it, as it will now destroy all vials from potions you drink, but then again who wouldn't want that? Kicking from group ironman mode fixed and a command has been added for owners to kick you now if needed Demonslayer Crossbow no longer works at Goku Pets will no longer show in boss task/ Boss of the day interfaces Teleport times have been reduced Boss collections will now properly display the amount of a certain drop obtained Boss aggro range fixed and pathing for any bosses has been fixed as well Behind the Scenes There has been a lot of behind the scenes stuff as well, lots of bug fixes which were added and lots of stuff which was added to make the staff team or owners life easier. A lot of these updates or bug fixes were not included, but are there and time was spent on it. We want to thank the Mage players for supporting us everyday and helping us grow with your constant playtime and donations. As the Player base grows so will the updates. Your every donation is going into helping us develop new models, advertise in new ways to bring more players to the Mage community, create amazing content you guys suggest, fix bugs you guys find. Thank you EVERYBODY and we hope to keep amazing you with our AMAZING updates <3. From the Mage Team
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    Feel free to suggest items and prices, I just helped him fast, IDK also all prices Lets all bring together our knowledge and finish this.
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    Hours you spend a day on Mage: 6-8hrs a day (2-4 hrs if im working) Total hours spent on Mage(picture with your username): Reasons for helping people: Just want to give back to the community. When I started playing, Cruw, Quiet, Virax and more helped me a lot, so now that I know more about the server and ingame stuff, I feel that it's my turn to do the same. What more, when I see people getting the help they need, it makes me happy too. Reasons for playing Mage: Have always liked custom servers. Quit my previous server due to owner being inactive etc. But here I see Sat and Kion online, even interacting with players. When problems arises, it gets resolved asap. Overall a helpful staff panel and wonderful community. Time zone: GMT +8
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    Support Ma dude. Always helpful and fast in answering queries. Knowledgable too goodluck
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    You have my vouch mate. Good person, keeps helping even over PM and in clanchat.
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    Hours you spend a day on mage: Usually 8-10 hrs a day just not on Tues and Thurs. https://gyazo.com/a964e01b74d751870d2ec878199fd4d1 Reasons for helping people: I just like to help people spent a while now learning everything a bout the server so i can share my knowledge since the game can get quite confusing at points. Reasons for playing mage: I love grinding and this server is the best i have ever found for it. Time zone: USA Central
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    Hours you spend a day on Mage: ill spend around 5-15h depends on how much work i have to do cause im a farmer irl. https://gyazo.com/e8b60234ce38997bb7d3091bb5d0ed67 Reasons for helping people:I enjoy helping people that needs to solve their problems. Helping a guy in need makes me feel better and everytime someone asks for help ill gladly help them with their problem. Good community makes everything better. Reasons for playing Mage:Well i kinda love that here is other stuffs than in original runescape it makes the game much enjoyable and i love how the game work that is why i have donated alot cause i like how the staff is active all the time and how the owner also is active all the time. And the most i love that you can put whatever on you and make custom clothes on you and look cool Time zone:UTC +2
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    It was a meme, too soon to apply mate, as helper you gotta have all the game knowledge
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    +1 always see him helping out new players and whenever i've got a question he's usually one of the first to answer
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    Hours you spend a day on mage: 8-12 hours Hours you spend a day on Mage: 12 days, 22 hrs and 37 mins Reasons for helping people: when i started playing the mageps, i felt a bit lost inside the game and i looked for help to improve, and with all the help i received today, i come to apply for a helper wave to be able to transmit all the knowledge i received from others players that both helped me, it would be a pleasure to be able to do to others peoples what they have done for me. Reasons for playing Mage: For me it is a pleasure to play mageps, a server that constantly has updates and also has a facility for those who are starting in the game, with many varieties of npcs and ways to make money, and with an always active staff helping those who need it. Time zone: UCT-3 Brazil.
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    Accepted! Congratulations! you deserve it! Welcome aboard! Locking and moving to accepted.
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    I support this app helpful and cool dude.
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    RNGjesus walking on water
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    +1 is a good friend of mine is always helping other players. gl m8
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    +1 from me, very helpfull.
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    Sup bois here's my boss guide. In this guide i will explain what you would need, what drops to look out for etc. I will talk about mid tier and high tier gear. Mid tier gear would be Hellfire lance/Hailstorm dagger/Ninja katana/Lucky armor set/Turtle armor set/Rage armor set/Hellfire armor set. High tier would be Blood edge sword/Hellslayer sword/Ornate katana/Tyrant set/Schoolgirl set/Bikini set/Qbd set. Some items that are highly usefull in pvming: Drop catcher upgraded, Dragonbone spirit shield,Pink spirit shield, DOOM spirit shield, Flambeed pet. Droprate items that are usefull in pvming: Lucky teddy, lucky armor set, immortal band + charm, pets, vote book buffs. Ofc you can use items like double strength + double soul split potions to speed up kills/tank better. Some people don't know this, but we actually got a ::teleports interface. Handy tool. So here goes nothing. Lucky knights (mid tier gear) to get here type ::luckyknight/::luckyknight2, these have a requirement of killing 250(first tp)/1000(second tp) evil turnips(::eturnip) and their armor/weapons dropped/turned in. These guys are easy, just put on soul split and turmoil, pop an overload/double strength pot if you want.These don't have an instance. Drops to look out for: Tormented demons (mid tier gear) To get here type ::tds, these have a requirement of killing 250 tzhaar(::tzhaar) and get the armor set dropped/turned in. These guys aren't hard, just as lucky knights put on soul split and turmoil, pop an overload/double strength pot if you want.These don't have an instance. Drops too look out for: Corporeal beast (mid tier gear) To get here type ::corp, this boss doesn't have a requirement. Highly recommend to get a dragonbone spirit shield, if you don't have one get an elysian spirit shield (will do the job for now), a monkey bandage (::thread 912), food, double soul split pots and turning on soul split and turmoil prayers will do the trick. This guy had 2 spots the main area as shown in the picture below and another after you enter the red portal after you tp to ::corp. Both spots have an instance. Drops to look out for: k'ril tsutsaroth (high tier gear) To get here type ::kril, this guy has a requirement of killing 500 tormented demons(::tds). Highly recommend people getting a dragonbone spirit shield first of all then monkey bandage (::thread 912), food, double soul split pots if you don't have a flambeed pet. This boss doesn't have an instance. Drops too look out for: Vorago/Rage Vorago (mid tier gear) To get here open ::teleports and it select either normal vorago or rage vorago. Normal vorago has the requirement of you doing the omen quest (::thread 11420) and rage vorago has the requirement of you killing normal vorago 500 times. To finish this boss you need to use the omen's maul you get from the quest. You won't be damaging him without it for the last 10% hp. The difference between both is normal has 2 stages and rage has only the last stage.Recommend getting a monkey bandage (::thread 912), food, double soul split pots if you don't have a dragonbone spirit shield and flambeed pet. This guy does have an instance for normal vorago ,you need to be at the entrance of the cave after you entered it. Rage vorago doesn't have an instance. Pray soul split and turmoil, you should be fine. Drops to look out for: Satucre (high tier gear) To get here type ::satucre and jump over the fire wall, has a requirement of killing 1k turtles(::turtle) and turtle gear turned in. This guy will drop your prayer so be carefull. If you don't have enough damage the boss will fully heal or heal for a bit on certain hp threshholds. Highly recommending dragonbone spirit shield and a flambeed, if you don't have any of these 2 use a monkey bandage (::thread 912), food, double soul split pots. This boss has an instance. Drops to look out for: Diablo (high tier gear) Now to get to this guy type ::diablo and as a requirement you need 25k npckills. Recommending dragonbone spirit shield and a flambeed, if you don't have any of these 2 use a monkey bandage (::thread 912), food, double soul split pots. Pray soul split and turmoil. This boss has an instance. Drops to look out for: Queen Black Dragon (high tier gear) This is by far the hardest boss to get to because of the requirement of getting 1k Rage vorago, 500 kril and 500 satucre boss kills. To get here type ::qbd Highly recommending using absorption potions, dragonbone spirit shield and a flambeed, if you don't have the last 2 use a monkey bandage (::thread 912), food, double soul split pots. Pray soul split and turmoil. This boss has an instance. Drops to look out for: If i missed anything or you want something added to the post, pm me ingame or comment below.
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    More space = more money = more donations needed, get donating then!
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    Or a top3 voters of the month 1st one gets 10$ donation 2nd one gets x2 casket 3rd gets x1 casket
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    MagePS Official Rules & Punishments - No Impersonating Staff: This will result in the account being banned. Multiple times IP ban. - No flaming over yell or clan chat: This will result in a temporary mute. Multiple offenses perm mute. - No scamming: Scammer will be banned. If it's multiple times IP ban. Must have sufficient evidence. - No Bug abuse: If you reported a bug, no action will be taken. if you continue to abuse you will be banned. - Improper use of "Help" button: Please use this if you actually need help. you will be jailed for miss use. Ban if further done. - STAFF RULE: No abuse of staff commands: Three strikes and your out rule. Don't use commands for personal gain or any of the sort. these are made to help people not put you at an advantage. - No Real world trading, of any kind! There is no real world trading accounts, items, anything of the sort. Anyone that does so all parties will be mac banned forever. Both the buyer and the seller and the middle man if applicable. This will never be tolerated. No warnings. Multiple accounts: There has been a lot of different thoughts on this. This is what will stick and how it will stick. All of these will result in the alt being banned and if abused multiple times all accounts banned. This will not be an IP ban either. It will be account and MAC address ban. The main reasoning for allowing alts is for people to challenge themselves in ironman mode as well as still being able to freely enjoy the server or to set themselves a new pace in group ironman mode being only able to trade between others in the group. - No multiple accounts on same activity - No trading between alts - No auctioning between alts - No mm Transferring between alts Auto Clicking Auto clicking is aloud to an extent. you must be present behind the pc whilst auto clicking. If there is no answer within 30 seconds of being questioned or asked, it will result in a timed jail. If it has been abused multiple times. It will be a ban. Giveaways No player giveaways in excessive of 200t (right click check price. if larger than 200t) unless approved by a mod+ If items are given away in this fashion the receiver and giver will be banned unless item is returned. Giveaway includes just giving it to someone, hns event any kind of event like that unless approved.