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    Comprehensive guide to MagePS Created by: Virax Brief Rundown This guide is a full comprehensive guide from when you first login to when you are ready to take on the QBD head to head. It will go through the items needed, NPC kills needed and Requirements needed to jump through the hoops of MagePS. Welcome to MagePS! So, you have just signed in to MagePS, you have made the right choice towards greatness! “What will I see when I first log in?” You will see your blank canvas staring at you! You will be prompted to select your game mode. Choose from the selected game modes: ⦁ Normal – Normal gameplay experience, access to shops, AH, player trading. The general stuff you know? ⦁ Iron Man – An extra spice in life, Unable to trade with other players or access the AH. Granted an automatic 55% DR (drop rate) boost, giving you better odds at receiving that tasty bit of loot. ⦁ HC Iron Man – All the benefits of the Iron Man, however if you die you will be reset back to the beginning and start all over again. For guide purposes I will firstly choosing Normal mode. We are ready to roll! “Where do I start? What is going on here?!” Yes, well... It's a bit daunting on first login, left, alone, not sure what to do... What is this glorious looking gear? Glad you asked, this is your starter pack! This pack includes: ⦁ 250x 1b tokens (IMPORTANT, DO NOT SPEND – we will use this later down the track) ⦁ 1x Dragon Imbued Katana (yes you start off with a katana!) ⦁ A set of Dragon Mage Equipment including wings. ⦁ 50m Cash ⦁ 1x Welcome trophy What are the stats of this equipment?! It looks so awesome! Glad you asked! Let's equip it and see! This is the gear you will be starting off with. I can just jump into any boss now?! No no, don’t do that. It won't work out well... This is the entry level stats. The NPC’s here are bigger and scarier. What?! Where can I get better gear then? That is indeed the next step to this guide. However, we need to introduce you to a thing on this server called Requirements. Requirements are well, the requirements to move further into the game. The more Requirements done, the more NPC kills. The higher up the food chain you can go! Requirements (::reqs) Requirements are the biggest thing that makes this server unique. It will push you to the best of your ability to fulfill these requirements. We have to touch pretty decently on this and on each step of the way. This is the one thing you will keep track of and continue to come back to. Each step of the way will unlock more NPC’s to kill and better loot at the same time. This is found in ::reqs. Your first step (for optimal prayer xp) is to work towards 500 NPC kill to unlock Horrors for horror bones (::horror) we will touch back on prayer later. Each set of NPC kills will open a new path to gear up and work to the next. There are generally two different types of requirements or a mix of the two: ⦁ NPC Kill count ⦁ NPC items (pet drop, item drop or equipment drop) ⦁ NPC Kill count and Item drop (eg evil turnip you need evil gear pieces + 250 kills to move to next req) 500 NPC kills?! 1000 NPC kills?! 1500!! This is insane! It appears to be right? It may seem overwhelming but do not fear! Virax is here! To help you of course, on your journey. We are about to take the first steps into filling these requirements. Follow me on this journey and we will get you ready for everything that is going to stand in your way. Crystal Keys (::ckey) These will be your first steps through the door into a wondrous world that is MagePS. The NPC to kill for these are the fairies. This is the absolute best place to start leveling your combat, getting NPC kills and getting the item known as the crystal key. This is where we will get our first item upgrades and help us to progress further. we are looking for any piece of armor will do. we are more interested in getting the oblit sword off hand. I don’t suggest upgrading your starter weapon here because it has better stats than the dropped ones. We can also put these keys into our first slot of the inventory and do ::openallckey. The next step Golden Keys. Golden Keys (::gkey) Golden keys are similar to Crystal keys; however, the NPC is harder to kill (more HP) these are the crab NPC and drops gkeys which have better gear. There is a pretty specific gear set we are chasing here to help us in the next step greatly. Same thing with golden, kill, they drop keys, put in first slot and do ::openallgkey. The specific gear we are after are as followed: ⦁ Lime bandos chest and tasset ⦁ Brutal whip ⦁ Cape of light ⦁ Arrow shield ⦁ Spectre boots ⦁ Trimmed amulet of fury T2 The stats of the gear are below: You better Pray Pretty much as the title here says. We are going to get prayer to a minimum of 43 so we can protect melee. There is three different NPC’s we could kill for bones. Each one increase in difficulty and at the same time xp/bone go up as well. I suggest using these on the white altar at home for best xp. The three we are talking of are: ⦁ Frost Dragons – Frost dragon bones - ::frost – 13500xp buried, 27000xp on altar ⦁ Celestial Dragons – Celestial dragon bones - ::celestial – 60000 buried, 120000 on altar ⦁ Horrors – Horror bones - ::horror – 90000xp buried, 180000 on altar Once you get minimum 43 prayer we can progress to the next part. Aggressive Demon Minigame (Korasi Minigame) This is it, this is what we have been gearing for. Remember that 250x 1b tokens I told you to keep? This is what you will be using it for. Aggressive demons are the best thing to do next. This is purely rng based. Withdraw the 250b tokens from your money pouch (right click, withdraw as 1b tickets). Speak to the Aggressive mage northwest of ::gkey when you teleport in, next to slayer masters. Speak to him and go for the dialog, give him the 250 tokens and he will teleport you to the aggressive demons. Kill these demons and they will give a chance of dropping a Water Korasi. The first in the line of 10 droppable korasi. The 10 korasi that drop will get better each upgrade in damage but the amount needed to kill to receive the next korasi increases. Once you receive the light korasi you can upgrade it to the 11th and final korasi, the corrupt korasi. This is done by using a Heaven stone or Lucky Heaven stone on the Korasi. I strongly do not recommend using the heaven stone, due to it can break the item on use/fail. Not only is Aggressive demons good for korasi, they have low HP and are good to kill to get your NPC kills up to unlock other requirements. If we look at our requirements list, we can see that there is a requirement to unlock ninja’s, which is getting a Pikachu pet. Pikachu (::pikachu) No matter where you stop the korasi grind. This should be your next step. Head to ::pikachu. Simple and easy start killing them to get a Pikachu pet drop, you can also get a thunderstone drop. This is used to upgrade the Pikachu pet to Raichu. Both of these will give 10% extra drop rate. However, once you hit a certain amount of kills the dr bonus will drop down per 1k. This is also a requirement to pursue so you can continue through the requirement chain to Lucky Knight boss. This boss is a great boss to start bossing on. Once you receive your Pikachu pet, we can follow the requirement chain and move to the next. If we open our ::req we can now see that ninja’s requirement has been fulfilled and we can click the teleport button or type ::ninja to teleport. Before this step we will venture off to another NPC to further help our DR % and also a chance of upgrading our gear as well. Gorak (::gorak) \ These guys are the best pitstop here, to wind down from some of the grinds. Gorak’s are your best chance at getting a Ring of Wealth and some divine torva gear which will be a nice upgrade. Ring of wealth: This item will give you a flat 10% DR boost. This will also give you the option to use Scroll of Efficency*. *Scroll of Efficency: This will give you more DR % between 0% and 10% per use (can use up to 5 scrolls on the ring.) you can get these from other players, Turtle stone store and donating. Divine torva set: This is a nice tanky style armor with decent Strength stats. Once we have received these upgrades, we can continue to progress without requirement kills. Ninja (::ninja) These guys are pretty straight forward, no special item to get as a drop. You need to kill 150 of these to unlock the next NPC. This NPC will be Mysterious Shadow. Mysterious Shadow (::mbox) These guys can be a little bit more tedious. You will have to get Mystery boxes (25) as a drop. They cannot be bought from anyone, they have to be retrieved as a drop. These guys are relatively easy to kill but they rng dependent on the drop, DR % will help you with getting the drop sooner. Once you have received 25 boxes as a drop you will be able to move on to the next NPC in the requirement chain which is Jolteon. Jolteon (::Jolteon) These are another one of the requirements that are just an NPC kill requirement and not an item requirement. However, whilst you are here there are some useful items: Spinal corpse cape: Even stats across the board, decent str bonus. If you're lucky you will get it during your KC kills. Warrior ring V: This is a nice upgrade if you do not have the row. This will be a great 2nd best in slot for the time being. If you have row, don’t worry about replacing with it Once you have 250 Jolteon kills you can now progress on to the next NPC Requirement. Evil Turnip (::eturnip) Evil Turnips are one of the ones where you need the NPC kills as well as a set of the gear they drop. The good thing about this is you will also get a lovely set that will upgrade most if not all of your gear. This is one of the biggest leaps in gear and ability to kill. The parts you need for the requirement are as followed: ⦁ Evil Amulet ⦁ Evil Wings ⦁ Evil Hood ⦁ Evil Chain body ⦁ Evil Plate skirt ⦁ Evil Claws Upgraded ⦁ Evil Whip Upgraded ⦁ 250 Evil Turnip Kills There is one thing to mention with these items, the Evil Claws upgraded doesn’t drop as an item, however they drop an item called the Evil Vine. Which is used to upgrade the claws into the upgraded version. This is the same for the Evil whip upgraded. It does drop however you can upgrade it as well instead. How do I turn these claws in? There is a very easy way to do this. You hand these into king milestone. He can be found in two locations: Home: This can be done with Most items that are required for NPC Reqs. They can be handed into king milestone. Once you have got the required number of kills and the required gear you can now get ready and move onto your first requirement completed boss. The Lucky Knight. Lucky Knight (::luckyknight) These will be your first boss following these requirement's. This is your reward for following this req line. Congratulations for getting here. I will go into detail the best way to kill these guys and what setup you can use when first getting here. Basic setup: This is the bare basic gear I suggest wearing into lucky knights. Skills: I highly suggest getting a high-level prayer (95+) a couple of reasons why. They drain prayer and you will unlock Turmoil Curse (after switching to curses on red altar at home). By now you should have max att,str,def,hp (125). In this setup you wont have Double SS potions or Double Str potions. I highly recommend using melee prot curse here in this position. Loot Table: The current rare drops for Lucky Knights are as followed these items have a 1/3600 chance of dropping (before DR% is counted): ⦁ Lucky Ore ⦁ Lucky Teddy Bear Shield ⦁ Lucky Completionest Plate body ⦁ Lucky Completionest Plate legs ⦁ Lucky Completionest Boots ⦁ Lucky Completionest Gloves ⦁ Lucky Completionest Full Helm ⦁ Lucky Completionest Sword Main hand ⦁ Lucky Completionest shield offhand ⦁ Diamond Party Hat ⦁ Ice Diamond ⦁ Trimmed Berserker ring t11 ⦁ Trimmed berserker ring t12 ⦁ White Death Cape ⦁ Lucky Ring of Life [Damaged] ⦁ Double Strength potion Loot Breakdown: The main items you are wanting to drop here at first to gear yourself is the Completionest gear set. They offer 2% DR per piece and an additional 15% for complete set (plate, legs, boots, gloves, helm) In addition to this the Lucky Teddy bear is a fantastic offhand and a well sort after item. I can also be upgraded with the Lucky heaven stone. The upgraded version will offer a flat 21% DR and an additional 1% per equipment equipped. Lucky Ring of Life [Damaged] Is well sort after as well, however you will need the ice diamond to fix this item to normal LRoL and then from there a Lucky heaven stone can be used to upgrade it to the Unbreakable version. This is an upgraded version of the Ring of Wealth. Offering further DR%, ability to tele to last death and extra stats. Item equipped and stats: Lucky set: Lucky Teddy Bear: Lucky Teddy DR: Normal Upgraded: With equipped items (helm,neck,legs,top,gloves,boots,trophy) White Death Cape: This is just but part one of what's going to be a lot more guides to help you through your journeys from start to endgame. Please be patient on these as there is a lot of detail and very in depth. I have put in so much time into this guide and I hope it helps everyone out. Thank you all for your time and patience. Special thanks: Blu3ang3l Hybrol Belzenlok Satucre quiet kazcre krillz I would not of been able to produce all this information on my own. A big shout out to all these guys and the boss man for helping me fill in the blanks I had. You all deserve just as much praise towards this guide as I do. I wouldn't of been able to do it alone. I love you all.
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    Hours you spend a day on Mage: around 6 hours monday - friday, 10 - 12 hours on weekends, public holidays Total hours spent on Mage(picture with your username): Reasons for helping people: I love pulling the community together and making sure everyone gets the fairest possible outcome. Being helper has openned my eyes to a lot of things and the ability to further help those in need will be something I will hold with high regards. Thank you all for letting me be at this currently position for you and I hope to strive on further to push the boundaries of my ability. Reasons for playing Mage: The players, we are a family, a community. If it wasn't for everyone that play's, this server would not be the same. Sat and Kion are amazing owners and hats off to the effort and time that is put into this server Time zone: GMT +10 (AEDT,AEST)
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    wearing a costume/fashion scape will increase your hp by +5 hp for each piece worn to equip an item as costume, hold control key down and click a item you want to wear as costume you can get the items back, they don't "disappear" to check which item are left, click the equipment tab --> then click the little suit icon ---> image of interface, click the button in the red box to close interface! hope the guide helps out some people! thanks for checking it out!!
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    It took us a Month to make this thread, but this is one of the biggest update threads we will make and will be consistent after this. The problem currently is a majority of our updates is adding in tons of interfaces in to make the game visually pleasing for you and simpler for everything with proper information on everything. This not only gives it a custom and unique feel to the server, but also allows us when we add this right now to not worry about it in the future and just focus only on content in the future which you the players will enjoy. Drop Parties - Fun Community Event First thing added was a Drop party chest, we had a bunch of fun events so far with it, the picture below is the first one we hosted, it was un-expected but you the players really enjoyed it! This is where you can add the items themselves Presets Interface The first custom server to have such a feature, and one of the most useful features you will find aiding you to your Magical JOURNEY! Once a inventory or equipment set is saved you can switch the whole inventory with a click of a button. You can access it by going to ::presets, clicking on one of the inventory slots to save in it, and by clicking one of the equipment slots to edit it as well. You can have up 20 unique equipment presets, and 20 unique inventory sets ups. Staff Tab Staff tab was made to benefit the people by knowing when our staff are on and offline, and all staff will now have their own private interface to use their commands inside the Staff online interface! Teleport Interface This is one of the most important things we added, it can be accessed by doing ::teleports and it will have tons of information for old and new players to enjoy and they can choose their own paths now and have a bit more knowledge, just by going to the teleports. Major Stability Fixes Very important, we spent a couple of days fixing tons of stability issues and any DC issues you guys faced. Hopefully everything now is smooth for everyone! Iron man Store This was a very important addition to iron man and with our future group iron man mode coming out soon. This is a limited stock shop which refills every month. People can now get lots of these much needed items for in-game money. Such as a heart crystal for Hardcore ironman. And the upgrade gems for Suggestions and Updates and Bug Fixes Spam clicking afk mining increasing timer fix Rainbow fish timers adjusted for donors We added a buy X option to the donor store Duel arena teleportation bug fix Raids random npcs fix(Most of you might of never even seen this bug that is how fast we fixed it) Staff tab was further updated, any new staff and demoted staff will be instantly updated Raids drop rate bonuses fixed Obiwan gloves & boots stats have been properly added and the set effect should work now Fixed capitals in clan chat Fixed drop potential wrongly displaying 10000 Fixed clan chat spam timer displaying wrong for the new players Fixed casket banking bug/having to relog (unknown by much of the people since I discovered it myself during testing other content) Clan chat was reworked and made more efficient Sponsor cape was buffed to One hit KO up to 250k HP monsters now More stuff is coming this week, I might of missed some of the stuff we updated, but you can see it all in-game! We are working on a lot of stuff currently and we can't wait to release it all. Thank you the players of Mage!
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    It was nice knowing you
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    Promoted to moderator. Great job on the hard work Astro!
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    Hours you spend a day on Mage: as many as possible Total hours spent on Mage(picture with your username): Reasons for helping people: for the community, and eco.. been here for awhile and have seen this server grow from 5 people playing to now 50+ daily! Reasons for playing Mage: im a big pvm fan so this server is perfect. and helping and hosting events/ being a part of the community has always been what i aim to do! i try my best to be active and helpful Time zone: 6am-12pm+ PST varies as i am busy some days more than others applying for mod/admin aswell as forums rank please and thank you
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    I support this application he has helped me many times weather it be questions or just asking for advice he is a great member of the staff team and i believe he has proven himself from day one he deserves a chance at mod.
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    astro please pass the phat collection+golden keys to virax:) krillz you are 1 amazing mofo at guessing the words s.o to all ya niggas and peace out
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    krills just the phats+keys+sleds+cupcakes* rest is yours
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    To be honest its a good application. since i saw you many times online i think you deserve the position as helper. Most of the helpers now ingame are afk + Doesnt answer questions. So i hope you will get soon the helper position (=
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    how to obtain drop catcher? 5000 donor points($25),125 ::vote points, 25k npc kills, or from other players for 25t+ easily what it does picks up drops and more.. but tier 3 is better than tier 1 how to upgrade use a lucky heaven stone on it tier 1 picks up common drops tier 2 picks up RARE or COMMON tier 3 has many options.... how to change its settings right click and "operate" tier 2/3 to change what it does thanks for checking out my guide!
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    I totally support this application Baron has always been then when i needed help and has been a really great friend. I always see him helping other players around the server and welcoming new players. Baron knows a great deal about the server and is always willing to lend a hand to a player in need and has been a player for a long time he definitely deserves a chance to show what he can do as a helper and member of the staff team.
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    Well so far six people want you as a helper, but since you restarted from the start again. I think making some guides which will help the players from when they start will really help the new player's and will help you get staff. You are a top choice for us right now.
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    Welcome Mr Baron, always see you in-game and pming me on discord.
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    Totally support, i've started to play 2 days ago, and he really helped me alot since start, he really deserves it!, Good luck!
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    my personal input on this matter should be that the shop should consist of mainly cosmetics perhaps even split the shop in 4 parts beginner's- 1-5k loyalty a item? medium- 5-10k loyalty points? hard 10-25k loyalty points and then some items for the diehards going from 50k-200k loyalty points perhaps even add some useful items like emra suggested but i'd say would afking not be just overpowered, seeing as we can afk fish and mine already.
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    Name : Billy Wright In game name : skill king Age : 24 Hours you spend a day on Mage:I spend way over 10 hours + a day Total hours spent on Mage(picture with your username): 3 days Why do you want to be a member of our staff team? - I would like to be apart of the staff team because theirs nothing more in this game i love doing more is helping people and making sure its enjoyable as it can be for the community, this includes coming up with ideas for the server, helping people change there ways from scamming and stuff and if i fail to do this i would get rid of them, i also love the atmosphere of the staff team and the community. and honestly a lot of people do this for the power i do not want the power i want to be the one that can be accounted on for help by ANYONE and the one who can make the server never boring even if it means doing giveaways 5 times a day i will. believe me when i say this there is one thing i do not wanna see and that is this server die. I also love to help by donating to support the server. I been here for 2-3 days i understand not long but i spend a lot of time on here i donated $175 up to yet, and am not going to stop support i love this server and want it to continue on i will support and help any time i can if needed. Reasons for playing Mage: I play Mage PS and i feel i have found my forever rsps, this is the only one ill be playing for a long time now as its got amazing customs, great team members community is mostly friendly what i love as only a few i seen that are toxic but other than that amazing custom bosses new updates quite often owners great always giving out deals etc for donors, if something bad happens sat always says sorry and gives a lot back to community for apology's for the problems that has been caused what you do not see much around rsps anymore. Time zone: UK time Time zone in England UK GMT i feel this will help also as most american if anyone come in European time i will be a great help to the server as a bonus. Little about my self for people to get to know me Im 24 as you can see from application , i play 10+ hours or more a day my favourite food is pasta based food or Chinese food if you wanna know any more about me Im down to earth and a friendly guy just direct message me in game or discord name is same in game and discord i will always reply =) Thanks for having the time to look at this application and i hope you all support me to go for this as i want to help the community many thanks Skill King
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    Thank you guys for supporting me, appreciate it.
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    Very nice bro, have helped me many times before, good luck!
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    I Believe That Baron Would Make An Exceptional Asset To The Current/Future Staff Team of Mage-Ps. Willing To Take The Time/Initiative To Help Players,Answer Questions And So Forth, Which Has The Qualaties Of A Staff Member Keep Up The Good Work.
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    really nice guy i joined server welcomed me and helped me with every thing i needed asked a lot of questions and helped a lot. hope u get support defo should get thanks for help
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    let us atleast be helper rank, or give us veteran rank on server. we been here since release! also i check forums often.. i would like to be able to ban spammers??? please consider satucre! we are here to help
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    welcome to MAGE PS after logging in and setting up your account, get a drop catcher and upgrade it to at least tier 2! it picks up your drop automatically tier 3 sends to bank and more! can get drop catcher by donation/voting/buying from other players or @ 25k npc kc type ::2fasetup it gives 3% drop rate boost by using the command ::2step, using google auth *can also go combat route as well, this way is nice to get korasi mini-game quickly **Make sure you ::vote and can sell books for 500b+ ea usually!** it helps the server grow! 1. now start thieving at the stalls by teleporting ::home and running east to the tables 2. thieve until 125 or brutal whip and a couple pieces from mbox/gkey 3. now try to buy some bones, money will be in money pouch. **if no one is selling bones, go to ::celestial or ::frosts 4. use bones on ::altar or by bank booths @ home 5. after getting 43 or 70 or 95 . ***70 for piety, it helps!*** 6.go to::shops, buy some super restores and super att/str, go shopping for a sec in you fancy... 7. pull out 250 1b tokens, 1-2 att/str and rest super restores and run south from ::home and look for the aggressive mage near the slayer guy's 8. put on protect from melee and piety, pot up and start killing the aggressive demons until you get your first korasi drop! I have linked a great guide someone else has made on the forums make sure if you get LIGHT KORASI, use a LUCKY HEAVEN STONE! 9. once you get a couple, i suggest at least golden+/rose/grappes. you can go kill other npc's for better gear! or keep camping until you get your light korasi! 10. Done!!? can go kill raids or other boss's for some awesome loot's!!!!! omen/corp/turtles/lucky knights are all really good! or maybe having trouble? vVv 11. go kill ::rainbow ->::ganodermic->::ethereal from rainbow you'll want the amulet,wings, and ring they are bis from gano you'll want FULL POLYPORE STAFF and hula hoop. and maybe some armour pieces 12. if you get a full staff start using it with whatever mage gear you have. ***you can pretty much go get the rest of your korasi once you get a full polypore staff, cause you'll 2 hit ***you can 1 hit often if you get max mage tho
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    You can start this minigame by going south of ::home and talking to the Aggressive Mage. You will need 250 1b Tokens in your inventory to start as this is the fee for entering the minigame. You can logout whilst in the minigame but if you teleport out you will need to pay the 250B again. your Drop Rate and Drop Potential don't affect this minigame. The aim here is to get the top tier Korasi sword available through the minigame which is called Light Korasi. Tier 1: Water Korasi Drop Chance: 1/100 Tier 2: Lime Korasi Drop Chance: 1/100 Tier 3: Sun Korasi Drop Chance: 1/200 Tier 4: Golden Korasi Drop Chance: 1/300 Tier 5: Forest Korasi Drop Chance: 1/400 Tier 6: Rose Korasi Drop Chance: 1/500 Tier 7: Grappes Korasi Drop Chance: 1/600 Tier 8: Fire Korasi Drop Chance: 1/700 Tier 9: Night Korasi Drop Chance: 1/800 Tier 10: Light Korasi Drop Chance: 1/900 When you have powered through all of this and reached Light Korasi, you can then go on to farm a Heaven Stone and use it on the Light Korasi for the chance to upgrade it to a Corrupt Korasi. Be warned there is a chance that if the upgrade fails you will lose you Light Korasi and have to farm it again. You can get a heaven Stone from and monster, the higher the HP the higher the chance of you receiving one randomly as a drop.
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    We have finally released Mage, I know it happened a few days back, but we didn't start the marketing yet and still we get 5 players+ online everyday which is exciting to see. Our goals when we start marketing is to go in steps and grow our player count naturally and have updates which will entertain you days on end. The best part is we want to listen to the community on update ideas and we will be reading suggestions, on Mage the possibilities are endless, we can make any NPC or Item into real life and make a concept behind it. It will take time to grow to what GadorX once was, but I believe with a dedicated team behind it we will make it and with the support of you the players. Right now our plans is to start marketing and since every single bug before release was fixed, its also a time to start adding in amazing updates. Our main concepts will be bringing Range to life, but also introduce a end game raiding system, so by the time people are in end game gear this update will be ready and people will have to grind it out to reach a new end game, but the best part about this raids system is the way it will work is it will have 3 stages and each stage will require a certain amount of unlocks, the final stage/room requires all unlocks prior attempting it, but the other stages 1 and 2 will be good for players transitioning from early to mid tier and from mid tier to mid end tier. This is just one of our idea concepts and we have a lot more incoming. We also want to add things you guy's want, we don't want simple ideas like adding in a new NPC, you must explain what the NPC will do, whats the story behind it, what items should we make work for it, should it have requirments? What tier will it be early game mid game or end game. We are listening and we want to make this a great game for all to enjoy. Thank you for reading and we hope to see you in-game! <3 The Mage team <3