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    Hours you spend a day on Mage: 4 - 5hrs Mondays - Thursdays, 1 - 2hrs Friday and Saturday and roughly 4hrs on Sunday. Active on Discord during off times. Total hours spent on Mage(picture with your username): Reasons for helping people: Helping people is in my nature. When I first started not many people helped, so after a while I wanted to change that. MagePS needs a helping community where everyone is out there to help either with guidance or maybe give them a little head start with gear. I feel being a helper I can make this community a better place and for people to come in and enjoy MagePS. Reasons for playing Mage: Well.... I wouldn't have played this long if I didn't enjoy it haha. But I love the creativity, there is always something exciting. The zones, me oh my what a great idea, it makes the urge to grind and I love that idea and that there is always a achievement when you complete them. The community is unreal at the moment, so much support from staff and players and discord is just as good. Time zone: GMT + 13
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    Welcome to another Mage Refresh, and finally Mage is starting to feel FRESH again and in the 2020 times and vibes. We hope you enjoy this update as much as we had making it! Halloween Event Welcome to the 2020 Mage Halloween event! You may get here by typing ::haunted or ::halloween Ghosts worth 2-7 points will spawn randomly, they will all be different colors Red - 2 Blue - 3 Green - 4 Purple - 5 Orange - 6 Yellow - 7 A boss will also spawn in the middle every 1000 kills granting 50 points for the kill You can spend these points on Bloody IT a Bloody Chucky Doll and the new BiS Costume! Bloody Halloween Boxes These brand new Halloween Pet Boxes will be in the store for only 1 month. They will be removed at the start of December as that is when we are planning our Winter Event. The brand new pets all have a 2% damage boost to all styles and heal 2 HP on hit, with level 5 being a 10% damage boost and 10 HP on hit. With the same base effects from last years pets. Get your PETS TODAY! Drop Table Interface Rework This truly looks amazing now, and will help tons of players find what they need on Mage, and make things much more clearer! New and Old Players will greatly benefit from this New Player Tab This is the start of the new player tab, when achievements are finished plus zone information, plus slayer 99-135 this will serve more purposes Torzek reworked and renamed to I Buy Stuff = SUPER USEFUL! Torzek is now one of the most useful NPC's in Mage! He will help you with everything when it comes to selling your stuff in the bank or in the inventory Character Creation Interface Reworked - Elite Allowed to make now! This is now a AMAZING Character creation interface to help us surprise new players when they join Bug Fixes/Content Updates Fix grinding in zones properly Add toggle for control compare Fix buy more option Fix recent rewards cut off at bottom in mystery box Fix empty zones strings Add close button on zone skips Fix attendance abusing Deathly hallows wands not counting as magic on diablo Fix Ignore list shows player chat Fix pepe vote box time on box Fix diver upgrades disappearing when banking Remove ability to see new interface for prayer Fix pumpkin pet summoning Fix token message on atlantis tokens blood staff Fix gyrados aggro 4 uzones can work out water Fix tower print out messages Fix message for sell all under 1t and under Look into prayers that aren't working Fix crown of the seas not working has hybrid item with bond Remove yell assistance about auth code Kril Agro Fixed Raids Pathing fixed Summoned pet disappears when going to another region sometimes
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