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    Mage is fully refreshed! We have been out for two years, and things may have grown stale for some, but innovation never stops! Mage is made new again with a huge expansion to the game once again, and finally leading closer to completion. For those who enjoyed Mage over the years, we are finally at a point where we can call ourselves the best custom server once more. Thank you for sticking and supporting us for over two years while we made Mage better. I still think Mage can get better, but with this update we for sure set the standard and the bar very high of what hard work and creativity can do. We are adding 90 new items, so much content, and preparing for a great future for Mage I would like to thank all of the players, Donators, Staff Team, Daviddd, Kriim for the amazing beta testing plus support and of course Leviticus for making this happen. 99-135 Slayer Perks of Slayer You can skip all requirements needed when on a slayer task. Meaning if you have not unlocked that zone, but are on a task you may do it without worrying about requirments. This makes grinding zones much easier, more fun, and of course more rewarding. Now you are not limited to the same linear progression. The progression is now randomized between the first 10 zones, then the next 10 zones, and etc. We hope this is a major addition to Mage, and we are really glad to have it here on our server. Two years later Mage has Slayer! This will also make the OLD Orb system obsolete and we have merged it with the new slayer system. Meaning doing Slayer taks should increase your damage cap and it will be found in your player tab now. For all tasks you will be assigned from 75-150 NPC's Easy Slayer This will be down the green path, shortest path and easiest tasks. Has 0 Requirements to do. Gives 1 Easy Slayer bone and Easy Slayer key per task complete. You will also recieve 25 Slayer points per finished task. It will cost 50 Slayer points to cancel a task! Knuckles (Pikachu) - 250 Exp No Face (Cave horror) - 250 Exp Red Eye Crawler (Ursaring) - 500 Exp Master Chief Clone (Scyther) - 500 Exp White Tiger (Lion) - 550 Exp Totodile - 750 Exp Transformed horse - 1000 Exp Ethereal mage - 300 Exp Evil turnip - 600 Exp Tzhaar - 700 Exp Mystery box - 450 Exp Ganodermic beast - 650 Exp Rainbow Unicorn (Jolteon) - 525 Exp Medium Slayer This will be down a blue path! The Path is now getting a bit longer, and the tasks are harder! You will need 10 Zones completed to start using this slayer master, You will have a 75% chance to get a Medium Slayer key and a 100% chance at a Medium Slayer bone. You will also recieve 50 Slayer points per finished task. It will cost 100 Slayer points to cancel a task! Turtle - 1000 Exp Tormented demon - 1700 Exp Lucky Knight - 1250 EXP Rage vorago - 1600 EXP Corporeal beast - 1500 EXP Obiwan - 1200 EXP Vegeta - 1800 EXP White walker - 1000 EXP Satucre - 1900 EXP Tri - 1100 EXP Good ranger - 1400 Exp Evil mage - 1400 EXP Diver - 1350 EXP Hard Slayer The Red path, now things actually are getting HARD! The path is longer, and you now need much higher requirements to do it. 102 Slayer and 20 Zones to be exact. You will get a 100% chance at Hard Slayer bone and a 50% chance at a Hard Slayer key. You will also recieve 75 Slayer points per finished task. It will cost 150 Slayer points to cancel a task! Stormtrooper leader - 2000 EXP Crab Leader boss - 2000 EXP Darth vader - 3000 EXP K'ril tsutsaroth - 2750 EXP Diablo - 2900 EXP QBD - 4000 EXP Hades - 3800 EXP Blood Cerberus - 3200 EXP Boney beast - 3600 EXP Poseidon - 3150 EXP Elite Slayer The final path, the purple path. The path of Elites is long, but most rewarding. To even start the Slayer tasks here you will need 105 Slayer and to have finished 30 zones! Yes 30 Zones!!! You will get a 100% chance at a Elite Slayer bone and a 50% chance at a Elite Slayer key. You will also recieve 125 Slayer points per finished task. It will cost 250 Slayer points to cancel a task! James bond - 5000 Exp Ice dragon - 4200 Exp Blood queen - 5200 EXP Cell - 4000 Exp Frieza - 4800 Exp Goku Black - 5250 EXP Jiren - 6000 EXP Blood Dragon - 6200 Exp Slayer Cave Navigator We have added a navigator for people who do not want to walk the long distances, and to make it F2P we added an Achievment requirment alongside a donation one! Easy - $10 donor rank(Free at 5 Zones Done) or 15 Easy achievments complete Medium - $50 Donor rank(Free with 15 Zones Done) or 20 Medium Achievments Complete Hard - $250 Donor rank(Free with Most zones Done) or 20 Hard Achievments Complete Elite - Sponsor Rank(Have to pull from ::chestr or Donate for and need VIP to claim) or 20 Elite achievments Complete Slayer Zones Reworked It will still count as a zone, but the new reqs are listed below Easy Slayer zone will be accessible from 108 Slayer The New Slayer Zone will have all the Easy zone tasks spawning. With a chance of Easy superiors being a 50% extra chance to spawn Medium Slayer Zone will be accessible from 115 slayer + 10 zone tasks The New Slayer Zone will have all the Medium zone tasks spawning. With a chance of Medium superiors being a 50% extra chance to spawn Hard Slayer Zone will be accessible from 125 Slayer + 20 zone tasks The New Slayer Zone will have all the Hard zone tasks spawning. With a chance of Hard superiors being a 50% extra chance to spawn Superior Slayer Mobs Superiors have a 1/125 chance of spawning while killing stuff on task. The drop rate for any item obtained from a Superior Boss is 1/50 for all rare drops and drop rate will not effect this. Master Chief Will have 10x HP from Master Chief Clones, but if you have over 100k NPC kills will be 100x HP Cowboy Will have 10x HP from Transformed Horses, but if you have over 100k NPC will be 100x HP Faded Diablo Will have x10 HP from Diablo Slime Walker Will have 10x HP from White Walkers, but 100x HP if over 100k NPC kills Celestial Corp Will have x10 HP from a normal Corp Ghostly Cerberus 2x The HP, 1.5x the attack, 2x the max hit from normal Cerberus Obsidian Beast 2x The HP, 1.5x the attack, 1.5x the max hit from normal Boney Beast Evil Goku Black 30% more damage and attack from normal Goku Black Obsidian Tzhaar-Om Normally will have 10x HP, but if you have 100k+ NPC kills it will have 100x HP from Tzhaar-Oms Slayer Rewards Slayer Shop Easy Slayer Key - 50 Slayer Points Medium Slayer Key - 100 Slayer Points Hard slayer Key - 150 Slayer Points Elite Slayer Key - 250 Slayer Points Easy Slayer bone - 50 Slayer Points Medium Slayer bone - 100 Slayer Points Hard Slayer Bone - 150 Slayer Points Elite slayer bone - 250 Slayer points Lime Slayer Helmet - 250 Slayer Points Golden Melee gear + weapon - 500 Slayer Points a Piece - Made Un-tradable Golden Mage gear + Weapon - 750 Slayer points a piece - Made Un-tradable Golden Range Gear + weapon - 1000 Slayer points a piece - Made Un-tradable Easy Task Scroll - 75 Slayer Points Medium Task Scroll - 100 Slayer points Hard Task Scroll - 125 Slayer points Elite Task Scroll - 150 Slayer points Double Strength/Magic/Range/Soulsplit Potion - 10 Slayer points Adventurer scroll - 3000 Slayer Points Slayer Keys The perks of slayer key is that any item you get from it will help complete the zone item requirement. So even if you get a tzhaar piece, it will help you complete the zone making it very useful, even with a "bad" loot drop. Also in general the rewards from the keys are insane! You can see all the Key lootations you can get yourself in-game via a right click on the reward chest or a right click from the key. Easy 100% Chance to obtain from completing a Easy Slayer Task Medium - 75% Chance to obtain from completing a Medium Slayer Task Hard - 50% Chance to obtain from completing a Hard Slayer Task Elite - 50% Chance to obtain from completing a Elite Slayer Task Slayer Gear Reworked Slayer Helmets Reworked Lime Slayer helmet will provide a 5% Damage boost during a slayer task for all attack styles Barrows will give a 8% Damage Boost Shadow will give a 12% Damage Boost Gilded will now give a 15% Damage boost Golden Slayer Gear Reworked For reference slayer gear = Golden Black All Slayer Gear when worn as a full set will now provide a 25% Damage boost for their style they are using. Range or Mage or Melee during a Slayer Task. You only need the Set, don't need the weapon, but adding a weapon from the Slayer will add a 5% Damage boost to Hydra, or the Slayer set gear making it 30% Total Hydra Set Reworked Hydra can be worn for a 25% Damage boost as well, but its a Hybrid set bonus, so any weapon can be used, but need full armor set. The Hydra set will only give the damage boost during a slayer task. P.S. Hydra armor can be made combining all the slayer 99-135 Prayer Exp Rates Easy Slayer Bone - 15,000 EXP Medium Slayer Bone - 30,000 EXP Hard Slayer Bone - 50,000 EXP Elite Slayer Bone - 100,000 EXP Same EXP modifiers allowed for the 99-135 Skilling Prayer effects Increase Restores by 25%(food and prayer pots) - Gift of Life - 100 prayer Double Soulsplit Healing - Soulsplitter - 103 prayer 10% Damage Increase + 15% str boost/accuracy - Heavy Hitter - 107 prayer 10% Damage increase for Range + 15% Range Boost/accuracy - Piercing Arrow - 108 Prayer 10% Damage increase for Mage + 15% Magic Boost/accuracy - Conjuring Effect - 109 Prayer Blocks 15% of incoming Damage - Protector - 112 Prayer Increases Skilling experience by 15% and 2% chance to double resource - Big Brain - 120 Prayer 15% Damage extra during Raids - Adventure Quest - 123 Prayer 5% Chance to stun an NPC which will reduce its defense for 25% (when an npc is stunned make a stun gfx, and npc wont attack 5 ticks) (will reduce the def each time its stunned during the one kill) Kiss of Zeus - 125 Prayer 10% Damage during Slayer - Stranger Danger - 127 Prayer 10% Crit chance increase - Critical Impact - 128 Prayer 3% chance for double lines - Double Down - 132 Prayer Prayer Unlocks Prayers you can unlock You have 5 Prayers you can unlock, with a 6th unlock requirement being added in the future(this is for double down) Big Brain please Big Brain Prayer unlock = Will come from Skilling tasks scrolls - Scroll is Tradable Secret of Olympus Kiss of Zeus - After using 1000 Atlantis Tokens + 500 Chtulu tentacles + 10q will give you a scroll called "Secret of Olympus" which will unlock the prayer when used - Scroll is Untradable Impact to the Max Critical Impact - Get a Scroll randomly from Easy-Hard Tiger King Raids(more raids coming soon) Stranger Danger Prayer Scroll Stranger Danger - Get a Scroll randomly from Easy-Hard Tiger King Raids(more raids coming soon) Adventure Quest Scroll Adventure Quest - Costs 3k Slayer points to unlock Relics How to unlock Tier 1 = 100 Achievement Points Tier 2 = All Easy Achievements Done Tier 3 = 1500 Achievement Points Tier 4 = All Medium Achievements Done Tier 5 = 7500 Achievement Points Tier 6 = 15000 Achievement Points Tiers and Effects Tier 1 I will Skill - Get 25% Extra Experience from skilling and a 25% chance to have your resource doubled I will Produce - Get 5 things created at once when Smelting ores, Smithing bars, Fletching logs, Making Bolt Tips, Cleaning Herbs, Making pots, Cooking Food I will PvM - Get 10% Damage from the start and all your skills and combat stats are boosted by 5 forever. Tier 2 Raid Lover - Get 25% drop rate on all raids you do, with a 10% Damage boost inside a raid. Slayer Lover - Get 5% Double drop rate chance, 10% chance more to spawn a superior, and 10% Damage boost during Slayer Tasks. Tier 3 The Ranger - Increases your accuracy by 25%, Gives a 10% Chance to double your lines of damage when attacking a single target. 10% Range Boost. The Tanker - Gives you a 10 HP Permanent increase, allows you to take 25% Less damage forever and gives you a 10% Damage increase for Melee. The Mage - Increases your accuracy by 50% and adds a 1 AoE to all your attacks. Also does an additional 10% Magic Damage Boost. Tier 4 Lets Find Treasure - Increases your chances of obtaining a Task scroll and Boss head by 2x. Doubles all your bil Token drops forever and gives you a 10% Double drop rate Chance. Lessens the Task scroll tasks in half so if you need to do 100 you will now do 50. Let me Choose! - Lets you choose the next slayer task you want, but limited to choosing 10 tasks a day. You will also now have a 15% more chance to spawn a superior mob Tier 5 Save my Resources - Farming will now be 2x Quicker, and you will obtain 2x the herbs from it. Creating a Potion will now give you a 50% chance of saving one of the resources needed to create it(life potion idk how it will work since it needs a lot) Magical Gear - You are now given the best tools in Mage, a Magic Fishing rod(recolor to purple) has a 50% chance of saving Feathers while fishing and not break. A Indestructible Magical Bird Trap(recolored purple) which can be placed unlimited times without breaking. A Magic Axe(recolored space axe purple) which doesn't break and a Magic Pickaxe(recolored purple) which doesn't break Lets Max Fast - Gives you an additional 5000 Exp(no multiplier) per action you do 1000 times a day, then 2500 Exp for everything else. Tier 6 Bloodlust - All your attacks now have a 10% Increased accuracy, and 10% increased damage for all styles. You will now heal 1 HP per line of damage you do. You will also restore 1 prayer point per attack you do. AoE does not work for this as it only accounts for the first NPC you attack Im Special - All your attacks now have 10% increased accuracy and 10% increased Damage for all styles. Special attacks will now only cost 20% special regardless of the amount before, and you will restore special attack two times as quick. Attack me - All your attacks now have a 15% increased accuracy and 15% increased damage for all styles. Everyday you login you will be given 1 hour of aggression buff to attract 1 NPC. You will also now take 25% Less damage Easy/Medium Achievements Easy Achievements These Achievements legit took hours, on hours maybe 20-25 hours per tier, so each one is balanced, and has the proper teleports, and worked greatly for new players to learn the game and unlock relics! Hard and Elite coming soon! Easy gives 10 Achievement points per completion Medium Achievements Medium gives 50 Achievement points per completion New Battlepass - Link Link Set Wombo Combo - Has a 20% chance of activating, will scream above his head. Will make the Master Sword 1 Tick for 8 Ticks. With a 15 Tick Cooldown. Only works with Master Sword Master Sword 5 Lines 2 Ticks - One Handed Hylian Shield Effect - Increases Melee Damage 10% - Can operate for a random Spirit Shield effect - Lava, Devil, Pink - Cooldown 60 Seconds Link Pet Wombo Combo if using full link set + Link pet will allow you to make the weapon -1 tick for 8 ticks, and double its lines + 1 NPC Agro Mage Rework and Buff Mage was buffed! We heard your complaints about Mage, and our goal is to make it better from early to end game, if we missed something we will add it when we rework all early-end game range stuff next. Buffs include Making all AoE attacks hit the same high damage instead of just the first NPC Making all the gear have proper Magic Bonuses to compete with Melee and Range Making sure all gear from start to finish is buffed! Armor Sets Mages - +3% Magic Damage boost for 3 piece set +1000 Magic +1000 Magic Def +1000 Str +15 Prayer Ganodermic - 5% Magic Damage Boost +2000 Magic +2000 Magic Def +0 Str Bonus +20 Prayer Ethereal - 5% Magic Damage Boost +2500 Magic +2500 Magic Def +0 Str Bonus +25 Prayer Evil Set - New Set Effect 2 NPC AoE if using Evil Staff, and 5% Magic Damage +3250 Magic +3250 Magic Def +0 Str Bonus +35 Prayer Ice Set - Should be 10% Magic Damage boost for 3 piece set +3750 Magic +3750 Magic Def +0 Str +40 Prayer Harry potter upgraded - Should be 10% Magic Damage boost for 3 pieces +4000 magic +4000 magic def +0 Str +40 Prayer Soul Orb +3500 Magic +4000 Magic Def +0 Str +50 Prayer Goku Black +6500 Magic +6500 Magic Def +0 Str +65 Prayer Magic Staves Mage Staff +2500 Magic +2500 Magic +0 Str +25 Prayer Polypore Staff(full) - Make 1st Line 10% Magic Damage +4500 Magic +4500 Magic Def +0 Str +30 Prayer Ethereal Battlestaff - Make it 2 Lines, Make 2nd line 20% Magic Damage +5500 Magic +5500 Magic Def +0 Str +55 Prayer Evil Staff - Make 2rd Line 30% Magic Damage +7500 Magic +7500 Magic Def +0 Str +75 Prayer Trident - Make 2nd Line 40% Magic Damage +9500 Magic +9500 Magic Def +0 Str +95 Prayer Blood Staff - Make 1st Line 10% Magic Damage Make 2nd Line 50% +11500 Magic +11500 Magic Def +0 Str +100 Prayer Crystal Staff - Make 1st Line 20% Magic Damage 2nd Line 60% +12500 Magic +12500 Magic Def +0 Str +100 Prayer Goku Black Staff - Make 1st Line 30% Magic Damage 2nd Line 70% +14000 Magic +14000 Magic Def +0 +100 Prayer Evil Goku Black Staff - Make 1st Line 40% Magic Damage 2nd Line 80% +16665 Magic +16665 Magic Def +0 +100 Prayer Blood Dragon Fused Keys The new keys needed to get into this Boss Fight. Have a Fused key after you fight Blood Queen to get in! You will need an Ice Key + Blood Key to make a Fused Key! Giving High demand for Keys once more <3 Blood Set Wearing the full set will give a 50% chance to hit a 3rd line with any of the Magic staves, Blood Staff, Crystal Staff, Trident of the Seas, Goku Black Staff, and Evil Goku Staff Blood Orb This is an upgrade to the soul orb, obtained by using a Roseblood on a Soul Orb. This will give 20% Magic Damage increase(If this is determined too OP, we will nerf to 15%, and Soul orb to 10%) Dark Blood Wings 50% chance to save a Rune, such as glacial rune (e) and any of the other (e) runes. Making it the new and only BiS Magic cape pretty much The Fight Itself The fight is a mixture of Ice Dragon and Blood queen. A deadly Hybrid with 2x HP and Attack of Blood queen, and 1.5x the damage. Get ready for massive Combos if you are not careful. This is a fight to be feared and remembered. With rewards highly sought after, you bet this place will be packed. So grab your 3 friends and get ready for Mage's new end game fight! Upgrading Update New ::upgrade interface We have started on a new ::upgrade interface to help get rid of old outdated stuff, or early game stuff into making mid/end game stuff. More stuff will be added here with the suggestions of the players, this is just the start! Stuff you can make 2x EXP Ring + 2t + Heaven stone = 100% chance to make 3x EXP Ring 3x EXP Ring + 3t + Lucky Heaven stone = 100% chance to make 4x EXP Ring 4x EXP Ring + 10t = 4% Chance to make a 10% EXP Skilling Ring 10% EXP Skilling Ring + 10q = 50% chance to make 10% EXP Costume Ring Pet Box + 500t = 5% chance to make a DBZ Pet Box Crab Eye + Elder Maul = 50% chance to make Hades Scythe Ornate Katana + 100t = 50% chance to make Hellslayer Sword Hellslayer Sword + 150t = 50% chance to make Elderbone Whip Trident + 100 Atlantis Tokens = 25% chance to make Blood Staff Weak Magic gem + Weak Magic Gem = 40% chance to make Strong Magic Gem Strong Magic gem + Strong Magic Gem = 40% chance to make Godly Magic Gem Scroll of Efficiency + 10t = 5% chance to make a 100% Droprate 10% chance scroll Heaven Stone + 4T = 100% chance of making Christmas Cracker Skilling Rings explained 10% EXP Skilling Ring = When worn gives 10% EXP for all skills 99-135 10% EXP Costume Ring = When worn gives 10% EXP for all skills 99-135, but in costume slot. This allows you to stack both rings for 20% EXP Making Early Game Easier Giving all new players a 99 Skill Level Lamp This will help us guide new players to the skills much easier and faster without the hassle of the EXP Lamps! Making Knuckles(Pikachu) Easier Kill 100 Knuckles(Pikachu) > Kill 50 Knuckles(Pikachu). Making the grind 2x Easier Rage Vorago made easier Requirment to kill Rage Vorago changed from 500 to 100 Kills. Making the grind 5x EASIER Tormented Demons and Kril Bil Token Buff Upped to Bil tokens from 25 to 50, and 50 to 125. Making the grind almost 2.25x Easier to finish the zones Red Eye Crawler(Ursaring) made easier Changed from Killing 250 to 200 making the grind 30% Easier No Face(Cave Horrrors) made easier Kill 250 No Faces(Cave Horrors) to only 100. Plus making it drop 3B and 5B token drops. Making the grind 2.5x Easier! Skill of the Day Everyday a new skill is chosen! Everyday a random skill will be chosen. It will not be Chosen more then once a week. It will only give 1.5x EXP for skills that are trainable Skills not included are prayer and Slayer. Bonus Exp Weekend Every weekend we will have a Bonus Exp Weekend With 1.5x EXP for all skills, not including prayer and slayer. This will give 50% + the 50% exp on skill of the day to stack to 2x which is allowed. New UI Big focus on easier to understand UI and Icons We added lots of new Icons which are easy to remember, and easier to guess what they are based on how the icon looks. Also due to the Relics being new content and important, we switched astrals around and removed the summoning icon. Making room for more useful things and focus on making people click things and learn what they might be for future gameplay. Client Update Item tearing has been fixed! Making all items smoother and looking nicer. Maps looking broken has been fixed! Helps us add a lot more maps and fixes old ones we couldn't fix before! Boss of the day Rework 10% Damage Boost You will now get a 10% Damage boost while fighting the boss of the day! New Bosses added New Bosses added to boss of the day are the following. Blood Cerberus, Vegeta, Diver, Good Ranger, and Evil Mage We have removed Lucky Knights Cowboy Set Set Effect Quickdraw - has a 5% chance to 1 HKO an NPC under 2.5m HP (should be 5x what the diamond cape allows) Chance is doubled using a Magnum. The 5% chance will only work with other 1 handed range weapons. Wearing Full cowboy will increase the chance of the magnum chances to increase by 10%. so 2nd shot is 100% 2 lines, 3rd shot is 80% at 3 lines. Magnum Special weapon will shoot all shots at 1 tick. 1st shot is 1 line, has a 90% chance of making the 2nd shot 2 lines, 70% chance of making 3rd shot 3 lines, 40% chance of making 4th shot 4 lines, 20% chance of making 5th shot 5 lines. This will go in line with the idea of a magnum and the fast shooting abilities of it, and the fact the gun can jam up sometimes. Each NEW NPC the counter resets, Each failure of moving onto the next shot will reset it back to 1shot 1 line. Master Chief Set Set Effect This will be a Hybrid set for Range/Melee Set Effect - Increases Halo item by Damage 15%, has a 3% chance to double lines Assault Rifle Halo Assault Rifle - 4 Lines 2 ticks Special attack = 100% sprays a clip of 8 Bullets Energy Sword Halo Energy Sword 4 lines 2 ticks - one handed Special Attack = Ornate katana special NPC Rework 27 NPC's were changed We have added Animations and GFX to over 27 NPC's in Mage. We have also changed outdated NPC's as well with something new! We are also working on changing a lot more stuff people don't like, but for now everything should have animations and GFX and make the game experience feel fresher and proper Pikachu was changed to Knuckles This is my favorite meme ever made, why did we add it is because it fit with everything. Everyone has pikachu, but Knuckles will be our special thing on Mage to make new players have a chuckle when they start doing their first zone Cave Horrors was changed to the Ghost from Spirited Away called No Face One of my favorite anime movies ever MADE! Amazing story telling and beautiful drawing. Hope it makes people fall in love with Mage as well too. Tzhaar's were changed to Mini jads! The king of Tzhaar's is of course Jad, we wanted to make a custom NPC, but thought this fit much better then what it was before Jolteon changed to Rainbow Unicorns More outdated meme Pokemon content gone, for bigger meme content, rainbow unicorns? Should we replace this again, who knows at this point. Scyther was changed to Master Chief Clone One of the best and memorable games ever made? Ever spend your childhood playing Halo, the feeling of Halo one stepping out of that chilling chamber and starting your journey as Master Chief. Now we added this legend to Mage, replacing scyther more pokemon content gone Lion changed into White Tiger Lion was big, buggy, no animations and looked weird, plus we have tiger raids, and my favorite animal is a white tiger with blue eyes. So this is cheers to making Mage look better with another better looking NPC Ursaring was changed into Red Eye Crawler What a creepy looking NPC we found and made on our streams we did together on RSPS Life, great memory and cheers to another animationless pokemon gone! Replaced with something cool <3 Custom Orders Added Heavenawaits Customs - Lucy + Happy Was the #1 Donator of 2020 Tabor - Rias Pet Was #2 Donator of Season 3! Daviddd - Raiden Pet Was #3 Donator of Season 3! QoL and Content Suggestions First Donation Message has been changed, it will not include ::first anymore and thanks people for making their first donation to Mage! Frieza Token has been changed to 500 Donation points from 2250 which was a mistake and now a QoL Interdimensional key has been raised to 1000 Donation points from 750 which was a mistake and now a QoL Any Boxes which appeared for old players when coming back to Mage have been removed and won't clutter their play window It will now say "This chest is fully looted, find another chest on the island." For jungle Chest It will now say "This Corpse is fully looted, find another Corpse on the island." For Blood Island It will now say "This chest is fully looted, find another chest on the island." For Ice Island It will now say "This Microverse is fully looted, find another Microverse on the island." For Space Island Changed to Achievement icon on both Player tabs from Blue(quest) to Green(achievement) Changed color of Souledge greataxe to not be confused with Satucres greataxe We have given Elites access to the Iron man Store at ::shops It will now say you need 500 Training knights for ::tri We have reduced the prices of the hell point shop to require 500 points for a full hellfire set Will now say during hunter "One of your hunter traps has caught something!" Will now say during hunter "One of your hunter traps has failed!" Removed Hell points from the Player tab We have added ::setyelltitle for people VIP+. You may now may a custom yell title with anything you want within the rules! Bugs Fixed Fixed anything related to the new Boss Heads we added! Such as a null drop from Boney Beast Fixed the Blood fishing spot where using a pole it would start netting. So basically the right animation now Fixed drops that wouldn't show under Obi-wan, Stormtrooper, and Darth Vader in the ::zones interface Fixed and made better ::jail and ::ban timers All visual bugs in ::maxhit for Astral's have been fixed, as it didn't show the nerf we added in Season 2 Fixed Dismissing Chucky pet and Cell pet and retaining the damage boost, while summoning another pet! Naruto pet will now show 10% range damage boost in ::maxhitr Christmas Crackers are now not allowed to be listed in the PoS because they are un-tradable! Frieza bombs do not de-spawn when Frieza is killed has now been fixed Life pots should now not work at Frieza and Cell, even if you drink it before entering the Boss! Tutorial giving 2 Fire lances instead of one has now been fixed Dying at Frieza removing permenant overload effect has now been fixed This update quite frankly is massive. I hope you got excited reading through everything as it took a lot of time to make it. Lots of backlogged stuff is finally in Mage! Also hope it brought back the memories of when you got excited over some new massive game update. We worked really really really hard on this. My brain is tired from coming up with everything so after this we will focus on bug fixes, and finishing the hard/elite achievements, and adding in the reward for it, plus super heavy focus on user experience and actually understanding Mage for new players. We will also be taking a mental break after working so hard to making this happen. Say what you want about Mage, but I don't think any RSPS will ever offer a real gaming experience like Mage will. All those other servers are out for your money and what can bring in the most money, the only goal we had when we started Mage 2 years ago was creating and finishing the most amazing F2P game anyone has ever made using RSPS. I am finally proud of what Mage has become and will be making a long awaited series on Youtube! Thank you <3
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    Trophy Guide What is Boss Trophies, and how do you get them? This guide will explain how to make Trophies and what bonus they will give you. The first step is to get the heads, the chance to get the heads is 1/5000 randomly when fighting a boss, this chance is lowered with Donator ranks. Also this bonus when you have Trophy equipped. Where to find Boss Heads? Use command ::bossheads or head to this tab and find Boss Heads there. How to combine those Heads? When you have the interface open you click on the boss heads icon so you have 3 matches in the 3 boxes and click confirm. Some Trophies require different Heads, I will add info about which ones you need to combine and effects below. You can also level up Trophies, need to add 1 same Trophy to make Level 2, then add 3 Level 1s to Level 2 to make Level 3. Lucky Trophy Torment Trophy Divine Trophy Enraged Trophy Satucre Trophy Demonic Trophy Hell Trophy Queen Trophy Hell Queen Trophy Starwars Trophy Undead Trophy Underwater Trophy Underwater King Trophy Saiyan Trophy DBZ Trophy Super Saiyan Trophy
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    Tower (Unlimited food/overload and prayer restore) guide What is tower and how do I enter? Tower is a minigame which will helps every player to get unlimited food, overload and prayer restore. The benefit of this is that you don’t have to buy food and overloads and you don’t have to teleport to home to restore your prayer. By using the command ::tower you will be teleported to the train area and you spawn next to Rick (from Rick & Morty). If you talk to him you can choose between “Talk to” and “Horror Tower Exchange.” If you talk to Rick you can do the minigame and you can choose between two several styles “Normal” and “Endless.” Normal works with waves and has 5 waves. This means that you have to rejoin each time when you have finished the 5 waves. Endless has 15 waves. The “Horror Exchange Tower” will open the shop. Which game-mode do I need to do (Normal/Endless)? The normal game-mode will, as already explained, take 5 waves and will give you 1500 points when u finished the 5 waves. Endless is 15 waves and gives you also more points when you finished it. Recommended is to do the Normal game mode, because u will grind your points faster than at the endless game mode. The reason is that some of the waves in Endless gives the same amount of points, but you have to kill more NPC’s. Horror Exchange Tower (Shop) At the shop of Rick (click on Horror Exchange Tower) there are several things you could buy. The following items are the most important to buy: - Interdimensional donut (Costs 12.5K points); Donut will heal you - Holy Grail (Costs 20K points); Use it on donut to be able to restore your prayer - Holy Grail 3 (Costs 30K points); Use it on donut to be able to get overload In the picture below the items which are the most important to buy will be visualised:
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    Guide Hybrid items Definition of hybrid item: Hybrid items are items which works as part of the set. Besides it works as a part of the set, it also gives you extra stats. If you have for example a Goku set, you will keep the set boost (Super Saiyan bonus) if you wear hybrid items. As already said: the hybrid items give higher stats, which means that you increase your damage. Which hybrid items does MagePS have and how to get them: There are three hybrid items in the game, these items are: - Blood gloves: Able to get at Blood Queen (::iced) or buy it from players - Blood boots: Able to get at Blood Queen (::iced) or buy it from players - Crown of the seas: Able to get from Poseidon (::uzones) or buy it from players. On which sets can I use the hybrid items? There are several sets in the game which allows you to wear hybrid items. One important thing to know is that the sets which allows hybrid items are classified in tiers. In game we have “Tier 1 sets” and “Tier 2 sets.” What the tiers mean and which sets are classified to these tiers will be explained below: Tier 1 sets Allows you to wear only one of the hybrid items in combination with the set. This will be the following sets: - Jiren set, - Black Goku set, - Tiger rage set, - Bond set Tier 2 sets Allows you to wear two hybrid items in combination with the set. This will be the following sets: - Goku set, - Ice set, - Tiger fury set For this tier it’s recommended to wear “Crown of the seas” and one of the “Blood items.” The reason is that the crown has better stats, which means that your damages increase a little bit more. How your stats will look like if you got these item equiped, will be visualised in the picture below. As example the Goku set will be used:
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    Zones Guide Completing Zones gives you alot of free Donator Ranks, Buffs and Items for your account ! Open up the interface with ::zones or crtl+z and select Pikachu to start with as your first zone. Each zone has 3 tasks you need to complete to 100% before you complete the zone. Once you complete a task you can Claim the rewards. After you claimed all 3 rewards it should look like this. Once you’ve completed various zones, you’ll be rewarded with the following. ::zones Complete 1 Zone : +5% Drop rate 1x Lucky Heaven Stone & 1x Double str pot Complete 3 Zones : +5% Damage 1x Magical box & 1x Double str pot Complete 5 Zones : +5% Damage to 1 handed weapons 10$ Added to your account, 2K Donation points & 2x Double str pot Complete 7 Zones : +10% Damage to 2 handed weapons 1x Pet box & 2x Double str pot Complete 10 Zones : +10% Drop rate, +15HP boost & increased Double str pot duration of 15min 20$ Added to your account, 4K Donation points, 1x Magical box & 3x Double str pot Complete 12 Zones : +5% Drop rate & +10% Damage reduction 1x 100% 10% Drop rate scroll Complete 15 Zones : +10% Damage, +10% Damage reduction & +15HP boost 30$ Added to your account, 6KDonation points, 2x Magical box, 1x Pet box & 5x Double str pot Complete 18 Zones : +10% Drop rate 1x Trophy Box Complete 20 Zones : 40$ Added to your account & 8K Donation points Complete 22 Zones : +10% Drop rate & +10% Damage 2x 100% 10% Drop rate scrolls Complete 25 Zones : 50$ Added to your account & 10K Donation points Daily : 1x Yellow experience Astral lvl1 and more Complete 28 Zones : +10% Double drop rate chanse 1x Chest Ticket (40$) Complete 30 Zones : 60$ Added to your account 12K Donation points Daily : 1x random Dragon ball and a second Dragon ball if you kill ::goku twice that day Complete 32 Zones : +5% Double drop rate chanse & +10HP boost 22K Donation points Complete 35 Zones : 70$ Added to you account 1x Chest Ticket (40$) Allows you to talk to Hooknosed Jack located west at ::home, you can talk to him daily and choose between 2 options. Seeds or Box of Boxes Seeds option would give you 1-3 Seeds randomly from the 8 seed types we have in game. Box of Boxes wil give a 1/10 chanse on Magical box, 1/10 chanse on Cash Box and 8/10 chanse on Lesser Mbox. When talking to him without the 35 zones done he would say "BOX BOX SEEDS I GOT BOXES AND SEEDS, DID YOU FINISH 35 ZONES!?!?!?" ::zones2 Complete 1 Zone : +5% Drop rate 1x Lucky Heaven Stone, 1x Double ranged pot & 1x Double magic pot Complete 3 Zones : +7% Magic Damage 1x Cash box, 1x Double ranged pot & 1x Double magic pot Complete 5 Zones : +10% Ranged Damage 10$ Added to you account, 2K Donation points, 2x Double ranged pot & 2x Double magic pot Complete 7 Zones : +5% Magic Damage & +5% Ranged Damage 1x DBZ Box (50$) ::uzones Complete 2 Zones : +10% Damage underwater & +5% Damage overall Complete 4 Zones : +20% Damage underwater & +10% Damage overall Allows use of Red Gyrados pet outside of the underwater zones
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    Diver's Set (as drop from ::diver) Diver's Set [Level-1] (need crab goo, sand in a bottle and hard crab shells from crab people leader) What you need to upgrade pieces: Diver's helm - crab goo and 250 hard crab shells Diver's oxygen tank - crab goo, sand in a bottle and 100 hard crab shells Diver's platebody - 500 hard crab shells Diver's platelegs - sand in a bottle and 250 hard crab shells Diver's Set [Level-2] (need atlantis tokens from poseidon) What you need to upgrade pieces: Diver's helm[Level-1] - 100 atlantis tokens Diver's oxygen tank[Level-1] - 150 atlantis tokens Diver's platebody[Level-1] - 150 atlantis tokens Diver's platelegs[Level-1] - 125 atlantis tokens
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