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    Slayer guide How to get the gilded helmet: To be able to create the gilded helmet you need 8 Lime helmets. Lime helm, 13% droprate on slayer task. (5k slayer points) Combine two Lime helms to make a barrows helmet. Barrows helm, 20% droprate on a slayer task. (10k slayer points) Combine two barrows helms or 4 limes to make a shadow helmet. Shadow helm, 33% droprate on a slayer task. ( 20k slayer points) Combine 2 Shadow helms or 8 limes to make a gilded helmet. Gilded helm, 50% droprate on a slayer task and 25% damage boost in slayer zones. (40k slayer points) You got to Gilded helm, well done now its time to go further in to slayer gear, and how to upgrade the helm even more. You can obtain Slayer points and Slayer helm attachments and gear to create hydra (hybrid gear) from the slayer zones. How ever the gear and attachments are only dropped by the golden black dragon, wich requires a amount of kills and damage dealt, but the kills are different every zone, and the damage needed is 100M to damage the boss. Every zone has his own gear style and attachment: ::slayere the easy slayer zone is the melee gear+attachment. (add the attachment to the gilded slayer helm to increase the 25% damage boost in slayerzones to 50% for melee.) ::slayerm the medium slayer zone is the range gear+attachment. (Attachment picture coming) (add the attachment to the gilded slayer helm to increase the 25% damage boost in slayerzones to 50% for ranged.) ::slayerh the hard slayer zone is the magic gear+attachment (Attachment picture coming) When ever you have achieved to get all the armors+attachments you are able you combine the gear+attachments to create the hydra armor (hybrid armor) wich gives 50% damage increase inside the slayer zones as well as outside the zones! Good luck slaying!
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    Welcome to our Halloween update thread, this includes our long awaited Halloween update which we tried to make extra juicy and includes our VERY important Slayer rework, and even more important a brand new spanking player owned shops system. Halloween is HERE! ::haunted will be your first destination on this Harrowing Halloween Halloween Pet Boxes These cost $50 Each and will be only in-game until the Halloween event ends, the pets have the following bonuses 2019 Chucky pet effect He will stab you granting you a temporary 10% Damage boost for Magic, Range or Melee every 60 seconds for 120 seconds the buff will last 2019 IT Pet Shocks the NPC you are attacking and only 1 NPC at a time and allows you to do 10% damage extra to it without it attacking you 2019 Micheal Myers Undying Effect, every time you are about to die(0-1 hp) you will be healed to full HP and be given a 10% damage boost to all attack styles 2019 Jason Pet Die DIE DIE He will out of nowhere whip out 500k-1 million Damage (5% chance) level 5 pet (10% chance) 2019 Freddy Pet Our first aggressive Pet, since Freddy wants to take everyone on he will make all NPC's aggressive to him, and give 5% damage boost to all magic range and melee For Aggressive effect to stay you have to move every 5 minutes or the effect ends Exclusive Halloween Sets We wanted to add a bit of exclusivity to every tier, as when this event ends all this stuff will now only be traded and obtained through the original people who got it. There will only be 15 sets in total for sale this Halloween. Freddy Has Freddy's Claw which is actually a blood scythe, but already +10, and +2000 str bonus and same special attack making it the best 2 handed weapon in game The armor is the same as goku, with a new set effect renamed into Freddy's Instinct, the pieces of armor are +50 str bonus more as well making it the best armor set in-game This full set is $1200 Jason This armor set will have the same Goku effect as Freddy with same stats But will include a Hellslayer sword reskinned for Jason's Machete, It will be +10 upgrade with 500 str bonus as well making it the best 1 handed weapon in-game This full set is $1000 Michael Myers This set will be a Pink Bikini stats armor set, with the same effect as QBD armor set effect meaning random buffs The weapon will be the same stats as the Jason Weapon, but it will be Michaels Knife. This full set is $600 If you want to hold onto something which will always hold its value and get buffed in the future as well with future updates, then these exclusive 2019 armor sets and weapons are the way to go. Slayer Rework What an important update this is for Mage, its a long time coming to make Slayer viable again and we hope you will love this. This update comes with 3 new zones, 3 Bosses, tons of NPC's to kill, a reason to get gilded helmets, and of course the combination of all the items to make the brand new Hydra Armor set which will be the best slayer set in the game and has amazing stats too. Hydra being our first HYBRID SET! Gilded slayer helmet normal will give 25% damage boost, a specific attachment from the Golden Black Dragon will give it 50% damage to that attachments style inside of the slayer cave, if you get a hydra set, its a hybrid set giving 50% damage to all attack styles and since its a hybrid set it will work best inside and outside the slayer cave, but will take a long time to obtain. The boss to fight is the Golden Black Dragon which can be found in all 3 slayer caves, each zone will only give drops for a specific attack style, Easy being Melee, Medium being Range, and Hard being Mage Player Owned Shops Another long awaited update, to keep making Mage better we always re-work old and out dated content and make it work perfectly for the future to come. Astral Rework We have finally added the magic points shop, and we have changed the way astral boxes work, we removed the red experience astral from the chance table, and added it as a 100% chance to come with every astral box instead. Bug Fixes/Content Updates We have made blood scythe have an additional 5k str bonus Crystal staff is now added to upgrade master The combination key from ::tri is now stackable, the rest are not Fixed the issues with the zones not counting for being on the winning side Quick join option has been fixed for raids We have fixed stacking for Magic and Range double pots with mining, so you can only do double potion or mining not both at once Fixed any new issues with ::iced that have appeared Lasergun drops will now be added to the inventory/bank Fixed people losing their T3 donut Blood staff is now only a 2 Person AoE while crystal staff is 3 and so is hades scythe/blood scythe Fixed the issue with people getting triple drops from Obiwan and other Raids(This happened due to our new double drops system) Only the #1 on the winning side will get a scroll, not everyone from ::evil and ::good Fixed people from being attacked at home And many other bugs have been fixed and quashed We are sorry the update came so late when Halloween is right around the corner, Axo was sick and needed time to recover. The update is finally done and we have a lot of stuff that was supposed to be added to this update, but will now be left for the next HUGE update, so we hope you enjoy this update and give us the feedback on future events. Our Easter one was amazing Halloween is better, and for Christmas/Holidays we plan to out do ourselves. We hope you guys ENJOY!
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    Owners Satucre - better than football, worse than sex Axo - keep up the good work fixing bugs Admins Steffio - pizza time, great admin Dc ftw - viiiktoooor, great admin net - fucking monster, most kills ingame n stuff, great admin Moderators Mars - neptune is better, helps out people, levitates on walls helpers Peon - peon me, 10/10 uwu it madi - you're a trap owo Turtle king- my man, go for mod, always on when im on Iron gajeel - dont really know bout u
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    Owners Satucre: from what i have seen you're a good owner. Axo: N/A Admins Steffio:N/A Dc Ftw: N/A Peon: will help you and very nice about it Moderators: Rush: N/A Dreamer: Best Moderator you have. always helping people that has questions. If he doesnt know the answer to your question he will direct you to the next person that will know the answer. Helpers: Tea:N/A Ah:N/A
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    Going to be posting Updates on my progress at end game content, I've deleted every stack of items or misc items I have no need for. I've kept Items I use daily to farm just to give everyone an Idea what end game is like, what you'd expect to get from so much Killcount, if you want to see a certain monster's loot that I don't have posted just let me know. Vorago: 1376 Vegeta: 3449 Diablo: 0 Hades: 0 Ice Dragon: 0 Nex: 0 Walkers: 5236 Raids: 0 Kril: 0 Goku: 12
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    Owners Satucre: Ninja :3 always here but you cant see him glad to have him as owner Axo: For real after my return of 4months or more break sad to see while sometimes being ignored but keep it up Admins Steffio: Showing his best! Dc Ftw: At the first its looked like negative person - but now he is a BOMB! ;p Peon: N/A Moderators: Rush: N/A Dreamer: Always helping, active with community - doing things together at boss killings/ chitchatting. Perfect job! Helpers: Tea: Still was no time to find out more about him maybe our time zones different Ah: Monster!! In a good way! always can ask for him about Elites (even without helper rank) always willing to help. Deserved promotion btw!
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    Owners Satucre: His kindness heart was gonna makes me cry one time before and i hope he respond when i talk about problem Axo: i had a problem before and he tried to help so i appreciate that so much Admins Steffio: N/A Dc Ftw: i cant forget what he had done to me when i was new to the server i was anoying him so much L0L and he helped me alot at the beggining and till now if i need to ask or thinking about something i go to him <3 Peon: IDK why i love him and i like to take his opnion about gear and what to do and he never being late to help me Moderators: Rush:N/A Dreamer: my maaaan what i see about him even before being in staff members all he was doing is helping people and now nothing have changed he still there for everyone who needs help or asking about something luv u k3 Helpers: Tea:N/A Ah:N/A
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    How does the zone work its simple and a great way to start to get gear upgrade, and make money. Getting started! Unlock the next zone! Rewards! Zones2 Note! First, you need to do is go to ::gkey kill 25 Jewelled Crab, after you get 25 kc from crab you type ::zones this open a new interface this interface shows all the zones you can complete each zone have 3 tasks you need to do before you complete the zones, etc if we look at Pikachu zone there is 3 task! Get a Thunder Stone. Get a Pikachu Pet. Get 100 Pikachu kills. So to complete the zone you need to keep kill Pikachu until you get 1 thunderstone drop, 1 Pikachu pet drop and kill at least 100 Pikachu, take note that the drops are rng based so no one can tell you when you get the drop. When you get etc a Pikachu pet drop the middlebox will be 100% done and you can click claim and you will get the loot from that task. You need to have 100% in all the tasks before the zone is completed. Each zone have a requirement you need to have done before you can go to the next zone, to see what each zones requirement is you can click on (teleport) and it will tell you, lets etc take the Cave Horror zone if you click on teleport bottom in the interface it will give you an information in chatbox, to get to Cave Horror you will need to get 1/3 of the Pikachu task 100% completed this means you need to get 1 out of the 3 task done from Pikachu zone and it can be any of the 3 you complete to unlock the next zone. There is a lot of good rewards to get from complete the zones first there is the items you can claim from complete each task, then there is more great rewards from complete 5,- 10,- 15 zones etc. Finish 1 zone! 5% drop rate boost. 1 Lucky heaven stone and 1 double str potion Finish 3 zone! 5% damage boost 1 magical box and 1 double str potion Finish 5 zone! 5% damage boost to one-handed weapons $10 Rank and 2k d points and 2 double str potion Finish 7 zone! 10% damage boost to two-handed weapons 1 pet box and 2 double str potion Finish 10 zone! 10% drop rate, increases double pots potion duration by 15 minutes and a permanent 15 hp boost. $20 Rank and 4k d points added to your account, 1 magical box, 3 double str potion Finish 12 zone! 10% damage reduction, 5% drop rate get 100% 10% scroll Finish 15 zone! 10% damage reduction, 15 ho boost again, 10% damage increase $30 Rank and 6k d points added to your account, 5 double str, 2 magical mbox, 1 pet box free Finish 18 zone! 10% drop rate boost Get a Trophy box for free ($40 free) Finish 20 zone! Can claim attendance now twice a day, so people can finish it in 15 days now instead of 30 $40 Rank and 8k d points added to your account Finish 22 zone! 10% drop rate boost and 10% damage increase Two 100% 10% scrolls Finish 25 zone! Get a care package every day with random stuff inside (not ingame yet) $50 Rank and 10k d points added to your account Finish 28 zone! 10% double drop rate chance Get a chest ticket free Finish 30 zone! Get a daily random Dragonball added to the bank after you kill Goku twice that day $60 Rank and 12k d points added to your account Zones 2 new zone content added With mage and range being introduced more and more into MagePS, they wanted to break off the regular ::zones at that is its own legacy and its more for melee, zones 2, on the other hand, will be more for Mage and Range damage boosts, item to help them, and of course more donation ranks to obtain! The zones2 works like the regular zones to start you type ::zones2 Finish 1 zone! 5% drop rate boost 1 lucky heaven stone, 1 double range, 1 double magic potion Finish 3 zone! 7% magic damage boost 1 cash box, 1 double range and magic potion Finish 5 zone! 10% range damage boost 2k donation points $10 rank, 2 double range and magic potion Note: Egg have made a youtube zone guide check it out click Here
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    Very nice and helpful guide, good job as always.
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    Good luck with the progress bud.
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    Looking forward to progress videos/forum updates. Good luck ^.^
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    This is a general (starting) tip guide, aimed at new players but might help old ones too. Work-In-Progress. Pictures/possible video will be added later. Thanks to the people who have made the guides that I linked/will link! 1. Starting off 2. ::Zones 3. General Tips
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    Nice guide man, should help a lot of people out ;^)
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    .:Torva Sets:. Mossy Torva Set (From Pikachu) Steel Torva Set (From ::celestial) Deep Torva Set (Unholv Cursebearer) Frostbite Torva Set (From ::alien) Kryptic Torva Set (From ::terrorbird) Divine Torva Set (From ::gorak) Bloodthirsty Torva Set (From ::forgotten) Devious Torva Set (From ::charmeleon) Sea Blue Torva Set (From ::Barrelchest boss) .:3rd Age Sets:. 3rd Age Set (From MBox/ Spin Tickets) Steel 3rd Age Set (From Lesser Magical Box) Devious 3rd Age Set (From Lesser Magical Box) .:Tzhaar Sets:. Tzhaar Set (From ::tzhaar) They drop also dyes you can colour your Tzhaar pieces / Whip (it does not add any stats) Tok-Tzhaar Set (From Hell Chest) Supreme Tzhaar set (From combine 2 Tzhaar pieces together) .:Requirement Set (::zones):. Use ::zones to find out NPC and Zone requirements. Bossy Melee Set (From ::satucre) Beastmaster Set (From ::tome) Knightmare Set (From ::scyther) Lion Set (From ::lion) Totodile Set (From ::totodile) Tiger Set (From ::ursaring) Evil Set (From ::eturnip) Obisidian Set (From ::arrav) Horse Set (From ::thorse) Dragonbone Set (From ::bork) Heavy Dragonbone Set Dragonbone Set (From ::Goku) Set Bonus: +110 Strength Bonus per slot (+160 Strength with fairy wings) you need Lucky Ring of life + Arcane Blast Necklace to activate Set Bonus! Phantom Set (From ::Goku) Set Bonus: Operate for Random Buff lasting 1 minute (10 mins. cooldown) Turtle Set (From ::turtle) Set Bonus: Give 60% Drop Rate bonus at ::turtle zone Ankou Set (From ::diablo/ ::krill) Set Bonus: Less Hp = More damage New Damage = Old damage * (1 + Max HP / Current HP / 100) Satucre The Boss Set (From ::satucre) Set Bonus 10% chance to not take damage at all. Lucky Completionist Set (From ::luckyknight / ::luckyknight2) Set Bonus: 1% Drop Rate per item equipped. Lucky Teddy Upgraded add 20% drop rate Corrupted Dragon Set (From Lesser Magical Box) Set Bonus: Under 50% NPC HP, 1% chance to 50/50 chance to 1 shot NPC. .:Lance Minigame Set:. Hellfire Set (From ::lance) Each Piece can be bought from Hell Puppy Shop shop 750 points each piece, pieces can also be dropped from Hellfire Boss Rage Set (From ::raged) Set Bonus: 10% chance to increase hit by 25% (fire displayed under the player when activates) Tyrant Set (From ::goku) Set Bonus: 5% chance to double hit. 2,5% chance to triple hit (only if double hit applies). 5% chance to double special damage. QBD Set (From ::qbd) Set Bonus: Every 30 min. can be operated for Random Buff. Sexy Schoolgirl Set (From Donation only) Set Bonus: 5% chance to double hit. 2,5% chance to triple hit (only if double hit applies) 5% chance to double special damage. Sexy Bikini Set (From Donation only) Set Bonus: Every 30 min. can be operated for random buff. Obiwan Set (From ::raids) Set Bonus: Set gives 25% Drop Rate bonus + pet add 6% total = 31% Darth Vader Set (From ::raids) Set Bonus: Can Operate and make Lightsaber like range weapon, can attack from distance. Vegeta Set: (From ::vegeta) Set Bonus: 10% extra damage Goku Set (From ::goku) Set Bonus: 25k str bonus (super saiyan bonus), orginal 12500 .:Mage Sets:. Bossy Mage Set (From ::satucre) Dusty Set (From ::rainbow) Polypore Set (From ::ganodermic) Ethereal Set Dusty Set (From ::ethereal) Magers Set (From ::tri) Evil Set (From ::evil) Ice Set (From ::iced) Blue Bikini Set (From Donate Shop) .:Range Sets:. Bossy Range Set (From ::satucre) Aquatic Set (::horror) Black Stormtrooper Set (From ::raids) Rangers Set (From ::tri) Good Set (From ::good) White Stormtrooper Set (From ::raids) Set Bonus: 1 extra hit for Lasergun Boots/ Gloves: Blood Boots /Gloves (From Blood Nex) Bonus: Can replace any boots/ gloves to get set bonus. NOTE: This page is not done yet more to come!
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    Remember: this is my opinion. I might be wrong at some stuff and you are always welcome to correct me. Spoilered the stuff cause the post would kinda long otherwise. EDIT: updated on 26th of October
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    Welcome to MagePS. I made a guide for new players to follow which i hope can help you out a lot on your adventure. When you join the server you will have to choose your game mode, at MagePS we have 4 game modes you can choose which is! Normal! Iron Man! Hardcore Ironman! Iron Man Group! Normal game mode: there is no restrictions applied, you can play as you please. Iron Man game mode: Is unable to trade, gamble and use of the auction. Hard Ironman game mode: Is unable to trade, gamble, use of the auction and will reset on death. Group Ironman game mode: Play as an ironman but in a group with your friends. After you chosen your game mode you will get the option to set a pin? i will suggest you to set up a pin to secure your account. After you set up your pin you now have the option to select your skin etc. Next step you get the option to go thrue a tutorial of MagePS this is a good way to see some of the content we have here on MagePS, complete the tutorial will reward you see the reward by type ::tutc. If you want to skip this, for now, you can always use ::tut to start it ::Home area and ::shops The home area has a few npc that is good to know and use. Home North side Banker Donation store Northwest side Vote Shop Attendance Checker Torzek Northeast side Bank Server Auctioneer Beginner Helper Vote Shop When you start on MagePS its a god way to start ::vote, when you vote you will get voting tickets, vote book, when you use the vote book you get 1 vote point you can spend in the vote shop, when 10 people vote the entire server will get some random buff that help ingame. Attendance Checker Each day you log on you can talk with attendance checker and claim, so make sure you talk with him each day Torzek Torzek is an npc you want to use when you have item ou cant sell, he offers to buy items for 50% of the check price value. Bank Server Bank server offers you to set up a bank pin if you didn't do this when you created your account, have a bank pin is good to have to prevent losing bank if you get hacked. Auctioneer Auctioneer is a service where you can sell your item to other players, if you right-click on auctioneer you get 3 options Show auctions: allow you to see the items people have for sale New auction: to start a new auction, when open you right-click on the item you want to sell, then you enter the start bit price, and the buy out price, and the time the auction should end. Collect items: here you collect the item you sold or buy. Beginner Helper Talk to this npc and you can start the tutorial. Shops To get to the shop area use ::shops or run east from home area. South side of shop Southwest General and skilling shop: Range shop: Magic shop Supply shop Southeast Starting shop Skillpoint store Trivia store I buy customs North side of shops Northwest Have cash exchanger Northeast Have 500m shops The next step you want to do is go to ::ckey at this area you will be killing Fairy to get crystal keys and use them on chest or put the keys in the first slot of your inventory and type ::openallckey, use this place to raise your combat stats to 125 and get the bronze lance and update your combat gear. After you raised your combat stats and got the lance you go to ::gkey, kill at least 25 of the Jewelled crab you need this later on, the crab drop gold keys, you can open the gold key with chest or with ::openallgkey The next step you wana do is getting bones for 99 prayer, use the command ::celestial or ::frosts kill the dragon and pick up the bones and use them on alter at ::home Step 3 you have a few options to do next! Lance Minigame Click to open the guide Tri zone Click to open the guide Lance minigame you need 50kc! start to go to ::lance and talk with Hells Gatekeeper this is a minigame were you kill training knight to get lances there is 10 different lances you can collect and a hellfire armour set, the Training knights drop lances and give you 1 point each kill, you use the point to buy hellfire armour piece each piece cost 750 points and can be bought from the store (hellpuppy) you can also use the point to upgrade the lances. The follow lances are! Tier 1 Water lance Drop chance 1/50 Tier 2 Lime lance Drop chance 1/50 Tier 3 Sun lance Drop chance 1/100 Tier 4 Golden lance Drop chance 1/150 Tier 5 Forest lance Drop chance 1/200 Tier 6 Rose lance Drop chance 1/250 Tier 7 Grappes lance Drop chance 1/300 Tier 8 Fire lance Drop chance 1/350 Tier 9 Night lance Drop chance 1/400 Tier 10 Light lance Drop chance 1/450 Each lance has different drop rate and you will need to get tier 1 before you can get tier 2 and so on, make sure to keep the lance in your inventory or better use the new lance you get next tier lance to get better stats. when you get the light lance you need a lucky heaven stone to use on the light lance to make the hellfire lance, this is the best lance you can obtain. If you want to skip getting the next lance you can talk with Upgrade Knight and pay x amount points to get next tier lance i won't suggest you do this but spend the point to buy the hellfire gear. When you are killing the knight a hellfire boss will randomly spawn this boss has the chance to drop a piece of the hellfire armour and give you 25 point each kill, to see full lance guide click on the link above! Faq. How to obtain lucky heaven stone (lhs) you need to get a heaven stone and a lucky ore to combine it into lucky heaven stone (lhs) these items can be obtained from npc drop or box reward, also you can get them from ::zone reward i will explain how zones work later in the guide. Tri Boss. You can also skip the lance minigame and go to ::tri boss in this area there is 3 bosses you can kill! Masterful Ranger Masterful Melee Masterful Mage Each boss drop a key you can use at the chest in the middle of the zone, if you use a melee key at the chest you get a chance to get a melee armour piece or weapon, but with a lower chance, or you can get all 3 key and use them on chest and have better chance to get a random armour piece of (melee, range, mage) to see the full guide of tri zone click on the link above. Food and Shield Before you start killing bosses and do zones its a good idea to get Elysian spirit shield from ::sonic its will help you a lot as a new player. ::tower Also, you want to go to ::tower talk with rick to start tower minigame, this minigame you kill Rick and Morty, there is multi of wave you can complete, for each wave you complete you will get point, when you have 12500 point you can talk with Rick and buy Interdimensional donut, this donut is a nonlimited food and good to always have in your inventory When you finish with step 1,2,3 and 4 you want to start complete zones. You start to type in ::zones and it will open an interface In this interface you see a list of 28 zones you can complete and what reward you can get, each zone has different requirements you need to complete before you can go to the next one etc to get to cave horror you need to complete 1/3 of the Pikachu zone. As i mention before in the guide to start the Pikachu zone you need to kill 25 Jewelled Crab, when you have the 25 kc you can click on the teleport and you get to Pikachu zone, to complete the zone you need to get a Thunderstone, a Pikachu pet and kill 100 Pikachu, each zone have 3 tasks once you complete 1 task you can claim the reward, but to complete the zone you need all 3 task done. Complete zone will reward you with different rewards these is some of the rewards for the first 5 zones To see a list of all zones reward click here When you are new player make sure to have ::thread 11564 open its an overall guide thread with all the useful guides on MagePS I hope this guide will help you get a good start if you have any question feel free to pm one of the staff members ingame NOTE: Watch Iron Egg´s starter guide vid click here
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    This thread was a long time coming as we have updated like a week ago and the thread is only being released today! There is a ton of reasons for that and the most important one is because of the bug's you could encounter during the updates release and we want to fix all those before going public with the thread. So the update is perfect and returning players can be informed about finished content, and current player's can see all the finished and bug free content. Thank you for waiting though and this is going to be a huge huge update thread. White Walkers ::iced A whole new place to farm key's for the whole new Dungeon/Raid. These White Walkers will drop new armor, and Ice/Blood key shards. With 50 loops and 50 teeth halves being required to make a key equaling 100. Ice Dragon The Ice Dragon Is a unique piece of content requiring you to hide behind stalagmites, always keeping a proper distance from the boss, and most importantly having fun! The Ice Dragon drops the new Best in slot Ice Gear which is new BiS(Best in Slot) Magical Robes. Magic Summoning Circles The great part about this update is not just the custom maps, but what we added to them to give it life. Now you and up to 3 other friends with 4 being the total can kill the boss. With the difficulty slightly going up with the more people added, but still makes for a fun adventure with your friends! This summoning system applies to Ice Dragon and Blood Queen. You stand on it and in 10 seconds the boss will spawn. This system with the keys gives a balance to the raids and prevents over crowding and makes it possible to save up key's to do a few runs with your friends. Blood Queen This evil blood queen will heal none stop if she traps you into her blood prison, she will also summon mini clones of herself to get more blood from you to recover her health. If you are not careful you will never EVER kill her. And the best part is she drops the best new Blood Staff(BiS Magic Weapon) and the new Blood Gloves and Blood Boots which bind to any set and are the first bit of hybrid gear in Mage. New Sponsor Zone Come check out the brand new sponsor zone which includes tons of stuff you will love. With the zone being multi and more AoE attacks coming out in the future you will love to farm here Can access using ::szone $$$$$ Donation Tiers $$$$$ Now if you reach a certain donation rank you will be rewarded with a boat load of free stuff! Making getting a donation rank more worthwhile and keeping instead of selling to other players! Also this is another way to thank you for donating! So THANK YOU VERY MUCH MAGE PLAYERS!!! Can Access using ::tiers $$$$$ Special Deal $$$$$ For returning players and new players who have a certain time period to donate to get a bunch of extra stuff! $$$$$ First Purchase Deal $$$$$ To help people make their first purchase on Mage a bit more juicy and as a thank you for even supporting us in the first place with a donation big or small we respect them all! Player Tab Updated for more active Voting! With Future Vote Events coming. New Spin Interface to replace Squeal of Fortune poop. With Future Vote Ticket spins coming SOON! Brand New sell NPC which will sell anything in your inventory or bank that has value for half of its price check guide price! So clear out your bank and MAKE BANK! New AMAZING WEBSITE! This also includes a NEW STORE, VOTING, Homepage, and Play Page with more additions possibly coming soon. Best part about our new store is the BRAND NEW Cart system with a new payment provider which you all know and love in the RSPS scene called BMTMicro which accepts a ton of payment methods if you can't use Paypal. New Gear Below Ice Set - Best In Slot Magical Set NOW Blood Staff - Best in Slot Magical Staff - Auto casts Blood Spells which leech life from the enemy healing you. Blood Hybrid Gear - Can be attached to any set and made more OP, such as a Vegeta set and it will still give the Vegeta set effect, but also give the hybrid boots boost of 2500 str bonus. Full Set equipped White Walker Set - An upgrade from Hellfire Other Updates and Bug Fixes Donator points has been changed from being instantly given to you to a box which you open and it rolls 1-100 and if you land on the amount to double for that box such as $50 for 5% so a 4 you will get double points Added brand new blood chest, ice chest, ice key and blood key models 50 of each halve to make one key Fixed issues with elite mode account creation Fixed issues with Obi-wan set effects More fixes with Star war Raids And honestly any other bugs that happened with the initial update which were quickly fixed and won't be mentioned Thank you everyone once again for supporting Mage This thread took a while to make because of the new website and the forums being funky with it. We had to rollback the forums to a week ago and finally I could post this LOVELY THREAD. The update in general took a long time because of making the new websites back end work with our server back end for donating, voting, and other things and this was a long and gruesome process, which paid off as the site and store AND EVERYTHING LOOKS AMAZING! If you guy's could provide feedback on what you liked with this update and what you didn't like. TELL US We want to make each update a better and better game experience for you with 0 bugs at all times. The only bug left which always pops up is some un-attackable NPC's in the custom map zones we made, we know WE KNOW, we have that on our list and try to fix it and sometimes our fixes doesn't work so we can never list it as fully fixed. We see the Jolteons, turtles, and some other NPC's not being able to be attacked and we promise it won't be an issue in the future. Other then that please bare with us as we try to create quality updates which the players will enjoy and never find on another server. What we make is hard to re-create and that's the point, we will always be one step ahead of our competition and they will always try to catch up. Once again thank you Mage players for being so great, and thank you for the donators, the voters, the people who login daily, and ESPECIALLY OUR GREAT STAFF TEAM who make this a fun community to be on. Keep on suggesting on the discord and on the forums, and keep on being an AMAZING MAGE COMMUNITY.