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    The problem with automated gambling is the risk of rigging, many other servers have created a bad reputation for automated gambling by having economy cleaners and other forms of foul play. The top servers out right now would never use automated gambling and we won't either
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    This update was long awaited, a lot of things happened in the last month, and I mean a lot. We learned how to be super productive, and we have let go of one of our owners so instead me and Axo can focus on the future of Mage, and by seeing how productive we were this week and how we smashed out this update and fixed all the bugs shows Mage is back in ACTION and here to take over the Custom RSPS scene once and for all. We went from un-organized, and sometimes not even making update threads, to tracking everything and testing everything and we consider this a major achievement to bringing you the people a MUCH BETTER GAME! Now about this update, its been planned for a while and its very important for growing Mage as this greatly benefits Early game and is the start of introducing Range and Mage into all aspects of the game, early, mid and we already have end game for Mage So lets get into it! New Tutorial System This is exciting to announce because all these new players now have a guide on how to play, and they can if they want complete 5 tasks 10 tasks or 15 and continue the game as is, we are not forcing this down players throats and the decision is up to you, but its a new very comfortable playing style and a way to learn the game and be GREATLY rewarded for it $$$Diamond Rank and Zone$$$ Our new rank to come to Mage, this is amazing because its been such a long work in progress working out new benefits and new zone for it, but we believe for the price tag it is now for $600 to upgrade from sponsor and for $1000 to buy from VIP, ITS WELL WORTH IT Blood Hades Scythe We wanted to make a more end end game item which required other end game items, this created the Blood Hades Scythe by combining Blood Staff + Hades Scythe to add better stats to the Hades Scythe and give it life steal effect again its F2P to obtain, but it can be found on our donation store! Cash Box We wanted to introduce a new fun way to get cash in-game to stimulate the trading of more cash and noobs can buy more items for cash, this is the introduction of the cash box. A box which gives 1-10t Cash, 11t-100t and 101t-1q randomly per open for only $4 found on our store Our Tri Bosses! This was an interesting concept I came up with, we wanted to start introducing more early game gear and this is how were going to do it, and build off our range and mage systems. To kill these bosses you need 500 Hell Knight kills and the gear you GET HERE IS INSANE. This will be new players first look at bossing they can do at Mage Every Boss here will drop a 100% Key depending on who you kill, it will either be a Mage Key a Range Key or Melee key You can now loot those keys, or combine them for a tri key and get the best loot and highest chance of a random piece of armor/weapon from any boss, if you don't combine the keys and just want to get Range loot the chance for the Range loot will be lowered by half then if you combine the keys and go for a random loot. Think Barrows Reworking Early Game We have started buffing the drop tables of multiple NPC's and loots of early game, this is just the start and soon you will see much more stuff buffed. You can see better loots for a lot of starter NPC's, but more work will be done be rest assured Chest Rewards! This is a cool new system we added so we can always add prizes people would love to win and donate for. This means if you are tired of the magical box then check out the ::chestr and see if there is something you would like to win that day as every couple of days we add and remove rewards making it better or worse, but that depends on you the players XXX Bugs Fixed XXX Two handed Damage Bugs fixed All bugs related to Astral's been tested multiple times and finally FIXED! Gamble tournament has been relooked at and fixed a bit more Pets like Olm have been fixed and Vorago for the bonuses for our leveling update Fixed Mithril seeds from being used outside of ::gamble area 2 Un-attackable Pikachus have been fixed All Trophies should work with Double strength now, not just Saiyan Trophy Invisible set now gives 1% damage per item equipped and full set 10% damage Hell Queen trophy effect fixed Double soulsplit pot now gets 45 minutes after 10 zones too Rage Set has been relooked at and compared with Vegeta set to see if theres any wonky code with Rage set and been fixed Claiming attendance twice for people who finished 22 zones has been fixed Devotion buff now doesn't give 3x range bonus, only melee bonuses Content Added We have Re-worked the look of Weak, Strong, And Magic Gem to actually give them a look like they will upgrade your weapons! Goku Task if chosen now requires 50 Goku's to be killed for a bounty scroll Having a VIP Rank now gives you a 2nd task to have, Diamond allows 3, but the 3rd one is 100% goku and can't be changed or chosen Vegeta and Cerberus will now announce how many you have killed Combining 15k G keys and 15k C keys will now give a magical box Staff now can't enter ::szone or ::odzone without the rank, and cannot teleport others in there without a rank Can use Cerberus Bounty Scroll now Thank you Thank you for waiting for the update and sticking with Mage, we are in the process of making Mage the best we possibly can and we are listening to all FEEDBACK from everybody. If there is something you don't like or we can do better tell us. We want to make this the best possible custom server for you guys!
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    Hours you spend a day on Mage: I approximately play about 8 hours+ a weekday and 10+ weekends Total hours spent on Mage(picture with your username): https://gyazo.com/3173f84f0693b2afe820938a8abf7c10 Reasons for helping people: I love the community and want to make it better by helping everyone. There's a lot of things that some players just have a harder time understand and I enjoy teaching players how to do things. I've been around the RSPS community for a very long time and feel as if my assistance could help out tremendously. Reasons for playing Mage: It's great to enjoy the grind. Sitting in voice chat with other players enjoying the passion for grinding. It's overall an amazing experience. Mage has a lot of amazing content that makes it a genuinely different server than most. The free to play aspect of this server is phenomenal for those players who don't normally have the money to donate. Time zone: Central standard time Extra information: I've been every rank in the book in other servers. I have approximately 9 years as a staff member in other rsps's and I feel like my experience can help improve things in the server. I want to make this server become one of the largest and most successful servers there is. Everyone enjoys the grind and the genuine amazing feeling when you finally get that Katana or HSS you've been grinding for.