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    I vouch Krillz
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  5. Krillz staff app

    Hours you spend a day on Mage: Not sure but like at least 4+ hours a day Total hours spent on Mage(picture with your username): Reasons for helping people: When I started here I got help from a super chill guy and that made me want to keep playing the server, since then I guess i've been trying to pass it forward to the new players that arrive here by helping them out. I enjoy helping them not only because it helps the server but to get more people to stay here so we can get good trades for the eco going, the more people farming the better! Reasons for playing Mage: I enjoy the community here, staff takes time for you if you need the help and ofcourse I like grinding, somedays the drop are horrid but sometimes it's perfect. Time zone: CET
  6. Custom Spirit Shield Ability Guide

    Added a few lines in, thanks for the suggestion. all can be obtained from ::corp
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  8. The real $ making guide for begginers

    Very nice! Stimulate the economy and get this information out there!!
  9. Custom Spirit Shield Ability Guide

    Awesome guide, Maybe add drop locations or how to obtain?
  10. 1000 Mistery Boxes

    Hi guys, Hybrol here again, this time i'm bringing you the results of opening 1000 Mystery Boxes So i started this with empty bank,empty inventory and empty money pouch. This is what 1000 mistery boxes got me And this is what i got after selling all the items that i could to the "I buy everything" npc. Hope this guide helped you, the total cost of Mboxes at pc price was 30T, the total value obtained from them was 10.7T.
  11. I was wondering if possible to make the auction interface show more options or pages. Currently it can get filled up pretty quick and it wont show recently added items until others have expired or been bought out.
  12. Paying a generous price for these items.
  13. Tao (Chinese: 道; pinyin: dào) literally means "way", but can also be interpreted as road, channel, path, doctrine, or line. Since Buddhism denies the existence of a separate self, as explicated in the teachings of Anatman and Sunyata, self-realization is a contradiction in terms for Buddhism. Though the tathagatagarbha-teachings seem to teach the existence of a separate self, they point to the inherent possibility of attaining awakening, not to the existence of a separate self. The dharmadhatu-teachings make this even more clear: reality is an undivided whole; awakening is the realization of this whole. Why make a post with statements you know nothing about
  14. Custom Spirit Shield Ability Guide

    Well done again Virax
  15. Custom Spirit Shield Breakdown. This will be a simple little guide to outline each Spirit Shield and what each custom spirit shield offer. The 'operate' Spirit Shields have a 15-30 second cool down on there 'operate'options. All these spirit shields can be obtained by purchasing from players or dropped from ::corp Please note that all Custom Spirit Shields have the same base stats. These are the following: Attack: 1200 stab,slash,crush. -500 Magic, Range Defense: +500 in all. Strength: +2300 Prayer: +300 Doom Spirit Shield Doom Spirit Shield gives you a 10% chance of next hit doubling in damage. This shield is not the worst out of these shields. pretty self explanatory, the higher your base hit the bigger the number. Lava Spirit Shield Lava Spirit shield burns your current target for 5,000 damage (50,000 in 10x hits) for 10 seconds when operated (while shield is equipped right click it and click 'operate') this is a very nice dps increase during fights. This is best used as a switch out shield. By this i mean have it in your inventory, switch it out and 'operate' once the damage is done switch back to your other shield. Shades Spirit Shield Shaded Spirit Shield has a 30% chance to deflect damage back at your target at 1,000x the damage. This shield isn't to viable, depends on your rng to how good it hits. Also best use on higher hitting bosses like diablo, krill or qbd. It is not recommended to use this shield but again. It can be used as a switch shield when you want to push a bit more damage. De'Vil Spirit Shield De'Vil Spirit Shield makes you invincible for 20 seconds when operated. However unlike most operated items this cool down on this one is 2 minutes and 30 seconds. I do not recommend this one to anyone to use. It is in no way viable in any circumstance. Dragonbone Spirit Shield Dragonbone Spirit shield is the best in slot tank shield. This shield will make almost every boss an ease. This spirit shield has a 40% absorb of incoming damage from your target. Making all high end bosses a breeze to kill and deal with. I highly recommend people to use this against Krill or Diablo. It makes them just as easy as Rage Vorago due to the damage is almost halved. Strongly suggest having one of these in your arsenal. Pink Spirit Shield Pink Spirit Shield deals 100% increased damage to target over 15 seconds when 'operated' yes this does sound familiar to the doom spirit shield with doubling you next hit, however this damage increase increases all sources damage that you do in total. Including pet damage as well. this shield has 1 minute 30 second cool down. This is a viable switch out shield to switch out when needed to do that extra damage. Very usefully against corp and other lower defense bosses. Lime Spirit Shield The Lime Spirit Shield is a flat HP increase of 60%. This is probably one of the worst Spirit Shields to have, it only offers HP which at the moment. This is not something viable for bossing. You need as much damage output as possible. For this, i rate this as the worst Spirit Shield. Saradomin Spirit Shield Saradomin Spirit Shield offers a 20% drop rate increase. There are a few items that do this better and thus, this is probably the second worse Spirit Shield, however it is a cheaper alternative to the Lucky Teddy Bear shield. Teddy offers more DR% but at a higher cost. Go for the Saradomin Spirit shield in this instance as it is cheaper.
  16. Ultimate Starter Guide

    Thank you very much sir! I am so happy you are happy with my guide :3
  17. Ultimate Starter Guide

    Pinned as one of the best guides in Mage history and one of the best guides in general to help newbs!
  18. Star Wars Raid / Lasergun Minigame

    An awesome guide to show the Star wars raid, with the minigame it offers Stickied
  19. Cruws App

    I support this app have know Cruw for a while and he is a great guy. He is always helping others and talking to player being friendly and taking time to do whatever he can to answer questions the community has. I believe he would make a fine addition to the staff team.
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  21. Star Wars Raid / Lasergun Minigame

    Very nice guide, thanks for this!
  22. nuke?

    Cya m8
  23. nuke?

    It was nice knowing you
  24. TylerMT Helper APP

    I will be on MagePS for 2-3 hours a day, Sunday-Thursday & 4 hours+ on Friday & Saturday. My Total playtime is: 8days 13 hours I too used to be unfamiliar with the game & wish to help others where I struggled. I enjoy passing along my knowledge to the abundance of new players we receive each & everyday. I enjoy helping this community very much so & will continue to contribute to the growth of this truly amazing server. This is easily the most unique private server I've ever played & its definitely got my attention. When the wife constantly ask "how much longer" you know your are truly hooked. LOL I may not be quite as active as some of the other veteran players, as I have a busy life outside of this, but what time I do spend on this PS. I do enjoy. Thanks for taking the time to read, TylerMT
  25. Before I start with it, I am very grateful, because I got some help. Thanks Quiet, Virax and Somenub for information and pictures about sets. Hello. This is guide about our Star Wars Raids and Lasergun Minigame. You can get there easily with a command ::raids. Raid bosses can be found going west and Lasergun Minigame can be found going east. Star Wars Raids: Obiwan - No requirements, can kill him with team of players. - Here you can get Obiwan set (gloves, boots, shirt, legs, hat), Obiwan pet and Blue Lightsaber. Stormtrooper - Requirement is that you finish Lasergun Minigame and show Green Lasergun. - Here you can get Stormtrooper set (gloves, boots, platebody, platelegs, fullhelm), Stormtrooper pet and Red Lasergun. - Red Lasergun from only this boss or from Raid Box (donation). Darth Vader - Requirement is that you kill 250 Stormtrooper boss. - Here you can get Darth Vader set (gloves, boots, platebody, platelegs, fullhelm, cape), Darth Vader pet and Red Lightsaber. Some information about Lightsabers, Red Lasergun, Obiwan, Stormtrooper and Darth Vader set. Lasergun Minigame: It's alot like Korasi Minigame. But here are Stormtrooper Recruits, easy to kill, if you got decent gear. You need to think about entering the Minigame, because entry fee is 5T and if you leave, you need to pay that price again!!! Theres 5 different Laserguns, you get them from the minigame or can buy also from shop. Stormtroopers also drop Stormtrooper gear, but white one, which is better. You get 1 point each kill. I don't suggest buying those, I suggest you grind them by yourself. Will provide information about Laserguns below: Minigame Laserguns:
  26. Staff application for helper

    Hey it's th3skillz here my playtime is 5days and 23 hours I would like too be part off the team I also play like 8-12 hours a day thanks
  27. Cruws App

    Hours you spend a day on Mage: 8+ usually more Total hours spent on Mage(picture with your username): 2 days 18 hrs ( pic will b attached ) Reasons for helping people: I have made many friends on this server, and get tons of PM's whenever I am on regarding game info, items, prices, help, recommendations. I am also a very social person, I love talking and hanging out on the server. I am not one of those people saying "if you need help feel free to PM me" because I already get tons as is. I love helping new players, especially to try and get them to stick around, I have my alt trade them Gkeys, mboxs, ckeys, a lil bit of cash usually 1-2t just because I know they are going to leave the korasi minigame many times and wanna make it as easy as possible for them. I have been a mod on another server a while ago when I actually played a lot, which I havent done since this server. With all of the above being said, I feel like the majority of players like me, or I at least like them haha. Never the less I feel like I am friendly, active and social enough to help progress this server in a great direction. Reasons for playing Mage: I love the community, and the ability to progress my character as I interact, help or relax. I enjoy the staff interaction and have never felt disrespected in anyway. Time zone:PST - Washington State. Quick side note. This is the first server I've ever donated to, I have tried to run a server before in the past but didnt get enough donations to keep it up for a significant amount of time. never reached more than 5 or 6 players at once. that being said I have a huge appretiation for the owner and know that they have to jump through a lot of hoops to keep the server happy, healthy, online and growing as much as possible. I am a marketing major at University of Western Washington, and am experianced with online marketing. I can make facebook ads, online ads etc, even if you dont want me on staff, I would be happy to lend a hand as an event planner or help out in some marketing stratagies to help grow the server we all know and love. Thanks for reading my app. -Cruw
  28. staff promotion :)

    Promoted to moderator. Great job on the hard work Astro!
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