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    Add on: Active 2-9pm everyda\
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  4. Helper Appication

    short and sweet. I'm relatively new to the server and Elite was one of the first people to add me and PM with with help. He's got a friendly demeanor and is always there to asssist
  5. Helper Appication

    Add on: Time Zone- CST
  6. Helper Appication

    Application for Helper Name: Elite Father Mage PS Helper Roll 1. How long have to played Mage PS? a. Combined between two accounts 16 days and $800 donated 2. How do I love the community and want to make it better? a. I’ve been apart of the community for a while now and see the possibilities this server has to offer to each and every player. b. I’m always looking to help new players with the smallest stuff because we were all there at one point trying to figure out how to succeed on this server. c. I started playing months ago before the first battlepass so I’m very knowledgeable on the game roots and help whenever I can. 3. Love the constant update and owners a. The updates have been off the wall lately, and there’s still more to come. I think having someone else in the helper role won’t hurt. b. Alex with his goodie bags are a great incentive for new people and love it. He’s super interactive with anyone that asks for him. c. On top of owners all the staff have been doing a great job keeping people active with daily drop events, hns, and trivia. 4. Conclusion- Why I think I’d be a good fit for the roll a. I’m very friendly and have made a name for myself in the community as an older player. b. I help new people out daily ex. With heaven stones, upgrading weapons, droprates, astrals, and everything else, I’m your guy. I really hope y’all take my application into consideration and I hope to hear back from you guys!
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  8. Occult's Helper app

    Still too new of a player to be a helper, but give it some time. Keep active in CC and answering questions / assisting players
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  10. Hours you spend a day on Mage: I'm not sure specifically but I'd guess the unhealthy amount of 10-15 hours Total hours spent on Mage(picture with your username): https://gyazo.com/cf2d79adafc5942d754947c0806736a2 Reasons for helping people: I enjoy helping people and assisting them in their time playing as if you don't know what they're doing on the server they may end up giving up and quitting, but helping newer or older players their time spent on MagePS sounds interesting to me and something I'd want to do. I haven't really played this server for long but since joining I've learned alot about the server just from playing it as an ironman, and from what I've noticed a lot of people don't read the forums nor the guides set out for them. I like this server alot, throughout all the RSPS server's I've played this one is really well done and has a cool community with a good staff team behind it, I believe that becoming a helper would improve my experience on this server and in turn help the community and server as best I can. Reasons for playing Mage: The server is different and unique compared to most private servers out there, the community is friendly and welcoming to say the least and I just enjoy playing this server and will continue to enjoy playing as it's one of the better servers with a hard grind aspect along with good progression. Time zone: (GMT+1) United Kingdom
  11. Full Astrals Guide!

    ASTRAL GUIDE! Since astrals are such a big DPS increase, they are often overlooked or overthought in the process of obtaining them. In this guide, I will explain everything you need to know, broken down. STARTING OFF I highly recommend only starting astrals when you have around 8Q cash that you can expend on them. Astrals can be purchased from other players, or done completely by ones self. To open the menu, simply do ::astrals or click this icon under your money pouch: It will open this screen: This interface can be broken down to easily understand what you need to do. The bottom 5 orbs, from left to right, will have a green highlight on them starting at the first one (as shown above). This is the orb that you need to click in order to start rolling for your own astrals. EACH ROLL COSTS 1T CASH SO BE WARNED. You will notice you fail a lot when trying to get to the next orb, this is where RNG comes into play and I will explain later how this can heavily affect your rates. Once you move onto the 2nd orb there are 2 things that can happen: 1. This means you did not succeed in going to the 3rd orb and start back over. 2. This means you had decent RNG and got to the next orb, giving you more chances at better astrals (more explained later)! You want to keep rolling astrals for the chance of getting that 5th orb and getting a rare Red Astral. This is very uncommon but can happen. The main purpose of astrals is rolling for green, blue, purple and yellow astrals to be combined into your current highest astral you have. The best astrals to go for are in the following order: Crit (Red), Dmg (Red), Atk (Red). See below for the explaination of how they work and the leveling system. White astrals are useless. They can be sold back to the Magic Shop for 200b ea, meaning every 5 white astrals pays for a free roll (this will play more into the cost broken down below). Once you have a full Magic Shop inventory like this: You'll need to collect the highest tier astral you have (see below for the order to go for) and put it in your 1st inventory slot (top left in inventory). Next, you'll want to click the Sell All option on the bottom right in order to get rid of the whites for the 200b ea back. The final step is to click Combine All and enter "1" for the slot number 1 in your inventory, followed by enter to confirm and combine them. It will look like this in your chatbox: The exp values of the astrals are as follows: Green = 2 EXP Blue = 5 EXP Purple = 10 EXP Yellow = 25 EXP Red = 100 EXP Note: Don't combine red astrals into other astrals for 100 exp unless they are completely useless. Red astrals sell between 5-6Q right now which greatly help you reduce the total cost of getting level 10's with 50K exp. All experience astrals give 2x the amount of exp: Green EXP = 4 EXP Blue EXP = 10 EXP Purple EXP = 20 EXP Yellow EXP = 50 EXP Red EXP = 1000 EXP Note: red experience astrals give 1K exp and are extremely helpful in getting your exp up quickly. Below is the amount of EXP you need in order to obtain each astral level: Level 2 = 100 EXP Level 3 = 250 EXP Level 4 = 700 EXP Level 5 = 2500 EXP Level 6 = 7500 EXP Level 7 = 12500 EXP Level 8 = 20000 EXP Level 9 = 35000 EXP Level 10 = 50000 EXP Now, this is where my guide is going to show you how little these astrals really cost compared to buy the exp from other players. When you are rolling astrals, every 5 whites you sell gives you another free roll. Based on RNG, this can increase your experience gained per 1T spent quite a bit. On average, current market prices are around 1K exp = 1Q to buy from other players. My own findings: 1Q spent on astrals to do yourself gives between 1.2-1.7K EXP !!! That is a giant increase in experience if you have the time to do them yourself. 50K exp from other players for lvl10 = 50Q (roughly). If you were to get this exp all yourself, this would cost between 29-35Q. Keep this in mind for the next part. The Magic Point Shop You'll notice as you get astrals, you will receive magic points in the middle left side of the interface (see above pictures). Click on your points to open the shop. This shop is used to purchase Red Astrals for 10K Points each (roughly 10Q spent) OR Red Experience for 3.5K Points each (roughly 3.5Q spent). Since red astrals sell between 5-6Q, every 10K magic points you're able to sell a red astral (or keep if you're an ironman/elite) in order to further reduce the cost of the experience needed to level 10. For example: 50K exp costs between 29-35Q. If you get between 1.2-1.7K exp per 1Q spent, you're looking at accumulating around 30K magic points (give or take 300-500 based on RNG). This means you can sell 3x red astrals (5-6q ea) on your journey to 50K exp, netting the cost down from 29-35Q to around 15-20Q for 50K exp. THATS IT! 15-20Q starter cash and that'll net you 50K exp assuming the astrals sell ASAP (always in demand with new players or attack styles). Once you have achieved the 3 main red astrals you will keep, regular players can sell them to reduce total costs drastically. Ironmen and Elites may use their magic points for exp in order to speed up their grind (and normal players too howver you will lose quite a bit of money this way). Astral Perks All of the listed values are based on per level. So multiply your astral level by perk value to get its total buff. Ex: Red level 3 Crit = 15% chance to do double dmg Green is the lowest tier, as Red is the highest in this order: Green, Blue, Purple, Yellow, Red Attack astrals (Melee Attack, Range Attack, Mage Attack) Note: Melee attack astral gives strength bonus as well. Increases attack style (astral type specific) by 100 Increases attack style (astral type specific) by 250 Increases attack style (astral type specific) by 500 Increases attack style (astral type specific) by 1000 Increases attack style (astral type specific) by 2500 Crit Astrals (chance to double your dmg for that line of dmg) Green - 1% Blue - 2% Purple - 3% Yellow - 4% Red - 5% Damage Astrals (increase your damage by % shown)(Mage and Range have their own) Green - 1% Blue - 2% Purple - 3% Yellow - 4% Red - 5% Defense (blocks all incoming dmg based on %) Green - 2% Blue - 3% Purple - 4% Yellow - 5% Red - 7% HP (increase total HP by value shown) Green - 2 Blue - 4 Purple - 5 Yellow - 7 Red - 9 Feel free to let me know if I missed anything and I will be sure to include it in this guide. Thanks for reading and goodluck!
  12. Armor Guide

    ARMOR GUIDE! As it's been highly requested, this is a full armor guide showing all the armor in-game ranked in order! It will also include at the bottom: capes, shields, and hybrid items. Be sure to use the search function (ctrl+F) to find anything you might be looking for. The gear is listed from lowest to highest stats. Note: All of the armor in this guide is COLOR CODED. If the armor name and description is GREEN, the armor can be stacked with double potions. If the name is RED, the armor cannot be stacked with double potions. ALL armor sets listed below have an additional 10% damage buff until you reach 50K npckills (only set exception is Vegeta). You MUST be wearing the full set in order to achieve this effect, and it is shown under ::maxhit. MELEE Steel Torva (::celestial) Bossy Melee (::satucre) Beast Master (::tome) Mossy Dragonbone (::goku) Mossy Torva (::pikachu) Frostbite Torva (::alien) Kryptic Torva (::terrorbird) Tok-Tzhaar (Hell Chest) Dragonbone (::bork) Blood Thirsty Torva (::forgotten) Devious Torva (::charmeleon) Sea Blue Torva (Lesser Magical Box) Steel 3rd Age (Lesser Magical Box) Tzhaar (::tzhaar or Hell Chest) Note: this set can be recolored using the ::tzhaar dye drops to the following: Diver (::diver) Set effect: required for ::uzones. Cannot use other armor there. Obsidian (::arrav) Knightmare Set (::scyther) Divine Torva (::gorak) Supreme Tzhaar (use 2 ::tzhaar pieces together) Devious Torva (Lesser Magical Box) Tiger (::ursaring) Lion (::lion) Totodile (::totodile) \ Evil (::eturnip or Magical Box) Crab (::diver) Phantom (::goku) Set effect: Operate every 10 minutes for a random buff lasting 1 minute. Transformed Horse (::thorse) The Meleer's (::tri) Lucky Completionist (::luckyknight or Magical Box) Set effect: 2% drop rate increase per piece (10% whole set) Note: Lucky Teddy Upgraded adds another 20% drop rate Hellfire (::lance) Sexy School Girl (::store only) Set effect: 5% chance to deal 2x damage, 2.5% chance to deal 3x damage (only if double hit applies), 5% chance to deal 2x special attack damage. Pink Bikini (::gogeta or ::store) Set effect: Can be operated every 30 minutes for random buffs. Turtle (::turtle) Set effect: gives 60% drop rate bonus at ::turtle zone. Satucre (::satucre or Magical Box) Set Effect: 10% chance to dodge all incoming damage. Vegeta (::vegeta, ::goku, ::gogeta, vote box) Set effect: 10% damage buff (DOES NOT STACK UNDER 50K NPCKILLS) Obiwan (::raids) Set effect: 25% extra drop rate bonus, pet adds 6% for a total of 31%. Ankou (::diablo or ::kril) Set effect: Deals more damage the less hp you have. New damage = Old damage x ( 1 + Max HP / Current HP / 100). Rage (::rage) Set effect: 10% chance to deal 25% more damage (fire under player during activation) Corrupt Dragon (Lesser Magical Box or Magical Box) Set effect: If NPC is less than 50% hp, you have a 1% chance to roll a 50/50 chance to kill it in 1 hit. Goku Set (::goku, ::gogeta, vote boxes) Set effect: super saiyan buff, strength bonus multiplied by 2 (DOES NOT STACK WITH DOUBLE POTIONS). Note: The Goku set is listed worse than the rest of the melee list due to the fact that from here on out, any sets using a double strength potion and the new stacking pickaxe (vs. the old damage pickaxe) provide a higher strength bonus and more DPS. The strength bonus on Goku is already x2. Without the set effect, the set would have 22.5K strength (this is why it is posted worse than Elderbone, due to Elderbones better Attack bonuses). Elderbone (::bone) Darth Vader (::raids) Set effect: Can operate to throw lightsaber like a ranged weapon. Luffy (::bp, Season 3) Set Effect: 10% chance to deal x2 all lines of damage next hit (Crystal Scythe normally 3 lines, does 6 on proc) Tyrant (::goku or ::store) Set effect: 5% chance to deal 2x damage, 2.5% chance to deal 3x damage (only if double hit applies), 5% chance to deal 2x special attack damage. QBD (::qbd) Set effect: Can be operated every 30 minutes for random buffs. Gogeta (::gogeta) Set effects: super saiyan fusion buff, strength bonus multiplied by 2.2x (DOES NOT STACK WITH DOUBLE POTIONS). Note: The gear can be upgraded to add 5K more strength bonus to it with the following: - 10 Vegeta pieces - 5 Cell pieces - 5 Frieza pieces - 5 Goku pieces You only need to add 5 TOTAL pieces for Cell, Fieza and Goku, and 10 TOTAL for Vegeta (can be 5x hands each and 10x heads). Halloween Sets (2019 H'ween ::store purchase only) Michael Myers - $600 Set effect: Same armor effects and bonuses as Pink Bikini, as well as operated buff effect from QBD. Weapon is a lvl10 Hellslayer Sword with an extra 500 strength bonus. Jason - $1000 Set effect: Same armor effects and bonuses as Goku. Weapon is a lvl10 Hellslayer Sword with an extra 500 strength bonus. Freddy - $1200 Set effect: Same armor effects and bonuses as Goku but with +50 strength bonus per piece. Weapon is a lvl10 Blood Scythe with an extra 2K strength bonus. MAGE Both magic and range are seriously lacking in mid-late game content. There isn't a whole bunch available but this is what I could find: Mage (::gkey) Bossy Mage (::satucre) Dusty (::rainbow) Ganodermic (::ganodermic) Ice (::iced) Set effect: 5% damage buff (STACKS UNDER 50K NPCKILLS) Ethereal (::ethereal) The Magers (::tri) Evil (::evil) Blue Bikini (::gogeta) Set effect: 10% damage buff (DOES NOT STACK UNDER 50K NPCKILLS) Goku Black Harry Potter (e) (::bp, Season 2) Set effect: 10% magic buff, Deathly Hallows Souls Book gives 15% magic buff and the Harry Potter pet gives another 10% magic buff. The weapon is a Blood Staff with +500 more magic bonus. RANGE Bossy Range (::satucre) Aquatic (::horror) Black StormTrooper (::raids, minigame) The Rangers (::tri) Good (::good) White StormTrooper (::raids) Set effect: Red Lasergun hits with 3 lines of damage instead of 2 (NEED PET TO ACTIVATE). 007 (::bond) Set effect: 10% bonus damage when wearing the 007 ppz. The weapon also has a faster attack speed when worn with the full set. Jiren (::jiren) COSTUME SETS Note: Costume sets do not give any offensive or defensive stats, they only give damage / HP boosts shown in ::maxhit ! Inivisible (blood cerb / hades) Set effect: Gives a 10% costume damage boost for full set + 2% for the Invisible Ring (E) (12% total) Chad Beach (::summer event only) Set effect: Can be worn in place of invisible set for same effects for 1-handed damage only. Girl Beach (::summer event only) Set effect: Can be worn in place of invisible set for same effects for 2-handed damage only. HYBRID ITEMS Hybrid items are items that can be worn in place of other gear pieces and still complete the respective set bonuses. For example, you can wear 2 hybrid items for any set, and only 1 for any Tier 1 gear (like Gogeta). These pieces are usually best in slot for all 3 combat styles and you'll want to pick them up (be sure to use ::compare in-game to figure out which 2 are the best for you to use with the set you are after!). Blood Gloves (::iced) Blood Boots (::iced) Crown of the Seas (::poseidon) CAPES White Wings (::pikachu) Aquatic Wings (::horror) Dusty Wings (::rainbow) Ethereal Wings (::ethereal) Evil Wings (::eturnip) Horse Wings (::thorse) White Walker Arms (::iced) Red Death Cape (::qbd) Turtle (::turtle) Black Death Cape (::qbd, ::satucre) Hellfire Cape (::lance) Vader Cape (::raids) Tyrant Cape (::goku) QBD Wings (::qbd) Sponsor Cape (sponsor only) Cthulhu Wings (::poseidon) Diamond Cape (diamond only) If I have missed anything let me know! Thanks for reading.
  13. Amulet / Ring Guide

    Satucre, why is there no "edit" anymore, can I get access to it as I want to edit some old guides and also make some new ones...
  14. Updated Armor Guide

    ARMOR GUIDE! As it's been highly requested, this is a full armor guide showing all the armor in-game ranked in order! It will also include at the bottom: capes, shields, and hybrid items. Be sure to use the search function (ctrl+F) to find anything you might be looking for. The gear is listed from lowest to highest stats. Note: All of the armor in this guide is COLOR CODED. If the armor name and description is GREEN, the armor can be stacked with double potions. If the name is RED, the armor cannot be stacked with double potions. ALL armor sets listed below have an additional 10% damage buff until you reach 50K npckills (only set exception is Vegeta). You MUST be wearing the full set in order to achieve this effect, and it is shown under ::maxhit. MELEE
  15. Welcome to this Months VOTER OF THE MONTH! Last month was pretty crazy with the top 3 all getting insane amount of votes. I really respect the people who love Mage and want it to grow by Voting! So thanks everyone for the support and keep it up! The Winners 1. sllim f2p with 199 VOTES!!! 2. now kyth with 181 VOTES!! 3. davidjr with 174 VOTES! Thanks everyone for playing and supporting Mage. The rewards were as following SO PM ME TO CLAIM 1st Will win $150 Donation with 3 Pepe boss server events(means you can spawn 3 pepes) 2nd Will win $100 Donation with 2 Pepe Boss Spawns and 3rd will win $60 with 1 Pepe Boss spawn The Rewards for October will be 1st Will win $150 Donation with 2 Gogeta Events, 2 Pepe Events 2nd Will win $100 Donation with 1 Gogeta Event, 2 Pepe Events and 3rd will win $60 with 1 Goku Event, 1 Pepe Event Plus some special Halloween stuff
  16. This last month I been working on finishing the most important content, and tying up everything else on Mage. Finally filling in all the gaps, but the other problem was how outdated Mage looked. Our interfaces looked old, and done when we were less professional. Our NPC's looked outdated as well, we have realized the big issue of most of our NPC's missing graphics and animations. We make the mechanics, but the look isn't professional. So the point of the start of the Mage Refresh is adding in all the content we planned and refreshing the WHOLE look of Mage. This will greatly benefit old and new players, as the fights will be more interesting then sometimes just attacking non moving NPC's. The interfaces will be more interactive and fun to use, Mage in general will have A HUGE QUALITY boost. Mage has been up for almost 2 years, and this is crucial to move Mage into the 2020 and continue setting the standard for Custom servers. Get Ready For the FUTURE Of Mage. The New Standard. THE REFRESH! Zone/Teleport Interface We thought our old teleport interface didn't really do much, and with the ::zones being the primary thing people used. We combined the 2 and created this amazing interface. It will be used for expansion into Skilling based Zones and Misc Based zones, which is like tasks for ::gamble area and other cool stuff Zone Skips Interface Zone Skips is now an interface which you can use to check if you have the Reqs needed to skip, and if you completed a zone or not. Its much cleaner and much more useful for people wanting to purchase a $20-100 Zone Skip New Mystery Box interface Mystery Boxes were really ugly to open, and we tried to make them with no interface like with the pet boxes. We do not have to be scared anymore as this new Mystery box interface is AMAZING New Loot checking interface at ::loot The biggest question new players have is what does this item have loot wise, what can do I do with it. And now for all Boxes/Keys in Mage you now have an answer. We might be making it better and cleaner in the future with feedback from community. Boss Task Interface Getting a Boss task was a struggle, we have 30+ boss tasks, and you have to scroll from left to right. Now its a scroll up and down and choose as you want. Simple and easy and GREAT for the player Updated ::szone and ::odzone You guys thought we wouldn't include some content, but we did as we are expanding the ::szone and ::odzone more we need your feedback on what else to add or do with the zones. As we have a lot of Sponsors and Diamonds thankfully we want to make this a better zone for you to enjoy and use. Added Two TD Locations in ::szone Added One Kril location in ::odzone Fall/Halloween Home Map This is a mini update before the real update that will include everything from the 99-135 prayer and slayer, to the halloween event. We can't wait to release the next update for you guys! Early Game Rework - The Start All sets will now have a 10% Damage boost except Vegeta set, plus the additional set bonus the set already had. So if you use a Rage set you will have a 10% Damage boost and the Rage set effect This Boost lasts until 50k NPC Kills and allows for more diversity and sets to be bought to help in early game, instead of just using Vegeta. Content/Bug Fixes and Changes We have Nerfed Hybrid items usage and you may only use 2 Items to complete a set now, and may only use 1 Item to complete Tier 1 sets which would be Gogeta and any future Tier 1 sets we release We have fixed zones which require 3-5 Rare drops to get, but you finish it if you get a drop with multiple items. Now each Rare drop counts as 1 as intended We have Fixed the Buff system, added in more stacking to be allowed. And Fixed stuff with the defensive stance buff not working with other buffs. We have Fixed Vote Buffs obtained from 10 vote buffs from over-riding other buffs Pepe the Vote Boss now needs 7 Votes that day to be allowed to be attacked Summer event is now over, but we fixed all the abuse issues. Which will help us make the next event better through the feedback of this one. Casino Rank now has a new cool Rank as seen in the ::szone pictures. Also Casino rank will be fully working. Its called Trusted Rank and you may always place bets with these people as they will always be insured by us. You may also gamble at their very own Casinos located on the red carpet at ::gamble Gyrados is a now a 1 Agro NPC Pet to be used underwater. You may use this pet outside of underwater when 4 ::uzones are finished Using Control key and hovering over items will show their stats and if they are better then the items you have now, or in general see the stats! If you feel this update was a bit underwhelming, please consider that we are changing the whole look of Mage. We are learning how to make high quality things, and high quality interfaces, NPC's and etc take time. For sure the next update will be one to remember. Thank you very much and please be patient as we are all working hard. And stuff like this took a lot of time from all of the Mage team to make happen, and we are now much more efficient in creating these things. So expect THE NEXT UPDATE TO BE SO AMAZING!
  17. Rank Request

  18. Buying Battlepass/Tiers

    Hi All, Every new season I will be buying 1 battlepass at the start for cash and all throughout the season's'' I will buy all your battlepass tiers for 500k each cash! I have 2 GOGETA PETS for sale so if u give me 100 battletpass tiers in bulk (all together) I shall give u a GOGETA PET!! Don't be afraid to pm me in game or ::discord Main- Daviddd Alt- Davidjr
  19. Maxhit Guide

    Very Well Said Sllim Impressed David..
  20. Maxhit Guide

    MAXHIT GUIDE Going to start this off by saying that maxhits vary based on account type and attack styles. I will mostly be covering melee due to current meta, however this guide can be used to build any setup. ACCOUNT TYPES There are 3 different modes that affect how your stats are built. Each account type will add +1 stats based on the following npc kills: Normal - 30 Ironman - 21 Elite - 18 This is why grinding up your total npckills is very sought after by end game players. It is the most consistent way to always be increasing your damage output when you're nearly maxed requirements for everything else. GEAR As I mentioned, I will be covering melee in this guide. ::maxhitr and ::maxhitm are going to be very similar from here on out and the same concepts will apply to all attack styles. Please find pricing for any gear HERE ! First of all you're going to want BIS gear. Gogeta Set, Cthulhu Amulet, Hell Queen Level 3, Diamond Cape ( or Cthulhu), Crystal Scythe (Blood Scythe + Crystal Staff), Cthulhu Ring, Red Crit lvl10, Red Dmg lvl10, Red Attack lvl10. An astral guide can be found HERE Keep in mind astrals are the FASTEST way to increase your maxhit if you do not have them yet. You need 20 zones unlocked in order to wear 3 astrals (10 zones for 2). You cannot wear more than 1 of the same astral, so the best 3 to wear are Crit, Dmg, and Atk for each combat style. The Red Crit astrals give a 5% chance to double your damage for the next hit, which scales per level (ie. lv2=10%, lv3=15%, lv10=50%). The Red Damage astral gives 5% additional damage per level as well (same scalability as crit) while Red Attack gives 2,000 strength bonus per level (max 20K). Having the highest tier astral (green-blue-purple-yellow-red) leveled as high as possible is recommended. Be sure to read the guide HERE ! They are costly but very worth it. Since full Gogeta is extremely hard to come across, the most plausible gear setups are: Luffy Set - Battlepass only (Can be swapped for Frieza or Elderbone, both very close in strength bonus) Goku set WEAPONS The next part of gear is your weapon. Visit the Upgrade Master at home in order to level up your weapon to level 10 (max level). There is a full guide HERE on how to level it, but it's pretty self explanatory to do if you follow the guide (don't lose your item!). BUFFS Since Goku and Gogeta both have their own double strength set effect, you CANNOT stack this with the double strength potions. You may only use the Damage Pickaxe from ::afkzone which increases strength bonus by an additional 1.3x. This pickaxe costs 25K Rainbow Fish and is a 1 time purchase (keep in mind you can now sell pickaxes back for 50% value). If you have enough Rainbow Fish for the stacking damage pickaxes, they will offer the same 1.3x buffs but can stack with double potions for 500K rainbow fish. For ex) Luffy set may use the set effect + double strength potion + stacking damage buff. This increases its dps and makes it the current 2nd BIS set behind Gogeta. Frieza offers more strength bonus than Goku with these pickaxes, and Elderbone gear has the same strength as Goku (making it a cheaper alternative if you get the 500K stacking dmg pickaxe!). Other vote or random buffs that give strength or damage increases are: - Deep Wound: 2% chance to deal double damage. - Strength Mastery: 1000 strength bonus - Weapon Mastery: 1% chance to deal double damage - Toughness: 500 attack bonus (including strength bonus) - Devotion: 3x melee attack boost (accuracy) + 500 strength bonus ZONES Completing zones give occasional damage buffs which can add up end-game. The following markers are where you get some damage buffs by completing zones: 3 ::zones: +5% 5 ::zones: +5% (1H only) 7 ::zones: +10% (2H only) 15 ::zones: +10% 22 ::zones: +10% 2 ::uzones: +10% Underwater, +5% Above 4 ::uzones: +20% Underwater, +10% Above Completing zones has many benefits on top of increasing maxhit. A full walk through of zones information and rewards can be found HERE ! PRESTIGE Prestiging gives 0.05% damage increase per level for a max of 5% dmg at Prestige 100. MAXHIT DAMAGE BUFFS The next way to increase your maxhit is to kill npcs that increase 1-handed and 2-handed weapon damage. In the ::maxhit screen, this is shown under "Equipment Boosts". 1-Handed Damage A maximum of 10% damage can be added per boss for a total of 50% 1H dmg from the following: - 11K Rage Vorago - 11K Tormented Demons - 10K Blood Cerberus - 10K QBD - 10K Corp Beast 2-Handed Damage A maximum of 10% damage can be added per boss for a total of 50% 2H dmg from the following: - 11K Satucre - 11K LuckyKnights - 11K Kril - 10K Diablo - 11K Hades The most sought after damage buffs for melee come from 2H, since Crystal Scythe is a 2H weapon. It is recommended that you finish all of the above in order to always have 50% dmg with every weapon you use. COSTUME BOOSTS There are 3 current costume sets that can increase your maxhit. The total costume maxhit damage is 15%. Beachball from the current ::summer event gives 3%. There are 2 other summer event sets that offer costume buffs to add more damage. The girl beach set and the chad beach set. The Girl Beach Set is for 2H dmg, while the Chad Beach Set is for 1H dmg. If you missed out on the summer event, you can still use the invisible set. It offers 12% damage for the complete set (10% gear and 2% ring). The invisible ring is acquired by collecting 5 NE (not equipable) verisons of the ring in order to make it E (equipable). PET BOOSTS MagePS offers a big variety of pets which can be found HERE ! I am going to stick with the pets that will increase your damage: Cell / Frieza / IT / Chucky Doll: 10% level 1 - 30% level 5 Luffy the Monkey (Battlepass only): 10% Freddy: 5% Gogeta: 4% ::POWER ::Power is unlocked once you are able to fight Boney Beast. The fight at Power itself is pretty easy. Just 4 waves of NPC's including Diablo + Tormented Demons, followed by a final wave of Boney Beasts. Once you complete the waves you will automatically receive one of the following: - 20% Melee Damage Boost - 20% Range Damage Boost - 20% Mage Damage Boost Keep in mind that it is a Diamond Donator perk to be able to CHOOSE your buff from Power. Every 24 hours a diamond player may active whichever of the 3 buffs they want. To my knowledge, this is everything I know about increasing your maxhit. Let me know if I've missed anything and I'll be sure to edit it in. Thanks for reading, good luck!
  21. Weekend Events

    WEEKEND EVENTS Events held on MagePS will start taking place every WEEKEND ! The perfect time to come on and have fun with the Mage Community! These events will take in account ALL TIMEZONES with events happening THROUGHOUT THE DAY ! Click HERE in order to be sure you don't miss these GREAT events from the DISCORD ! Helper Fridays (held by Sllim, John Beton & Acidfreak) - HIDE AND SEEK ON MAGE - *prizes* - *time* Moderator Saturdays (held by Highstakes & Dallass) - RARE DROP + TRIVIA EVENT - *prizes* - *time* Admin Sundays (held by Heavymetal, Mnritual & Neon) - DICING + FP EVENT - *prizes* - *time*
  22. Sllim Server Support App

  23. Sllim Server Support App

    +1 Very helpful and knowledgeable about the game. Would make a good addition to the helper team
  24. Sllim Server Support App

    +1 very active always helpful!
  25. Sllim Server Support App

    +1 always helpful in cc, would make a good helper, goodluck on the application dude.
  26. Sllim Server Support App

    +1 recommended him to apply, see him helping quite a bit in cc and he’s online some of the hours where not many staff are online besides me which helps.
  27. Sllim Server Support App

    +1 from me he is very active in cc and has a lot of knowledge about the game would be a good fit for the team! Gl with your application.
  28. Sllim Server Support App

    +1 very helpful in cc pretty knowledgeable seems like a good pick in my opinion! GL man.
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