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  3. Silas Helper Application

    Been helping in the cc ever since he joined. Is friendly to all players and has my thumbs up. +1 from me -shinox-
  4. Silas Helper Application

    I play 10-12 hours a day since I started in Early November of 2019. I help people because of the community it creates. Nothing better than helping someone when they first start and seeing them helping people within days as well. It creates an atmosphere where every time someone logs in the chat is flying with Welcome backs which is a great atmosphere for not only new players but players of all play times. My pms are always open and I leave no one out. I play Mage because I love runescape mechanics but love the high health bosses and dmg of games like Path of Exile so it fits my gaming needs perfectly and I've been on almost every single day since i first made my account. I am so excited for the direction its heading and would love to be a part of it in anyway possible. My time zone is EST
  5. Forward Staff Application

    Hours you spend a day on Mage: Easily Like 15+ Hours A Day Total hours spent on Mage(picture with your username): Reasons for helping people: Well lets Just Start By Saying Ever Since I Joined MagePS Community Ive Learned Alot And Have Helped In Places Where Im Needed And I Try My Hardest To Keep Everything As Good As It Can Be, Due To Having Alot Of Experience In Helping People In The Past So I Think Im Capable To Fill The Role Of Helper Rank Just So People Understand While Im Online Ill Always Be There Incase They Need My Help Or Just Want To Hit Me Up For A General Conversation Reasons for playing Mage: I First Found MagePS While I Was Surfing The Web Looking For Something To Do And I Stumbled Across The Runelocus Page And Thought Id Check It Out And It Was One Of The Best Decisions Ive Made In A While Because For One The MagePS Community Is Amazing And I Know Satucre(Owner) Is Working His Ass Of To Bring Everyone Updates To Keep Everyone Happy And Make Mage The Best Custom Server Out There (Ps Anyone Reading This Make Sure You Vote) ,Anyway I Feel If I Become A Part Of The Current Staff Team I Can Help Continue Making The Server Great For Everyone The Best I Can In Anyway I Can And Also Help Make MagePS The Number #1 Rsps Server Because Lets Face It With The Updates We Have Been Promised Im Sure We Could Be The Best Very Soon Time zone: GMT So I Dont Really Know Whats Left To Say Than What Ive Already Said So I Hope To See Everyone Around Ingame Or On Forums Forward
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  8. Rank Request

    Diamond Rank
  9. Smelt is here

    Hello everyone it's Smelt, living in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Been playing around for 10 - 11 days, and the zone content grabbed my attention while also making me addicted to the game. i am glad to join this wonderful community as it provides joy, laughter and help between each other. Never have or will ever see any other beautiful community as MagePS. Most people would recognize me because of my crazy donations but i don't regret it since it will support the server and build a bigger community, and ill gladly support it more every time there is a new content. See you around in game. Smelt.
  10. Lance Minigame

    odds are wrong for light lance i am on 600 kills and no light lance guide is saying 1/450?
  11. MagePS Price Guide January 2020

    Nice guide, but hades scythe is not the best 2h melee weapon, it's "Blood scythe" that you missed on list, plus best mh weapon is boneybeast whip, katanas are a bit high base price, cause they can be grinded for more
  12. Guide List!

    Price guide added!
  13. apply for staff

    Indeed your right Enigma.
  14. Use "Ctrl+F" to search/find an item much faster. Hailstorm Dagger 250T ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Gem Katana 250-400T ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Omega Katana 300-600T ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Red Lightsaber 700T ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Blood Edge Sword 700T-1Q ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ HellSlayer Sword {Best in slot 1H melee weapon} 2-3Q ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Blood Staff {Best in slot mage weapon} 30-40Q ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Abyssal Bludgeon {Best in slot special attack weapon} 1Q ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Blood Scythe {Best in slot 2H melee weapon} 25-30Q ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Hades Scythe 5-7Q Armour pieces tend to be cheaper when bought separately, due to set's often having set effects Corrupt Dragon With wings Set: 80T-120T 20-30T per piece ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Lucky Completionist Set: 80T-100T 20-25T per piece ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Satucre Set: 80-125T 20-25T per piece ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Rage Set: 125-150T 25-30T per piece ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Vegeta Set: 300-450T 80-100T per piece ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ QBD Set: 2-2.5Q Without Wings 500T per piece apart from wings which are 700T-1Q ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Tyrant Set: 2-2.5Q With Wings 3Q 400-500T per piece apart from wings which are 700-900T ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Sexy Schoolgirl NO SET PRICE ATM ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Bikini NO SET PRICE ATM ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Goku {Best in slot melee set} Set: 20-25Q 4.5-5Q per piece ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Ice/Blood {Best in slot magic set} Set: 16Q+ Ice piece: 5-6Q+ Blood piece: 7-8Q+ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Invisible {Cosmetics slot set +10% damage boost from set bonus} Set: 500-750T 80T-100T each piece ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Black Death Cape 80T-135T ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Darth Vader Cape 700-900T ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Teddy bears from Vorago 10T ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Lucky Teddy Bear 75-125T ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Lucky Teddy Bear [Upgraded] 150-250T ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Diablo Shield 500T ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Doom Spirit Shield 40-60T ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Saradomin Spirit Shield 30-60T ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Pink Spirit Shield 40-60T ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ DragonBone Spirit Shield 200-300T ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Rasta Teddy Bear/Rasta Teddy [Upgraded] 150-250T ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Rage Amulet 40T ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Torture Amulet 50-100T ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Torture (Or) Amulet 80-150T ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Immortal Charm Amulet 300-400T ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Arcane Blast Necklace (4k DPoints) 150-200T ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Soul Amulet 500T-1Q ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Ring of Wealth 5T ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Lucky Ring of Life [Unbreakable] 80-100T ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Immortal Band 300-400T ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Tier 13 Berserker Ring 120-150T ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Ring of Souls {Best in slot ring} 475T-1Q Torment Trophy 40T ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Lucky Trophy 15-20T ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Divine Trophy 50T ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Satucre Trophy 50T ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Demonic Trophy 130-150T ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Hell Trophy 400-500T ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Enraged Trophy 20-30T ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Queen Trophy 2Q ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Saiyan Trophy 50T ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ StarWars Trophy NO PRICE ATM ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ HellQueen Trophy 2-3Q Only added the ones which are sold/used frequently ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Satucre 75-100T ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Vorago 80T ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Diablo 500-600T ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Goku 1Q ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Pumpkin 700-800T ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Flambeed 400T-800T ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Olmlet 400-800T ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Golden Dragon Pet 2-3Q ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Freddy 100Q ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Jason 10-15Q ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Michael Myers 5-6Q ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Chucky 1-1.5Q ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ IT The Clown 1-1.5Q Donations 10$ = 1Q {The more you are willing to donate the more they will pay per 10$ generally speaking} ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Weak Gems 30T ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Strong Gems 80-90T ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Godly Gems 250-300T ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Heaven Stone 1-3T ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Lucky Ores 5-10T ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Lucky Heaven Stone 7-12T ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Vote Books 2T ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Turtle Boxes 3-6T ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Turtle Stones 100 stones = 1T ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Scroll of Cleansing 7-10T ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Scroll of Efficiency 25T ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 100% 10% Drop Rate Scroll 200-300T ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Rainbow Fish 500m each | 2K fish = 1T cash ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ XP Lamps 15-20T ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Ice Key 20-25T ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Blood Key 25-30T ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Drop Catcher T1 = 100T | T2 = 120-140T | T3 = 150-200T ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Abyssal Bludgeon pieces Claw = 100-150T Spine - 200T Axon - 200T ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Double Str/Magic Pots 5-7T ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Double SS Pots 3T ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Interdimensional Donut Holy Grail Upgrades 10-20T ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Name Change Scroll 50T ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Donator Points Every 2K Points - 80-100T ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Pet Boxes 80-100T ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Magical Boxes 100T ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Finest Stone 30-40T ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Lesser Magical Boxes Since these price check at 5T each and players don't really buy these, you are best just putting them in the grinder (Top right of your bank) for a chance of 3.5T in return. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 4x XP Ring 20T ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ DragonBalls #1 - 7 150-200T each ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Thats it For The Price Guide But More Items Are Missing And Will Be Added When Possible Thanks To @shinox For 99% Of The Prices If You Want An Item Added Pm On Discord Or Ingame @Forward
  15. apply for helper

    Congrats buddy! <3 -Enigma
  16. Elysium for support

    Congrats Elysium if I saw this earlier I would of vouched. -Enigma
  17. apply for staff

    Understandable but we all make mistakes. Since he has had his offences, he has shaped himself into a stable responsible player who I believe deserves a shot as staff. I don't think focusing only on a players past is the best way of judgment to rate someone on promotion to staff rank. I say give him a chance! -Enigma
  18. apply for helper

    Approved! Welcome to the MagePS Staff team Shinox1
  19. Elysium for support

    Approved! Welcome to the MagePS Staff team Elysium
  20. apply for helper

    I started playing 2 days ago, and he asked a lot of questions and helped me a lot in the beginning, even though it was annoying to ask him to take my questions, he was very helpful in helping, I see that he helps a lot of other players, I think it would be best choice as a helper By:Nicoly
  21. Elysium for support

    +1 from me -Tea- Elysium is an honest person and always helps players with issues they have. He has been a big help in the clan chats
  22. Elysium for support

    the best guy u will ever see on the server friendly+helping when he can and answering questions so vouch from me
  23. apply for staff

    Too many offenses on your account for breaking rules. I wouldn't consider your application with so many offenses -Tea-
  24. Elysium for support

    Hey, my name is Elysium. I spend 2-10 hours a day on the server, depends how late my workday will go on. Reason to be staff: I love the community and id love to be more part of it I would also like to help new and old players more and help the community grow. Reason to play MagePS: Its awesome server and i love the content and the players. Timezone: Utc +2
  25. apply for helper

    Possible candidate for support. +1 from me -Tea-
  26. Banjo SS or Mod application

    That's a no from me. -Tea-. You are way too toxic to players and you have broken too many rules with multiple offenses.
  27. apply for helper

    +1 from me, he helps me out alot when he can, also he is friendly and very active ingame
  28. Strpker ipban appeal

    you can send me a pm here on forum then.
  29. apply for helper

    I've been playing since the beginning of November and every time im on I see shinox saying Pm for help or helpin someone in cc. Hes on literally all the time and whenever he is online he helping someone or making sure ppl can ask him for help if needed. No cap couldnt see anyone else that plays atm being a better helper.
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