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  2. Can't wait to waste even more of my life on this new update! :]
  3. Looking forwards to the new update. Good luck grinding y'all nibbas.
  4. Very nice update Sat and team! Looks great!
  5. What a long time coming for this update won't you say, when we took on this project we thought we would be done 3 weeks ago! In the end it turned out we managed to crank out 2 Big updates with a 2nd one coming very soon after this one. The reason it took so long is because of very hard testing and lots of effort putting into creating something very unique and something no other RSPS would have or be able to do. This is unique with Astrals because there is over 50+ New items we had to add in, levels for the astrals, and then make this level system for pets. The other thing is we decided to work on new content and more new content while not testing the old. This is how we managed to create two big updates, now we have to test the other big update and release it very soon as well. We hope you enjoy this update and re-gain the trust of the Mage team for not delivering content for so long. Other servers will never put in as much effort as we do for updates, and we hope that this update proves that. Astrals One of the biggest and I could say the longest things it ever took to make possible This is an insane system, its insane because you can level it up, trade it, sell experience, and it acts as the games new leading money sink or a way to get rich if your lucky, this is mystery boxes RE-Defined, and all it costs is only 1T Astral's are very powerful to own and have, you can equip up to 3 astral's at once, One no requirements, two 10 zones, and three is 20 zones The max level of an astral is level 10 Every Level basically adds the stats of the item over and over again, like if its 2500 str bonus level 2 would be 5000, and level 10 would be 25k for example Red is the rarest and best stats for these items, we will be making a thread explaining how each astral works fully. Level 1 - 2 = 100 EXP Level 2 - 3 = 250 EXP Level 3 - 4 = 700 EXP Level 4 - 5 = 2500 EXP Level 5 - 6 = 7500 EXP Level 6 - 7 = 12500 EXP Level 7 - 8 = 20000 EXP Level 8 - 9 = 35000 EXP Level 9 - 10 = 50000 EXP This is an example of the experience charts, level 10 is very hard to obtain, but yet possible. Levels 3-4 will be the easiest and most attainable levels and would be the best idea to make all your astral's level 4-5 before putting it all into one amazing astral. You also don't lose experience if you use another astral to build up another astral in your inventory, the experience is transferable to the new Astral, so people never lose experience in Mage for the Astrals they have. Next up is the sell option White Astral will sell back 250b Green is 750b A Blue is 2T A purple is 4T a Orange is 8T and Red is 15T So if you want to make money off this activity, then I recommend to get lucky! Not really though as this was designed to have to spend money in the regard of greens and whites being under 1T of the initial cost to try. Astrals start to get good past blue, so purple is decent, orange will still be very used, and red is the best of the best. You may only use one type of astral for that same color at the same time though, so you can't have 3 red damage astral's. The experience rates for Astral's are as follows Green Astral = 2 EXP Blue = 5 EXP Purple = 10 EXP Orange = 25 EXP Red = 100 EXP Experience Astral's give double the normal amount, and Red Experience astral's give 1000 EXP, in the next update we will have a shop to buy Orange Astral's and Red Astral's for the Mage points you use. This is a small re-cap of what Astral's actually are, this is the most in-depth update we have ever done, and to think we want to do a massive skilling update too soon haha. The UNDERWORLD Now this is another big piece of content we have been working on, to expand Magic, Costumes, and of course Melee! With this update we have released the new BiS amulet/ring for hybrid, Hades Scythe the best 2 handed weapon, Invisible Costume Items which when you equip the whole set will give 10% Damage boost, tons of new bossing content, new maps, two new zones and of course lots of fun! We didn't want to use the OSRS Cerberus because who would, its made by Jagex. This fits more perfectly of what Cerberus would actually look like. He is held by chains, blood in one head, bone skull in another, and a tamed third one with a missing ear. He is the guardian of the Underworld and the gate behind him needs a key to unlock the door. To get the key parts you need to kill Cerberus and combine all 3 key parts to make a key to the underworld. When used you will unlock the doorway to the Underworld to meet Hades the king of the Underworld. To unlock the Cerberus Zone you need to complete 1/3 Diablo as he an underworld keeper of another dimension that is not ours. Yes now meet HADES! To actually damage Hades you will need to kill his minions, but the problem is, you have less then 6 seconds to kill all 4 of his minions at the same time. This is why you are allowed to team up with up to 4 people and all 4 of you will get loot. Each Hades Soul minion will damage 25% of the health of Hades. Making this a fun and unique boss fight, but the hard part is hes using his head to control great darkness, and you must avoid it at all costs to not die! To unlock Hades you will need the Hades key to the underworld from Cerberus, and Unlock 1/3 QBD zone and 1/3 Cerberus zone And of course its 1/3 QBD, because the Queen provides lots of power and energy to Hades. In the end Hades never really dies, he may appear dead, but the Slain Souls of Mage always bring him back to life Pet Leveling Every pet in Mage is now level-able, due to the system we added to Astral's, we can make more and more things unique now in Mage with less effort! Olm for example is a Level 1 pet and for example offers 15% drop rate and the other bonuses, now imagine at level 5 his bonuses all double, and his drop rate is now 30% and the triggers he has. Getting a pet to level 5 will be no easy task though, but the levels are transferable by trades, and makes all pets useful again Level 1-2 takes 2 pets 2-3 takes 3 more pets so 5 total 3-4 takes 4 more pets so 9 total and 4-5 takes 5 more pets so 14 total to get it level 5 and the original pet you have so 15? But now you have a beast of a pet, and can do anything you want with it We might also expand this concept to expand on pets with single uses like flambeed to unlock cool effects at level 3-5? Such as giving it more drop rate, or it attacking for you? So please give us suggestions The suggestions we added from players We instead made it into a donut, from the Episode in Rick N Morty where they invaded the Simpsons and we called the Intergalactic Donut, and can be obtained from the Tower of Horror now 2 We have expanded zones once again, adding in Hades and Cerberus is more zones, but now more zone rewards. Finish 18 Zones - 10% Drop rate boost Finish 20 Zones - Can Claim Attendance now twice a day, so people can finish it in 15 days now instead of 30 Finish 22 Zones - 10% Drop rate boost and 10% damage increase Finish 25 Zones - Get a Care Package everyday with random stuff inside to help you on todays day 18 zones - Get a Trophy box for free 20 zones - $40 Rank and 8k d points 22 zones - Two 100% 10% scrolls 25 zones - $50 Rank and 10k d points 3 Made upgrading weapons go up to +10, so the new extra % a weapon can be upgraded to is from 27% to 32% 4 Many times Invisible items were suggested and I hope we made it fun and rewarding to obtain and to sell! We also want to add a TON and I mean a ton more suggestions, I always read them and add them to my list, so next update expect a Suggestion from the community Packed UPDATE!
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  7. Staff Feedback

    Owners Satucre: Always very helpful and super friendly, I can always tend to find you at ::gamble. Kion: Only seen him active once for like 3 hours so can't give much feedback. Axo: Never seen online. Moderators: Quiet: Very nice and helpful, helps me A LOT with pricing lol which I really appreciate since its hard to find prices for some items. Farm God: Also a Very nice staff member, I always see him being one of the first to welcome all new players and has really fast reply times if you ever need help! TylerMt: Never seen online. Legend: Just like Quiet and Farm God, Legend is an amazing moderator also, he is very help and friendly. Helpers: Rngesus: Never Seen Online. Steffio: Very chill and nice person if you need help about where to locate anything throughout the server. Turtle King: Very friendly and always always comes in clutch with donating those turtle stones for the community and im very thankful for that man. Enigma: Never asked him for help but always catch him helping all the new players which is important!
  8. Staff Feedback

    Owners Satucre: Always see you working hard for updates and promotions for donating etc. Keep up the great work brother. Kion: Never see you on besides sitting afk like twice, don't hear anyone talk about any coding etc. Not hating just saying what i see/hear. Axo: Never seen you on at all since i've started playing. Moderators: Quiet: Always on and helping where its needed and always friendly to all. Farm God: Haven't seen you much lately but when you're on always friendly and helping out if asked. Doing great for all on here. TylerMt: When you're on you help out, promote voting and try get people to do good. Legend: When i've spoken to you you've always been friendly and happy to talk/help, always answering people when questions are asked as per role, doing great brother keep it up. Helpers: Rngesus: N/A Steffio: Always on and helping out great knowledge all round. Turtle King: Never seen you out of turtles but still know the server well. Always on and helping. Enigma: Always helping when needed, great guy, friendly to all. All round great staff team and i enjoy talking to all and helping them when needed with simple consistent questions from newbies etc. Thanks fellas/fellettes if any ladies
  9. Chatbox

    Not sure if it would be possible, but would be nice to have an option to switch transparent chat box on and off when on full screen mode. It's hard to read text when in certain areas of the map. Granted, the important notifications will stand out in chat, but being able to communicate with other players on the server via clan chat is difficult.
  10. Scythe

    Awesome! Can't wait!
  11. Hours you spend a day on Mage: 5-12 hours most days Total hours spent on Mage: https://gyazo.com/7784c1e16449e9d87e73c35cbe6feec7 Reasons for helping people: I naturally help people as often as i can answering questions and showing people where things r as well as providing tips for new players. Reasons for playing Mage: I genuinely enjoy playing on the server. Its fun and the staff and players r friendly. Time zone: PST
  12. Hours you spend a day on Mage: 6-7 hours a day (10-12 hours on weekends) Total hours spent on Mage(picture with your username): Reasons for helping people: Because i'm kind of epic, and i keep people around because of my idiotic comments (playful ones of course) uwu Reasons for playing Mage: I honestly have no life and i like to sit there mindlessly killing the same mob all day and also complaining about it, and also give all the players that uwu know what im sayin? Time zone: PST
  13. Rage Helmet

    Looking to purchase a rage helmet. PM me in game. - Ahura Madza
  14. Official Price Guide [Subject to Changes]

    Fantastic, guess ill delete my guide lol
  15. Official Price Guide [Subject to Changes]

    impressive I like it!
  16. Recently a lot of players have been referring to price guides, though prices tend to be everchanging, therefore this will be the OFFICIAL PRICE GUIDE which will be SUBJECT TO CHANGES AND UPDATES EVERY 3-7 DAYS. Of course, you may see some people selling below due these prices just because they want to get their items sold quicker, but these are the Average/Real prices for the items, based on Supply/Demand and Rarity in some cases. TIP: Use "Ctrl+F" to search/find an item you're looking for much quicker Date Updated: 07/13/19 IT IS ALWAYS MORE EFFICIENT TO ASK FOR A PRICE CHECK IN CLAN CHAT OR PMING ME INGAME FOR PRICES. WEAPONS: Hailstorm Dagger - 250T Gem Katana - 750-900T Omega Katana - 1.7Q - 1.9Q Red Lightsaber - 1.7Q - 2Q Blood Edge Sword - 9Q+ HellSlayer Sword (BIS Melee Weapon) - 12Q+ Blood Staff (BIS Mage weapon) - 12Q+ Abyssal Bludgeon (Best Spec Weapon) - 3Q+ ARMORS/CAPES (Armor pieces may be cheaper separately, but worth more as a COMPLETE SET due to SET EFFECTS. Effects can be viewed at the below guide.) Corrupt Dragon Set (Including Wings) 120T-150T (20-30T per piece) Lucky Comp Set - 225-250T (45-50T per piece) Satucre Set - 250T (50T per piece) Rage Set - 400T+ (70-80T+ per piece) Vegeta Set - 2Q (400T per piece) QBD Set - 10Q+ (Head, Chest, Legs, Gloves,Boots = 900T - 1Q Each separately, Wings are 5Q) Tyrant Set - 5Q+ Sexy Schoolgirl Set - 9Q+ Bikini Set - 12Q+ Goku Set (BIS Melee Set) - 35Q+ (5-6Q+ per piece) Ice/Blood Set (BIS Magic set) - 30Q+ (5Q each piece separately) Black Death Cape - 350T-400T Darth Vader Cape - 2Q+ QBD Wings - 5Q+ MISC. EQUIPMENT SLOTS (AMULETS/RINGS/OFFHANDS (shield slot) Teddy bears from Vorago : 10T Each Lucky Teddy Bear - 150T Lucky Teddy Bear [Upgraded] - 200T+ Diablo Shield - 500T+ Doom Spirit Shield - 30T+ Saradomin Spirit Shield - 30T+ Pink Spirit Shield - 25T+ DragonBone Spirit Shield - 750T+ Rasta Teddy Bear/Rasta Teddy [Upgraded] - 3Q+ Rage Amulet - 65T+ Torture Amulet - 100T+ Torture (Or) Amulet - 300T+ Immortal Charm Amulet (For Drop Rate)- 400T+ Arcane Blast Necklace - 250T+ Ring of Wealth - 1-5T Lucky Ring of Life [Unbreakable] - 85T+ Immortal Band (BIS ring) - 400T+ Tier 13 Berserker Ring - 250T+ TROPHIES: Torment Trophy - 500T - 1Q Lucky Trophy - 1Q+ Divine Trophy - 2Q+ Satucre Trophy - 3.5Q+ Demonic Trophy - 4Q+ Hell Trophy - 4Q+ Enraged Trophy - 5Q+ Queen Trophy - 9Q+ Saiyan Trophy - 6Q+ StarWars Trophy - 15Q+ HellQueen Trophy - 15Q+ PETS: (Only posting those which are sold/used frequently) Agrith Naar - 30T Satucre - 75T+ Vorago 100T+ Diablo - 750T+ Goku - 1Q+ Pumpkin - 2Q+ Flambeed - 2Q+ Olmlet - 3Q+ MISC Items: DONATIONS : GENERALLY $10 = 150-200T Base Rate. Weak Gems - 25T+ Strong Gems - 70T+ Godly Gems - 350T+ Heaven Stone - 5T Lucky Ores - 10T-15T Lucky Heaven Stone - 20T+ Vote Books - 1-2T Turtle Boxes - 5-7T Turtle Stones - 1K stones = 10T+ Scroll of Cleansing - 15T Scroll of Efficiency - 15T+ 100% 10% Drop Rate Scroll - 600T+ Rainbow Fish - 500M each (2K fish = 1T cash) XP Lamps - 15-20T each Ice / Blood keys (used for ice dragon/blood nex raid at ::iced) - Ice Key - 50T / Blood Key 15T+ Drop Catcher: T1 - 100T / T2 - 150T / T3 - 200T Abyssal Bludgeon pieces: Claw - 200-250T / Spine - 1Q / Axon - 1Q Double Str/Magic Pots - 10-15T Double SS Pots - 5T Monkey Bandage - 10T Name Change Scrolls - 50T+ Donator Points - Every 1K Points - 40T+ Pet Boxes - 50T+ Magical Mboxes - 100T+ Finest Stone - 45T+ Frenzy Weapons - 8T each (Better to just toss them in grinder, they don't sell) Lesser Magical Boxes - 5T each (Better to just toss them in grinder, they don't sell) 4X XP Ring - 20T DragonBalls #1 - 7 - 250T+ EACH
  17. Staff Feedback

    Hello players of mage! Another month and another post for staff review!!! As always, we appreciate any and all kind, or constructive words you have for any and all of our staff members. Please refrain from any flaming or toxicity, as it will not be tolerated. We greatly appreciate everything you have to say so please dont hold back The MagePS staff team takes everything on these threads very seriously and will continue to work hard to improve and be the best staff team we can! Also, if you have no words to say about a staff member, simply put N/A Owners Satucre: Kion: Axo: Moderators: Quiet: Farm God: TylerMt: Legend: Helpers: Rngesus: Steffio: Turtle King: Enigma:
  18. Guides finder

  19. Guides finder

    Goodjob mate!
  20. Price Guide (UNOFFICIAL)

    I like it brotha!
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  22. This guide should no longer be used, please refer to the OFFICIAL guide. This guide will stay for now, since it took me awhile to make. This is an UNOFFICIAL Price Guide for MagePS All price are the average of what players are selling for in game. ALL PRICES ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE AND SELLER HAS THE RIGHT TO ASK FOR MORE OR LESS Armor Lucky Completionist: 40-60T per piece Rage: 60-80T per piece Tyrant: 4-5q for set Vegeta: 300-400t per piece Goku: 4-5q per piece Obiwan: 90-130t Per piece Stormtrooper: 100-150t per piece Darth Vader: 3q for set QBD: 1q per piece QBD Wings: 3q Black Death Cape: 350-400t Ice Mage: Hat : 3-5q Body: 3-5q Legs: 3-5q Blood mage: Boots: 5-7q Gloves: 5-7q (Robes are NOT part of this, do not pay these prices for Blood mage robes) Weapons Hell Slayer Sword: 12q Red saber: 1-2q Gem Katana: 600-800t Omega Katana: 1.5-1.8q Hailstorm Dagger: 250t Abyssal Bludgeon: 3q Bludgeon claw: 200-400t Bludgeon spine: 500t-1q Bludgeon Axon: 500t-1q Blood Staff: 12q Trophies Lucky: 100T Enraged: 2-4q Queen: 5q Hell: 5q Demonic: 5q Satucre: 2-3q Divine: 1q Torment: 500-750t Starwars: 12-13q Hell Queen: 15q Saiyan: 7q Gear Lucky Ring of Life (Unbroken): 150-200t Immortal band: 400t Amulet of Torture: 150-200t Amulet of Torture (or): 300-350t Lucky Teddy Bear (Upgraded): 200-250t Dragonbone Spirit Shield: 800t-1q Pets Flambeed: 2q Olmlet: 3q Satucre: 75t Vorago: 100t Diablo: 500t Pumpkin: 2q Tormented Demon: Grinder food Upgrade items Lucky Heaven Stone: 5-10t each Lucky ore: 2-5t each Weak gem: 20-40t each Strong gem: 80-100t each Godly Gem: 300-400t each Finest stone: 40-60t each Misc Vote Books: 1t each Vote Spin Tickets: 1-5t each Double Strength Potion: 10-20t each Double Mage Potion: 10-20t each Double Soul Split Potion: 5-10t each Drop Catcher: T1: 100t T2: 150-200t T3: 200-250t Scroll of Efficiency: 20-30t each 100% 10% Drop Rate Scroll: 500-700t each Scroll of Cleansing: 15-20t each MagePS Huge XP lamp:15-30t each Turtle stones: 1t per 100 Pet box: 100-150t (sellers choice, can be higher) ($10 in donation store) Magical Mystery box: 75-150t (sellers choice, can be higher) ($5 in donation store) Name change scroll: 40-75t (sellers choice) Costumes Skeleton: 10-20t per piece Prices will be updated as needed. Please let me know if any of these prices are inaccurate. Also let me know of any items that should be added to this guide, as well as their price. Enjoy your time here at MagePS
  23. Guides finder

    So to make the search for information or a thread easier i got the links to the threads in here enjoy! Use CTRL+Leftclick to open in a new browser RULES! Starter guide Zones guide Lance Minigame Donator benefits Droprate guide Weapon upgrade guide (Gems) Pet guide Custom Spiritshield info Trophy information Prestige guide Elite ironman guide How to make immortal charm (Amulet) How to make immortal band(Ring) Update thread with blood nex and ice dragon explained in it Armor guide Raids guide Afk buff/Pickaxe guide Magical Boxes Drop Table Price Guide
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