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  2. Staff Feedback - Nov

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  4. Staff Feedback - Nov

    Owners Satucre: from what i have seen you're a good owner. Axo: N/A Admins Steffio:N/A Dc Ftw: N/A Peon: will help you and very nice about it Moderators: Rush: N/A Dreamer: Best Moderator you have. always helping people that has questions. If he doesnt know the answer to your question he will direct you to the next person that will know the answer. Helpers: Tea:N/A Ah:N/A
  5. Ah's Progress Updates

    hmm trying to look less nooby Goodluck with that Kind regards, Your fellow noob
  6. Ah's Progress Updates

    Excited to follow the thread. Good luck grinding!
  7. Staff Feedback - Nov

    Owners Satucre: Ninja :3 always here but you cant see him glad to have him as owner Axo: For real after my return of 4months or more break sad to see while sometimes being ignored but keep it up Admins Steffio: Showing his best! Dc Ftw: At the first its looked like negative person - but now he is a BOMB! ;p Peon: N/A Moderators: Rush: N/A Dreamer: Always helping, active with community - doing things together at boss killings/ chitchatting. Perfect job! Helpers: Tea: Still was no time to find out more about him maybe our time zones different Ah: Monster!! In a good way! always can ask for him about Elites (even without helper rank) always willing to help. Deserved promotion btw!
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  9. Staff Feedback - Nov

    Owners Satucre: His kindness heart was gonna makes me cry one time before and i hope he respond when i talk about problem Axo: i had a problem before and he tried to help so i appreciate that so much Admins Steffio: N/A Dc Ftw: i cant forget what he had done to me when i was new to the server i was anoying him so much L0L and he helped me alot at the beggining and till now if i need to ask or thinking about something i go to him <3 Peon: IDK why i love him and i like to take his opnion about gear and what to do and he never being late to help me Moderators: Rush:N/A Dreamer: my maaaan what i see about him even before being in staff members all he was doing is helping people and now nothing have changed he still there for everyone who needs help or asking about something luv u k3 Helpers: Tea:N/A Ah:N/A
  10. Staff Feedback - Nov

    Owners Satucre: N/A Axo: N/A Admins Steffio: Positive admin who truly feels like a part of the community rather than sitting on a throne. Dc Ftw: Works wonderful deals Peon: N/A Moderators: Rush: N/A Dreamer: Positive lil fella who can be basically who does his job helping out people magnificently! Helpers: Tea: N/A Ah: Truly a helpful player who guides others and gives out tips/interracts with the community in a positive way.
  11. Ah's Progress Updates

    Looking good, following.
  12. Staff Feedback - Nov

    Hello players of mage! Another month and another post for staff review!!! As always, we appreciate any and all kind, or constructive words you have for any and all of our staff members. Please refrain from any flaming or toxicity, as it will not be tolerated. We greatly appreciate everything you have to say so please dont hold back The MagePS staff team takes everything on these threads very seriously and will continue to work hard to improve and be the best staff team we can! Also, if you have no words to say about a staff member, simply put N/A Owners Satucre: Axo: Admins Steffio: Dc Ftw: Peon: Moderators: Rush: Dreamer: Helpers: Tea: Ah:
  13. Guides finder

    updated zones guide
  14. Zones Guide!

    Great guide Peon, thanks!
  15. Hi

    Hi everyone, I'm Biggster I've played dozens of servers in the past and I've been around the RSPS scene for quite some time. I came across MagePS through top lists and I've been enjoying it so far, hope to see everyone in-game!
  16. Kaatumis Support application

    Hours you spend a day on Mage: This depends but average 4-5 hours at least with exceptions such as 12h/day... If I'm not online in-game you can find me browsing the discord or websites as "runelocus" etc... I like to be updated with the latest updates and game changes in the rsps community. The main goal of this is to forward it to Satucre/Axo to keep MagePS on track. If you think this is dumb or not necessary then I would suggest you relook or read about the daily business IRL. It's not because other companies/servers have something you can't copy it but if you do you copy it you need to try to improve it unless it works well then why shouldn't you copy it? Total hours spent on Mage(picture with your username): ' Reasons for helping people: Do you really need a reason to help each other out? Helping others comes naturally from me, whenever someone asks something i try my best to help them out. Also helping others can make new connections with players, and make sure they enjoy the shit out of Mageps. Reasons for playing Mage: I've played rsps for almost 10 years, and usually i only play the "pk-eco" servers. MagePS is really different from anything i've played before and i instantly got hooked to the progression system that the game has (it's amazing). I've also met alot of amazing people here. I play alot because I have alot of free time and would gladly spend it at this server. And one of the main reasons is the helping, I just love to spend time to explain and make players life easier. Time zone: GMT +3
  17. Hours you spend a day on Mage: Usually around 5-6 hours each day/10+ hours on the weekends. Reasons for helping people: I like helping out newcomers since i know what it feels like to delve into a new world without any knowledge. I also work in retail so i have experience with people and a passion for helping others Reasons for playing: A while back quit rs3 due to the game going to a worse direction and wanted to find a server that feels like home. I may not have the most playtime yet but with the current pace its going to add up in the future :). Timezone: GMT +2 Total hours spent on Mage(picture with your username): ↓
  18. Server Support

    Hours you spend a day on Mage: right now i spend a good 8 hours+ a day but later on when work comes back il be on maybe 4-6 in evenings Total hours spent on Mage(picture with your username): Reasons for helping people: ive been playing rs related games for 10 years+ and ive always had a tendancy to help others and i really like the mageps cummunity Reasons for playing Mage: Its just a relaxed custom rsps the people are chill theres no hate and its a generally good rsps Time zone: Ex EST or PST UK so i might benefit on helping when some staff arent online as they may be from US or so
  19. Zones Guide!

    Very nice and helpful guide, good job as always.
  20. Ah's Progress Updates

    Good luck with the progress bud.
  21. Ah's Progress Updates

    Looking forward to progress videos/forum updates. Good luck ^.^
  22. Ah's Progress Updates

    Going to be posting Updates on my progress at end game content, I've deleted every stack of items or misc items I have no need for. I've kept Items I use daily to farm just to give everyone an Idea what end game is like, what you'd expect to get from so much Killcount, if you want to see a certain monster's loot that I don't have posted just let me know. Vorago: 1376 Vegeta: 3449 Diablo: 0 Hades: 0 Ice Dragon: 0 Nex: 0 Walkers: 5236 Raids: 0 Kril: 0 Goku: 12
  23. Zones Guide!

    How does the zone work its simple and a great way to start to get gear upgrade, and make money. Getting started! Unlock the next zone! Rewards! Zones2 Note! First, you need to do is go to ::gkey kill 25 Jewelled Crab, after you get 25 kc from crab you type ::zones this open a new interface this interface shows all the zones you can complete each zone have 3 tasks you need to do before you complete the zones, etc if we look at Pikachu zone there is 3 task! Get a Thunder Stone. Get a Pikachu Pet. Get 100 Pikachu kills. So to complete the zone you need to keep kill Pikachu until you get 1 thunderstone drop, 1 Pikachu pet drop and kill at least 100 Pikachu, take note that the drops are rng based so no one can tell you when you get the drop. When you get etc a Pikachu pet drop the middlebox will be 100% done and you can click claim and you will get the loot from that task. You need to have 100% in all the tasks before the zone is completed. Each zone have a requirement you need to have done before you can go to the next zone, to see what each zones requirement is you can click on (teleport) and it will tell you, lets etc take the Cave Horror zone if you click on teleport bottom in the interface it will give you an information in chatbox, to get to Cave Horror you will need to get 1/3 of the Pikachu task 100% completed this means you need to get 1 out of the 3 task done from Pikachu zone and it can be any of the 3 you complete to unlock the next zone. There is a lot of good rewards to get from complete the zones first there is the items you can claim from complete each task, then there is more great rewards from complete 5,- 10,- 15 zones etc. Finish 1 zone! 5% drop rate boost. 1 Lucky heaven stone and 1 double str potion Finish 3 zone! 5% damage boost 1 magical box and 1 double str potion Finish 5 zone! 5% damage boost to one-handed weapons $10 Rank and 2k d points and 2 double str potion Finish 7 zone! 10% damage boost to two-handed weapons 1 pet box and 2 double str potion Finish 10 zone! 10% drop rate, increases double pots potion duration by 15 minutes and a permanent 15 hp boost. $20 Rank and 4k d points added to your account, 1 magical box, 3 double str potion Finish 12 zone! 10% damage reduction, 5% drop rate get 100% 10% scroll Finish 15 zone! 10% damage reduction, 15 ho boost again, 10% damage increase $30 Rank and 6k d points added to your account, 5 double str, 2 magical mbox, 1 pet box free Finish 18 zone! 10% drop rate boost Get a Trophy box for free ($40 free) Finish 20 zone! Can claim attendance now twice a day, so people can finish it in 15 days now instead of 30 $40 Rank and 8k d points added to your account Finish 22 zone! 10% drop rate boost and 10% damage increase Two 100% 10% scrolls Finish 25 zone! Get a care package every day with random stuff inside (not ingame yet) $50 Rank and 10k d points added to your account Finish 28 zone! 10% double drop rate chance Get a chest ticket free Finish 30 zone! Get a daily random Dragonball added to the bank after you kill Goku twice that day $60 Rank and 12k d points added to your account Zones 2 new zone content added With mage and range being introduced more and more into MagePS, they wanted to break off the regular ::zones at that is its own legacy and its more for melee, zones 2, on the other hand, will be more for Mage and Range damage boosts, item to help them, and of course more donation ranks to obtain! The zones2 works like the regular zones to start you type ::zones2 Finish 1 zone! 5% drop rate boost 1 lucky heaven stone, 1 double range, 1 double magic potion Finish 3 zone! 7% magic damage boost 1 cash box, 1 double range and magic potion Finish 5 zone! 10% range damage boost 2k donation points $10 rank, 2 double range and magic potion Note: Egg have made a youtube zone guide check it out click Here
  24. Tea - Server Helper

  25. Server Helper

    Hours you spend a day on Mage: Four to five hours weekdays, weekends vary between six to ten hours if not longer. Total hours spent on Mage: Reasons for helping people: I like to think that, being able to help someone in need is very rewarding, and to help fellow members with the game would be very beneficial for the community. Reasons for playing Mage: I really enjoy playing Mageps, as I have played for quite a long time and appreciate every aspect of the game and the community that surrounds it. Time zone: London (GMT)
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  27. Guides finder

    Added slayer guide
  28. Slayer Guide

    Slayer guide How to get the gilded helmet: To be able to create the gilded helmet you need 8 Lime helmets. Lime helm, 13% droprate on slayer task. (5k slayer points) Combine two Lime helms to make a barrows helmet. Barrows helm, 20% droprate on a slayer task. (10k slayer points) Combine two barrows helms or 4 limes to make a shadow helmet. Shadow helm, 33% droprate on a slayer task. ( 20k slayer points) Combine 2 Shadow helms or 8 limes to make a gilded helmet. Gilded helm, 50% droprate on a slayer task and 25% damage boost in slayer zones. (40k slayer points) You got to Gilded helm, well done now its time to go further in to slayer gear, and how to upgrade the helm even more. You can obtain Slayer points and Slayer helm attachments and gear to create hydra (hybrid gear) from the slayer zones. How ever the gear and attachments are only dropped by the golden black dragon, wich requires a amount of kills and damage dealt, but the kills are different every zone, and the damage needed is 100M to damage the boss. Every zone has his own gear style and attachment: ::slayere the easy slayer zone is the melee gear+attachment. (add the attachment to the gilded slayer helm to increase the 25% damage boost in slayerzones to 50% for melee.) ::slayerm the medium slayer zone is the range gear+attachment. (Attachment picture coming) (add the attachment to the gilded slayer helm to increase the 25% damage boost in slayerzones to 50% for ranged.) ::slayerh the hard slayer zone is the magic gear+attachment (Attachment picture coming) When ever you have achieved to get all the armors+attachments you are able you combine the gear+attachments to create the hydra armor (hybrid armor) wich gives 50% damage increase inside the slayer zones as well as outside the zones! Good luck slaying!
  29. Guides finder

    Added damage guide
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