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    • Owners Satucre: from what i have seen you're a good owner. Axo: N/A Admins Steffio:N/A Dc Ftw: N/A Peon: will help you and very nice about it Moderators: Rush: N/A Dreamer: Best Moderator you have. always helping people that has questions. If he doesnt know the answer to your question he will direct you to the next person that will know the answer.  Helpers: Tea:N/A Ah:N/A
    • hmm trying to look less nooby
      Goodluck with that

      Kind regards, Your fellow noob
    • Excited to follow the thread. Good luck grinding!
    • Owners Satucre: Ninja :3 always here but you cant see him glad to have him as owner Axo: For real after my return of 4months or more break sad to see while sometimes being ignored  but keep it up Admins Steffio: Showing his best!  Dc Ftw: At the first its looked like negative person - but now he is a BOMB! ;p Peon: N/A Moderators: Rush: N/A Dreamer: Always helping, active with community - doing things together at boss killings/ chitchatting. Perfect job! Helpers: Tea: Still was no time to find out more about him maybe our time zones different Ah: Monster!! In a good way! always can ask for him about Elites (even without helper rank) always willing to help. Deserved promotion btw!
    •   Owners Satucre: His kindness heart was gonna makes me cry one time before   and i hope he respond when i talk about problem Axo: i had a problem before and he tried to help so i appreciate that so much Admins Steffio: N/A Dc Ftw: i cant forget what he had done to me when i was new to the server i was anoying him so much L0L and he helped me alot at the beggining and till now if i need to ask or thinking about something i go to him <3  Peon: IDK why i love him and i like to take his opnion about gear and what to do and he never being late to help me  Moderators: Rush:N/A Dreamer: my maaaan what i see about him even before being in staff members all he was doing is helping people and now nothing have changed he still there for everyone who needs help or asking about something luv u k3 Helpers: Tea:N/A Ah:N/A
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