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    • With this new update we will have a Developer blog for PvM Refresh coming soon so stayed tuned for that. This update should help fix and balance all 3 Combat styles properly and finally be used as intended. If you didn't know Mage 2 years ago only had Melee, one year ago only Melee and Mage, and now we have all 3 styles. To find the balance took us almost 3 years with us adding a new combat style every year. We feel it is close to what we wanted it to be. We did not intend one shotting bosses near the end game as a viable tactic. The mistake came with Damage % counting for all styles, when it should of only counted for one type. ::Zones is made for Melee, ::zones2 is for Mage/Range. Now lets introduce the update you all been waiting for. An update made with help of Players/Staff team Feedback!   Sub Zero BP Update This BP is meant to be one of our best YET! We decided to go down the Hybrid Set + Magic weapon route. First time we went for Hybrid set as now people can use it with any weapon if they don't want to use the Magic weapon we offer. Same goes for pet Sub Zero Set Effect Applies a Chill with every line of damage, when 10 stacks of Chill are triggered the Ice bursts the NPC you are fighting dealing 250k Damage. Sub Zero Set Effect Weapon Only 20% Chance to add 3rd Line of Damage to Sub Zeros Staff/Weapon Sub Zero Pet Effect - No Set required Provides 1 NPC Agro Will randomly fully chill an NPC at a 3% chance rate dealing 250k Damage. Set required Will have a chance to add 1 Chill at 10% Chance Will fully chill an NPC now at 5% chance up from 3% Sub Zero Stats +4500 in all Stats Sub Zero Weapon Stats 1 Tick 2 Line 2 NPC AoE Magic Staff Quickest Mage Weapon in-game! Cyber Sub Zero This is a upgraded Sub Zero set, you may find ::upgrade info on the interface! Sub Zero Set effected upgraded! Chill damage 250k into 300k Sub Zero Set new stats +6500 in all stats up from +4500. So +2000 bonus making it 2nd BiS Melee set next to Gogeta, and 2nd BiS for pretty much Range/Mage if you like set effect Casino Update Trusted Dicer Ranks now will be allowed to place a Casino on any day regardless of Gamble Limits, but on Sunday they won't be allowed. Casino Owners will be allowed to set their own Rates and have a new gamble interface to allow people have a simple to use interface to Gamble in the Casino with. You may only Gamble Bil Tokens with the Casino! We are also adding a ton more features to Trusted Dicer Rank just give ideas to us on Discord Can't place it on a Sunday so picture tomorrow! PvM Casino Zone ::gzone Features of the Zone - Allowing Players who have the rank to always be allowed to Rebuild easily. BiS Untradable, NPC's which drop straight cash to put into your Casino/Use, and to have a dope set and personal world bosses. Look into the Zone - Based on Cowbow Bebop Casino Vibes + Someone killing up all the Dealers Theme! Dealers Drop Table Personal World Boss - 50% Chance to be Pepe or Gogeta every 4 Hours Dealers Set + Final Lucky Sniper Dealers Set - 3%-3.5% Damage a Piece with 20% Damage Total for Set effect - 5 Pieces total - Costume Set 25k Pointa a Piece = 125k Points total meaning 125k Dealers killed as its 1 point each. Final Lucky Sniper - Untradable Weapon with +100 Range bonus over Final Sniper and works same set effect. Personal Chest Ticket update - ::chestg Nothing really changed except the map and now there is 28 Dealers looking at you wanting you to choose them for your prize! New Gamble restrictions with new Gamble Interface This new gamble interface can be found at ::gamble and in Casinos, anything using the Gamble Machines Gambling can only be done on Sunday now. Every other day it will be disabled. This is to prevent people from being addicted and just camping Gamble. We want constructive players who tell us whats wrong with the game and to enjoy the game instead of just gambling their bank. It takes the fun away! So to make it fun again we made it Sunday only. One day where you can have your fun and call it a day till next week! Gamble machines are now 60x2 on all days except Sunday where it goes back to 55x2. This is to discourage gambling more, but we won't mind if you want to get cleaned with these horrible odds Vegeta Zone Expansion The new zone is now on Kame House/Island, and IS HUGE. New Price guide values We wanted the feeling of getting one drop per boss to feel like WOW. I can 100% sell this or get money for it instantly. So we went through all the popular bosses people love to kill and added a good price guide price. We will find more active bosses to do this to. Gogeta Pieces 30q Ea
      Blood Staff 10Q
      Crystal Staff 18Q
      Cell 300T
      Frieza 750T
      Freddy Pet 2020 50q Base price Player Feedback Updates/Bug Fixes #1 Combing Hell keys and Hell chests when you use 1 key on the chest it will combine all the chests and keys in the inventory #2 Remove Entry time from Starwar raids, Dont make them wait 5 seconds. Just insta respawn boss and allow entry again. The old system was to prevent people unfair advantage for those already at npc and to walk bridge. We do not need this failsafe anymore #3 Disable Control/Alt for when people first make an account and login #4 Change back the Hard achievement for the 25000 Headless arrows into 2500, and make it 250 actions not 2500 actions #5 Make in the tutorial the Hunter Part, just auto complete 3-5 seconds after they place a trap down and it will be 100% of the time after you place 1 trap down. Tutorial should be bug free now #6 Make sure Guthix axe is 8 ticks from 3 ticks #7 Lower Joe Exotic HP in half, and all the NPC's in the Raid in Half Lower the scaling by like 25% as well. So should be more enjoyable to do #8 Make all the Drop rate information be correct and reflect properly in the Player tab #9 Change the Range Relic from 10% chance to double lines to "10% chance to add 1 line towards you next attack on a single target NPC" and change the text of it too #10 Make sure the new Gamble Limits are imposed #11 Drops rates on Ice dragon and Blood queen increased from 1/700/750 to  1/1400, 1/1500 for blood dragon/queen #12 Make Melee Relic be 15% Melee Damage. Add 25% Accuracy. 5% chance to increase 1 Line of Damage for any amount of targets Add This text too "25% Accuracy 5% Chance to add a line of Damage towards your next attack on any amount of NPC's" #13 Make sure Slayer blocking is working #14 Slayer Task picking for relic Tier 4 is working allows a Dialouge to choose 4 tasks 10x a day #15 Make superiors 1/250 RNG rate from 1/125 rng rate/Set rate we made it, and replace it with Defend the home event info on player Tab #16 Change all of the Damage bonus's on Zones1 to Melee only #17 Fix only Agro pets to be picked up by the pet pick up system #18 Make Jiren Special 100% from 25%. Make Crystal Scythe Spec 50% from 100% #19 Change Special relic to reduce Special in Half from making it set 20% and change the text too #20 Make Elite Task 100 Slayer Tasks to Finish from 250. Change text too #21 Make ::power 10% Mage/Range Boost and Melee 15% from 20% for both #22 Make sure you 100% get Snack of Queen at 100 KC and 50 kc knuckles pet for ::zones Knuckle and it completes it #23 Nerf Damage pets, keep it 2% Damage for all style for the bloody part. the Damage part Like level 5 Bloody IT and Chucky gives 40% atm, make it level 5 gives 20% range/mage and 40% Melee #24 Update all the stuff with Damage on the interfaces ::maxhit ::maxhitm and ::maxhitr #25 Make the Carrot and Sunlight boots have a 4% Damage boost on the costume interface. #26 Rename Ice Key, Blood Key, Interdimensional key into Ice Entrance Key, Blood Entrance Key, Interdimensional Entry Key   More info coming soon. Thanks for sticking with Mage and enjoy this update!      
    • In this guide will be explained how you get aggro (NPC aggression) in game. There are three ways to obtain aggro: 1.       Aggro pets 2.       Alligator gar 3.       Defensive Stance (vote buff) The three bulletpoints will be explained below.   1.       Aggro pets In game there are several pets which makes aggro happen: -          (Bloody) Freddy Cougar pet, -          Gogeta pet, -          Battle-Pass pets, -          Shiny Gyrados pet   (Bloody) Freddy and Gogeta pet (Bloody) Freddy Cougar and Gogeta pet aggro’s 3 NPC’s and are obtainable by buying it from player. Besides, buying them from players you can get them by donations. You have to buy a DBZ pet box or a Halloween pet box. For more information about that check the MagePS store.   Battle-Pass pet Battle-Pass pets (the name already says it) aggro’s 1 npc and are obtainable by purchasing a battle-pass. You can purchase the battle-pass at the MagePS store. Each season there will be a new gear set and a pet which belongs to the set. Note: The gear set and pet are untradable.   Shiny Gyrados Shiny-Gyrados is a pet which is used for underwater zones (::uzones). After completing the 4 zones from ::uzones the pet allows you to have 1 npc aggro at all zones (no matter if it is a normal zone). You can obtain the Shiny Gyrados pet by buying it from players, donating or from ::chestg (personal chest).   2.       Alligator gar Alligator gar is food which gives you an aggro buff for 5 to 10 minutes. It is important to know that alligator gat is not-stackable. This means that you can eat 1 alligator gar and when the buff-time is over you can eat another one. There are several ways to get alligator gar, which will be explained below. -          Level 127 Cooking & Fishing: more information how to level these skills, click on the following links. Fishing guide Cooking guide -          Vote store: The vote vote store is located at home and you can buy alligator gar for 4 vote points each. -          Buying them from players   3.       Defensive Stance Defensive stance is a vote buff. A vote buff appears when people claimed their vote. The votes are random so it’s not 100% sure that you will get Defensive Stance as vote buff.
    • Invisible Ring is not part of Invisible Set effect, just extra damage % when equipped, so you can use costume ring and get that Invisible Set effect.
    • Hey and welcome to this months VOTER OF THE MONTH   Congragulations to Slamed for being the #1 Voter of April! Your prize has a little extra juice on it due the BiS Weapon Costume slot you now have. Top Voters of The Month
      1: slamed - 295
      2: bushwack - 284
      3: Fruitslasher - 258
      4: Log Out - 255
      5: krys - 219
      6: Ayatan - 214
      7: Mammoth - 213
      8: k0wned - 202
      9: Kriim - 200
      10: l3g1t - 199 These are the other voters of the month! 1st this month will receive a Costume Weapon slot weapon with 3% damage. They will also receive a $100 Donation and 2 Pepe Spawns - Winner Slamed 2nd Place - Winner Bushwack Will Receive a $75 Donation and 2 Pepe spawns 3rd Place will Receive a $50 Donation and 1 Pepe Spawn - Winner Fruitslasher 4th-5th will get a $25 Donation - Winners Log out and Krvs 6th-10th will get a $10 Donation - Winners Ayatan, Mammoth, k0wned, Kriim, l3g1t   For the month of May you can get a custom item called Sunlight Kicks Be the freshest on mage with the freshest shoes. No one will say what are those anymore. BiS Costume slot item 4% Damage The 1st place winner will also get $100 Donation and 2 Pepe spawns Or Gogeta Spawns 2nd Place - $75 Donation and 2 Pepe Spawns or 1 Gogeta Spawn 3rd Place - $50 and 1 Pepe Spawn 4th-5th Place will get a $25 Donation and 1 Pepe Spawn 6th-10th will get a $10 donation      
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