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    • Hi, I noticed there are quite a few items that don't have a "check price" guide number on them, because of this they can't be used on the grinder either. I was wondering if it could be looked at and possibly add those prices, frieza items are an example.
    • Mage for sure needed the update (the attack style) to help compete with range and melee. But i honestly think it needs just a little more to it myself. All the damage cap is at 1.2m for everybody (No slayer) But range and melee attack speed is more ticks to it. If were keeping the same speed, maybe we can make mage hits just to like 1.5m, not a lot more dmg but i feel like could compete more now with same lines. GREAT UPDATE CAN'T WAIT TO START GRINDING!
    • Tri is one of the zones from ::zones2. You can enter the zone by using the command ::tri To enter this zone it is required to have 500 training knight kills. This are the hellfire knights from ::lance The tasks you have to do to finish this zones are collecting 100 keys of the Masterful Ranger, Masterful Mager and Masterful Meleer.   Where are the NPC’s located at the tri zone:   The Masterful Ranger will be found at the green area, which is at the north side of the zone.   The Masterful Mager will be found at the blue area, which is the south side of the zone.   The Masterful Meleer will be found at the red area, which is the west side of the zone   Keys There are three keys you can obtain from the zone, this keys are: -          Ranger key; dropped by Masterful Ranger -          Magic key; dropped by Masterful Mager -          Melee key; dropped by Masterful Meleer   Where do I use my keys? The keys you could use at the chest in the middle of the Tri Area. You could choose to open each key individually, but you could also combine the three keys to make a “Tri Key.” This key could be combined by using for example the ranger key on the magic key. If you done that you will see the following key in your inventory:   Rewards The rewards that you will receive from the keys are: -          1b tokens -          Crystal key -          Golden key -          A part from the Masterful Ranger/Mager/Meleer
    • Tower (Unlimited food/overload and prayer restore) guide   What is tower and how do I enter? Tower is a minigame which will helps every player to get unlimited food, overload and prayer restore. The benefit of this is that you don’t have to buy food and overloads and you don’t have to teleport to home to restore your prayer.   By using the command ::tower you will be teleported to the train area and you spawn next to Rick (from Rick & Morty). If you talk to him you can choose between “Talk to” and “Horror Tower Exchange.” If you talk to Rick you can do the minigame and you can choose between two several styles “Normal” and “Endless.” Normal works with waves and has 5 waves. This means that you have to rejoin each time when you have finished the 5 waves. Endless has 15 waves.   The “Horror Exchange Tower” will open the shop.   Which game-mode do I need to do (Normal/Endless)? The normal game-mode will, as already explained, take 5 waves and will give you 1500 points when u finished the 5 waves. Endless is 15 waves and gives you also more points when you finished it. Recommended is to do the Normal game mode, because u will grind your points faster than at the endless game mode. The reason is that some of the waves in Endless gives the same amount of points, but you have to kill more NPC’s.   Horror Exchange Tower (Shop) At the shop of Rick (click on Horror Exchange Tower) there are several things you could buy. The following items are the most important to buy:   -          Interdimensional donut (Costs 12.5K points); Donut will heal you -          Holy Grail (Costs 20K points); Use it on donut to be able to restore your prayer -          Holy Grail 3 (Costs 30K points);  Use it on donut to be able to get overload   In the picture below the items which are the most important to buy will be visualised:  
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